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Issue 381, Sunday January 19, 2014
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Crop Circle Crisscross

Crop Circles have traditionally not hit the news, being evidence of the alien presence, and thus a suppressed message. When they did hit the news, the discussions would exclude the basic facts. No mention of grain nodes bent by some kind of growth surge, the gain growing normally afterward or even at a faster rate than unaffected grain. In man-made designs, the grain is crushed and broken. Nor was there mention of radio-nuclide differences within legitimate crop circles, not present in hoaxes. And certainly, the fact that witnesses report legitimate circles laid down within seconds by light orbs zipping about has been routinely excluded from media reports.

Crop Circle
In 1991, self-professed pranksters Doug Bower and Dave Chorley made headlines claiming it was they who started the phenomenon in 1978 with the use of simple tools consisting of a plank of wood, rope, and a baseball cap fitted with a loop of wire to help them walk in a straight line. Some cereologist groups think that crop circles are caused by ball lighting. In 2009, the attorney general for the island state of Tasmania stated that Australian wallabies had been found creating crop circles in fields of opium poppies, which are grown legally for medicinal use, after consuming some of the opiate-laden poppies and running in circles.
Crop Circle Secrets
Crop circles alter the local electromagnetic field; affecting the proper function of compasses, cameras and cellular phones; the frequencies are also known to affect aircraft equipment. In genuine formations the stems are not broken but bent and swirled; they are subjected to a short and intense burst of heat that softens the stems to hover just above the ground, where they re-harden without damage. Research suggests that infrasound is producing such an effect. It has also been scientifically proven that soil samples taken from within crop circles show changes in its crystalline structure and mineral composition. These are hardly the kind of anomalies created by pranksters with planks!
Arguments Against the Hoax Theory of Crop Circles
Along with the increasing number of crop circle events, there is also a growing number of eyewitnesses, who claim to have seen how crop circles appeared before their eyes in just a few seconds. Several of these people say that bright, fluorescent balls of light hovered above the fields at the time the circles were formed.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/15/2001: Hoaxes were led at first by the CIA, as an arm of MJ12 and nervous government heads, particularly during the Reagan/Thacher era. England, as we have mentioned, was a choice location for legitimate circles as the populace is intelligent and given to puzzle solving, and publicized their circles well and with great pride. The early Hoaxes were simply bumpkins announcing they had laid them with boards, and demonstrating this. This took time, did not bend without breaking the grain, did not make perfect geometry, and left footprints all over the area, but the media was instructed to give these bumpkins credit and being run basically by the establishment or friends of the establishment, they did as instructed. In 2001, a new brand of hoax appeared. Where legitimate circles have perfect geometry, are laid down almost instantaneously and without footprints, and leave the grain bend and growing, these lacked all of those characteristics. More particularly, they were designed, rather obviously to be understandable to the public, with recognizable features and symbols - the Face on Mars, data sheets, and automobiles. More grain was trammeled than left standing, a technique to cover footprints, and any geometry imprecise.

At the end of 2013, during the time when the pending announcement was almost palpable due to hints about traveling planets and unlit binary suns in the media, a crop circle crisscross occurred. Unlike in times past, a California design hit the main stream media, front page, on CNN, Yahoo, HuffPost, Linda Moulton Howe’s Earthfiles, as well as the local Mercury News. Though this was an obvious fraud, not a legitimate design laid down under space ship command, it brought the subject up for discussion. That it was a fraud was admitted days later. The Zetas pointed out that the legitimate circle makers do not speak in Earth languages or code, though the Braille letters and Morse Code saying “ISON” and “STS” and “ET” are certainly a clear Earthly message. The recent ISON gambit claiming that ISON was Nibiru had a Service-to-Self origin.

ZetaTalk Insight 1/11/2014: Major media editors have been told in the past to exclude any information that indicates the Sun or Moon out of place, a Second Sun rising or setting. They have also been told to exclude details about crop circle formation, to give the impression that they have been man-made.  Now these editors are being coached on what to expect, told the National Security Directive by Reagan making these subjects forbidden had been lifted, and even requested to ease the shock the public is expected to experience when two, not one cover-up comes crashing down.  Who laid the Chualar formation, and what was their intent? There are several clues that this was intended to be a pre-announcement nudge to get the issue of the alien presence into the media. The land was privately owned, and the crop intended to be plowed under as mulch eventually. How convenient. The land sloped such that it could not be seen except on over-flight. How handy. Workmen with GPS units and ladders were even seen in the area days before the design was discovered.

California Crop Circle Was Nvidia Marketing Stunt
January 6, 2014
An elaborate crop circle that appeared last week in a grain field in California was a stunt by chip-maker Nvidia. The chip, which packs 192 cores -- individual processing engines that handle complex mathematical calculations needed for 3-D modeling, simulations and computer gaming. Crop circles have been appearing in fields for decades. Their origin is usually a mystery and while many assume them to be man-made, some believe they might represent calling cards by by extra-terrestrial visitors.

Not only was the issue of Crop Circles revived in the media, albeit in a safe manner for any editors who were certainly still nervous about being smacked for mentioning a formerly forbidden subject, the issue of 2003 and the legitimate Crop Circles displaying the ZetaTalk Triangle were featured. Huffington Post, a major media outlet, reported expert Jeffrey Wilson’s opinion on the Chualar, California design, and then, while establishing this expert’s credentials, chose to include his opinion on the 2003 Horicon Marsh Crop Circles. This could hardly be an accident! Per the Zetas, another nudge to get the public ready for two, not one cover-ups breaking – the cover-up over Nibiru, and the cover-up over the alien presence.

Salinas Crop Circle Attracts Visitors, Skeptics
January 1, 2014
Others, like Jeffrey Wilson of the Independent Crop Circle Researchers Association, insist the Salinas crop circle is a hoax. Wilson said the circle is similar to the work of, a professional crop circle-making group that has done work for the BBC, Nike, History Channel and others.  [1] This is a photograph of a complex geometric crop circle forming in the early morning hours, which was eye-witnessed by Art Rantalla on July 4, 2003. He reported seeing this crop circle swirl and form during the passage of a severe weather front passed through Dodge County, Wisc. The formation was evaluated by members of the ICCRA and found to have elongated growth nodes, expulsion cavities in the growth nodes, and other non-hoaxable effects. The next image shows another crop formation. [2] This is a photo of another complex geometric crop circle that was discovered Aug. 8, 2003, in the same county as the previous image, also investigated by members of the ICCRA. It tested positive for growth node elongation and had expulsion cavities in the growth nodes (both unhoaxable effects). [3] This is a close-up of an explusion cavity (a hole blown from the inside-out) resulting from the Dodge County, Wisc., crop formations of July 4 and Aug. 8, 2003.  [4] This is a close-up of anomalous twisted seed heads resulting from the Dodge County, Wisc., crop formations of July 4 and Aug. 8, 2003. (All courtesy of Jeffrey Wilson.)

ZetaTalk Insight 1/11/2014: As circle expert Jeffrey Wilson has noted, the Chualar design is a fraud, done by man. The real area of interest here is why major media sites chose to feature this fraud so heavily. Why the change now, and why was the significant design laid in Wisconsin in 2003 near Nancy’s home featured so obviously on HuffPost? This is clearly related to the pending announcement admitting the near presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru. As we have mentioned repeatedly, there are two cover-ups expected to drop during the announcement – the cover-up over the pending passage of Nibiru, and the cover-up over the reality of the alien presence. The US has been pressed for years to disclose what they know about aliens, as they were the site of Roswell and are known to have alien bodies and crashed ships.

In that NASA found it necessary to mention Nancy’s name in the past, warning the public not to listen to her, and did so repeatedly in 2009 and through to their Fall 2012 Hangout on the Mayan Calendar issues, she is expected to get media attention after the announcement proving that she had been correct all along. But it is more than this that will rocket Nancy into the spotlight. ZetaTalk correctly predicted the path Nibiru would take into the solar system in the years prior to 2003, and much of this will be included in the announcement. Where did this astonishing information come from, if not from we, the Zetas, as Nancy claims? Thus Jeffrey Wilson, a long standing and well respected expert on circle origins, is quoted in the HuffPost article not only declaring the Chualar formation a fraud, but declaring in the slides that the 2003 Wisconsin formation was legitimate.

N America Train Wrecks

The bowing of the N American continent does more than open crevasses and sinkhole and drop bridges. Some of the most vulnerable infrastructure is the miles of rail lines, which can cause a train wreck in an instant by being twisted, as this Pole Shift ning blog present. What does it take to twist tracks? Not much. During the month of December, 2013 alone, several wrecks occurred around the US due to the bowing. They were without cause, otherwise. The spreading of the Saint Lawrence Seaway is one such cause.

Mile-Long Train Carrying Crude Oil Derails, Explodes in North Dakota
December 30, 2013
The collision occurred at a street intersection just before 2:20 p.m., when a westbound BNSF train carrying grain derailed and was then hit by an eastbound train carrying oil.
Train Derailment Sends Two to the Hospital in Two Harbors
December 5, 2013
Authorities are investigating what caused a train to derail just south of Two Harbors, Minn.  The incident is being investigated by the CN Railroad Police Officers and the Federal Railroad Administration.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/10/2006: A widening seaway also does not affect just those land masses bordering the seaway, as buckling occurs inland and afar. What does man assume caused the Black Hills to be so rumpled, with the appearance of a recent buckling and heaving? This is the center of a land plate! The tearing of the seaway does not end at Duluth, Minnesota, it travels underground to S Dakota!

The N American bow creates tension and distortion along the outside of the bow, along the Eastern Seaboard of the US. This can be seen in December, 2013 wrecks in Virginia lowlands, in coastal waterways in New Jersey, and along river bottoms in West Virginia. Lowlands and river bottoms are where the crust is thin and sagging, and thus are places vulnerable to twisting and distortion.

Train Derails in Norfolk Causing Traffic to be Re-Routed
December 5, 2013
A Norfolk & Portsmouth Belt Line Railroad train derailed while changing tracks.
Freight Train Derails, Triggers Hazmat Spill next to New Jersey Turnpike
December 5, 2013
The train was backing into a facility near Exit 12 of the New Jersey Turnpike in Carteret — across the border from Staten Island — when one car of the train flipped on its side. It was not immediately clear how the train derailed.
Train Derails in McDowell County, Tanker Car Crashes into Elkhorn River
December 27, 2013
Seventeen cars from a train have derailed this morning in McDowell County, including a tanker car that is in the Elkhorn River.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/30/2010: We have stated that river bottoms are situated along areas of a plate that are thin, and have thus sunk down, thus becoming a river bottom.

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/22/2010: River bottom land is sinking, the rock layers pulling apart which is why it is sinking and has become river bottom land.

River bed vulnerability can also be cited as the cause of train wrecks in the southwestern US too, in New Mexico, as the area just northwest of Las Cruces is along a river bed. What of the Tehachapi loop wreck? Where the loop was on solid rock, it was on a steep incline plunging into a valley below. Plus the Sierras are predicted to experience rock and roll.  

Three Killed as Freight Train Derails and Falls into New Mexico Ravine
December 1, 2013
The locomotive was pulling eight cars near Bayard about 75 miles north-west of Las Cruces when it went off the tracks and down a 40ft to 50ft ravine.
Freight Train Derails West of Tehachapi
December 10, 2013
Seven cars of a Burlington Northern Santa Fe freight train derailed about four miles west of Tehachapi. The cause of the derailment is not yet known.
Tehachapi Loop
Considered one of the railroad engineering wonders of the world, the Tehachapi Loop is a spiral of railroad track 0.73 miles long which passes over itself courtesy of a tunnel/bridge combination.
The Loop allows trains to ascend “The Tehachapi”, the mountain pass at the southern end of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, on an easy grade.

ZetaTalk Analysis 2001: The Sierras have been created because of subduction of Pacific plates under the lighter land mass, and these matters are never a gentle process. Snapping, sudden jolts, and bouncing rock stratas reacting to a sudden release of pressure can be expected all along the Sierras. The mountains and valleys have been formed because of crumpling, horizontal pressure, and this will happen again during the forthcoming shift.

Making Soap

So you’ve survived the Pole Shift but now you’re really weary of those sweaty, greasy, dirty clothes to say nothing of your sweaty, oily, sticky body. What you need is hot water and soap. I wrote up the following instructions for the Troubled Times pages:

Making Soap
There is no mystery to making soap - it's simply lye and grease or oil, mixed and cooked with a little water added until it thickens to where it holds its shape for a moment when dripped back onto the mixture with a wooden spoon. If made from a commercial lye such as a drain cleaner, the proportions are 9 parts grease and/or oil, 1 part lye, and 3 parts water. If made from lye water made from ashes, the proportions depend on the strength of the lye water, so one goes by the consistency of the mix to determine when enough lye water has been added.

Making lye water from ashes is similar to making drip coffee. Place paper or corn shucks to act as a filter along the bottom of a V or funnel shaped container and simply pour water in the top until it drips out the bottom into a pail. The Foxfire Book series, which is highly recommended, contains diagrams and instructions on how to do this. Quoting from the Foxfire Book "And then we'd carry th' water - nobody ever had running water in those days - we'd carry th' water and throw over th' ashes and drip th' lye. Then we'd put th' grease and lye in a pot and boil it down 'til it got hard; and then we'd use that for soap."

The mixture, which is stirred continuously, should turn white or whitish and thicken. The mixture should be stirred while lye or water is being added. When using lye water made from ashes, the soap mixture must boil longer before the water is reduced to where the mixture will make solid, rather than soft soap. Pour the mixture into a pan lined with cloth and let it sit for a couple days. This curing is an important step, as uncured soap can contain free lye in places that will irritate the skin. The cured soap may be covered with a white powder, which should be brushed off as it likewise may irritate the skin. When hardened the soap can be cut into bars or blocks and stored indefinitely.

Expertise abounds. When you gather books for the Aftertime, remember that one cannot simply dash off to the store and buy what’s needed. Think primitive. Ashes from the fire and animal fat from a rendering plant best kept out of human arteries. Those are the essential ingredients!

Appalachian Traveller
You put two pints and a'half a'water and one can lye in your pot. You got to stir it 'til this dissolves good; then you got t'add th' grease to it. Then after you add th' grease, you got t'stir it for twenty minutes. You just have grease and th' lye. This is breakfast bacon grease. You can have anything.  I had a man th' other day offered to give me mutton tallow. I've always used hog grease myself - five or six pounds for this here. This is beginnin' t'get thick now. Looks a lot like chicken gravy don't it? This is homemade soap, but it's not like we used t'make it because we used t' drip th' lye. And I ain't afraid t'wash my hands in it!  That there lard kills th' lye.  You got t'get it thick like jelly, y'know.
Grandma's Lye Soap
Grandma's Lye soap is plain and simple, a white bar of mild, unscented soap made from water, lye, and tallow or lard. It is made in a big wash pot just like Grandma would have made it. "Her soap could be used to wash most anything."
Making Soap with Lye and Lard
November 26, 2009
Humans have been working with lye made from ashes and mixed with animal fat for hundreds or thousands of years. Making soap with lye and lard turned out to be a heck of a lot easier than I thought it would be. If I had to make my own lye by dripping water through wood ashes, collect my own lard from butchering animals, saving bacon grease and rendering the fat I suppose it wouldn’t seem so easy.
The Thrifty Homesteader
While I think it is fascinating that our ancestors made their own lye from ashes in their fireplace, it was a VERY inexact science, and it took years to get the experience to make a decent batch of soap. Yeah, if an egg floats in the lye solution, it's "good enough" to make soap, but how much of the egg should be floating above water? A floating egg is not exact. And if the egg didn't float, you're supposed to run the water through the ashes again.