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ZetaTalk: Che Lives!
written Oct 14, 2006

President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez was talking about Che Guevara lately. Chavez was comparing this legendary South American revolutionist-fighter to Jesus. Can the Zetas comment about the Che lives! phenomenon? [and from another] Ernesto Che Guevara was murdered on October 9, 1967 - shot in the head by a Bolivian soldier in the presence of the CIA. When the world's powerful cheered the brutal murder of the anti-imperialist and revolutionary socialist fighter, they hadn't considered that his murder would transform Che into a symbol of the global struggle against injustice.

We stated at the start of ZetaTalk that S. America was a battleground between the Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self, recently won. Many spirits, incarnated and disincarnate, were engaged. Look to the past of S America, the Pinochet regime, the NAZI refugees in Argentina, the brutal colonial attitude of the elite in power in so many of S America's countries. Look to the remarkable change in just this past decade. Brazil went remarkably democratic in 2002, with Luiz da Silva, a left leaning President, elected resoundingly. In early 2006 Chili elected S America's first woman President, an astonishing feat considering her opponent was an ultra-right millionaire. That Venezula's President, Chavez, survived a CIA backed coup in 2002 should likewise not be a surprise, given the attention paid to S America by spirits in the Service-to-Other, who stood like angels around him during his trials. Where is this leading? Clearly, this supports our assertion that the battle for the soul of S. American has been won. In that Africa is beginning to see signs of the same kind of revolution, our assertion that the battle has moved to Africa is likewise supported.

It has often been stated that many heroes are stronger in death than in life, especially if they are martyred. But the process does not require a martyr. Democratic revolutions almost invariably include a figurehead who is dramatically Service-to-Other, loudly espousing the right of the common man to equal rights with oppressors and presenting a clear plan on how such equality might be achieved. When one looks closely at their personality from childhood to adulthood, one can see they were cast in this mold from the beginning. They are clearly souls on a mission, and their life circumstances had little to do with where they ultimately arrived. There are more similarities than differences in the life of Jesus and Che and Chavez, in point of fact, as they all proceed resolute in the face of oppression despite the threats made upon their personal safety. Cut from the same mold. Where a fight is protracted, or iterative, a current hero may invoke the memory of one past. In the US at present, there are comparisons to NAZI Germany, comparing Bush to Hitler and his fascist and war mongering ways. In response, Bush has compared himself to President Lincoln, who fought to emancipate the slaves, but the comparison does not stick. Thus, Che lives in Chavaz, but Lincoln does not live in Bush, as the people are not so fooled.