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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 10, 2014

Multiple objects are seen moving extremely fast across the lunar surface, with craters left in their paths. Could the zetas give some insight on what happened?  [and from another]  NASA, (Never A Straight Answer,) are famous within the Alternative Movement as being the Grand-Daddy of cover-ups, and comes as no surprise they are keeping silent about the historic collision of a asteroid hitting the moon on March 21st 2014. Equaling the historic importance of the Jupiter Shoemaker-Levy 9 impacts of 1994, an asteroid was tracked tumbling across the entire lunar surface by astronomers across the world and confirmed by Harvard University USA.

It is no secret that the Earth has been bombarded with bolides since early 2004 due to the trash in the tail of Planet X. The increase in trash was at first blamed on space junk, but when charred meteors were located where these bolides survived the trip and thudded to the ground, the establishment began talking about errant asteroids. These bolides are neither. They are trash from the tail of Planet X, which is vast and wafts the Earth increasingly as Planet X draws closer and hoses its charged tail out from its magnetic N Pole, blowing this toward the Earth. Some are large, thus the dramatic Chelyabinsk bolide which was blown out of the sky by the Russians.

Where bolides usually burn up in the atmosphere of Earth, the Moon has no such atmosphere. What was captured on the March 21, 2014 video by amateur astronomers was a glancing blow by one such bolder. Why did it not get media attention? Silence is the standard treatment for bolides screaming through the Earth’s atmosphere lately. Unless the bolide was seen by millions, it does not get a mention in the local press. Silence is the standard treatment for the constant peppering of the ISS and the many satellites mankind has in a cloud around the Earth. On occasion these facts get in the media in the form of ISS malfunctions or the cost of replacing satellites, but to admit the trash in the tail of Planet X would be to admit the existence of Nibiru, which most in the establishment are loathe to do. 

Would the Zetas care to comment on this uncanny "coincidence?" LAX airport had a "computer glitch" which shut down flights. There isn't one computer at the airport, and each airline uses their own computers. It sounds like the usual cover story. During the same time period, a woman had birds swirling above her home, and, eventually, invading it—as if their ability to detect north from south migrating patterns was temporarily disrupted in some way. Her home is NNW of the LAX airport, along flight paths, no doubt. The birds were fixed on her home, not adjacent ones. Will more disruptions in the magnetosphere continue in this manner as PX grows closer? Will "vortexes" be created due to the shifting of north/south, or the creation of multiple ones, endangering lives of those who fly? [and from another]  Exeter, CA  A swarm of black birds keeps circling and invading the home of a California woman - at the same time every night. It started last Friday [April 25], when Exeter resident Shirley Brown came home and found hundreds of Black Swift birds in her home.
[and from another]  Los Angeles, CA  There is a ground stop for that region [April 30]. This affects the bottom third of California, the southeast corner of Nevada and the northwest corner of Arizona. And also southwestern Utah. Flights bound for LAX are being held on the ground. The outage began with news that planes are not being allowed to take off at Los Angeles International Airport. LAX airport spokeswoman Nancy Castles said Wednesday afternoon that the Federal Aviation Administration had put a "ground stop" on departures. Arrivals were still being accepted. Castles wasn't sure what caused the problem. An FAA spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
[and from another]  The Los Angeles en route center is located at the Palmdale Regional Airport, about 40 miles north of Los Angeles. It controls high altitude air traffic over southern and central California, southern Nevada, southwestern Utah and western Arizona – except for airspace designated for military use.

Electro-magnetic disruption of mankind’s electronic equipment will continue to plague mankind and will increase in frequency as the time of the Pole Shift approaches. Why would it not when Nibiru is a massive magnetic planet, pointing its magnetic N Pole toward Earth and hosing its vast charged tail not only toward the Earth but wrapping around the Earth at times? We have warned of this since the start of the ZetaTalk saga in 1995, and repeated the warning every time unexplained electro-magnetic disruption has occurred. The most recent, and notorious incident was the disappearance of MH 370.

The LA ground-stop on April 30 remains unexplained, but if pressed the establishment would present some computer program gibberish that the common man could not follow. They have already mentioned old code in an old language and retired programmers so that expertise is scant. But computer programs go through rigorous testing, especially when they control airplanes in flight. The computer center controlling the affected radar was 40 miles north of LA, in the direction of Exeter where bird behavior had hit the news. Are these incidents related?

We have described the bow shape being formed by the 7 of 10 plate movement stress on the North American continent. This bow is centered in San Diego, fanning out from there across the US. Compressed rock emits electromagnetic screech, which when combined with the electro-magnetic disruption caused by the wafting charged tail of Planet X can create electronic arcing. This type of electronic surge will shut down electronic equipment, which has surge protection. Why were the birds in Exeter intent on swooping down just one chimney, day after day? Migrating birds normally roost together in a tree, or a favored set of trees, with the location being chosen via magnetic signals which are what the migrating birds use to establish direction during migration.  The hapless house was situated over a piece of land being squeezed, and thus emitting strong electro-magnetic signals.

Just to add to the LAX Q&A now that they have come out with their excuse for the glitch and are loudly telling the world's media (and it's very amusing). [and from another]  The system was rebooted and fixed. The Federal Aviation Administration said the computer perceived the plane as a low-altitude operation and began frantically trying to reroute it down to 10,000 feet while keeping other planes out of its way. It used a large amount of available memory and interrupted the computer's other flight-processing functions [and from another] FAA says U-2 spy plane flight plan caused airline service disruption.,0,2460275.story#axzz30uoU1VMl  A glitch in an air traffic control computer last week that brought airline flights to a standstill across the region was blamed on the system’s inability to process the flight plan of a high-flying U-2 spy plane. Officials said that U-2s, a Cold War-era reconnaissance aircraft, usually operate at very high altitudes under visual flight rules. But an FAA computer at a Palmdale air traffic control center interpreted the flight as a low-altitude operation and began processing it for a course below 10,000 feet.

As predicted, the FAA has proffered computer program gibberish as its excuse for the LA ground-stop on April 30. The common man may believe that a computer system that had been in operation literally for decades would be befuddled by a high altitude plane but anyone familiar with how such systems are designed knows better. Every possible branch of logic is taken into consideration, and provided well-tested program code. Computer systems are given simulated input during system testing, so bizarre situations are tested, as well as routine situations. Thus this excuse, where the system seemed dumbfounded by a high altitude plane, fails on many fronts.

What is the highest altitude that a plane managed by the FAA system, lo these many decades, is allowed? Even the lowliest computer programmer will agree that the program, if encountering an unknown flight path, would query the operators on how to proceed. What their excuse is implying is that the program was playing guessing games, endlessly and repeatedly. Who would program a system like that? They imply an endless loop in the program, which for the computer literate means the program is thrashing, repeating the same steps over and over, which can indeed fill up memory. Such a loop would have been identified decades ago, well before the system ever went live. 

Could you provide information on the anomalous zone of the Volgograd region? Rumors of frequent UFO sightings in the sky, fireballs, and burrowed tunnels? [and from another]   Most mysterious plot Medveditskaia ridge is still a place called "Slope rabid lightning." Eyewitnesses claim that there do unspeakable things for a normal person - Medveditskaya ridge like attracts fireballs. Recorded hundreds of facts , when fireballs appeared not only in a thunderstorm , but in calm weather , at any time , without any apparent reason. Fireballs here dozens of hours flying the same route and burn holes or bizarre spiral path to hit the trees. According to observers, lightning move at walking pace a foot - meter from the ground. Burns on the trees, they determined that the biggest fireball - a diameter of about two meters. Lightning can fly against the wind and hover over objects. It is also interesting that the same fireball burned trees in its path, but people either avoided or passing through them, do not cause any harm to health. [and from another]  Near Kapustin Yar range, Astrakhan or Volgograd region, Russia.  August 12 1989. Shot downed by another UFO during a dogfight an extraterrestrial disk was damaged by some type of alien beam weapon. The craft lost control and fell at very high speed on a flat terrain outside the State Central Test Range # 4 at Kapustin Yar. The crash was probably noticed by military personnel or reported to them and a retrieval team was sent to the range. UFO observations over Kapustin Yar State Central Test Range # 4 on the night of July 28-29 1989 had caused a stir (confirmed by authentic KGB documents). [and from another]  Aliens have landed in Volgograd and are taking over several large buildings. UFO sightings and other supernatural phenomena have occurred on a regular basis in this area of Russia.  Many local residents claim that they had been in contact with extraterrestrial beings and unknown creatures. But in recent weeks, a large majority of residents have seen aliens walking the streets, taking over buildings and overtaking coffee shops. [and from another]  The Volgograd region is one of the most anomalous regions in Russia. There are areas in the region, where UFO sightings and other supernatural phenomena occur on a regular basis. Many local residents claim that they had been in contact with extraterrestrial beings and unknown creatures. There are some residents in Volgograd who say that they fell victims to sex aggression from the aliens. A man named as Vladimir said that one day, when he went out for a cigarette break, he saw several women approaching him. For some reason, the man thought that the women were visitors on Earth. The women asked the man to follow them. They took him to a strange cylindrical construction, where one of the women performed an act of sexual intercourse with him. Rimma, a middle-aged woman, was married four times. She had to divorce her husbands for one and the same reason.

Russian stories about crashed UFOs and alien bodies are both fiction and fact, as we have already detailed. If the stories about a crashed UFO in 1969 in the Volograd region were fake, the Shaitan Mazar incident in 1991 was completely valid. If the stories about an alien autopsy in 1968 were fake, the report of conscious contact with a live alien manipulating a robot suit in Voronezh in 1989 was true. It is no surprise then that with this rich lore, stories about UFOs and alien encounters would be invented. This is certainly true in the US, where the true story of the Roswell crash has inspired hundreds of false reports about the US military having alien technology, aliens running the US government, and false reports of contact with aliens.

In Volograd, apparently, promiscuity has been blamed on aliens, and dogfights in the skies between alien groups along with crashed ships and attempted mass landings have been reported. None of this is true. Volograd is likely the center of so many stories due to the ball lightning which emerges naturally from the ground in the region. Similar to the MinMin lights in Australia,  the weak points in the Earth’s crust along the path of the Volga River allow this region to be pulled apart readily during the stretch the Eurasian Plate is enduring at present. Both stretch and compression increase electromagnetic particle flow in rock, the passage of electrons through the water pockets in the rock which are pressed to form a continuous path for electrons.  All that ball lightning activity is interpreted to be UFOs, and thus the stories are encouraged.