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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for November 15, 2014

What's the meaning of the latest crop circle that appeared in the Netherlands?  It's seems that it has to do with the earth caught in the cup (Venus, Dark Twin) and that something changed in that regard or will change soon and that Planet X has gotten closer. Could the Zetas say something about this? [and from another] The full moon lights up the frost-covered grass — it provides very clear evidence of heat having been involved in creating these circles, and also having been present only seconds or minutes before Robbert and Roy arrived — the circles are totally free of the frost which covers everything else.

This design does indeed represent the relative influence of the planets in the cup upon each other. At first they influence each other slightly because they are at a distance – Venus in another orbit and the Dark Twin opposite the Earth in their shared orbit. Neither the Dark Twin or Venus are magnetic to any significant degree, so when at first crowded together in the cup they are less involved in the magnetic dance with Planet X than the Earth. As they are all squeezed into closer proximity with each other, they are able to batter the Earth.  The Earth is central to this dance, the intensity of gravity and magnetic particles flowing around Planet X and the Earth. Venus and the Dark Twin escape the cup, leaving only the Earth to deal with the passage.  

Every day I check on the USGS Seismic Monitor site. I very well know it is not that precise, but it is graphical, in the sense that it shows the distribution of seismic activity around the world. Now, since the end of October it has been down. Pretty much like it happened with the magnetosphere simulation site. Is this part of the current coverup moves to block the Announcement? Any comments? [and from another] Periodically the live seismos are taken down. This happened in 2005 and 2010. IRIS offers alternatives to the familiar map but all of these also have no data since Saturday November 8. I suspect when it comes back up, it will have less sensitivity, and under report the quakes.

The US dominates the world on earthquake reporting, in the past tightening that grip so that all earthquake reporting follows its lead. For awhile, a decade ago, this all worked lock step but some rebellion would be sensed from other countries where their large quakes were under reported. The goal was to under report all quake activity. The techniques to be used were to turn down the sensitivity of the seismographs so their appearance was deceptive. The Earth wobble started by Planet X after it arrived in the inner Solar System was regularly turning all the seismographs black. They were repeated tweaked to reduce their sensitivity, but such tweaking must be done to all sites at once, worldwide, if such activity is to be kept secret.

In addition to keeping the live seismographs from being solid black all the time, the goal was to prevent earthquake statistics from reflecting the increase. Quakes are also removed from the databases if in remote areas or under the waves. At times this has been witnessed right before astonished eyes. How big are the lies at this time? One can use other means of determining the size of a quake, such as the area affected by a quake or the damage sustained. Quakes were at first tuned to be a full magnitude below their force, but now are approaching a drop of two magnitudes below their actual force.

Over the years the Zetas have given us many examples of how the elite are determined to prevent any knowledge of the existence of Planet X and the "alien" presence coming to light.  Interfering with our forms of communication appears to be the focus lately. Sometime ago I was forced to replace my computer with one loaded with Windows 8.  Right from the beginning  Microsoft kept pushing an update to Windows 8.1.  At least in the beginning I was offered two options: Update immediately or ask me later.  I began to do research on Windows 8.1 and discovered how many people, who had accepted that update, were furious that they could not undo the update.  Evidently, it's next to impossible for the common user to return to the previous OS.  My research led me to complaints that Windows 8.1 automatically loaded Skype and other things that were not wanted by the computer user.  One expert discussed how with Skype the cameras could record visuals for Microsoft.  The complaint that bothered me the most was how updating sometimes preventing the computer from connection to the Internet. I turned my computer on a few days ago and discovered that my settings had been changed and that Windows 8.1 was being downloaded.  If I shut down my computer, when I boot it up again the download will be completed.  I discovered that I no longer can contact Microsoft through my computer and I will not be allowed necessary updates in the future unless I allow the changes to finish. Given the determined blocking of the pending announcement, does the Microsoft corporation have any part in this cover-up?

Is the press to insist on automatic updates from Microsoft products related to the establishment desire to control the populace? Absolutely, as are registering the amount of produce families buy on their shopper cards, and insisting that a Social Security number or driver’s license number be used for transactions of any kind, and attempting to get the public to utilize a narrow range of Internet Service Providers, and allowing toll booths on Interstate Highways, and installing surveillance cameras everywhere under the guise of fighting terrorism.

The establishment wants to know what you are up to, and wants to be able to cut off your information sources at will! The answer to all this is not to hoard but to grow, to be safely out of large cities and into the country where control of large movement in the populace will not be a priority. Become a contactee and get your news on space ships and among group contactee meetings which will be ongoing even if the Internet is blocked. The barter system will increase, so that charge cards and pay checks and access to savings accounts becomes a thing of the past. Think about caring for others, not about your fears.

I know the Zetas have said that before the New Madrid earthquake, the area will be experiencing a series of progressively larger quakes.  Currently they are in the 4.0 range.  I have noticed the past year they have gotten stronger little by little.  Zetas say they will go from 4-5 range to 6-7 before the large quakes hit.  My question is, with the USGS adjusting down the magnitudes and sensitivity of the monitoring equipment, will we ever see 6.0 - 7.0 quakes reported or will we just have to guess magnitude by damage assessment.  [and from another]  A large earthquake that originated in Kansas was felt by residents across Oklahoma. The 4.8 magnitude temblor rumbled at 3:40 p.m., eight miles to the south of Conway Springs, Kansas, or about 124 miles north of the Oklahoma City metro, at a depth of three miles. Several viewers called and wrote in to News 9 reporting to have felt the quake, some even as far south as Norman, Okla. So far there have been no reports of damage or injuries related to this earthquake. [and from another]  1 to 8 on the Richter Scale, the effects are these: 1 - quake detectable only by seismographic measurement; 2 - hanging objects swing slightly and a few people might feel the tremor; 3 - people indoors feel some vibrations; 4 - buildings tremble and glassware breaks; 5 - furniture overturns and pictures fall from walls; 6 masonry cracks, some houses cave in, windows break and chimneys fall; 7 extensive damage to dams, dikes and bridges, with many buildings collapsing; 8 - all structures receive catastrophic damage. [and from another]  To complete the construction of the magnitude scale, Richter had to establish a reference value and identify the rate at which the peak amplitudes decrease with distance from an earthquake. He established a reference value for earthquake magnitude when he defined the magnitude as the base-ten logarithm of the maximum ground motion (in micrometers) recorded on a Wood-Anderson short-period seismometer one hundred kilometers from the earthquake. [and from another]  The following describes the typical effects of earthquakes of various magnitudes near the epicenter. The values are typical only and should be taken with extreme caution, since intensity and thus ground effects depend not only on the magnitude, but also on the distance to the epicenter, the depth of the earthquake's focus beneath the epicenter, the location of the epicenter and geological conditions (certain terrains can amplify seismic signals). 4.0–4.9 Noticeable shaking of indoor objects and rattling noises. Felt by most people in the affected area. Slightly felt outside.

Indeed, as we have recently confirmed, the USGS continues to downgrade magnitude to the point where at present quakes can be listed at almost two points below their actual magnitude. Magnitude includes scope as well as jolt force, so often this can be ascertained by the area affected. In the case of a recent 4.8 quake in Kansas, which was strongly felt 170 miles away in Oklahoma, the magnitude is questionable. When the epicenter is not in a populated area games can be played. Another clue to the actual magnitude is the damage done by the quake.  Note in our early 2011 prediction that we stressed that the New Madrid adjustment quakes would be those running up along the New Madrid fault line, not general stress caused by the bowing on the N American Continent.  Watch for damage to buildings and infrastructure along the course of the New Madrid fault line, the slippage along the fault line itself, and use this as a guide to the magnitude of the quakes involved.

You may have noticed this on BlackListedNews. Could this be one reason for the delay in the Announcement, along with similar preparations by both Russia and China?  More importantly though, where does the Puppet Master stand in regards to the blocking of the original Oct. 20th date?  I was under the impression from prior ZT that he's on board with the Announcement, the sooner the better, but surely he had something to do with blocking it, and is that why Obama doesn't feel he can use an executive order or the SEALs to force the issue? [and from another]  Russia intends to have its own international inter-bank system up and running by May 2015. The Central Bank of Russia says it needs to speed up preparations for its version of SWIFT in case of possible ”challenges” from the West. It is expected that all messaging options will be operating by December 2014. Calls not to use the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) system in Russian banks began to grow as relations between Russia and the West deteriorated over sanctions. So far, SWIFT says despite pressure from some Western countries to join the anti-Russian sanctions, it has no intention of doing so. SWIFT, is currently one of Russia’s main connections to the international banking system, and if turned off, could hurt the Russian economy, in the short-term.

Although developing an alternative to the swift system for Russian transactions is being presented as a development over the recent sanctions re the Ukraine brouhaha, there was a stronger reason for the split. Russia is one of Obama’s partners, and the EU and the strong banking interests in London had a number of reasons to want to control Putin. They wanted Russian oil and gas, wanted to push beyond control of eastern Ukraine into Russia itself for this reason, but the tables were turned on them by Putin who won the staring contest. Clearly, the elite blocking the announcement, snug with the banking industry, were planning to intimidate Putin into cooperation by threatening to use the swift system against him.

Where the Puppet Master’s wealth includes assets in the banking industry, he is not part of the cover-up over Planet X. Quite the opposite, as we have often explained. His immense wealth if far greater than imagined, far greater than the sum of all those involved in the banking and securities industries.  The Puppet Master is a player, like the Council of Worlds a behind the scenes player, but not a dictator. He expects to come out on top during any banking industry shuffle, even coming out on top if the world turns to barter, as unlike the middle men he is savvy and has the resources to accomplish this. They are fearful, he is not.

Why does he not just crack the whip and order change? For him to become a ruthless dictator, which is not his mode in any case, he would have to eliminate many individuals, which would leave holes in his networks. He would have to cripple these recalcitrant middle men by destroying their assets, in effect destroying assets he personally has a stake in. He has been instrumental in getting the truth about Nibiru and the alien presence out into the media, in more ways than we could list, but cannot simply override the intense fear of the announcement that the middle men hold, or the intense rage they feel at Obama and his allies over their intentions.

Oddly enough Kissinger is openly stating that the US made a 'fatal mistake' in its Ukraine policy, now backing Putin.  Also, and probably more importantly, the White House made news by releasing previously-secret recordings of Reagan begging Maggie Thatcher's forgiveness for having lied to her about Grenada; could this be the beginning of the blackmail the zetas have claimed will be used until the Announcement is allowed? I noticed all the major western news organs carried this news - which at least shows how deep a White House release can go, if allowed.  Of all the links about it, this one from the Daily Mail says it succinctly. [and from another]  Secret White House tape recordings were published yesterday revealing Ronald Reagan’s apology to a furious Margaret Thatcher over America’s invasion of Grenada in 1983. The Queen was reported to be furious that a country of which she was head of state should be invaded by an ally without Britain’s knowledge. Margaret Thatcher was upset by American duplicity. Unsurprisingly, there was a chill in the special relationship for some months, but it did not last. [and from another]  Tony Blair signed contract with PetroSaudi to promote it to Chinese leaders.  The Saudi oil firm was told it was not allowed to disclose Blair's role. It is the first time a detailed contract by his office has been disclosed. [and from another] NAB and law firm Maurice Blackburn lodged an application in the Federal Court on Friday to open and close the class action, signalling that they are working to settle the matter. The bank on Wednesday described the move as “a first but significant step” towards a potential settlement. “NAB is doing this because we believe this is the right thing to do for our customers and our business,” chief executive Andrew Thorburn said in a statement. The action could see NAB pay out up $40 million to around 30,000 customers, according to the Herald Sun. [and from another] Dozens of traders face prosecution after five banks were fined £2.6billion yesterday for fixing currency markets. Incredibly, their corrupt activities continued for more than a year after the authorities started dishing out an earlier £4billion in fines for the fixing of Libor interest rates. The Government would offer its full support to a Serious Fraud Office investigation, which was launched in July but is now expected to be escalated.

Are there clues that the elite who have been blocking the announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru are under assault by the truth?  In negotiations, the coup de grâce is not delivered as a first blow. It is held until negotiations have failed. To start, the competence of the party to deliver such blows is demonstrated. Reagan is long dead, as is Thatcher, but for a highly private conversation in 1983 to be revealed, not just in the words expressed but in Reagan’s own voice, is an example of how competent the Council of Worlds is at delivering on their promise. Another example is the highly private deal that Tony Blair arranged with PetroSaudi, suddenly in the press. There is nothing they could not reveal to the public, is the message.

The ning blog on the Council of Worlds threats to the elite has also recorded a number of banking crimes, suddenly being settled between the regulators and the banks. These issues are quite international, with regulators from a number of countries involved – NBA fees in Australia; RBS, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, UBS and Citibank fined in the UK and US over currency fixing; Barclays, the CIA bank involved in crimes as far back as the S&L crisis in the US, being forced into a settlement.  Why the rush? It is not necessarily fresh evidence that is forcing the rush, it is the anticipation that more could be revealed, so the banks are suddenly eager to close the case. They have on other issues been given evidence, a taste, of what awaits them if the Council of Worlds proceeds.

Another clue to what is happening behind the scenes is the media focus. In the past these issues would not be in the media, or on some back page or conspiracy site if at all. Media handlers have started to loosen their grip on what can be reported, though this grip is still a strangle hold. The Media moguls, such as Murdock, are experimenting, loosening the reigns bit by bit. Soon they personally will be faced with embarrassing revelations, both personal and criminal, in press outlets not friendly to the target. The Internet spreads the word, and as long as any major media outlet reports some news, it gets around. This game has just begun!