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Issue 409, Sunday August 3, 2014
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Ukraine Tragedy

In a tragedy that will likely never be resolved, Malaysia 17 was shot down over the Ukraine on July 17, 2014. Finger pointing ensued. The landscape was littered with bodies and pieces of the plane.

U.S. Official: Missile Shot Down Malaysia Airlines Plane
July 18, 2014
The route taken by the Malaysian flight is a very common one between Kuala Lumpur and the Netherlands. Ukrainian officials reportedly accused a Russian fighter of shooting down a Ukrainian jet Wednesday [July 16] as that aircraft flew in Ukrainian airspace. Tensions are high over that incident.

The US said their satellites saw indications of radar lighting up, used to guide the BUK missile, but they never did reveal the location of this radar site. They just reported they were computing the trajectory to the plane. Why the delay? Why withhold this information? Witnesses also saw a rocket flash from Snizhne, which is Ukraine territory. Meanwhile western media blamed Russia and Russian media blamed the Ukraine government.

MH17: US Satellites Tracked Missile's Path to Airliner
July 18, 2014
The US Air Force has satellites in high-Earth orbit that use infrared sensors to detect heat from missile and booster plumes against Earth's background. US radar installations and other assets in the region would assist in tracking any surface-to-air missile, which Ukrainian officials have said probably came from a Russian-made Buk system. The information would be relayed to US European Command, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. Separately, the US operates sensitive listening satellites that can capture a wide range of electronic emissions from foreign nations' defence systems, allowing analysts to determine the origin of the signals and the type weapon that was used. The combination of unique signals over a period of seconds or minutes would allow a US satellite to triangulate the point of launch and track the trajectory of the missile.
U.S. Sees Evidence of Russian Links to Jet’s Downing
July 19, 2014
Two villagers said quietly that they had seen the flash of a rocket in the sky around the time the plane went down. It had come from the direction of Snizhne, a city where the Ukrainians have been bombing rebel positions frequently for more than a week.
The MH17 Shoot Down over Ukraine
July 19, 2014
The total inability of the Administration to give the co-ordinates of this alleged rebel-controlled SA-17 launcher is telling.  All that President Obama could say today was that the missile was fired from within a rebel-held area. That, with respect, is an obvious lie, since the NSA would have overheads, as well as the ELINT data.  If the attack genuinely came from a rebel-held area then you can bet your bottom dollar the Administration would be handing out the evidence.
What Did US Spy Satellites See in Ukraine?
July 20, 2014
What I’ve been told by one source, who has provided accurate information on similar matters in the past, is that U.S. intelligence agencies do have detailed satellite images of the likely missile battery that launched the fateful missile, but the battery appears to have been under the control of Ukrainian government troops dressed in what look like Ukrainian uniforms. The source said CIA analysts were still not ruling out the possibility that the troops were actually eastern Ukrainian rebels in similar uniforms but the initial assessment was that the troops were Ukrainian soldiers. There also was the suggestion that the soldiers involved were undisciplined and possibly drunk, since the imagery showed what looked like beer bottles scattered around the site, the source said.

As evidence that the pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine accidentally shot it down there are the accusations that Russia has been supplying the rebels with anti-aircraft artillery and the rebels have been shooting at Ukraine fighter jets recently. But the rebels did not have missiles that could rise to 33,000 feet, though the Ukraine did, nor did they possess the expertise to operate a BUK missile.  A BUK had been captured earlier, but per a Ukraine officer, it was not operational.  MH 17 was accompanied just prior to the shootdown by two Ukraine fighter jets, as though to draw fire. Does this prove the rebels did it, or was this a setup?

Malaysia Airlines MH17 Plane Crash in Ukraine
July 17, 2014
The militias fighting in eastern Ukraine against the government troops have no weapons systems that could have shot down the Malaysia Airlines plane, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine, Vitaly Yaryoma, stated citing a military report submitted to President Petro Poroshenko. Earlier there were reports that the militia had captured a Buk missile launcher, which could have done it, but Kiev insisted that the system was out of order and could not be repaired by the militia.
Malaysia MH17 Crash: 10 Questions Russia Wants Ukraine to Answer
July 18, 2014
Can official Kiev comment on reports in the social media, allegedly by a Spanish air traffic controller who works in Ukraine, that there were two Ukrainian military planes flying alongside the Boeing 777 over Ukrainian territory?

The situation was further complicated by an alleged audio intercepted by the Ukraine government, wherein the rebels claimed responsibility and bragged about the shootdown. The problem? An analysis of the audio shows it was created the day before the shoot down, on July 16, 2014. The Ukraine government had been caught at such maneuvers before. Then there were the reports that Putin’s private plane had passed overhead, on the same route, just moments before. Most telling was the disappearance of a Spanish air traffic control agent, working in Kiev, who relayed damning information via twitter which was quickly deleted, but not before it had gone viral on the Internet. He has since disappeared. None of this appeared in western media, which took a full day to even amid the audio intercept was “not yet verified” after they noted that Obama had not mentioned the audio in his speech.

Reports that Putin Flew Similar Route as MH17
July 17, 2014
Malaysian Airlines MH17 plane was travelling almost the same route as Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s jet shortly before the crash that killed 295. Putin’s plane and the Malaysian Boeing intersected at the same point and the same echelon. That was close to Warsaw on 330-m echelon at the height of 10,100 meters. The presidential jet was there at 16:21 Moscow time and the Malaysian aircraft – 15:44 Moscow time. The contours of the aircrafts are similar, linear dimensions are also very similar, as for the coloring, at a quite remote distance they are almost identical.
Ukraine Releases YouTube Clip "Proving" Rebels Shot Down Malaysian Flight MH-17
July 17, 2014
It was just over a month ago, on June 5, when in another attempt to cast blame and discredit the separatists, Ukraine released another trademark YouTube clip seeking to disparage and frame Kozitsyn, titled "Russian Cossack Formations are Responsible For Chaos In Ukraine."
FINAL – Spanish Air Controller @ Kiev Borispol Airport: Ukraine Military Shot Down Boeing #MH17
July 18, 2014
15:26 - 17 of July of 2014 The report indicates where the missile opened out, and specifies that it does not come from the self-defense in rebel areas. "The report indicates where the missile had come out [from], and specified is not from the selfdefence in rebel areas".

Per the Zetas, the shootdown was done deliberately by the Ukraine government, but this will likely never be admitted by the west. ZetaTalk on July 18, 2014, the day after the shoot down, stated the following:

ZetaTalk Insight 7/18/2014: On the day a civilian airliner was shot out of the sky by a missile, what clues exist as to the hand on the missile and the agenda at play? Material from the aircraft, in pieces on the ground, will be useless in this regard, nor will any black box recorders provide information as the pilots and instruments were silenced instantly. What is known is what US satellites saw, what a Spanish air traffic controller working in Kiev saw being reported, what eye witnesses on the ground saw, the date on a recording claimed to be of a rebel conversation, and the fact that the Ukraine was having difficulty suppressing the rebellion of those in southeastern Ukraine.  

US satellites confirmed it was a missile, but delayed stating the source of the shot, an odd and very telling delay. Why so long in computing the trajectory? In that a Spanish air traffic control agent reported Ukraine military admitting the missile did not come from rebel areas, and in that this agent has now disappeared, we have our answer. Yes the rebels had a captured BUK but per a Ukraine official report, it was considered to be non-operational. Of course, the Ukraine also had the BUK, capable of rising to 33,000 feet to disable a plane. The Ukraine quickly put out a recorded conversation of the rebels bragging, but analysis of this recording shows it was made the day before the shootdown.

Creating a tragedy to induce partners to enter into a war is certainly nothing new. The US has been accused of doing this at Pearl Harbor to allow the US to engage during WW II and the Gulf of Tonkin incident allowing the US to engage during the Vietnam war. Only months ago an incident with poison gas in Syria was shown to be an attempt to draw the US into a war with Syria on behalf of Israel. Despite the vote showing that the majority of people in the southeastern Ukraine region want to be considered Russian, the leadership in the Ukraine is furious that neither NATO or the US is fighting on their side. In that Putin was reported to be overhead on the same path as MH 17 just minutes before the shootdown, this is also an attempt to aggravate Putin to engage.

The world will resist these attempts, but the truth of who actually shot down MH 17 will likely never be admitted by the west.

Moscow Metro Zapped

As was shown during the Malaysia 370 disaster, where the plane was caught in an electro-magnetic storm between the charged tail of Planet X and the squeezed rock under the South China Sea, and as was shown in 2013 when the new NSA data warehouse along a river in Utah kept experiencing fried servers, and as was shown in 2009 during the Air France 447 disaster, where the plane was caught over the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift - electricity coming from the ground to meet the charged tail of Planet X can be devastating.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/15/2014: As man is aware, electrons and magnetons like to flow together. This is the reason an electrical field can be generated by rapid movement around a magnet. By blasting the Earth from the side, Planet X is creating hot spots where magnetons are crowded, and this attracts electrons to those hot spots. When rock is under pressure, there is also an electric screech that alarms animals in the area and creates static on nearby radios, as water within the rock can conduct electricity more readily when the rock is squeezed. What happens then, when a temporary magnetic hot spot forms over rock under pressure? The crowded electro-magnetic field will ground, and the electronics in the hapless plane in its path silenced.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/12/2013: Examine the topography of the region where the NSA data storage facility has been built. It is dead south of Salt Lake City, along the river draining the Great Salt Lake. We have stated that river bottoms are weak points in the crust, thus sagging, and thus sagging become where the water drains. As the bowing of the N American continent tightens prior to relief during the New Madrid adjustment, these areas are experiencing electric screech in the rock, facilitating electric current which has found an optimal ground in the NSA facility. Poor location choice, and unless they insulate their computers more effectively from ground surges, the problem will not be resolved.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/3/2009: An automatic message from the plane's computer announced that several electrical systems had failed. Thereafter, no more messages were received, so the pilots were either too busy or unable to transmit. On the face of it, a massive failure in the electrical systems caused the plane to go down, and prevented a last minute transmission from the pilot as to their likely location. We have stressed, repeatedly, that man can expect problems with their satellites and electrical grids due to the charged tail of Planet X wafting increasingly in the direction of Earth. Air France 447 hit a tripple whammy, however, in that it was in a storm and over the Atlantic Rift, which as we have stated is a surface magnet, responsible for the twice-a-day global shudders that appear on the live seismographs.

Now, undeniably from the ground, another electro-magnetic zap occurred, this time creating a surge in Moscow Metro which stopped the train dead. Once again, the zap occurred near water, this time the river that curls through Moscow. Electricity of course travels readily through water, is attracted to water, and river bottoms are thus vulnerable.

Over 20 Killed, 160 Injured as Moscow Metro Carriages Derail in Rush Hour
July 15, 2014
Investigators have been looking into all possible theories of how the accident could have occurred, ruling out a terrorist act. A failure in the power supply led to a false alarm going off. The alarm was a signal to the train driver to immediately stop the train. The sudden braking led to the derailment of several carriages. The Moscow Metro, with its 194 stations and a route length of 325.4 km (202.2 miles) is one of the world’s busiest, carrying up to 9 million passenger trips each workday.
Russia Derailment: 21 Dead in Moscow Metro Crash
July 15, 2014
The death toll in Tuesday's derailment on the Moscow metro now stands at 21. The cause of the crash - one of the worst incidents ever on the metro - is reported to be a power surge. Park Pobedy is the deepest metro station in Moscow, 84m (275ft) underground, which made the rescue operation particularly hard.

ZetaTalk Analysis 7/19/2014: Where the official cause will be deemed a failure in aging equipment, the result of poor maintenance, this is not the cause. To admit the truth would be too devastating for Moscow, as the Moscow Metro is the primary means of transport for commuters, and how else would they get to and from work? We have repeatedly stated that sparking from the ground can occur when rock is under compression stress. In the case of Moscow, this is due to the relentless stretching of rock across Europe and parts of western Russia. The stretch zone pulls rock apart, and before snapping it does indeed tighten up so that water pockets make contact and the electronic screech can occur. Moscow is also located at a convergence of rivers. Electrons found their route through the heavily electrified equipment on the Moscow Metro.

Wobble Ship Disasters

If electro-magnetic zaps are increasingly causing disasters for man, the Earth wobble has been on stage recently also, grounding ships. As was the case for the Condordia cruise ship on January 15, 2012 and the Korean ferry Sewol on April 16, 2014, ships close to shore can become grounded during an Earth wobble.  

ZetaTalk Insight 1/26/2012: When the most violent push of the wobble occurs, when the Sun is high over the Pacific and Europe is in the dead of night. The globe is pushed violently north as the magnetic N Pole of Earth comes up over the horizon and is pushed away by Planet X. When this happens the globe is pushed southward on the opposite side of the globe, as the globe rolls as one. The land is pushed under the water, and the ship suddenly finds itself on rocks it thought safely at a distance.

ZetaTalk Insight 4/26/2014: The most violent part of the daily Figure 8 of the Earth wobble is during the polar push  when the magnetic N Pole of Earth comes over the horizon to face Planet X and the Sun. The ferry disaster happened at 8:58 am, when this push is at its strongest. As Korea moved north, the water, which is independent from the land, remained in place, creating a temporary void along the coastline. The water to the south then rushed in a strong tide to fill this void, carrying the ferry with it like so much flotsam on the water.

Now another example has occurred. The Escapade, a casino ship off the coastline near Savanah, Georgia, ran onto a sand bar. The captain surmised the GPS guided chart plotter had malfunctioned, causing the ship to go off course. The Earth wobble will do that too!

After 16 Hours, an Exit from Stalled Casino Boat
July 16, 2014
After 16 hours stuck at sea, passengers stranded on a casino boat that ran aground off Georgia's coast were ferried to shore. They felt the ship strike something at 9:30 pm. The 174-foot-long Escapade was still stranded about 1.8 miles off the north end of Tybee Island, a popular beach destination east of Savannah, in the Calibogue Sound near Hilton Head, South Carolina.
Calibogue Sound is a Force of Nature
August 16, 2012
The central channel, hugging the western flank of Hilton Head lsland’s Spanish Wells and Sea Pines communities, is nearly 70 feet deep. Scientists have measured the bottom of this channel and discovered cavernous rock cliffs carved by strong seabed currents.
Gambling Ship Passengers Glad to be Home after Ordeal at Sea
July 17, 2014
The captain said the accident occurred because the sandbar that grounded the ship was not yet on the nautical charts, with the ship’s captain saying its chart plotter had malfunctioned, causing the vessel to veer off course.

ZetaTalk Analysis 7/19/2014: The ship was misguided by its GPS system so went aground on one of the many sand banks in the area. GPS can no longer be relied upon, and follows the compass which has long lost its validity in this regard. The GPS satellites are not where expected during the Earth wobble, the globe moving under them.  All 3 of these disasters occurred during the increasingly violent polar push or the bounce back from this push, a daily affair when the Sun is over the Pacific or over the Americas.  For the Concordia it was 8:00 pm in Italy, dusk, and the bounce back from the polar push when the Sun is over the Americas shoved the rocks southward under the cruise ship. For the Sewol it was 8:58 am in Korea, dawn, and the polar push with the Sun high over the Pacific created a void and backwash along the rocky shore. For the Escapade it was 9:30 pm in Georgia, once again the Sun high over the Pacific.

Planet X Unfiltered

During July, several photos by amateurs captured the Moon Swirls of Planet X, and even the corpus itself, in unfiltered photos. The rule has been that when one uses a filter that restricts light to the red spectrum, the complex is more visible. Thus it is recommended to use mylar or the insert from an old floppy disc, which are such filters. But the Planet X complex has drawn closer, and thus its visibility has increased, as these photos show and others on the Pole Shift ning blog dedicated to such photos show.

On July 3, 2014 a photographer caught a distinct orb to the upper right of the Sun, which was strong enough to be reflected on the ground. On July 7, 2014 another photographer captured a Moon Swirl presenting as a Monster Persona (large and pale) above the Sun, and what could potentially be the corpus of Planet X itself at the 4 o’clock position. On July 17, 2014 a photo from Aocun, China shows two Moon Swirls to the left of the Sun, which are caught as a ghost reflection (as is the Sun itself) at the bottom of the photo, proving the light from the Moon Swirls is genuine.