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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 10, 2010

There are alot of bridges being determined to be unsafe that go across the Mssissippi. It seems only the people near these bridges know of this. Why isn't this being told to the public at large?

As with sinkholes and heaving and broken pavement, these are issues the establishment wants to keep from the general public. The rule is, if you cannot keep it from the press or from knowledge in the local area, be sure not to let the information go national or international. Dots will begin to be connected, and the restless public will become even more restless. This aspect of the cover-up was seen when fireballs were first screaming across the skies in early 2004, debris from the tail of Planet X. They hit the news in New Zealand, in Canada, in Scandinavia, and in the Midwest. But after 2004 they were only reported for the local area except for internet coverage where the stories and videos went viral. When the Minneapolis bridge snapped and jumped 50 feet to the east on one end, showing what kind of tension it had been under, the authorities were frantic to blame this on rusty bolts or some such excuse. Having made a fuss over that, they do not want the public to be aware that so many bridges being neglected now have a worse situation. This would bring the subject of the Minneapolis snap back up again, and they don't want that! Is the media controlled to this extent, that newspaper editors and owners are told what they can and can't print, from the national news circuits? It is rather a matter of the news not getting into the national news circuit. It is stopped at the entry gate, blocked.

Will STO survivors, existing in danger zones, be more telepathically in tune with each other after the shift? Or will survivors have to continue to sort out who to trust on their own instincts, even at great personal risk, as a spiritual learning experience?

To the extent that Service-to-Other aliens, in attendance to assist Service-to-Other survivors, boost their natural telepathic instincts, this will occur. Consider this a type of radio broadcast boost, where your radio for some reason seems to work better, picking up signals that had previously been missed or full of static. Service-to-Other aliens communicate with each other telepathically, and communicate with their contactees telepathically, so this is a natural extension. The contactee, in a survival situation, will find themselves having a strong hunch, and following this hunch will see that they avoided danger, or located a missing or injured member. Thus gaining confidence in these new instincts, they may conclude that their own native telepathy had increased, but the facts are that they are being assisted.

People from NASA which watch for SOHO have impressing appearance from it on Planet ?? Or they divide the retouched images from the original? Whether they look through original pictures?

Those who work at NASA or JPL, as well as observatories or on key university projects funded by government grants or using government equipment, are required to sign national security oaths. This has been in place since the cover-up over the alien presence was put into place, and likewise covers Planet X. These individuals understand they would be imprisoned, or sued such that they would lose their life savings and homes. Certainly loss of job and job prospects would be involved. Then there are the rumors of those who wanted to break the oath, talked of this over a beer at the bar, and then suddenly had an accident. Clearly, those at observatories took a peek at the incoming Planet X when it was visible in the night sky, as Nancy's team doing their own checking in 2001 discovered. Clearly those on the ISS have a direct view, as do those collecting information being returned by probes. The crew fussing with SOHO and Stereo satellite images are acutely aware of Planet X, as they see some evidence of it daily. They are overwhelmed with the responsibility of airbrushing out this evidence, or ensuring that a cut and paste job is smooth and not detectible. Overwhelmed, and thus failing to keep this information from the public.

The Zetas have stated that The human will be very surprise that they see the huge size of the Dark Twin and Venus in the sky, but could The Zetas tell me how huge of the size of this two planets would be look like from our eyes. The same size of the moon or larger than that?

Mythology gives you a clue as to the size of Earth's sister planets when they loom close. Velikovsky was confused, at first, when documenting the Earth's mythology, as the ancient Mayan had a ceremony every 52 years when they anticipated Venus to loom large and cause great destruction. Venus had its orbit temporarily discombobulated by a prior passage, and thus loomed close to Earth at that 52 year period. The anticipation of destruction by fire, wind, or water was the association of a close pass of Venus with the passage of Planet X. Yet it was Venus they feared, not the body of Planet X itself. This would imply that Venus appeared larger than Planet X during the last weeks. Hindu mythology also associated their god Shiva, which is Planet X, with his dark blue wife Kali, which is the Dark Twin. A wife is never larger than a husband, but a relative size might be presumed. Planet X is also described in the Kolbrin as being large enough at passage, with its writhing and coiling dust cloud, to hide the Sun when it approaches from the direction of the Sun. Every passage finds the Earth's sister planets trapped in the cup or not trapped in the cup, and Planet X either making a passage close at hand or at some distance, so the size and appearance of these passing bodies can change. However, mythology gives you some clue as to what to expect. During this passage, Planet X will make a close pass and Earth's sister planets are trapped in the cup. Expect high drama, as we have stated.

Is there anything contactees can do that are on a time-release, besides waiting? The only option is to wait until the time comes for the soul to inform the brain?

The distress a human feels while suppressing subconscious knowledge from the conscious is not minor. It is like an internal battle everytime a situation presents the human with two different courses of action. The subconscious, being aware of the pending pole shift and the need to dash to a safe location or make preparations, reacts with alarm when seeing the tent supply at the local WalMart sold out. The conscious looks at the smiling faces of the shoppers milling about and sees nothing to be alarmed about. Meanwhile, the conscious is confused about why there is a pounding heart or a weak sensation in the knees. If the schism is between the soul and the human brain, the human may feel only vaguely uneasy. The soul has reacted to the sight of diminished supply availability, but failed to inform the human why there is distress at a spiritual level. In any case, the human senses something amiss. But until the time arrives when the politically correct life of the conscious is to be put aside, these discrepancies will continue. The reason is the basic decision of the soul to keep its incarnation in the dark and plotting along in a politically correct path, or the dual agreement between the soul and the subconscious to keep the conscious in the dark. There is nothing the conscious human can do to force this.

What are the steps to take as a service to humanity in the up coming ps, I feel I am doing my best to inform and help in the best way that I can, but I feel no one seems to care, I do have a very strong feeling that I have a role to play in this. It feels I have done this before, but I also feel I need some guidance, what is the best way to contact your spirit guide?

If the Call is answered promptly when a human gives a telepathic request for counseling, how prompt is a response from a Spirit Guide? These are busy entities, as they watch over many young spirits, but they prioritize well. Something like distress over trying to sort out one's role during the coming times is not an immediate issue, but would get a response from more than one source within hours if not within minutes. Those who feel they have a role to play are in all likelihood recalling past lives and the role they did play during past disasters. If this was a success, helping others in the vicinity and making an overall difference in their lives, there is likely to be little confusion but more likely a determination to repeat the success. If, however, the young spirit's current incarnation does not afford a similar role, due to one's station in life or physical handicaps of some kind, there is trepidation. Should one repeat the past, or attempt this, or strike out in a new direction? If the young soul has tried and failed in the past, at least in their own eyes, then they may be determined to have a better outcome in the future. Such a sense of failure can linger through many lifetimes, for an astonishing length of time, if personal guilt is laid upon oneself by the young soul. Where learning from the past is an admirable step, it is better overall to sort out the current situation and make an action plan. Of course mistakes will be made, even for old and wise souls, but it is better to critique them briefly and then get on with life than to agonize over them. A mistake is, after all, just a mistake!

I have a question regarding the impending New Madrid Fault adjustment. I understand that to the east of the fault line the land will rise and that to the west it will sink. Will this happen in an instant as the initial adustment occurs, or will it happen over the course of hours or even days. Understanding this will help in preparations for it. The same goes for the east coast sinking . Will all this occur within minutes or will the elevation changes take hours or even longer to occur?

Our description on the pole shift itself describes not a single jolt when the crust stops moving but a series of jolts. Most severe earthquakes are like this, in fact, if one examines their pattern. There are small quakes ahead of time, swarms, and jiggling that unsettles people as they sense something is pending. Then when the rock fingers that are preventing the fault line from sliding or subducting suddenly break, a large jolt. This often, within minutes, results in more jolts as the pressure that was at one point now moves to be pressure at the next point where rock fingers are holding the slippage. Aftershocks result, as yet more rock fingers break, until a point arrives where there is so much resistance to slippage that the quake and its after effects is considered complete.

For the New Madrid, which will include the European tsunami in its effects, there will be one large jolt with a subsequent and almost immediate tearing of the Atlantic. We have stated that the European tsunami will be the largest, but smaller ones will follow in time. Likewise for the New Madrid adjustment, which involve a tearing of the entire N American continent from the seaway down to Mexico. This adjustment will not occur until minor rock fingers have been steadily broken in a number of places. The areas to be affected have already been experiencing quake swarms, buckling roadways, sinkholes, breaking dams, and unsettling jigging which is unexplained by the authorities. When the primary blockage gives, there will be a huge jolt, with little warning. Aftershocks will continue until the time of the pole shift itself.

I understand that England will not be totally submerged following the pole shift but during the shift 'uncontrollable sloshing & overall drop in sea level will be apparent' does this mean the whole of England will temporarily go under the waves during the shift? Or does this mean much of it will (excluding higher places) but not all and you would need to get to a higher place and more inland than previous distances you have mentioned to avoid the waves in the actual shift. Or as previously mentioned the whole of England will temporarily be covered with water? Also can the Zetas give anymore specific advice on any parts of England that may be submerged permanantly after the shift? (It looks like on your map it will be more smaller islands left and some current above sea level areas submerged.) I know there is no 'safest place' but we are basically trying to decide if there is a potentially 'best chance' place in England or if not abroad where we can begin to stock up and get ready to build a commune for after the shift. I hope this makes sense? I am sorry to babble but I could not think of a short way to get my queries accross.

We have stated that England, and the UK in general, can anticipate a permanent drop of 75 feet in elevation due to the pole shift. This combined with the 675 foot drop in elevation due to sea level rise within 2 years after the shift puts any land under 750 feet in today's elevation under water. The islands of the UK are not large, so our advice to seek high ground, at least 100 miles from a coastline and 200 feet above sea level, must be altered for the UK. Seek the high mountains! Given the few miles that must be traveled, during the last weeks you should be camped on high ground. Prorate the height of the tidal waves. If 500-600 feet at the coast, and 200 feet 100 miles inland, then what would 50 miles inland present? We have advised for those that would be affected by the European tsunami prior to the pole shift, where our estimate was 200-300 feet in height, that you should assume half the precaution for the pole shift tidal waves. This same advice applies. Water seeks its level, so that during sloshing there will be NO coastline in the UK that is not affected.

From other Russian site of news. Message from July, 6: Frontier guards at coast of Kamchatka detain a scientific ship "George Steller". Onboard there was a research group which was engaged in the account of mammals at Commandorskiy islands. According to some information, the ship is already escorted to Petropavlovsk, in cabins and subsidiary premises have conducted a search and have withdrawn all scientific equipment, including personal laptops and hard disks. Officially this data does not prove to be true yet. In frontier management have declared that the vessel is detained for numerous infringements. Details promised to inform later. The scientific expedition of a ship "George Steller" has begun on May, 20th and should last till July, 25th. In the company which owns a ship, yet do not make comments on its detention, transfers "Radio-3".

Sarah Palin, during the presidential campaign in 2008, used the claim that she could "see Russia" from her front porch. Where this was an exaggeration, it is true that both the US and Russia are close neighbors at the Bering Straits, and often restless neighbors. Both countries are interested in the oil beneath the waters of the Arctic, with Russia making overt claims on land that was formerly considered international waters. Had this same research vessel been too close to US territory, it might have been boarded by US authorities, and similarly searched. No charges will be brought, and no evidence of spying or mischief found.

Along with STO, undecided and STS, there seems to be two types of folks when it comes to interpreting Zeta Talk. Could the Zetas please clear some confusion?:
1. JTA's: One who realizes Earth Changes, reads Zeta Talk and Jumps To Action to get through the PS unharmed. They switch lifestyles, alter daily routines and get ready. This may include moving to a safe location ASAP etc. Such folks may have adequate finances, or may be younger who can see themselves being successful in the Aftertime but would need others to help boost their financial situations to prepare successfully.
2. LFM's: One who realizes Earth Changes, reads portions of Zeta Talk (occasional newsletter with reluctance) and decides to 'Live For the Moment'. They keep with their own original agendas, stay in denial and/or resist change. Many LFM's are well off financially and are go-getter personalities who like to keep the momentum of enjoying themselves without interruption. They would tend to be likely more advanced in years and experience than JTA's. There are many pages on the subject on ZT, but just how to go about getting assistance in convincing family to prepare together can be challenging.
[and from another]
I was wondering how would a STO respond as opposed to a STS person to the knowing of the PS and the lead up to PS? I think at some point before the PS one would be able to see a difference and to see whose who at some point. How would they differ on an emotional level and a practical level?

We have divided humanity into those who will react to news of the coming changes by taking action in some way and those who will cling to denial, even until the hour of the pole shift itself. Denial is primarily the route taken by those who either have no recourse to help themselves and no one in attendance who can be relied upon to care for them or who in general take a cowardly rather than courageous approach to matters. These tend to be young souls, not mature, with little experience in what a catastrophe will involve. To them, it is all overwhelming, so they in essence faint, black out, and refuse to deal with it. This in no way is an indication of the spiritual orientation of the individual. An individual leaning to Service-to-Self may be timid and attempt to turn their face when faced with a horror, but so might an individual leaning to Service-to-Others.

But when an individual is clearly aware of what is coming, and in a position to take action to either help themselves or others, it is then that a difference based on spiritual orientation can be detected. A Service-to-Others individual will make plans for more than themselves, even if they have no one else in their group at present. If collecting survival guides, books, they will collect for more than their reference but for a community, to educate and assist others. A Service-to-Self person is more likely to try to attach themselves to an ongoing community where this knowledge already exists, and will plan only for their comfort, not the comfort of the entire community. Another indication is how current finances are spent. If highly Service-to-Others and aware of the coming changes, this individual is likely to be laying the groundwork for a number of others, anticipating survivors from all walks of life, and not being exclusive. If leaning to Service-to-Self, there would only be plans for the self and others who might be of benefit to the self.

Those who claim or act like life should be a party until the end are announcing, loudly, their orientation. They expect to walk into an existing survival community and wail loudly that they are distressed and in need of assistance.

New CC in England - at Sutton Bank, North Yorkshire (reported 5rd July). Any comments from the Zetas, if there is something new in it?

In the July, 2003 Tistead design, there is a clear clash in the middle where two planets with different orbit directions and rotation directions encounter each other. In 2003, this happened when the Earth encountered Planet X in her path. What is different 7 years later in July, 2010? The Earth is locked in a regular serpentine roll with Planet X, the clash of their magnetic sides sliding past each other in a regular rhythm. The Earth's daily wobble is occurring regularly. But this has an end. There are 7 balls in the Sutton design, and 7 years have passed, almost exactly, since the July 20, 2003 date when Tistead was laid. If the serpentine dance is to end, what does this mean? It is no longer a dance, with smooth rolling adjustments, but a different kind of clash which is not smooth but rather violent. This is what awaits the Earth, soon.

The zetas have specified this in the safe locs for Nebraska: "Nebraska, being a state blessed with rich soil and gentle rolling hills, would seem an ideal location. It lies high enough that it will be spared any inundation from melting poles. It will move into a new climate, warmer than its former climate..." Can the zetas please elaborate on: "warmer than its former climate".. will the summers be warmer with colder winters or will the average temperatures be warmer. Do we still need to plan for snowy, cold winters? [and from another] I Note the approximate latitude of Wisconsin is 44, of Nebraska is 40-41, and of Alabama is 32. Looking at the new geography, Both Wisconsin and Nebraska will be approximately 1/3 the way up to the N Pole, approximately latitude 30.

You can determine the future climate of Nebraska by these steps. Check the new geography to determine your relative latitude. For the future Nebraska, as Nancy has determined by this method, it is approximately that of Alabama, at new latitude 32. Check the analysis of where new deserts might develop, and what parts of the globe will be subject to desertification. Nebraska will have westerlies coming across a vast expanse of water over what is now northern Canada, lowlands flooded in the Aftertime. In addition, Nebraska will have to her east the flooded Mississippi Valley. Thus, ample rainfall will not be a problem.

If there is high ground at 725' and the high ground is mostly solid, dry clay, how will that hard clay soil hold up during the coming quakes? The land I'm asking about is in upstate south carolina and lower state north carolina. High enough to be safe from tidal surge but afterwards will be almost on the coast. Not terribly close to the New Madrid, but still east of the Appalachians between the mountains and the current coastline.

Clay soil becomes slippery if a layer of soft soil tops it, so is prone to landslides when heavy rains occur. But clay soil does not melt readily, nor allow itself to be permeated. Thus this should be a solid embankment for a new coastline. Quakes are unlikely to shatter a layer of clay soil, though if split by force it will divide into a crevasse.

There are more and more evidence of a Second Sun appearing, but the only Second Sun I can find are on my computer screen (photos, pictures, youtubes, etc. of other people's work). I've been trying to spot that Second Sun myself by taking photos at sunset sunrise and examine them, look through a shaded glasses with my naked eyes, but all I see is a clear single sun, our good friend Sole, no orbs, no distinct reflections whatsoever. I know there are many like me who's been trying hard to spot it themselves instead of relying on other people's pictures and are asking the same question "How come I never could while other can?". It would make a lot of difference in sparking real interest to those non-awaken souls around me if I can show them my very own account instead of showing them evidence from a computer and thus may help in my/our preparation. Is the reason that I and others who live near the equator as oppose to those in higher latitudes makes sighting of the Second Sun all the difference?

For every valid capture of the Second Sun on a photo or video or SOHO image, there are several which are only lens reflections, ghosts, or lens flares. True captures, either on film or just a sighting, are rare. The Equator obviously has a stronger, brighter Sun, and this is a factor. Planet X is lost in the glare of the Sun, almost always. Using welder's lens is not the panacea assumed, as the normal welder's lens shields out the light from Planet X. There is a point where the lens can allow one to see Planet X but not burn the eye. Most often, the public buys the standard welder's lens and can see nothing. Then there is the issue of the angle by which sunlight bounces off the dust cloud shrouding Planet X or the Moon Swirls. When this angle creates a bounce, a reflection, the effect is dramatic - a Second Sun rising or setting or one or more brilliant Moon Swirl orbs near the Sun. But when this angle is missing, there is nothing, or at most a dim darkish fuzzy area where the sunlight is being returned to the Sun. Those who report these sights are breathless, and have often spent years looking. So you are not alone.

According to ZetaTalk, early in 2004 the presence of Nibiru had the effect that Earth developed a continuous wobble of the spin axis, in the way that the Earth's north-south axis started to sway a bit eastwards and westwards like a drunk man. The swaying increased in 2005 with a tilt of 4-21 degrees, and increased further in 2007 with a tilt of 19-38 degrees. This has been explained some in ZT Newsletter November 25, 2007 and in ZT Newsletter March 30, 2008. Still, a group of Norwegian academics find these claims highly unbelievable. They continue to wonder and ask: If the Earth is wobbling, why does the sun still appear to rise in the East every day, at the same time as predicted by scientists, and at the same time as every other year? Why does it appear to be in mid-heaven at midday, and to set in the West at the predicted time? Could ZetaTalk in any way elucidate further on this issue, or eventually explain some misunderstandings that these academics may have in the interpretation of the texts?

Of course the Sun is rising in the east, daily, at approximately the time predicted. Of course it is overhead at mid-day, and sets in the west. That's not the issue. A wobble does not mean the Earth has stopped rotating, or turned on its head. A wobble means when the Sun rises in the east, it will not be at exactly the azimuth expected. There are those that note the Sun seems to be rising too far to the north, or a bit early, or is too far overhead or too low to the horizon. But there are few who bother to prove this. Proof requires knowing where the Sun is expected to rise, and this requires ascertaining a N/S/E/W grid that is reliable. Not the compass of course, which is erratic, but a survey or street grid laid out in this manner. Then one must take the measure of the sunset, where it appears along the horizon at a specific time. Then one must get a planetarium program and enter the date, time, and location to determine the expected azimith or location along the horizon. then one has proof of the wobble. Not that the Sun appears to be coming up in the general direction of east, each day, and overhead at mid-day. To do otherwise is dismissive of the hard work Nancy and others have done to map the wobble. To do otherwise is also to be afraid of discovering the truth. Much easier to wave one's hand in the general direction of east, and say, it rises there each morning, so there can be nothing wrong.

I was surfing around the somewhat dismal offerings on broadcast television, and i came across a rerun of the old James Bond "Moonraker" movie Having seen it many years ago, but not for a very long while, i was very surprised to see almost literally reflected in it the exodus once planned by the elite and their loyal (and therefore rewarded) followers. Basically a rich and unethical wealthy tycoon secretly builds a space station (refuge away from earth) and space vehicles (arc stimulants) take himself and sufficient few "chosen" ones, presumably either for loyalty or genetic purity, then plans to poison the earth to wipe out all human life (nibiru or other epic disaster) so that his chosen few can survive to re-populate the earth (which presumably has happened after previous PS). This film was made in 1978, which is a very long time ago, but it reflects pretty closely the much reflected upon plans of the elite having an "escape plan" to somewhere else, for some unspecified premise.

I was wondering can you comment on this correlation, as this film was created within the first decade of manned space flight, does this reflect known exodus plans of the elite at the time, or conversely did it perhaps did it inspire plans of the same? The first shuttle flight was in 1981, so presumably at the time of this film they were still acually building the first space shuttle, so this movie is quite visionary in many ways, if you put aside the pure ridiculous entertainment value, which is a hallmark of all bond films. Was the shuttle first envisaged as a "get out of jail" card for the elite ? It sounds like an idea that would encourage the opening of wallets (true or otherwise) for the initial funding of NASA etc.? Were there any alleged "black" Apollo missions to the moon at the end of the Apollo era, that may have redirected or absorbed the final budgetary resources of the Apollo era, which were scheduled to be used for the for the cancelled Apollo missions 18, 19 or 20?

We have mentioned that screen writers and authors often are Star Children or contractees, and well aware of the broader spectrum of alien life elsewhere and societal preparations for the coming passage. If Star Wars is presenting life on other planets, a hint of the range of life forms possible, then what has the author of Moonraker presented? There has been rumor about the plans of the elite to escape the coming pole shift, and we have affirmed if not expanded upon these rumors. Cities on the dark side of the Moon, escape to Mars or the Dark Twin, and well apportioned underground bunkers have all been rumored as plans of the elite and are true to a great extent. These rumors are not recent, as before the current time it was easier to discuss the approach of Planet X than it is now. There was no physical evidence of Planet X during those eras, just rumor, which could not be proven or disproven. As is befitting the expectations of highly Service-to-Self men, and those in charge during those eras were almost entirely male, the elite were to be well supplied with young women on the excuse that they would be restarting humanity.

Since the Apollo program was aborted after Apollo 13, there have been no trips to the Moon, which would have been difficult to disguise from the public in that amateur scopes regularly inspect the Moon. Having proven that travel to the Moon was possible, and having been shown the cities on the dark side of the Moon, those among the elite planning to ride out the coming pole shift there were content to wait. It has only been recently that the elite, members of MJ12 who had been in negotiation with Service-to-Self aliens, found that they had been lied to about rescue. No assist to go to Mars would occur, nor would a welcome mat be laid out on the dark side of the Moon. They are now stuck on Earth along with the common man, and frantic about their survival in the face of what will certainly be public rage over having been lied to for many decades.

When part of the Caribbean Plate sinks during one of the 7/8 of 10 events will residents of coastal areas from Venezuela to French Guiana be assaulted by tsumani type waves due to the void created by sinking islands in the (southern) Caribbean? Will South America's Atlantic Coast suffer devastating tsumanis during the events associated with the 7/8 of 10 stage (due to a crumbling Caribbean plate); will there be advance warning of such events? Will the Atlantic coastal areas of South America (Venezuela to the bulge of Brazil) have devastating tsunamis when part of the Caribbean plate crumbles (south Caribbean?) during 7/8 of 10 events? How much forewarning will we have?

Tsunami are generated anytime a plate drops or rises under the sea. When the S American Plate rolls, it will push the Caribbean Plate down, creating a void. The void will primarily be at the southern part of the Caribbean Plate, where islands will suddenly lose elevation, some sinking entirely. This void will pull water from the Caribbean as well as the Atlantic, which would seem to negate the likelihood of a tsunami, but there will be a clash. When the water rushes into the void it is water on the move, with momentum, and this is the tsunami expected along the coastline of Venezuela and its neighbors. This coastline will at first find water receding, but this is a false signal and should not be trusted. The wave will be coming. The islands will have no such warning, but will sink suddenly in concert with the quakes. In that the S American Plate reaches to the center of the Atlantic, the rolling of the S American Plate will seem to have scant impact on those coastlines facing the Atlantic. There will be irregular tides, and certainly earthquakes, but beyond a slight spreading of the Rio Parana river mouth at Buenos Aires, which is ripping apart where the river empties into the Atlantic, there will be little impact.

After PS, when tidal waves have receded back to sea level and the sloshing of the oceans greatly reduced, will all the lands temporarily inundated be again habitable in the next 100 years before Earth Transformation (not considering lands under 600-700 feet, gradually covered by water in the next two years) or will be a complete mess, so that no coming back is advised . Zetas have said to come back from the mountains when all it is over, but what scenario will the survivors find? What role will the hybrids play in the big cleaning up of the planet? Or no cleaning will be necessary, considering that Aliens will leave back all the pollutants in 3rd Density and move the Earth to 4Th Density?

We have described a disbursing action that the oceans will have on industrial pollution, which will temporarily increase during the pole shift because industrial parks will have their chemical stores ruptured and mixed. The immediate area around such industrial parks will remain polluted for decades, in all likelihood, unless wave action is washing the area. The tidal waves will scour the land they wash over, breaking down buildings and undercutting the foundations of buildings so they fall into the rushing water and are carried afar. Much will be dragged out to sea, or will be left where the receding tide drops this trash. Soil erosion will occur, but likewise a type of delta will be built in some areas. In short, the landscape may look quite different. Those returning to their homes may find only a foundation there, filled with trash. Nevertheless, rooted plants and trees will continue to grow, as a temporary dunking does not kill them. Grass and weeds will flourish afterwards, as though nothing had happened. There are of course plans by alien groups to help clean up the planet, but where the Element of Doubt must be maintained this pace will be slow.

I have read from newspaper that astronomers recently announced that they discovered an alarming fact - -the sun and the solar system, even including the Earth itself, is moving towards a supernova remnant, a large hot interstellar gas clouds around. Its temperature is one millon times higher than that in the solar system, making the Venus, Mars, Pluto and other planets become hotter, even the temperature of the solar system getting higher. Real " climax" will occur in the next 100 years. They hint that the anomalies on Earth now, such as erratic climate, increasing earthquake s and sinkholes are related to the supernova remnant . So my question is whether the Earth and even the solar system is moving towards the supernova remnant now?

My, my, an interstellar explanation for the Earth changes, including earthquakes and sinkholes, that does not include an admission about the presence of Planet X. How does this slight temperature increase manage to produce sinkholes, might we ask? Has this ever occurred before? Is there a relationship of sinkholes to summer heat, perhaps, so one might arrive at this conclusion? Perhaps they would share their data from the Hubble or the probes so that the rest of mankind might follow their logic. Ah, but the data is not to be shared, nor the process by which they arrived at their conclusions either. But these particular astronomers, so cooperative with the cover-up, can count on continued grants and employment. That we do know for certain.

Just wondering if there is a friendly competition between crop circle makers. I think I am noticing a difference in style. It seems one group always uses geometric symmetry and the other uses golden mean spiral ratios. I can picture some persons stationed here who don't have much to do, yet. Waiting for showtime, so to speak. Are they keeping themselves occupied by trying to outdo one another in a friendly game of (our crop circles are better than yours) If this supposition of mine is anywhere close to right, could you forward this question to them. In our area we have only ever had one crop circle, and I'm pretty sure it had something to do with college students and beer. It seems like the makers are all the time putting the crop circles in England, nearly all in the same place. Could we have one? Any chance of you guys coming around here? We have a wheat field right next to our house. Feel free to use it. My Great Aunt Hazel used to say, that if any of God's creatures eat it, then it is not wasted. I know it will cost some dollars worth of bushels of wheat, as some will be lost to the harvest, but the birds will find what the harvester misses.

Competition is a natural adjunct to life. In lower forms of life it makes the difference between living or dying, getting food or losing out in the search for and acquisition of food. There is competition for the best mate, which is inherent in nature for the selection of the best traits to be passed on to the young. There is competition for the best hunting grounds, the best grazing areas, with the stronger pride or herd gaining better nutrition as a result. So what happens to the competitive urge in higher forms of life? Does it disappear? It is too ingrained in the genetics to simply be put aside, so in Service-to-Other cultures is put to good use! Certainly there is a sense of competition among circle makers, but it is not for something as simple as bigger and more impressive. It is gauged on how well humanity gets the message. If the message is well placed, and understood, then that team gets the credits. As to why certain countries seem to get more crop circles than others, we have explained that Britain gets the most because they have historically done a bang-up job of documenting and displaying their designs. This, in addition to the need in many other countries for every grain of wheat in a field, due to starvation. Britain, as anyone covering the news is aware, is a nation of chubbies.

I read someplace that higher beings have an efficient digestive system that can process everything consumed with no residual waste. Therefore no need of an anus or toilet paper. Is that true?

This is not entirely true, as for such a situation to exist there must be a perfectly digestible food source, produced in the laboratory. If any portion of the food source is not digestible, the scheme fails. Since there is always SOME waste in any living creature, something akin to urine must still be in place, however, or skin secretions or vapors via the breath. What does take place is that rather than take in solid food, and having to eliminate solid waste, these life forms drink a completely digestible liquid or absorb this through their lungs or skin. This makes life out and about around the Universe so much more trouble free!

Could the Zetas care to update the results of the battle for the Souls between STS and STO? 1996 ZT: "A pitched battle is in process, with a massive number of entities focused on responding to The Call from those living there...This battle takes many forms, from quiet counsel to those who have given The Call to active engagement between alien groups". What about other "Souls of continents"? Are already Europe, North America, Asia and Australia already been won by STO forces? 1996 ZT: "As we have announced, the battle in South America has already been won, and Africa is falling away from the Service-to-Self clutches". 2006 ZT: Che lives: "We stated at the start of ZetaTalk that S. America was a battleground between the Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self, recently won. Many spirits, incarnated and disincarnate, were engaged".

During a typical world Transformation there are final battles between the ambassadors from the Service-to-Self and from the Service-to-Other. This is simply a continuation of the counseling done to young souls giving the Call to counselors in either of the spiritual orientations. This is primarily done at the soul level, the level where an individual is a target for conquest by the Service-to-Self. But where a larger number of young souls can be influenced, these Calls get more attention, what we have termed the mega response. If ambassadors from the Service-to-Self can create a climate of fear and hopelessness, then other souls in the vicinity could theoretically be influenced to become more self focused. This could involve a family atmosphere, the attitudes of those in local government, those in a community, or an area as large as a continent.

For the Earth, which has had an abnormal influence toward the Service-to-Self in her past, the final battles had focused on continents to be won, with the hopes that the Service-to-Self could reside there as a form of prison planet in part. Since strict separation of the orientations is done after 3rd density, the regions assigned would have to be continents, not even subcontinents. It would not do for a Service-to-Other community to gaze across a mountain pass and see a Service-to-Self prison colony in operation. So both S America and Africa were targeted. The Chupacabra were unleashed in S America, but prior to that ruthless government repression such as occurred under Pinochet occurred. When the battle for S America was lost to the Service-to-Self, they concentrated their efforts on Africa, which had a long history of colonization and brutal repression. This battle likewise has been won for the Service-to-Other, with the result that the Service-to-Self have concentrated their efforts on individuals in government or in charge of tribal warfare efforts. As more democracies spring up, many headed by compassionate women, the battle increasingly becomes a wasted effort for those in the Service-to-Self, and their troops are being pulled for work elsewhere.

Since the soul has its own density, how do the Zetas teleport a person (either a Human or a Zeta) to another location? Is the soul teleported too, or is the soul told where the body is going to be and told to go there?

Souls are not restricted by density, as a soul in one density can converse with a soul in another density. The soul is also clearly aware of where its current incarnation is, as this is where the action is, for that soul. Going astral is discouraged by the Spirit Guides, who consider this skipping out of school, so when being teleported by visitors to another density, the soul is not allowed to linger behind. Thus, it is not an issue!

The hybrid lifespan is 400 years. Are the birth rates slower or limited to not cause an overpopulation explosion or are there other planets to be an example of keeping the Earth population from over multiplying. [and from another] In 4th density the child was born. It without soul absolutely. There is no for it a soul. He lives without soul. Why aliens try to prevent it? Why? Because a being without soul in 4th density... What?

Souls do not spark on 4th density worlds. This is not due to an inability of a soul to spark in an intelligent species as it is the lack of an intelligent creature that is not already incarnated. We have explained that crowded incarnations can occur on 3rd density worlds when there is a lack of physical bodies, but this is due to the weakness of the souls involved, who are all young and immature. A strong soul, mature and wise, simply does not allow a crowded incarnation to occur, and this is the case on both Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other worlds. How do 4th density cultures ensure that there is a body for each soul, and not excess bodies? Incarnations are not an immediate emergency, where a soul cannot be without a body upon death. The opposite is the case, as most souls in higher densities spend more time between lives than incarnated! They communicate with other souls, travel, and mull over their next incarnation. Since 4th density souls communicate with other souls readily, there is an awareness of when another incarnation is desired, and a babe is arranged by the normal route, whatever that might be. There are no unwanted children in 4th density Service-to-Other cultures. This is likewise true in Service-to-Self cultures, where the population is increased from orphanages where offspring are mass produced. There, incarnations are forced, as the masters want workers and disincarnate entities are considered to be avoiding work. But the same rule applies. If a soul is going to be without a body, then the orphanage is instructed to procreate or populate, by whatever means, accordingly.

When one has a close encounter and tells everyone on the internet they indeed had a real true experience. Would it be simply better to keep such information to one's self or is it good to show others that indeed close encounters do happen and are real as the noon day sun? Does telling those on the internet hamper one's chances of having another conscious close encounter?

Contactees are increasing in number at a rapid rate. In much part this is due to the talk on the Internet, contactee support groups, TV shows about contact, books written by those claiming to be contactees, and lately newspaper articles. One can hardly avoid the subject. This does not hurt but helps, as curiosity is aroused. Conscious contact will be increased as anxiety in the public decreases, so talk it up! This will only hasten the day when you and others are likely to have more such experiences.

Several Qs were asked to the Zetas about their life with their animals in the 4th Density. You said you preferred relations in your society to relations with your animals. At the same time you popularize caring of them (e.g. in the article "Reverence for life"). Not a clear picture for me. Do you run your life "separately" of the animal world? To say in other words - do you remain aloof and do not interfere in their life when, for example, animals kill or injure each other or do you try to stop violence and cure the injured ones?

Why would you conclude this? Because you chose a friend over another, would this mean you would not be compassionate to both? In your world, do your Humane Societies go out into the wild and supervise wolf hunts? Or during the lack of wolf hunting attend to starving deer when the herds have not been culled? In general, you let nature be nature, and we do the same. Should a dying animal, however, be before us and the cycle of life not acting as it should, a quick and humane death would of course be arranged. We would not interfere with a predator attack when driven by what nature has evolved it to be - a hunt for food. We would not interfere with birds gobbling up insects, or an owl attacking a mouse. Likewise we would not interfere with wild packs or prides where the alpha male and female are being determined, as this is the cycle of life in those species and instinctively understood by those creatures. Do you do otherwise?

I live in Chile, a very narrow country which extends on the southern west coast of South America. On the eastern border with Argentina lie the long and high Andes Mountains range, spotted with thousands of volcanoes, all along, and stiff hill tops which speak of an extremely active mounting building process. Nobody would like to be there for the hour of the shift. The western border is the cold and violent Pacific Ocean, very close to the Nazca Plate subduction line, which runs some 20 miles west from the coast line. Parallel to the coastline lays an older, and much lower, mountain range called the Coast Cordillera, which runs parallel to the sea side and the Andes range. Between the Andes hills and the Coastal hills run many rivers, fertile river beds and valleys, transversally located between the West Coast and the Andes range. Our most important cities are located either, in the Central Valley between the Andes Range and the Coastal range, or on the fertile transversal valleys, or right on the sea side. Many of our most important coastal cities are located on the extremely narrow coastal plateau, which runs between the beach and the nearest hills (some of these hills are only 300-500ft. high), whereas this narrow plateau is only 1 or 2 mi. wide, and practically at sea level! Accordingly, I should regrettably say that our coastal cities are all doomed. Besides, the many valleys and river beds crossing the country are certain paths for the sloshing waters of the sea to go deep inside the central valley, on some parts of the country practically up to the Andes foot hills.

Finally, as you may guess, our main Pan American Highway, and all of the roads connecting the inner cities, are spotted by many bridges, and tunnels, and surrounded by many hill sides which will for sure be subject to landslides under any major earthquake, not to mention that the Pan American Highway runs next to the Pacific Ocean for many miles and practically a sea level. When the time comes, no one in Chile will be able to travel. Accordingly, those who leave their cities late and still want to survive the PS, will be in serious trouble to even attempt travelling. The problems to be solved by the Chilean people who may be looking for a safe location are: 1) We must leave the sea side. 2) We can not go too far towards the Andes hills, because of the active mountain building process and the many volcanoes there. 3) And we should not stay on the transversal valleys and river beds, low altitude, due to the sloshing waters coming in from the ocean, and the opposite currents coming from the Andes hills and created by the ice melting there, and most probably the hot terrain resulting from friction at the subduction line. Our best bet should be to locate on a few intermediate altitudes, sitting between the Andes and the Coastal mountain ranges. In English: we must get away from the sea side, but not too far, and still find a high place where to face the PS. And we must do it well in advance.

My questions are: a) Since we can not get too far from the ocean, what kind of altitude we should look for, if at some 40-60 miles only from the coast line, to compensate for this rather short distance from the sea side, and b) What kind of geological profile we should look for (shape, terrain), in order to recognize when an intermediate hill is not subject to a mountain building process, or not. Thanks for your kind consideration and help, and sorry for this long question. For sure, we're all gonna have a whole lotta' shaking goin on here!
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The evidence of recent mountain building in the Andes, along with the volcanic activity there, is a clear indication that future mountain building will occur along the Andes. This is where the lip of plates from the Pacific are pushing under the S American Plate and curling down into the magna, so that the tumble of land being rumpled into mountains is mixed with fresh magma being pushed up at every route opened by the rumpling action. The Andes would present mountain building and volcanic eruptions that should at all costs be avoided during the coming pole shift. However, as you have pointed out, there are safe locations closer to the coastlines.

What occurs over the eons is that the earlier rumpling, from when subduction first occurred, has had layers of rock pushed under it and hardened. There is no volcanic activity here because there are no outlets to the magma, despite continuing activity where rock layers from the Pacific plates are shoved under the coastal mountain plains. These slide like layers of paper in a folder over one another, creating very little friction because of the many times they have had to slide past one another. They have been worn smooth by this activity. Very few locations along the coastal mountains will experience hot earth, because of the thickness of this coastal range. Where this will occur will be along river bottoms, rivers which empty into the ocean, as this indicates a thin place in the S American Plate.

Out of the Andes, not in river bottoms along the coastline, and now dealing with the aggressive tidal waves and potential tsunami which will result from a sloshing Pacific and a compressing Pacific. If the tidal waves have been described as being 500-600 feet high, so that one must be 100 miles inland and 200 feet up to avoid them, then a safe ratio can be determined, but there are cautions. Chile will deal with tidal bore, as if the tsunamis and tidal waves cannot roll inland they will climb up into ravines. They will likewise be forced up river outlets and thence spread in the inland valleys. If one can only be 50 miles inland, then they should be at least 400 feet above sea level, to be safe.

Certainly tsunami, which can occur anytime plates are adjusting, lifting and rising, will make seeking safety close to the shoreline, at whatever height, unsafe. Those seeking safety should also anticipate water coming from behind them if it is forced inland and then seeks to return to the sea while under momentum. Watch your back! Not the Andes, not the immediate coastline, 400 feet high and at least 50 miles inland and with hills at your back so a backwash will not catch you in a pinch. Good luck with advising the Chilean government!

align="right" hspace="0" width=466 height=350>Is China really getting UFO visit in its eastern city Hangzhou that air traffic was disrupted on July 8? If not what was the thing they saw? [and from another] Insider reveal that the UFO could be seen by naked eyes. Actual how the incident was reported: around 8 pm, a private jet pilot on the runway spot a UFO about the height of 450m above. He reported to the control station. And the control station decided to secure the airport to prevent flights colliding with the UFO. They also inform the military to launch a search for the UFO. After 1 hour of search, they found nothing. Inflight radar show no UFO indication, only military planes. It's advise that nothing had been found and the government did not hide anything. And on another post, some confirm that the UFO objects appears as a BOL (confirm with latest update from media), and sights from Vietnam sea near Guangxi, reported around 8pm. Another sighting at Guangdong around 4am on the 7th. The object was moving quite fast. My take is: military have found nothing, yet know its a real UFO. So just covered some of the loopholes and say its not visible to naked eyes.

Hangzhou is on the target="_top">line of breakage as the tongue of the Eurasian Plate is pulled down and under the Indo-Australian Plate. This is the line so active in sinkholes lately, from the point where the Himalayas are pushing into China across to the coast. Hangzhou is also on the coast, at the end of a bay which will surely have tidal bore or tsunami compressing to a point at Hangzhou when the Pacific does any degree of adjusting. The UFO was reported, sighted, as far south as Guangxi and Guangdong provinces, which are likewise along the coastlines in the regions being drawn down as the tongue of the Eurasian Plate is being bent. These regions, and Hangzhou, are clearly being warned about tsunami and a suddenly rising sea level as the plate is bend and pulled down. In sightings such as this, telepathic warnings are given to those below. The plate bending is at present gradual, and only exhibited by dramatic sinkholes that have developed. But plate movement, accompanying earthquakes, produces sudden changes, and it is then that those along the coastlines will experience sudden tsunami and loss of sea level.

I have been paying close attention to the times of sunrise and moonrise stated officially by the Naval Observatory for my location and twice in the last week things were not as they should be. On Saturday July 3rd, the sun was supposed to rise at 4.55 am as it did the days before and after, but that morning the sun was very far north and completely above the horizon at 4:20! On Tuesday morning July 6th, my wife and I got up at 3 am because of the heat, and went outside to see a beautiful waning crescent moon in the east. We commented on it and appreciated where it was in relation to our door, and she went back to bed. I walked outside with a cup of coffee at sunrise [4:55] and it was in the exact same position, not having moved the 30 degrees [1 degree every 4 minutes toward the west minus 1 degree every two hours toward the east] that it should have moved! I cannot remember the Moon being 'stopped' in the sky for 2 hours ever. I attribute the two events to the wobble the Zetas have mentioned from Planet X caused magnetic and particle fields. But really why can't other people notice these things? They are there for all to see, so why don't they? Are we so far from knowing about nature that we do not notice these things as a 'modern' world?

The moral of the story about the Emperor's New Clothes is that the desire to fit in with others, social inclusion, can affect our attitude and even what we allow our senses to perceive. If you are told that everything is normal by the establishment, by the media, by the scientific establishment, then you doubt your own eyes. This is known by those in charge so they keep a tight lid on any indication that things are amiss. If a citizen approaches an observatory or university involved in astronomy, bringing their observations, they are made to feel inadequate, as thought they cannot figure out which way is up. They are dismissed, in an insulting manner, their questions unanswered as though not worthy of consideration. Those in the establishment who are aware of what is coming try to avoid these questions at all costs, but if forced to meet the public use these techniques. If they are not aware of what is coming, they may look puzzled and shake their heads, as though this is the first they have heard, until they take the issue to those who know and then they learn to keep their mouths shut and become part of the cover-up. Beyond this, there are many who simply do not look. You mentioned taking note of the exact time of sunrise. Most simply leap out of bed and dash to work. It is those who are attuned to nature, farmers who work early or late into the evening, that are aware. They talk among themselves but once they encounter the network of silence, the demeaning glances cast their way, they understand that the truth is not to be discussed. Like the little boy in the Emperor's New Clothes, they are awaiting their opportunity to point and comment!

Bugs! Recently news reports out of NYC are that people purchase clothing and bring it home, get bed bugs on it, and then return the items for credit, spreading bed bugs to stores. Abercrombie and Fitch had to close two stores to fumigate [hope they didn't put the same clothes back on the shelves] but now there are reports that Broadway theaters and movie theaters all over the city have bed bugs in the upholstery, and some restaurants too. Every type of hotel has reported bed bugs, from the luxurious to the mundane. Health officials warn people not to take discarded mattresses or furniture home. So, the question, Zetas have mentioned mosquitoes will not make it to the 4th dimension. But the Zetas have not addressed mosquitoes at the pole shift. How about addressing insects at the pole shift? Head lice, cockroaches, bed bugs, poisonous spiders, africanized killer bees, ticks with lyme disease, and the viruses that some insects carry, such as encephalitis, west nile, malaria, etc. I can imagine some survival communities being beset with this as a problem and how best to deal with it? Just keep clean, boil clothing and bedding, and hope for the best? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

What do primitive countries do today about infestations? What did people do 100 year ago in what are now industrialized countries? Modern man relies upon bug spray, but simple methods are often just as effective. Bed bugs, for instance, are destroyed by heat, simply heating a room to a sufficient temperature via steam or other such means. We have mentioned a few species that will not be making the trip to 4th density with the rest of the Earth's teeming life, such as mosquitoes and tapeworms. The list of course is vast. There are friendly bacteria and harmful bacteria, friendly virus and harmful virus, those life forms that are the primary food source for some other life form such as fish or birds or those life forms that have no purpose other than to propagate. There are checks and balances involved, such that if a certain bacteria or fungus were removed, the balance of nature would be disrupted and worse problems would ensue. All this is taken into consideration. Because mankind considers so much of nature to be a pest, we will decline to list those pests which will be left behind. We would get arguments, and suggestions, and all of this will only waste everyone's time.

These two links suggest that aerial spraying of Corexit dispersant is carrying off the Gulf inland where it is destroying vegetables particularly and vegetation in general:
Is this true, and what will be the total extent of the damage, and will it stop? Studies show it is 4 times as toxic as the oil itself, and can poison water supplies and objects left outside will be coated with it. What steps if any do the Zetas recommend to protect people. I know this is all before the pole shift, but it seems like a very real problem. If it gets into the ground, does it have a residual effect in the ground, or is all of this just another sad detail in a leadup to the poleshift which will dilute and ameliorate all toxins anyway?

What should be considered is the scope of such pollution and the concentration of such pollution. Any discharge or fumes will be more concentrated in one place than another, or spread by the winds to concentrate in one area but not in another. Are you poisoned by the gas fumes coming from your gas tank? If you stand over the fuel pump and breathe deeply, you may get fumes, but otherwise not. So is your whole day, your whole association with your car, such a poisonous moment? Take this to the extreme, and apply it to this situation. Everyone is in a panic because the Gulf is oozing oil and gas from many places, not just those involved in the BP drilling disaster and not just those involved in oil drilling itself. This matter of methane in the air and oil sheen on the water would be occurring even if man had not drilled in the Gulf! This is not expected to destroy life in the Gulf, and is certainly less of a threat than what is coming when the pole shift happens and the New Madrid rips up the center of the US. Put things into perspective!

Does Zeta makes scientific simulations, examinations of the Planet X passage impacts to mankind or they just see "pictures" from the "future" by their telepathic nature and then based on that give advices in what is going to happen? Do they estimate that some processes could be "random"? I mean oceanic waves can go not in the exactly direction it was predicted? In other words what is the accuracy of the safe locations already predicted and how its obtained if that could be shared?

Our predictions on the action of water during plate movement and the composition of plates subject to being pulled apart or overlapped is not due to some kind of voo-doo magic where we are guessing. If you, in your environment, were to gauge how quickly a pail of water would get to the point where it would overflow, based on the capacity of the pail and the rate of water flow, is this a guess? Or is this some kind of nonsensical consensus based on a telepathic outreach? This is not webbots here, where word association and frequency on internet postings is analyzed, therefore based on what a mass of people suppose and think at any given point in time! We have stated that our average IQ of 287 is not the whole of it because we have a greater capacity to associate and relate facts. This factor is more than ten times greater than man's ability. Add to this our vast history with the Earth and prior pole shifts. We trust you get the point.

Impact to many countries is already mentioned but mine is missing and i would like to take opportunity to ask. Sweden is supposed to be safe as part of the Germany. Then huge waves from Atlantic ocean is going to hit Holland, Norway, Denmark and part of Germany and Poland. Waves from other direction of North Pole will hit Finland and Estonia reaching Belarus? Does that mean that Baltic countries will be subducted fully or its just current ground 50-100 miles perimeter will be subducted?

Are you asking if water will slosh from the Artic, during the hour of the pole shift, reaching Finland and Estonia and as far inland as Belarus? If you read in detail our explanations for these regions, it says no such thing but the opposite. The sloshing, when 100 miles inland, is at a height of 200 feet, and this down from a height at the coasts of 500-600 feet. A tidal wave does not continue indefinitely in its forward motion, as the void behind it attracts the water to return, to seek its level. This is why tides go in and out. Yes, there will be a tidal slosh from the Arctic side, but this will be no greater than our warnings for other coasts. Nor will the water thrust inland from the Arctic all the way to Belarus!