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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 10, 2013

This recent Veritas interview seems like a 50/50 mix of disinformation and inaccuracies along with truths and regurgitation of ZetaTalk truths without attribution to the Zetas. Nonetheless, in the weeks and months prior to Obama's announcement, this interview on the popular alternative media site of Mel Fabregas seems to merit the Ning's attention. Two related questions though. One, in this interview, Pattie Brassard mentions "microwaves" coming from Nibiru. I do not believe ZetaTalk makes any references to microwave emissions from Nibiru/Planet X. Any truth here on the microwave issue? Further, is this a scare tactic to make 100% of earthlings to believe they are gonna get fried like a TV dinner by Nibiru/Planet X microwaves? Second, was this a truly disgruntled, dying ex-NASA techie or was this a deliberately cloaked "coming out" interview by the cover up team in order to gauge public reaction to various aspects of the upcoming Obama announcement on an object [Nibiru/Planet X] in the inner solar system? [and from another]  Here I send you the photos. They come from Mrs  Pattie Brassard ex contractor NASA, she says took this photos where object x can be seen surrounded by moons and dust.  [and from another] Pattie Brassard, military telling all that she knows about Wormwood, Blue Bonnet etc. I tried to contact the radio show and I got an automated. “We see you're not a subscriber. Send $56 for 6 month subscription and then you can suggest a guest.” [and from another] Planet 4 times the size of Jupiter and sight unseen? Not buying it. [and from another]  by Pattie Brassard Aug 04, 2013 A thermal look at our second sun and Co. We have 2 suns and this picture shows it, and a large Jupiter-like planet, one of the 7 that circle it. The center top bright spot.  And the smallest of them is Jupiter. Our main sun is off-screen to the left, and not in this picture. The sun won't be much problem as it stays outside the system. The planets however have orbits that lap-over ours! Now NASA said this was just a simulation. Funny how it matches EXACTLY the system that I borrowed an entire observatory to take some photos of ! This will be swinging by the EARTH and cause some major GRAVITY PROBLEMS!!! It will definitively FORCE-FINISH our pole-swap that's already started! Also, cause MAJOR FLOODING !! Remember Noah? YEP! That was caused by the LAST TIME these visitors came by! Here's the early edition !! This is MARS. And all the incoming planetary bodies are pushing DUST! This is the dust hitting Mars and causing ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS!!! Carrington event from HELL !! [and from another] Note that the photos Patti asserts are hers are from a NASA website, of Sedna. “If someone alters fraudulently the text of an image from the SST from "Orbit of Sedna" to "Orbit of New Object", s/he has lost every bit of credentials.”  [and from another] Ok so next image, let's take a look at this one: Not sure what's supposed to be so special about this? The constellation border shown in the image reveals right away that it's looking at the direction of Taurus, the little marker she's got in the center of the image is on the border of Taurus and Orion. J2000.0 coordinates are approximately RA: 5h 49m 17s, Dec: +19d 24' 06". The field of view is very wide, encompassing the entire constellation of Taurus and then some. I really don't see what's supposed to be out of the ordinary in this image. It's not visible light though, it appears to be a gamma radiation wavelength view of those coordinates. [and from another] The subscription rate is for Veritas, not directly to Patti, but shows the type of money that can be garnered from subscription broadcasts when the demand is there.

Pattie Brassard is a false front, and not as claimed. A real name with a false résumé, never a NASA subcontractor. Has the extreme silence over the years from NASA employees not indicated the strictures they are under? National security rules, on issues related to Planet X, on issues related to the alien presence, and all who break their contract are severely punished. Whomever is selected to work for NASA has likewise been stringently controlled, with only those inclined to be obsessive rule followers selected. Pattie does not qualify in personality, nor would an ex-NASA associated individual be allowed to blather about what they have learned. Is Snowden allowed to have his own Internet show and FaceBook page?

Pattie is an opportunist who has sensed via trends and news releases that the announcement is close, and is trying to grab the stage and make some money. With $56 per subscriber, at 10,000 subscribers she would pull in half a million dollars, and if the announcement happens soon as she senses it will, she could be fabulously wealthy, or so goes the logic. We warned in 2012 that the circus is about to begin, with old and new false prophets trying to compete with or plagiarize ZetaTalk in their desire to grab the stage.

Pattie is trying to gain acceptability by siding with the ZetaTalk message, or mentioning the Pole Shift ning, but this does not mean what she says is legitimate. Pattie is familiar with the Marshall Masters message, but not the fact that he claims a spec of volcanic dust on a webcam glass enclosure is an object in space. Since this is on the ning, and within ZetaTalk, she has not bothered to get acquainted with the facts. Lazy and money hungry, Pattie will find herself lost in the dust, yet another claimant after money and fame, yet another disinformation artist caught tangled in lies. She is not the first, and won’t be the last.

Do we have a new Area 51 type situation happening in Virginia?  This is certainly not a weather balloon.  Can Zetas shed some light on this please?  Police, Military, Nasa - all scrambling to disinform. [and from another] UFO falls from sky, area sealed off by military: 'Weather balloon' August 2, 2013 - Reportedly, large numbers of government operatives from various agencies converged urgently on a residential neighbourhood in Norfolk, Virginia, on Tuesday night after an unidentified object fell from the sky there. News reports describe the object as "something odd", with some eyewitness accounts saying it resembled a balloon and others suggesting that the crashlanded artifact had a structure similar to "styrofoam". People living and working in the immediate area were rapidly evacuated and the district was sealed off by a combination of police and military personnel. The presence of operatives from shadowy federal agencies in overall charge of the incident was - of course - not mentioned by spokesmen briefing the media. However it was revealed that initial contact with the landed object was handled using a robot. Following this there was consultation with experts from NASA. Not long thereafter the mystery object from the sky was apparently loaded onto an unidentified government vehicle and removed from the scene. Subsequently local residents were permitted to return to their homes and the military and police contingents dispersed.

Weather patterns have been unpredictable for years, with drought and deluge alternating and fierce storms appearing where not expected. This is due to the Earth wobble, which is increasingly becoming more extreme. All this of course affects weather balloons which are sent aloft with a predictable trajectory and descent anticipated. When things go wrong, there can be startling results. A rapidly descending, beeping object where not expected of course musters an investigation. Bomb squads, robots to examine the “bomb”, and the agencies likely responsible if this was a man-made object gone off course. 

The above story indicates the Gulf of Mexico’s “Dead Zone” is projected to be the largest ever.  The cause of this is thought to be from a greater influx of fertilizer run off down the Mississippi River into the Gulf from excess rainfall across the midwest earlier this year.  If this is true, wouldn’t there also be smaller dead zones along the Mississippi and its marshes along the way?  Dead zones and red tide zones occur around the Gulf almost yearly, but usually during the hottest part of summer, usually mid to late August.  One weather map I checked today shows the current Gulf water temperatures in that area to be only 83 – 84 degrees, not usually hot enough to generate such dead zones.  My question:  Is the cause of this dead zone to be as reported, or are the ruptured gas leaking salt fields a factor? [and from another]  According to an annual estimate from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) sponsored modelers at the University of Michigan, Louisiana State University and Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium, this year’s dead zone could be as large as 8,561 sq. miles—roughly the size of New Jersey. That would make it the biggest dead zone on record. And even the low end of the estimate would place this year among the top 10 biggest dead zones on record. Barring an unlikely change in the weather, much of the Gulf of Mexico could become an aquatic desert. [and from another] Newly discovered oil-eating microbe 'flourishing' in Gulf [Aug 24, 2010] Scientists discovered the new microbe while studying the underwater dispersion of millions of gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf following the explosion of BP's Deepwater Horizon drilling rig. Their findings are based on more than 200 samples collected from 17 deepwater sites between May 25 and June 2. They found that the dominant microbe in the oil plume is a new species, closely related to members of Oceanospirillales. The bacteria may have adapted over time due to periodic leaks and natural seeps of oil in the Gulf. Scientists also had been concerned that oil-eating activity by microbes would consume large amounts of oxygen in the water, creating a "dead zone" dangerous to other life. But the new study found that oxygen saturation outside the oil plume was 67-percent while within the plume it was 59-percent.

How coincidental that the largest dead zone ever in the Gulf is clustered around the coast where the Louisiana sinkhole has been burping and burbling oil! What might be happening nearby, in that fractured oil filled salt dome, to cause this? Despite the excuses provided by the frantic establishment, the dead zone is not caused by fertilizer runoff. It is caused by oil eating bacteria which reduce the available oxygen in the water when they are feeding. This will only get worse, even if the US oil reserves are pumped out and stored elsewhere. The Gulf was leaky before the BP spill, and this will all exacerbate during the bowing of the N American continent and the rupturing of the New Madrid Fault line.

BATSRUS modeling of Earth's magnetic field on 8/8/2013 depicts startling irregularities of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field in the direction of the Sun.  Will the Zetas please elaborate?

What sets the modeling on August 8, 2013 apart for previous modeling images is the deforming of the Sun's magnetic field lines to the right of the Earth. The Earth’s magnetic field is depicted by red closed loop lines or the blue wings that float to the left, away from the Sun. The Earth’s magnetic field is regularly deformed by the Solar Wind coming from the Sun, from the right. But what would deform the Sun’s magnetic field? We have described the time of the Pole Shift as one during which Planet X could so supplant the Sun’s magnetic influence on the Earth that Planet X, aka Nibiru, is the only voice the Earth hears.

At present it is trying to listen to both, primarily to the Sun, but during the daily wobble, also giving credence to Planet X. We have described the magnetic dance between Planet X and the Earth as dynamic, Planet X swinging its N Pole to point toward the Earth more directly at times, then swinging back, and the Earth bobbling to the left as far as possible to escape this influence from Planet X. August 8, 2013 was a temporary time when the magnetic blast from Planet X was so direct that man’s satellites registered a confused magnetic field in the Sun near the Earth’s blowshock. Does this mean that the Earth wobble may at times become extreme, when the Sun is negated in this manner? More than satellite modeling will be affected, yes.

Hollywood, under instructions/orders from omnipresent Coverup minions et al. There have been dozens of such "films" released, over the years, either trying to scare the populace witless with "Aliens Attack" type nonsense, or just straight out toe-in-the-water, disinfo-laden, bait-and-switch, fishing expedition stuff such as "2012" and "The Day after Tomorrow". A recent example spewed forth from that  Hollywood disinfo-machine, to be released mid-August and titled "Elysium", is notable as it is broaching the idea, to the Comman Man, of a luxury satellite, in orbit about Earth, and inhabited only by the so-called Elite of Earth. It is their haven from "a ravaged Earth"  Of course, we know per ZT that aforementioned so-called Elite et al have pined for such a place in space, in which to hide. They've even had promises, broken of course, from STS Aliens to get them aloft. Inevitably, it has all ended in tears, for them. Would the Z please speak, to give a critique, of this latest? 
[and from another]  In the new movie "Elysium," Earth is beyond repair, and the rich and powerful have decided to leave it behind. The station comes stocked with mansions, grass, trees, water and gravity. [and from another]  Space Colony Concepts: NASA's 1970s Vision for Giant Space Stations

Elysium is typical of Hollywood movies in that a hero saves the day, against whomever is seen as the enemy. The enemy varies, from powerful politicians, terrorists, kidnappers, mutant sharks, or invading aliens. Thus the genre of Elysium is not unusual, but what is unusual is the change since 2009  re the happy ending. In Knowing, 2012 Seeking Closure, When Worlds Collide, and in the movie 2012 itself man need not bother to try to survive – it was hopeless. In Elysium, Hollywood appears to have moved on to depict life after the coming Pole Shift, with a polarization of the elite and the common man exacerbated.

It is no secret, at least for those reading ZetaTalk, that the elite have been attempting to survive the coming Pole Shift by escaping to Mars, to Moon cities, or to underground bunkers. The space station in Elysium was envisioned by NASA in the 1970s. We have explained that the elite must suffer the Pole Shift on Earth with the common man they so despise. Even should they gain the technology to escape the cataclysms, the Council of Worlds would not let them escape the Earth. Underground bunkers will collapse of kill those inside with radon gas or flood to become a watery tomb. Is this the reality the creators of Elysium are trying to depict?

Elysium is depicting the world of today. Money buys the best medical treatments available, and the rich create a buffer between themselves and the misery of the common man. They hire guards, who are presumably under their control as the elite also control the court systems and buy politicians who set the laws. But this system is not failsafe, and as we have predicted after the Pole Shift, where our predicted 43% of the populace has gone somewhat insane, this buffer will fail. Police will not respond. Private militia will turn on their former masters, as why would they not? The wealthy will be looted and mistreated. This is inevitable. Thus Elysium is a warning to the elite.