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Issue 429, Sunday December 21, 2014
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Flash and Parry

Since the Council of Worlds went to war with the cover-up crowd on October 20, 2014 the public has seen the “flash and parry” of swords from the behind the scenes battles. A Pole Shift ning blog has been recording what members have observed, and the Zetas have commented frequently. From the outset, the Zetas explained the parameters – who was considered the enemy, and what techniques would be used by the Council of Worlds.

ZetaTalk Outline 11/8/2014: The wealthy elite countering the announcement include the banking industry, Wall Street, and the government of Israel. They feel their secrets are safe despite the theft of Gold from Fort Knox, Wall Street crimes not yet revealed or prosecuted, off-shore accounts, and various crimes committed by Israel who think themselves invisible. The best term to describe the means by which the Council of Worlds will apply pressure on these elite is blackmail. They not only know where the proof of crimes lays, and the absolutely proof of who instituted the crimes and participated, the Council also has possession of this proof. Information going viral on the Internet or via many media routes not controlled by the elite ensures that exposure would be sudden, complete, unstoppable, and the proof in the hands of those who would be most offended and infuriated by the revelations. The villains have already been presented with their options and have been given scant time to comply or suffer the consequences.

The elite have been using their control of major media to block Obama’s announcement. Signs of the media war became evident immediately. The media first raised its middle finger to Obama, refusing him air time.

ABC, CBS, and NBC Refusing to Air Obama’s Speech Tonight
November 20, 2014
ABC, CBS and NBC decided against covering President Barack Obama’s speech on immigration live. The news networks CNN, Fox News Channel and MSNBC all planned to air Obama live. The major broadcast networks generally carry presidential speeches on matters of national security and other important issues. But there can be a reluctance in executive suites if an anticipated address is seen as heavily political in nature. While the president is speaking, CBS will air “The Big Bang Theory,” television’s top-rated comedy. ABC will show an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” while NBC promises a sand-pile challenge on “The Biggest Loser” in that time slot.

ZetaTalk Observation 11/29/2014: Did the refusal of some network TV stations to carry Obama’s immigration Executive Action announcement related to the current struggle to force the media to allow Obama’s announcement on the near presence of Nibiru?  It has been a point of contention between the President and the House for years, thus was not a trivial event. In fact, many Republicans were shouting impeachment warnings on this same issue. It is clear this was a snub, designed to try to force Obama’s hand on the announcement issue. The message was that they too could put on the squeeze, could punish Obama.

This changed when the media mogul Sony found their internal email and private documents hacked – done so professionally that the FBI and security analysts are stunned. Designed to frame N Korea, it was not at their hand. A group calling itself the Guardians of Peace claims responsibility. But how did they get the internal access codes? Lest the public be confused, if information lies in the mind of anyone, or is a document existing anywhere, past or present, it is accessible by the Council of Worlds.

Sony Hack Dubbed 'Unparalleled' Crime, 'Unprecedented' due to Undetectable Malware
December 7, 2014
An expert in cyber-intrusions has called the attack an unparalleled and well-planned crime. The malware was undetectable by industry standard antivirus software and was damaging and unique enough to cause the FBI to release a flash alert to warn other organizations of this critical threat. The attackers knew the internal network from Sony since the malware samples contain hardcoded names of servers inside Sony’s network and even credentials—usernames and passwords—that the malware uses to connect to systems inside the network.
Sony Hackers Leak New Data as FBI Says no N. Korea Trace
December 9, 2014
The FBI says it cannot confirm whether the computer leak that has devastated Sony Pictures Entertainment was orchestrated by North Korea, or any other entity. Meanwhile, the hackers themselves have posted more threats and confidential data. Guardians of Peace, a group that has taken responsibility for the hacks, unveiled on the Github coding website. The movie in question is 'The Interview,' a Seth Rogen comedy about two news anchors being recruited by the CIA to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, which is scheduled for a Christmas release in the US.

ZetaTalk Insight 12/13/2014: Since the Council of Worlds went to war with the cover-up, the Sonny hack occurred, with the FBI still not able to discern who the perpetrators are. N Korea does not have the skills, and demands that The Interview - a movie embarrassing to N Korea - be pulled just part of the frame-up.  The group making claims, the Guardians of Peace, is working at the hands of the Council of Worlds, and is being assisted by angels, thus. Sony is being used as an example, to other media elite, of what lies ahead for them if they do not comply with the Council’s demands. Time is running out for these media moguls.

Media matters continued to migrate. Cover-up bastions like Tony Blair and Netanyahu and Cheney began to get negative coverage in the media, no longer raising the middle finger at Obama. How did Blair’s email suddenly get in the news? Why did Israel suddenly come under fire again at the UN? What kind of threats is Netanyahu under that he would over-react by firing his cabinet and dissolving Parliament? He now stands alone as a target, a dictator, until March elections. And although the CIA torture documents had long been before the Senate, the coverage in the media was extensive, all but Fox News willing to give the truth its moment. 

Questions over Tony Blair’s 'Opaque’ Deals in Africa
November 30, 2014
The emails sent between one of Blair’s charities – the Africa Governance Initiative (AGI) – and the US government suggest the former prime minister was eager to use his connections with sovereign wealth funds to secure deals in South Sudan, an impoverished African state with untapped oil reserves. The latest disclosure threatens to embroil Blair in fresh criticism over his charitable activities.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/15/2014: Are there clues that the elite who have been blocking the announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru are under assault by the truth?  In negotiations, the coup de grâce is not delivered as a first blow. It is held until negotiations have failed. To start, the competence of the party to deliver such blows is demonstrated. Reagan is long dead, as is Thatcher, but for a highly private conversation in 1983 to be revealed, not just in the words expressed but in Reagan’s own voice, is an example of how competent the Council of Worlds is at delivering on their promise. Another example is the highly private deal that Tony Blair arranged with PetroSaudi, suddenly in the press. There is nothing they could not reveal to the public, is the message.

UN Resolution: Israel Must Renounce Nuclear Arms
December 2, 2014
The U.N. General Assembly overwhelmingly approved an Arab-backed resolution calling on Israel to renounce possession of nuclear weapons and put its nuclear facilities under international oversight. The resolution, adopted in a 161-5 vote, noted that Israel is the only Middle Eastern country that is not party to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. It called on Israel to "accede to that treaty without further delay, not to develop, produce test or otherwise acquire nuclear weapons, to renounce possession of nuclear weapons" and put its nuclear facilities under the safeguard of the U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency. Israel is widely considered to possess nuclear arms but declines to confirm it.
Netanyahu Fires Two Ministers, Dissolves Parliament, Calls for Early Elections
December 2, 2014
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today he would dissolve parliament and seek early elections and ordered the dismissal of his Finance and Justice ministers.
Israel Seeks Asia Trade as Europe, U.S. Stall
December 1, 2014
Traditionally, Israel’s largest trade partners have been the U.S. and Europe, which together buy more than 50 percent of its $90 billion in civilian exports.

ZetaTalk Comment 12/6/2014: The dynamics of this latest Netanyahu power grab give the appearance of strength but the situation is the opposite. On the surface it appear that he is taking the opportunity to reshape Parliament and his Cabinet to his liking. With Parliament dissolved, and his Cabinet reduced to those compliant with him, he is essentially a dictator until March. Who and what could counter this arrangement and rein Netanyahu in? The citizens of Israel. If he falls out of favor, due to exposure of crimes in his past, then the vote in March could go in a very different direction. Might he declare martial law, if pressed? Absolutely, and this is likely to happen shortly.

Dick Cheney Was Lying About Torture
December 8, 2014
It’s official: torture doesn’t work. Waterboarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11, did not in fact “produce the intelligence that allowed us to get Osama bin Laden," as former Vice President Dick Cheney asserted in 2011.

ZetaTalk Comment 12/13/2014: Now the CIA torture reports - an extreme embarrassment to cover-up advocates Dick Cheney, the CIA, and the Republican Party -  is getting prime time coverage.  Progress has been made.

But the middle finger is still being raised, not to Obama per se but to those media sites willing to compromise with the Council of Worlds demands. The website outage experienced at the Drudge Report, CNN, MSNBC and other outlets leaning toward capitulation was, per the Zetas, punishment by those among the elite wanting to hold the line!

Drudge Report, WND Goes Down, no Reason Given as Theories Flood Internet
December 2, 2014
Fans of the extremely popular Drudge Report and WND were unable to access either site for at least two hours, giving visitors a simple message: “This webpage is not available.” Another message read "unknown host”. The site could be accessed by its IP address, indicating a problem with DNS, an Internet protocol that allows users to access sites by name rather than a numeric address.
U.S. Govt. to Black out all News Sites on the Web - Trial Run Tested in California - Huge Upcoming Event?
December 4, 2014
A number of online news sites were blocked as the ISPs "tested" advanced technology that is capable of blocking access to the Internet. The blocking included popular sites like Before It's News, Drudge Report, CNN, MSNBC, Natural News, The Epoch Times, Instapundit and others. A blank white screen and "couldn't connect" message were the result after the request timed out.

ZetaTalk Insight 12/13/2014: Where it is clear that popular websites like the Drudge Report and World Net Daily and CNN seemed inaccessible for hours, it is not clear who did the deed. Though considered ultra-rightist, the Drudge Report was included in the test as Drudge was inclined to succumb to Council of Worlds pressure, allowing the truth about Nibiru to appear on his popular site. This was done by the elite, to warn the media not to comply with the Council’s demands.

Per the Zetas, this type of internecine warfare is occurring between the banking industry and the media elite. Wall Street and banks are extremely vulnerable, as recent Luxembourg leaks show. And bankers continue to show up dead.

New Leak Reveals Luxembourg Tax Deals for Disney, Koch Brothers Empire
December 9, 2014
A new leak of confidential documents expands the list of big companies seeking secret tax deals in Luxembourg, exposing tax-saving maneuvers by American entertainment icon The Walt Disney Co., politically controversial Koch Industries Inc. and 33 other companies. A new leak of confidential documents expands the list of big companies seeking secret tax deals in Luxembourg, exposing tax-saving maneuvers by American entertainment icon The Walt Disney Co., politically controversial Koch Industries Inc. and 33 other companies.
"Riddles" Surround 36th Dead Banker of The Year
December 7, 2014
52-year-old Belgian Geert Tack - a private banker for ING who managed portfolios for wealthy individuals - was described as 'impeccable', 'sporty', 'cared-for', and 'successful' and so after disappearing a month ago, the appearance of his body off the coast of Ostend is surrpunded by riddles. This is the 36th Dead Banker of the year.

ZetaTalk Insight 12/13/2014: Bankers are still being found dead for mysterious or suspect reasons, but killing witnesses will not allow them to escape an expose. The banking industry has now begun to pressure media moguls to allow the announcement.

The war with the Council of Worlds includes a war with the elite’s attempts to escape the Earth during the Pole Shift while keeping the truth of the pending passage from the common man. That launches would be a target became obvious on October 28 when the Orbital Sciences launch exploded.

ZetaTalk Comment 11/1/2014: The Council of Worlds considers this to be war against the selfish elements among the elite who are using their knowledge about the pending passage to retain their privileged positions while preventing the common man from coming to terms with what is in their near future. These elite should expect more than exploding launches, in their future.

NASA’s Orion shuttle was openly bragging it was going to allow mankind to go to Mars. Was the Orion going to have the same fate? On December 4, when 32 million people were watching for the launch, there were instead so many problems that the launch window came and went. First there were boats on the water, too close. Then wind was a problem. After the wind died down on this crystal clear day, there began a series of valve leaks and mechanical problems with the launch equipment itself. The next day, December 5, everything went as planned. The Orion launch was merely a test run, to see if the shuttle could get up and return in a splash-down, hardly more than was done with the old Apollo flights of the 70’s. They were clearly blocked on day one, why was day two a success?

About Orion
NASA’s Orion spacecraft is built to take humans farther than they’ve ever gone before. Orion will serve as the exploration vehicle that will carry the crew to space, provide emergency abort capability, sustain the crew during the space travel, and provide safe re-entry from deep space return velocities.

ZetaTalk Insight 12/13/2014: The Orion launch was only successful as the mission objectives were changed after the first failed launch. NASA got the message, and removed equipment from the missile.  What was allowed was merely a launch and recovery after splash-down, without the human safety tests originally included. This saves face for NASA, but does not bolster the elite’s sense that they can trick the Council of Worlds. Behind the scenes, the elite have once again gotten the message. Meanwhile, the bravado and bragging continues, as the elite hope that after the announcement they can go back to business as usual – saving their own skins.

Per the Zetas, the Queen is firmly opposed to the announcement, wanting to keep the commoners in the dark until the Earth changes have finally forced she and her royal family to flee the UK. Per the Zetas, she has been shopping around for years, trying to get Bush to take her in, Australia or New Zealand to take her in, and now the latest visit to the US by William and Kate. Per the Zetas, William met with Obama to broker a deal.

Will and Kate are Coming to the USA
November 14, 2014
Prince William will make a side trip to visit Washington for a day, while Kate stays in New York. It will be their first visit to New York and Washington.
Whirlwind Visit: Prince William and Kate Create Buzz in NYC
December 9, 2014
William jetted down to Washington for a quick visit with President Obama at the White House. Barristers representing the government are due to go to the supreme court in the latest attempt to keep secret a series of letters written by Prince Charles to government ministers.

ZetaTalk Insight 12/13/2014: And what of William and Kate’s sudden visit to the US, which included a one-on-one between William and Obama? The Queen and many in the UK government are adamantly opposed to breaking the cover-up over the presence of Nibiru. The Queen has sought asylum in various countries, including the US under Bush, as she intends to desert the commoners in the UK when the Earth changes increase. William and Kate and their adorable toddler have recently visited New Zealand, seeking this for the royal family. But this visit to the US is to strike a deal – the Queen will allow the announcement re Nibiru if Obama agrees to bring the royal family to the US and give them protection. The offer was, of course, refused.  

And the flash and parry of swords report would not be complete without yet another trial run to see if the EBS was clear or still blocked. Apparently, still blocked.

Thousands of Cellphone Users Receive Government “Emergency Alert”
December 9, 2014
Back in 2011, the FCC began to roll out emergency government alerts to cellphone users in major cities before the program was made mandatory on all new smartphones. Although a user can opt out of some of the alerts, presidential messages direct from the White House cannot be turned off.

ZetaTalk Insight 12/13/2014: We have stated that the public will see only the flash and parry of swords from a distance during the Council of Worlds war with the cover-up crowd. Meanwhile, periodic tests of the Emergency Broadcast System in the US are done, to see if the channels are open. As of this writing, they are not yet open. The war is still on, full press. Meanwhile, during the flash and parry of swords, one can see resistance, pleading, panic, and capitulation.