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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for September 19, 2015

What will happen to the people and the planet when it is pulled closer to the sun? How long of a duration will the planet be that close to the Sun?

The thought of being pulled 30 million miles closer to the Sun, a full third of the current distance, is shocking to those who first encounter this prediction. We have stated that this occurs during the Last Weeks so that the length of time for this Sun bake will only be at most a couple weeks before the Pole Shift throws the Earth back into her orbit. We have stated that even the stopped rotation will not produce unbearable heat, as the atmosphere and oceans distribute heat. Even Nibiru (aka Planet X or the 12th Planet) itself does not suffer from being near the Sun during its passage, in that it has large and deep oceans and is shrouded heavily by dust.

The Kolbrin reports that the populace of Egypt suffered from the heat in the days leading up to the last Pole Shift, and in the vision that Nancy was given early in the ZetaTalk saga, oppressive heat during the rotation stoppage was featured. Why would the Earth not heat up like Venus when pulled temporarily into the orbit of Venus? Nibiru will be blocking the Sun at that time. The oceans of the globe, and the blanket of atmosphere, will increase activity and distribute heat. And man as all of Earth’s creatures will seek shelter from the Sun, forsaking their other activities, during this time, thus surviving unscathed.

My question concerns the news story below, accompanied with some background info behind the film being discussed. For some background, the upcoming Mena film is based on the high-flying, drug running life of CIA asset Barry Seal. On the surface, it may seem innocuous enough; however, a damning and explosive book entitled: Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA is a first-hand account of this whole sordid mess -- and was written by a man, Terry Reed, with a photographic memory. My main point is: If the movie Mena ever sees the light of day, there will be millions of people from new generations that will be a Google-click away from discovering the true legacies of the Bush and Clinton administrations -- and all this, at a time when both families are (incredibly) still trying to regain control of the White House. I had a two-part question. If the Zetas would care to comment on the matter: 1) Is it possible the plane was tampered with to send a message to the movie's stars / producers? 2) Could the fact that this movie was even allowed to be produced by the elite-controlled Hollywood crowd signify that some powerful group (i.e. working with the COW) is closer than we think to full-scale war against the Bush crowd? [and from another] Tom Cruise movie crew members in plane crash that kills 2 in Colombia.  Killing two people aboard, including a prominent Hollywood stunt pilot. The crew members had just wrapped up work on the new film. Starring Cruise, "Mena" is based on the life of drug pilot Adler Berriman "Barry" Seal, who's recruited by the CIA and "soon finds himself in charge of one the biggest covert CIA operations in the history of the United States that spawned the birth of the Medellin cartel and eventually almost brought down the Reagan White House with the Iran-Contra scandal." As a drug smuggler turned informant, Barry Seal was eventually killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and a federal report said his killing was carried out on behalf of the Medellin cartel. [and from another] Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA  Compromised is the true story of Bill Clinton’s political sell-out to the CIA. Clinton’s unbridled political ambitions and his campaign pledge to create "jobs for Arkansans" led him to compromise his ideals in exchange for CIA support in his bid for the Presidency.

Was the small plane crash in Colombia a warning to the producers of the film Mena to alter the script or perhaps delay the production schedule? The crash comes just after filming had completed, but the message was to delay the production schedule until after the 2016 elections. As we mention, the entry of Trump into the election is no coincidence, as there is a war behind the scenes between those wanting a Bush or Clinton to be elected and those wanting these legacy families out. Reminding the public of past crimes is certainly not what the legacy proponents want.

Where Hillary started early and both she and Jeb have immense funding at the start, they have run into problems with the electorate who views them both with suspicion. They are at present relying upon bribery and threats, such that regardless of a win in the primary, they will be the chosen ones, the party nominees. Hillary is frankly counting on election fraud, similar to the Diebold success which put a Bush in the White House in 2000 and 2004. There the Puppet Master stepped in to prevent a theft in 2006 and on, but Hillary is presuming he was against the Bush clan only. Thus she continues to grin broadly and continue her entitlement stance.

Who will win this war for control of the White House with its influence over the banking establishment and the media? Trump’s backer is none other than the Puppet Master, who has more wealth and influence than can be imagined, albeit so carefully fronted by others that it cannot be discerned. Copies of Hillary’s emails, supposedly deleted or wiped, are available, and Obama’s FBI and DOJ will not favor her when it becomes obvious that she indeed tried to trash state records. This is, per statute, a felony which prevents the perpetrator from ever holding the office of the Presidency. She will be presented with the option of dropping out of the race or being publicly prosecuted.

I was wondering if the Zetas would care to comment on the recent change of the prime minster here in Australia? Is this because the STO side of the party has taken the lead, or is it a part of the STS schemes knowing the announcement is only a stone throw away? And if so, what schemes do they have planned here? [and from another]  One minute you are in the office, and the next you are not.  [and from another]  Malcolm Turnbull has promised to respect the Australian people’s intelligence with a new style of leadership as he declared he would challenge Tony Abbott for the Liberal leadership. Turnbull accused the prime minister of being unable to provide the necessary economic leadership, and urged colleagues to support a new “style of leadership that respects the people’s intelligence” instead of sloganeering. Abbott said he would fight the leadership challenge because Australia needed “strong and stable government” and the prime ministership was “not a prize or a plaything to be demanded”. [and from another]  Election of backbench MP and anti-war campaigner means party now has one of the most leftwing, anti-establishment leaders in its history. Jeremy Corbyn has been elected leader of the British Labour party, in a stunning first-round victory that dwarfed even the mandate for Tony Blair in 1994. Minutes after his victory, Corbyn said the message is that people are “fed up with the injustice and the inequality” of Britain. Corbyn will now set about apologizing for the Iraq war and strongly opposing cuts to public services and welfare. He began his leadership on Saturday with a speech to a rally in London in support of refugees.  [and from another]  Bernie Sanders hailed the election of Jeremy Corbyn to the leadership of the United Kingdom’s Labour Party as a promising development in the global fight against inequality. anders’ appreciation of Corbyn is mutual. Corbyn’s upset election as head of Labour, which makes him the de facto opposition leader in the U.K. parliament, has drawn comparisons to Sanders’ rise in the American political landscape. Like Corbyn, Sanders has achieved unexpected popularity by proposing dramatic solutions to end income inequality and reform the political process. The two left-leaning legislators also share an unglamorous demeanor.

In an era of election fraud, where the Scotland independence vote was stolen and Cameron hardly elected as claimed, what do these internal parliamentary leadership changes within the Commonwealth mean? Parliamentary votes are swayed by bribery and coercion, not changed in the ballot box, as outright theft would be obvious. The mood among the elected Parliament members had changed. In other countries this change in mood is detectible also. Netanyahu stole the latest election in outright and rather obvious fraud, but now finds resistance within his own country to his dictates. In the US, Sanders and Trump are shaking an establishment that anticipated either a Clinton or Bush to emerge the winner.  

The conservative establishment, used to supporting their cronies over the rights of the many, is finding they can no longer enforce control. Wealth and the influence wealth brings bought control, as for instance an election could be rigged if enough money crossed sufficient palms, or an official could be convinced to look the other way if the inducement was sufficient. If money did not pave the way, then subtle threats would be used, peppered with an actual “suicide” or maiming of a loved one as an inducement. What was never expected, among the conservatives assuming they are in political control, was a rebellion of the heart!

What is a rebellion but a movement? If one person takes action, takes a stance, this is a hero, who may be killed or punished because of his actions. But if the group taking action is so large, so vast, that threats and bribery are no longer effective, no longer possible en mass, then those formerly in power find themselves assaulted by a tsunami. The revolution cannot be stopped. Clinton finds herself facing such a tsunami as the public embraces the obvious sincerity of Sanders vs Clinton’s entitlement expectations.  Netanyahu has become impotent to stop the Iran vote in the US, or the movement in Europe to support a Palestinian state. It is the spiritual Transformation we outlined at the start of the ZetaTalk sage.

Are all these actions just last ditch efforts by the Elite to provide some semblance of a Plan to escape, while knowing full well that the Council of Worlds has already warned of such attempts? Or just the normal Pre-Programming of the Masses of the Upcoming need for other options? [and from another]  What if the mega-rich just want rocket ships to escape the Earth they destroy? Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the latest tech billionaire to invest his money in spaceships: on Tuesday, he debuted his space travel company Blue Origin’s newest rocket. Now, those who want to cruise the galaxy can choose between the sleek new rocket and the stubbier model Bezos announced in April – or they can opt to ride with Tesla founder Elon Musk on a SpaceX ship, or hop on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic. At this rate, would-be space travelers will be able to choose their favorite tech company, find its richest guy and buy a ticket on his craft of choice. Why does everyone who achieves economic dominance over the planet immediately turn around and try to get off it? [and from another]  Elon Musk Announces New Contracts For SpaceX Rocket Services. While both SpaceX and its new clients refused to divulge any details regarding the exact amount of the launch orders, the space company's official website states that a typical Falcon 9 rocket launch costs around $61.2 million, while a Falcon Heavy rocket launch costs around $90 million. SpaceX is expected to launch the new missions from its launch pad in the Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida from 2017 to 2018.

Has the Guardian been reading ZetaTalk? Nancy compiled the recent space shuttle losses in a June, 2015 newsletter, pointing out that Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Elon Musk’s Space X failures were not accidents but deliberate messages from the Council of Worlds.  The Guardian mentioned both these billionaires as well as Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin endeavors, which has likewise been mentioned in ZetaTalk. The escape to Mars is inherent in these efforts. The question is not whether these billionaries want to leave the Earth but why the Guardian chose to print this article at this time. Post announcement there will be many questions about who knew Nibiru was approaching, and why they said nothing to the common man. This is a preview of the type of coverage some press outlets plan to give to the elite.

I see this video on facebook, I wonder what this are, is very weird phenomenon, many they wonder what it is! The event took place in area Hope Valley, Connecticut on 11 September. Can Zeta comment what it is, have to do with Earth Changes? [and from another]  [and from another]  Great manifestation of UFO plasma over Hope Valley Rhode Island 9/11/2015. Hundreds of UFOs materialize in the sky.

Is this a mass UFO sighting or a cluster of weather balloons that has escaped en mass? It is neither but has a more simplistic explanation. The bright orbs seem to have an aura about them, as well as a drifting tail or streaming mass in the shape of a tail. Most often light shows from a methane releases are a light tower, as the methane escapes from a central outlet, hissing and rising rapidly when suddenly being set alit. This area of New England is at the end of the East Coast Fault line, where the effects of movement in the New Madrid can be felt. Rather than a rupture that allows a large amount of methane to be released at once, the rock there clapped so little puffs were released amid friction from the clapping. If the term methane light towers is in use, this phenomena might be called methane balloons

Could the Zetas say something about the EQ that hit Chile? It did set off buoys on either side of the N American continent.  [and from another]  Magnitude 8.3 on September 16. [and from another]

What is notable in this quake along the spine of the Andes is not its location or magnitude, but its reach into N America. Buoys on either side of the N American continent were on alert, and the pattern does not fit the tsunami warnings issued for the Chile quake. The tsunami alert was for the Pacific, spreading northwest out away from Chile. The buoys going off were on the Juan de Fuca Plate, along the western edge of the Caribbean Plate, on the eastern edge of the Caribbean Plate, and in the mid-Atlantic along the edge of the N American Plate. The N America and Caribbean Plates were bumped. Such is the state of the 7 of 10 plate movements!