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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written August 25, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Filmmaker, activist Aaron Russo passed away yesterday from cancer. An exceptional Service-to-Other Warrior in my opinion, who rejected puppet master-tentacles Council of Foreign relations job offer, and and in his movie "America: from freedom to fascism" he revealed the true movies of Service-to-Self elites. Could he have been a starchild, what can the Zetas add?

One of the characteristics of a Star Child is that they can put themselves at risk for the cause of good, seemingly without alarm at what might happen to them. They understand on a deep level that death is not the end, and have come back to a 3rd Density world on a mission to help young souls sort it all out, by example if by no other way. They try to achieve the largest impact, the largest audience, so it is no surprise that they gravitate to the film industry or become authors or musicians. This is not to say that every producer or director or author or musician is a Star Child, nor that every Star Child has such a role during their current incarnation. Some have very short incarnations, incarnating into a body about to be executed before the firing squad, for instance, giving a courageous example to an oppressed people and, we might add, bearing the pain of the execution as well. Jesus was a Star Child, as we have mentioned, and continues with his chosen role on other worlds today. Certainly Allen Russo has worked this role on many worlds, and knew how to dance between the dangers to most effectively get his message out, while not getting killed.

Disinformation opportunists seem entertained with the idea of blaming the ongoing earth changes on natural-cycles that occur periodically. Does the current progression of changes compare to previous century?, and more importantly do what will be skeptics have enough data in the archives to make such claims stand in publics view ?

The Earth changes track back to the last pole shift and the several shifts prior to that, the 3,657 year cycle. The Flood and the Jewish Exodus have been recorded in both the Bible and Kolbrin, which is an Egyptian account, and track also to the 3,657 year cycle. They describe the weather swings, the extreme drought, the panic of animals sensing tension in the rock beneath them, the increasing sterility of women, odd illnesses afflicting man and animal, and the red dust that began to descend. As with all other excuses for the current Earth changes, the skeptics have no explanation for the supposed cycles they point to! We have an explanation, and it is born out with recorded accounts from those who lived through the past pole shifts. The writhing red sun that blotted out Sol, as it approached for the passage, for instance. Get acquainted with folklore and what the geological record reports, and argue with these disinformation artists!

Do the Zeta's revere any prophets, saints or spiritual teachers that they have been blessed with? If so, why don't they tell us about them and their teachings?

A prophet is peculiar to his people, his culture, his world. What would a prophet among the many races of Zeta Reticuli have to say to the people of Earth? The issues are different, the dangers different, the history and background different! Even prophets on Earth have differing messages about the coming End Times, describing it in a manner their culture and time could conceptualize.

Nancy can the Zeta's tell us exactly what is going on with the banks, particularly Wells Fargo? [and from another] Wells Fargo Complaint [Aug 21] I have a number of accounts at Wells that haven't posted any credits or debits since Sunday. Called and can't get a representative on the phone. If this shit keeps up I'm going down tomorrow and pull out every penny I have. [and from another] Service Problems Disable Wells Fargo ATMs [Aug 20] Service problems disabled ATMs and online accounts at Wells Fargo & Co. for at least 24 hours starting Sunday afternoon, leaving some customers of the nation's fifth largest bank unable to get cash or use debit cards to pay for goods. San Francisco-based Wells Fargo would not say how many customers or machines were affected but acknowledged that services were down throughout the company - from personal banking Web sites and ATMs to the processing of mortgage and student loans. [and from another] Capitol One Complaint, [Aug 21] One of my enterprises needs regular restocking of inventory. I handle this expense with a Capital One credit card when I phone in the order. This is essentially all that I ever use this card for. Yesterday I placed just such an order. The fraud prevention folks at CapOne were in a dither over the charge. Now this is not unusual, since they do this every time, although this periodic charge, to the same party, has to be on their records. What was different this time is that they declined the charge to the seller. [and from another] Capital One Cuts 1,900 Jobs, Slashes Profit Forecast [Aug 21] Capital One Financial Corp on Monday said it will eliminate 1,900 jobs and shut down a wholesale mortgage unit it acquired less than a year ago, as it struggles with the U.S. housing downturn. McLean, Virginia-based Capital One, best known as a credit card issuer, is the latest lender to get hit by the U.S. mortgage crisis, where rising defaults by borrowers have made investors less willing to buy repackaged home loans.

Propping up liquidity in the banks affected by the housing bubble bust is only part of the problem -- only part of the worry. This issue has made enough people nervous that they are not only attempting to sell stock but trying to convert assets to cash. If banks frankly shut their doors, the panic would set in, in earnest. Where heavy withdrawals are noted, the banks are using various "braking" mechanisms such as delayed payments, all the while making claims of computer or system problems. Various other techniques will be tested on the public to see which ones meet with the most cooperation among the public. The point at which restricted banking hours and restricted withdrawals is reached is a long road, with many twists and turns. This was just a sample of what is yet to come.

Is Gulf War illness biowar against US troops by the NWO? Are the top Generals aware of this?

It is no secret that soldiers have been used for experimentation over the decades -- from insisting they stand and face nuclear bomb blasts to inoculations not yet deemed adequately tested on humans, to being subjects in CIA experiments trying to develop Manchurian Candidates. That depleted uranium (DU) is poisonous to humans is no secret, yet its use is continued today in proximity to soldiers. Is this deliberate murder, testing, neglect, or greed? Primarily it is greed, as DU does not have many commercial outlets, but during the first Gulf War it was part of a more sinister agenda. George Herbert Bush is highly Service-to-Self, was head of the CIA at one point, and the many rumors about his escapades more true than not. As we have mentioned, the elite -- MJ12 which was dominated by the CIA and the very wealthy -- fear migration after the pole shift. They worry about starving hoards clamoring for some of the supplies their tax dollars bought for the political elite, coming in waves upon the elite's bunkers. Chemtrails, at the start, were experiments on how to infect or poison these migrating hordes, but before chemtrails there was the "Gulf War Syndrom." In combination with DU, soldiers were infected via their vaccinations to see how this slowed them down! What was learned was that they mostly lingered, and were angry. Thus these elite switched to chemtrails, which has also now been discarded as a solution for them as the US military got wind of their purpose and has refused to cooperate with dispersal when the time comes. At present, these elite are thus looking for safe havens for themselves, such as George W. Bush in Paraguary, south of Brazil. There will be no escape, however, for this group.

I just wanted to know who are we suppose to trust. It seems everyone is telling us one story or another and we get so confused.

We are endlessly asked this. As we stated at the start of ZetaTalk, the number of sources claiming to interpret what is happening and to predict what is around the corner would proliferate. We stated in 2002 that we would cease to comment on all these new sources as if we did so, this is all we would do with our and Nancy's time! This one is right and matches ZetaTalk, that one is wrong and is disinformation from such and such source, and this is an "attention whore" making claims with no relationship to the truth. Our bottom line is to read ZetaTalk, and if any other source makes claims that contradict ZetaTalk, consider it false. ZetaTalk has an astonishing accuracy track record. Other than the deliberate White Lie about 2003, there have been no errors. Even those predictions we have made that were in the hands of man, such as who would win the 2000 election, proved true as Gore was popularly elected, even in the state of Florida -- no question. Beyond asserting that you should put all sources to the same tests you demand of ZetaTalk, requiring prediction accuracy, we have no advice on how you might sort it all out.

Nancy, does this crop cirle illustrate PX moving up to the ecliptic? [and from another] Woodborough Hill, Wiltshire; August 17, 2007 A film crew made a music video for an Australian rock band in this field on Tuesday 14th. Now, the plan was to make their own design on Monday 13th but the weather was too bad for their 'art department' to work. They turned up on Tuesday 14th and filmed all day inside a nearby barn. The rain eventually stopped at 4 pm and they went outside to film in the field, only to discover that the formation had appeared in the field sometime between then and the site visit from their art department the previous day.

This crop circle is showing several dynamics at once. One is the dual parallel lines, indicating a current side by side alignment of Planet X and Earth, the quiet time we have mentioned since March, about to end now that August is drawing to a close. The circles on one end indicate the magnetic trimesters to which we so often refer. The starburst at the other end is the influence of the Sun, pressing outwards to all who orbit her and beyond. The large and small circles at the periphery are where man can expect to find the Sun and Planet X, in his line of sight, during the weeks just ahead of the pole shift, which will be Planet X positioned to the right of the Sun.

Back in 1997 or 1998 There was a 2 part documentry on Hercolobus the red planet (Planet X) on public television, Yes! Public television in Puerto Rico which had many on the island shaking. This TV showing was based on Nostradamus predictions of the end times with illustrations. This program was hosted by a gentleman by the name of Joseph Lando who stated the End Times would start as of the year 1999 and seven months and that Planet X would be seen with the naked eye and decribed the effects as you have, disasters, and etc. My question is what ever happened to Joseph Lando? Will he be back to recomfirm this documentry? Would the Governments allow this to be shown again? There were rumors saying he simply disapeared when the time came and nothing happened. Wrong timing of course.

Edgar Cayce also gave the wrong date, assigning the End Times to closer to the year 2000 and 2001, and much of this was deliberate on the part of the Guides. Each time mankind gears up for the End Times, and it does not happen, there is desensitization occurring. One prepares, one braces oneself, one gets angry and rejects the prophet, and then begins to realize what the prophet was describing is still happening -- the Earth changes still propelling along a time line pointing in the direction prophesized. For each iteration, preparation and acceptance is better, less short term planning, more realization that death is not the end and helping others is the whole point. Some prophets, such as Nancy who suffered greatly during the 2003 debacle, continue on, but most arrange to be dead by the time their prediction would be challenged or go into hiding. Lando went into hiding.

When we die would our souls be able to reunite with love ones, remember everything that happened when we were alive. can we still feel and touch the love ones whether we are Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self? Will we be separated immediately by guides for processing?

We stated at the start of ZetaTalk that conversations with the dead will occur increasingly during this Transformation time, as many souls will not be reincarnating with their old friends on Earth but will be taken in different directions. Specifically, those who have not made the decision to be firmly Service-to-Other will not be reincarnating here on Earth, but will be taken to a water planet. Many visits will be supported, such as between souls remaining on Earth and those taken to the water world. Many spirits will be having their last conversations in spirit form, rather than being allowed to hang around Earth in a haunting. Such conversations are deemed beneficial in getting the young soul ready for its next incarnation, putting past issues aside so focus can be on the lessons ahead.

Are Dolphins dying off? [and from another] Scientists ask: Where have all the dolphins gone? [Aug 22] Sightings by marine scientists of dolphins in the north Atlantic's Bay of Biscay have dropped off by 80 percent compared to the same period in 2006. The Bay of Biscay Research Programme has been systematically recording dolphin sightings along the same route from Bilbao, Spain to Portsmouth, England for 13 years. Compared to the comparable period in 2004 and 2005, dolphin sightings in 2007 have decreased by 50 percent.

Dolphins are famous for their curiosity and affinity to man on boats. They sense a kindred spirit, in essence. Despite all wishful thinking to the contrary, they are not an intelligent, conscious life form that can spark souls. They are like dogs or pigs or horses, able to empathize and communicating to humans as another empathic race. Dolphins, being a fish eating species, can live out in the ocean or close to shore where boating is more prevalent. But the shoreline presents discomfort to the dolphins lately. This is where land rises to the surface, and the tension rock is under is more acutely felt thus along the shore. They have gone where the ocean is a buffer from such tension, into the deep ocean, being survivors. Being survivors, you will see the dolphin again, when the pole shift is past and the quakes have quieted.

In alien spaceships what are the reasons for no sharp edges, everything curved? is their a certain purpose to this or is this just a certain race of aliens that do this?

Space ships are in fact always curvaceous. You create curves in your vehicles so the air flow goes round them, and does not create turbulence. Where we do not encounter atmosphere out in space, we encounter other particles that we must contend with instead.

Do the Zetas feel it is important for them to teach us about metaphysics or is this a job better suited for the hybrids?

There are many who email Nancy, asking to be enlightened, how man might transcend the physical and avoid the trials of human existence. There are many who want to learn the secret of how to go Out-Of-Body. Our answer on all these matters is that this is avoidance of the lesson at hand. You are here in this incarnation to increase your ability to be empathetic and become resolved to be more Service-to-Other, or to move in the opposite direction so you can be sorted out and removed to your "prison colonies," if Service-to-Self. These decisions are not of an intellectual nature, where students sit around and listen to a lecture. They are life lessons where the incarnation presents pain, whereby you might learn empathy by having experienced this. Or pain in others around you, with the opportunity for action on your part. To test your determination to be Service-to-Other, you are also given the opportunity to overcome risk to help others, to put yourself at risk in some way. If your resolve is weak, you will falter, demonstrating that your intellectual determination to be Service-to-Other is shallow and false, not a soul determination. Likewise, many who have been leaning toward Service-to-Self will find themselves in confusion, suddenly remembering their pain in past lives and taking action to help another, demonstrating that at heart they are not truly Service-to-Self and setting them on a different path. None of this is assisted by sitting and listening to lectures on metaphysics!

Can the Zetas comment on why "The Dixie Chicks" records have not been hurt since the Bush/Republicant supporters threw away tons of thier CDs and stupid so-called "Country-Radio" doesn't play them? Their records still go through the roof on sales? Why are asshole Republican whites still adamantly pro-Bushie? Can the Zetas comment on why the stupid still support Bush?

Obviously the Dixie Chicks are popular because their anti-Bush theme is popular! The Republicans are now in a dilemma. When the Republicans were in the majority in Congress, there was a stranglehold in that all matters presented as bills for a vote were skewed the way Bush wanted. Even if a Republican wanted a different vote, or a different issue, they were stuck in a black or white vote, and most often chose to go along as to be anti-Bush was made to appear as being unpatriotic. They are now presented with their past voting record. They are still being given a black and white choice, with neither being right. Bush refuses to bend on any issue, so any Republican challenging this stance is made to look like an outsider. The Republican machine that Rove built was powerful, including proven voter fraud techniques that won the election for Bush in 2000 and 2004 when he was nowhere near being the winner. This is known among Republican circles, so anyone going against Bush fears a revenge election against them. Fear of the dark side has not diminished among Republicans, even with Rove gone. Darth Vadar can choke one to death from afar. As time passes, and Bush meets with mishaps, the number of Republicans willing to speak out against Bush will increase, often dramatically so.

I have a question concerning the time after the poleshift. I don't want to say nation or city (since the political structures will be broken in the aftertime like it was said many times on ZetaTalk), but will there be something like a tribe/group/clan or union of communities that people will be looking up to, who will act as a role model or attract people all over the world (or maybe only continent) like a magnet? If so, where geographically would they be emerging? Americas, Eurasia, Africa or maybe the new continent which will rise during the poleshift? Or will the communication between communities be cut to such an extent even after many years that people will not know or maybe also not care about other places?

We have described a world in which satellites will be torn from the skies, and the ability to get back to the technology that existed before the pole shift shattered by the broken link. Distribution of supplies, the availability of skilled labor that has not gone insane to some degree or even survived this shift itself, and the press to simply feed oneself rather than get into long distance communication are some of the problems you will be facing. Short wave may be able to link long distance, as it bounces off the atmosphere or even the Moon, potentially, but this will prove to only be useful for the local areas. Everything has turned around. The compass, directions, climate, all will be different. Your role models will be among you, not long distance, thus.

What are the Men in Black (MIB) up to. anything updated on them since the 1995 writeup? Did they ever run into the Niburians? How do they know who is and isn't a contactee. How did they get Human cars to travel around in?

As we have described, the MIB are similar to humans in appearance, though would appear lacking a suntan. They are peers of mankind, having technology and intelligence. Thus, they could sneak outside their underground complex, steal clothing that is appropriate for the vicinity, and take a car for a short time if need be. They did not visit contactees, per se. They were visited those who came too close to their underground cities!

I have never heard of the National Guard being sent to Washington DC for tactical purposes. In Operation Noble Eagle, the Florida National Guard is now being deployed there. Is this in preparation for a false flag op, or have their been other units there we have not been informed of? [and from another] Local Troops Deploy To Nation's Capital [Aug 22] They are ordered by the president to the nation's capital, where they will operate high-tech weapons systems against any potential air threat.

This is yet another sign of Bush's plans to invoke martial law, and use the National Guard against the public by assigning them to regions where they will be unlikely to have to shoot their friends and neighbors. It has long been known that this was part of the plan, with rumors of guardsmen being asked if they would shoot a US citizen, and under what conditions they might willingly do so. It is assumed that if the rioting public were not personally familiar to them, then this would be more likely to occur. There is lots of psychology behind this, with the pattern on the questionnaires leaking out to the Internet. This ploy, as with all others Bush and company have initiated, will fail. First, any guardsman on home territory is going to head home when serious Earth changes ensue. They will hitch a ride or walk if no other means is available, realizing that what is going on where they are stationed is likely to be going on at home. What guardsman would not choose to head home if commanded to shoot innocent civilians trying to escape a collapsing city?

Earlier we were made to understand, (from other different sources as well) that there would be a separation of Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other. And that the Service-to-Self in particular would become more entrenched in their position so to speak. Is this something that we ought to be aware of yet at this time? Are the disruption attempts on this thread and the nearly everpresent hateful threads on this forum indicative of this trend?

Polarization of the orientations is discernable on many fronts. One is political, with the Democrats wanting health care for children and Bush refusing to fund this, Democrats wanting higher minimum wage for the poor while the Republicans refused to bring this to a vote when they were in charge of Congress. We are often asked why we have a political position, on US politics, and this is the reason! We are Service-to-Other Zetas, and align with those who care for others. Another front is regional, with certain cities or states or countries getting a reputation for helping their downtrodden, with fair courts and the like, and yet others more repressive. Compare Sweden and the Taliban in Afghanistan, for instance, and guess which is leaning to Service-to-Other and which leans to Service-to-Self behavior. You can carry this comparison down into corporations, into suburbs and small towns, into associations, into media outlets like Fox or Link TV, and it is not hard to see the polarization. This will continue, up to and beyond the pole shift.

I have another question to the Zetas. What do they say about languages spoken on earth? Will there be changes, since the written language will take a big blow? Will we see a harmonization resulting in less languages spoken all over the world, or will it be the contrary, a fragmentation and diversification which will result in many different subgroups and dialects of languages and even maybe new ones?

Groups who have been separated by physical distance, unable to talk to each other, have always found their language growing in different directions. One explanation for the diverse languages in Europe are the mountain ranges, isolating the peoples from each other. Indeed, written language will tend to be the same as during the pole shift, with anything in writing becoming rare thereafter due to the press of starvation and the many desperate problems facing survivors. Keeping a diary will not be a priority. Most records of past pole shifts were created during and just after the shift. This pole shift is different, in that a Transformation is in process, where the hybrids and other intelligent life forms will be introducing themselves to mankind, and high tech communities will flourish around Service-to-Other human survivors. The written word of humans will become a thing of the past, being replaced by telepathy, unless found in museums!