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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for March 21, 2015

Would the Zeta's care to comment on the NASA launch of the MMS satellites  to study the Earth's magnetic field?  Will this information be shared with the public?  How effective will the sensors be to analyze the PX magnetic fields? [and from another]  An unmanned Atlas rocket blasted off from Florida with a quartet of NASA science satellites designed to map explosions triggered by criss-crossing magnetic fields around the Earth. Perched atop the rocket were four identical satellites designed to fly in a pyramid formation high around Earth. Each satellite is equipped with 25 sensors to record in split-second detail what happens when the planet's magnetic field lines break apart and reconnect. Data from the four probes will be combined to produce three-dimensional maps of the process. Magnetic reconnection, as the phenomenon is known, is commonplace throughout the universe, but poorly understood. [and from another]  Magnetic reconnection is a physical process in highly conducting plasmas in which the magnetic topology is rearranged and magnetic energy is converted to kinetic energy, thermal energy, and particle acceleration.  A current problem in plasma physics is that observed reconnection happens much faster than predicted by MHD in high Lundquist number plasmas: solar flares, for example, proceed 13-14 orders of magnitude faster than a naive calculation would suggest, and several orders of magnitude faster than current theoretical models that include turbulence and kinetic effects. There are two competing theories to explain the discrepancy.

In addressing this attempt by NASA to understand what they call “magnetic reconnection” we are not going to address all of mankind’s attempts to move past yet another example of the Flat Earth theory. A cursory exam of the subject in Wikipedia presents an attempt to resolve various theories, which include Newton’s Laws on conservation of energy, heat being a magical property, the Auroras being caused by the Earth’s magnetic field, human math being able to describe the physical world, and Solar Flares due to magnetic influences .

Newton’s Laws describe rather than explain, heat is a particle flow, the Auroras are caused by gravity bending light, human math has fatal flaws such as the zero, and mankind’s understanding of the Sun is based on his lack of knowledge about sub-atomic particles in general, thus all these theories are utterly wrong. Wikipedia admits as much, saying that reality has not lined up with mankind’s theories or models. But NASA will fog their agenda with all these human theories if any reports are in fact released to the public. That said, what is the purpose of the four magnetic reconnection satellites? 

Anyone watching the trends has noted that airplanes losing electronic control and crashing into the sea below is on the increase. Electro-magnetic blasting from the charged tail of Planet X, aka Nibiru, is also causing blackouts, which go unexplained to the public who are suddenly cast into darkness. The magnetic push from the hose of magnetons coming from the N Pole of Planet X is also what is causing the daily Earth wobble. Even after the approach and pending passage of Nibiru is explained to the public, there will be a cover-up on what is causing the Earth’s erratic weather, the daily wobble, and electromagnetic disasters.  NASA has been blaming the Sun for these effects, but lately during the Solar Minimum their timing has been off. They hope to get advanced warning, to improve the timing of their lies.

As I am writing this, Putin has not been seen for 9 days. And the Kremlin seems to be preparing for some kind of big announcement. Many alternative explanations are being presented by the western press, stating that Putin might be sick, or that he has been victim of some coup, or that he has flown to Switzerland to visit his girlfriend who has just given birth to Putin´s child. And in my imagination I might add that perhaps he is out of the country, on a secret trip, maybe to talk face-to-face with Xi and/or Obama. And since the Kremlin instructed the Russian journalists to not to leave on this weekend because a major news would be made public now, his absence might very well have something to do with the Announcement. Has this anything to do with the Announcement? Since Obama is having trouble to get the Announcement out in the air, has Russia decided to proceed on her own? Is it that we are just now about to hear/see the Announcement made public? Are there any other reasons why Putin might be hiding away? Would the Zetas like to comment? [and from another] President and Supreme Commander Vladimir Putin gave an indication of lead with 8.00 MSK Monday in full combat readiness Northern Fleet. Order of the President of the individual compounds and touched the Western Military District, and the Airborne Troops. The reason given by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who is the National Center for defense management in Moscow, designated spot checks readiness. According to him, the main task today started testing is to assess the readiness capability of the Northern Fleet to provide military security of Russia in the Arctic. Test of strength to go 38 thousand soldiers. In addition, will be attracted 3.36 thousand pieces of military equipment, ship 41, 15 submarines, 110 aircraft and helicopters. At the same time commander in chief of the armed forces, commanders of troops, heads of main and central directorates of the Ministry of Defence were handed packages directives.  [and from another]  March 14, 2015. The rumor mill went into overdrive, churning out possible explanations from the simple to the salacious to the sinister. He had been stricken by the particularly devastating strain of flu going around Moscow just now. He sneaked off to Switzerland for the birth of his love child. He had a stroke. The victim of a palace coup, he was imprisoned within the Kremlin. He was dead, aged 62. The last confirmed public Putin sighting was at a meeting with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of Italy on March 5. [and from another]  Kremlin Reportedly Prepares For 'Mysterious' Announcement. March 13, 2015. News came out about the Kremlin preparing a major announcement. A source in the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s press service, heads of the most relevant media were asked to be ready for a possible press conference in the next few days. [and from another] Putin reappears in Moscow for his meeting with Kyrgyzstan President, as promised, on Monday March 16, 2015.  [and from another]  March 13, 2015. For five days, web traffic from Texas to certain addresses in the UK has been routed through Ukrainian and Russian telecoms, taking a detour thousands of miles out of the way. Network traffic often takes a circuitous route as a result of network congestion or interconnection difficulties, but neither one would be enough to account for these routes. Instead, this was the result of a bad route announced by Ukraine's Vega telecom, inserting itself in between. Among the dozens of sites involved was the UK's Atomic Weapons Establishment, which is tasked with managing and delivering the UK's nuclear warheads, as well as the UK's official mail service, the Royal Mail. US defense contractor Lockheed Martin was also running a VPN connection that was caught up in the redirection. [and from another]  March 10, 2015. Unprecedented war games, involving 5,000 Norwegian troops and 400 vehicles, have started in Norway’s northernmost province, bordering Russia. The biggest exercises since Cold War days will last for a week, amid growing tensions between Russia and NATO. The last time a similar military exercise was conducted in Finnmark was in 1967. Norway is planning a large joint air force exercise for May, in which more than 100 planes from eight NATO member states are going to take part in the Arctic Challenge Exercise in the skies of the Barents Sea region.  [and from another]  March 15, 2015. Responding to the news that the Russian Investigative Committee has opened a criminal probe into his statements on charges of public calls for starting an aggressive war made in the media, and that his remarks violated article 20 of the United Nations' International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights that bans any propaganda of war and instigation of discrimination, hatred or violence, [retired Maj. Gen. Robert Scales] shrugged it off. Earlier, he alleged that "the only way the United States can have any effect in this region and turn the tide is start killing Russians. Killing so many Russians that even Putin's media can't hide the fact that Russians are returning to their motherland in body bags."  [and from another]  March 10, 2015. 'Start Killing Russians' Outrageous Outburst by Fox News Military Analyst.  

What do misdirected communications between Houston and the UK's Atomic Weapons Establishment and Royal Mail on March 8, NATO war games in Norway on March 10, Fox news hosting a retired US General on March 10 who asserted that Russians should be send home in body bags from the Ukraine, Putin canceling engagements on March 11 and going missing, the Kremlin hinting on March 13 that Putin would make a major announcement on March 16, and a sudden Russian military exercise in the Arctic near Norway on March 15 have to do with one another? Putin emerged for his March 16 presser with the President of Kyrgyzstan, as scheduled, but there was no special announcement.  

The key here are the encrypted communications from Houston to the UK, which the Ukraine hijacked. The Ukraine did not intend for this to be discovered, but rather intended to alter the messages to instruct the UK to launch nuclear missiles at Russia. Russia was expected to react, and then NATO was expected to muster forth to defend NATO countries. Combined with the NATO exercises in Norway, a war with Russia, just what Kiev wants, would be in process before it could be stopped, or so it was hoped. This was not lost on the Council of Worlds, who stepped in to ensure no messaging was altered but rather that the hijacking was discovered.

Kiev’s backers are desperate to push into the Russian oil and gas fields just to the east of the Ukraine, just as Netanyahu is desperate to commandeer the US military for his hoped for war against Iran in the Middle East. But neither will win. Was there more to this game than Kiev’s ambitions? The latest plan to commandeer the UK’s nuclear weapons was intended to stop the announcement from beginning, as Putin was on the verge. There was side action, attempts at the last minute to assassinate Putin, thus he and his main bodyguard were absent for days. It should be noted that pronouncements on Putin’s death or a coup came from Ukraine and Israeli sources.

Will any of this be explained, or in the news? The public will not be informed, but as in the past when Bait and Switch were played to flush out cover-up proponents, the cleanup from this will be ongoing. Many, such as the Retired General Scales on Fox News, revealed their alliances. Putin did not reappear until these investigations were well underway, and the guilty in hand. Who is colluding or associating with the guilty is noted and traced. Black ops are countered by black ops, who operate without trial or jury and eliminate the guilty quietly.

Was the Israeli vote stolen, a la Scotland's, to keep Netanyahu in power?  Opinion polls and exit polls showed Netanyahu's main opponent - Herzog and the Zionist Union - with a comfortable margin over Likud going into the election. [and from another] [and from another] Netanyahu's Likud Wins Israeli Election. March 17, 2015. With nearly all the votes counted, Likud appeared to have earned 30 out of parliament's 120 seats, and was in a position to be able to build with relative ease a coalition government with its nationalist, religious and ultra-Orthodox Jewish allies. Since the parties all fall short of the required 61-seat majority in parliament, the country will now head into weeks of negotiations amid efforts to form a coalition. The left wing appeared to have slightly more seats, but would rely heavily on a new Arab List — an alliance of Arab-majority political parties in Israel — that has said it will not sit in a coalition. That gives Netanyahu and his right-wing allies the upper hand. In the last days of campaigning, Netanyahu had fought to shore up his Likud base and lure voters from other right-wing, nationalist parties, promising more building of Jewish settlements and saying the Palestinians would not get their own state if he were re-elected. [and from another] Zionist Union Maintains Lead of 2 - 4 Seats over Likud in Final Polls. March 13, 2015. Zionist Union had a lead of four seats over Likud – 26 to 22. The Maariv poll showed the same gap but different tallies – Zionist Union with 25 seats against the Likud with 21. The gap between the two main parties in the poll conducted by the second radio channel was identical to that of Maariv, while Walla! website published a poll in which the gap was only two seats – 25 for Zionist Union against 23 for Likud.

Of course there was fraud. We have stated that Netanyahu ordered the Mossad to arrange for the assassination of Charlie Hebdo in 2014 to punish France for siding with the Palestinians, and an obvious and pointed assassination attempt against Obama was conducted in Israel recently in 2013. Netanyahu was furious and frantic on election day, but then this was replaced by a confident swagger even before the results swung to his favor, even as the exit polls absolutely showed a tie between he and Herzog. What did he know that his desperation was suddenly replaced by arrogance? Netanyahu would not hesitate to fix an election, and he knew that the fix was in.

Israel does not have electronic voting, which supported election fraud for Bush and company in 2000 and 2004. As with the Scotland fix in 2014 which the Queen ordered, it was merely a matter of substituting paper ballots. Reduce the pile for another, increase the pile for Netanyahu. How difficult would this be for the Mossad, which is famous for their skill? Those who refused to cooperate could look forward to a painful death or maiming if they refused. Netanyahu rose to power right after the pointed assassination of Yitzhak Rabin in 1995, and in his mind brutality is rewarded.

The question is not if election fraud occurred, but rather what now? We stated that Netanyahu was likely to declare martial law, and this has just occurred. Did the Queen not declare martial law in Scotland when she ordered the election stolen? Did the Bush crowd not declare martial law in 2000 when they manipulated the US election via the Diebold paperless machines? These types of power grabs do not last for long, though they have in the past. In the past Genghis Khan and Hitler and Stalin and the Khmer Rouge and the Argentina junta (so beloved of Thatcher and Kissinger) and even the Bush era in Iraq had long lives for their campaigns.

What has changed is that the elite are rapidly losing their hold on power. They are not only being exposed for what they are by the Council of Worlds, they have been set upon each other as rats in a cage they cannot escape. The media is the holdout, but the banks already want to allow the announcement, moving to the next phase which is to deny that the passage will be as traumatic as ZetaTalk claims. What will Netanyahu’s victory provide him after the announcement? Combined with increased Earth changes, the common man and the leaders they support will see the larger danger, and ignore Netanyahu’s fear mongering. Increasingly, leadership will need to be earned, to the astonishment and horror of brutes like Netanyahu.

Would the Z's care to comment on the very unusual polar lights in Moscow and Central Russia? [and from another]   The evening of 17 March, the inhabitants of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vologda, Perm and many other cities in central and north-west Russia witnessed the Arctic (North) lights. Scientists have explained to journalists happened a strong magnetic storm. [and from another] In a press briefing NOAA scientists said the two CMEs may have unexpectedly combined as they sped toward Earth, which could explain why the geomagnetic storm has been so strong. I'm wondering if PX is acting like a funnel that exacerbates CMEs headed our way. Here is the site to get images of the CME on March 15:  [and from another]   A rare G4, "severe" geomagnetic storm, is underway. The geomagnetic storm is the result of a pair of coronal mass ejections, or CMEs, that left the Sun on March 15 and are now interacting with Earth's atmosphere and geomagnetic field. [and from another]  March 17, 2015. Dramatic BATSRUS rendering of Earth's magnetosphere almost entirely subsumed by the larger magnetic field of Planet X during a prolonged severe compression earlier today. [and from another]  March 15, 2015. SLIGHT CHANCE OF SUNDAY STORMS: The X-flare of March 11th might not be done affecting our planet. According to computer models, a CME propelled into space by the explosion will sideswipe Earth's magnetic field on Sunday, March 15th. NOAA forecasters estimate a 30% chance of G1-class geomagnetic storms if and when the CME arrives.  SOLAR FLARE AND CME: March 15th began with a bang. Between 00:45 UT and 02:00 UT, a magnetic filament erupted in concert with a slow C9-class solar flare from sunspot AR2297. This movie of the eruption comes from an extreme UV telescope onboard NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory: [and from another]  January 16, 2001. BRIGHT CME: A solar filament erupted near the Sun's northwest limb on Sunday, sending this dazzling coronal mass ejection (CME) into space at 744 km/s. The bulk of the CME was clearly directed away from Earth; forecasters do not anticipate substantial geomagnetic disturbances as a result of the explosion. WEAK IMPACT: A weak interplanetary shock wave hit Earth's magnetosphere Saturday morning at ~0130 UT. Although conditions at the time were favorable for aurora --namely, the interplanetary magnetic field near Earth was pointing south-- geomagnetic activity remained low. The disturbance was the leading edge of a full-halo coronal mass ejection that billowed away from the Sun on January 10th.

Compare the past to the present. A CME on January 14, 2001 (which was larger by far than the one on March 15, 2015) resulted only in a G1 magnetic disruption. Thus the CME on March 15, 2015 was not expected, at the time, to result in anything more than a G1 magnetic disruption. In fact, it was given only a 30% chance of reaching a G1 at the time. Then suddenly, on March 17, 2015, the Sun is responsible for a G4 magnetic disruption! What does this say? It says that NASA is still trying to blame the Sun for the magnetic effects of Planet X, aka Nibiru. It says that NASA was not ready for the sudden electromagnetic assault that the charged tail of Planet X gave to Earth on March 17, 2015.

Why do electromagnetic storms affect the Earth’s auroras, which we have described as being the result of a disturbed gravity field of Earth? Like rainbows, auroras are nothing more than light rays bent into a spectrum. Light is highly malleable. When the Earth is under a magnetic assault, it affects the gravity field of Earth which then affects how light is bent toward the Earth at the poles. Lest the readership react with shock at our statement that magnetism affects gravity particle flows, we would point to the child’s exercise to levitate an object above a strong magnetic field. What interferes with the flow of gravity particles, if not the flow of magnetic particles?