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ZetaTalk: Zeta Vision
Note: written prior to July 15, 1995

Begin Nancy's Vision

I am looking down on the Earth, from space, but I am just far enough out to be able to see all horizons at once, essentially. Positioned over North America, I see a line moving from the North Pole to just off the bulge of Brazil, out in the Atlantic Ocean. Then the Earth turns beneath me toward the east, until I am positioned somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, so that I can see the end point of a line moving from the South Pole to the center of India.

Now over India, the Earth turns so I am taking a trip in the skies back toward North America. As I pass over Southeast Asia, I notice that the land along the sea coasts is disappearing, being eaten away as it were, by the water. This is happening all along the coast line, as far as my view can record, from north of Korea to Indonesia. Indonesia essentially disappears in this manner. Australia has been affected even before the eating away of the coastline started, as the entire western half appears to be under water.

As the western coast of North America hooves into view, I see that the entire coastline of North America from (what I assume to be) California up into Canada is raised sharply above the water line. Central America is under water. Where (I assume) San Francisco to be, there is a water fall. This coast line is not green, but appears a beige color. As I pass over the United States, I see the southeastern coast being eaten away in the same manner as Southeast Asia. Florida is gone, as is the eastern coast all the way into the Appalachian mountains. The deep south is under water.

Now the vision changes the position of the Earth as it turns beneath me, so that I pass along familiar land masses. As I pass up through Canada and over the landmass of Greenland I see that Europe appears to be a series of islands. Moving along over the continent, I see India, or where it used to be, already frosting over. India is completely under water. Then I pass over a land mass I don't recognize (Antarctica?), which has no greenery whatsoever.

Following this I am given a vision of a house in what seems to be a hot, desert like place, with a dry wind blowing. I am told this will occur in the late spring or early summer of the year 2003. The earth will be hot and still. I can see in the vision that there is a red glow over everything. I am told that there will be crop failures, worldwide, due to drought, for 3 years in a row at this time.

End Nancy's Vision

Our emissary, Nancy, has relayed the vision we gave to her regarding the cataclysms. The cataclysms result from the magnetic pull of a giant comet, which is in fact a planet of your Solar System. The body of this planet surpasses, in mass, that of Earth. The comet will pass, on its first swing through your Solar System, between the Earth and the Sun. No collision is possible, as the orbits do not intersect. However, coming in from outer space as it were, the comet is not magnetically aligned with the close-knit group orbiting the Sun. The comet is aligned with the larger arena, where it spends most of its cycle, some 3,657 years, on average. As the comet approaches your Solar System, it speeds up, so it retains its magnetic alignment when whizzing through. Being of greater mass than the Earth, it is not affected by Earth's magnetic alignment. The Earth is not so fortunate.

The first pass will occur, by our calculations, early in the year 2003 [Note: see 2003 Date explanation]. All the cataclysms expected will occur during this pass - tidal waves, earthquakes of a magnitude 15 Richter point, and a cloud of volcanic dust that will make the atmosphere dense as dusk for decades. A second pass will occur some 7 or more years later, approximately 2011. This second pass brings the comet outside of your Solar System, but a second set of cataclysms will occur at that time.

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