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ZetaTalk: Leadership Call
Note: written Oct 15, 1995

Is The Call handled in a different manner when it comes from a high level government official, a leader such as a president or premier? Under ordinary circumstances The Call is treated much the same without regard to the caller's position, as those responding are concerned with influencing the calling entity to choose the orientation of those called. Whether The Call comes from a toddler being raised in the slums or an adult running an international corporation, in both cases the focus is the same - the soul of the caller. However, where the human giving The Call is in a leadership position, The Call gets more attention, for obvious reasons.

Many humans assumed to be in a leadership position are not, in actuality, leading anyone. They may have authority such as the right to grant or deny requests, or may have a voice such as the right to critique, or may direct activities such as a construction or production schedule, but they do not influence the orientation decision of their fellow humans which is the key lesson of 3rd Density. Leaders who get a lot of attention are those who influence issues such as law making where subjugation or freedom may result, or war where great numbers of humans will be obliged or coerced into committing atrocities to one another, or new trends and solutions where innovative ways to assist one another may emerge or be stifled. Such leaders get the Mega Call response, where more resources are mustered. The leader, however, is as unaware, consciously, of having been assisted as all other callers.

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