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Issue 341, Sunday April 14, 2013
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
New ZetaTalk Earth Changes Announcements Signs of the Times
Weather Channel Special

On March 21, 2013 the Weather Channel premiered a new series called Forcasting the End. This series, which speculates on several different end-of-the-world scenarios, had been announced in late January, 2013. Clearly, the aberrant weather with drought and deluge and temperature extremes would prompt some interest, but surprisingly the first scenario to be discussed was that of a rogue planet passing through the solar system! Similar to the story of Planet X, aka Nibiru.

Weather Service Chief: We Face 'New Normal' of Extremes
March 21, 2013
The onslaught of wild weather that has battered the USA in recent years - from Hurricane Sandy and deadly tornado outbreaks to extremes of drought and floods - looks to be part of a "new normal" for weather patterns in the US.
Weather Channel Explores Rogue Planet Doomsday Scenario
March 21, 2013
What if a rogue planet swept through the solar system, altering Earth's orbit? Potentially, the death of all life on the planet, according to a new Weather Channel special. "Forecasting the End," a new Weather Channel series exploring the possible results of a rogue planet fly-by. Rogue planets, or planets not linked to stars, may outnumber actual stars in the Milky Way galaxy.  Myths about "Planet X" or "Nibiru" hold that a stealth rogue planet is headed this way. The first episode of "Forecasting the End" focuses on what might happen in this very unlikely scenario. Potentially, scientists say, a planet passing by could alter the orbits of the planets in the solar system, making Earth's orbit more elliptical.

Where did the Weather Channel’s scenario line up with the ZetaTalk description, and where did it divert? At the start of the feature is the admission that rogue planets, those which do not go round and round a sun but seem to sling through space, exist.  In 1995 when the ZetaTalk saga began, NASA et al would not admit to such planets, and ridiculed the ZetaTalk explanation. But by 1998 and 2002 NASA was admitting the possibility. Once again, ZetaTalk leads the way! The Weather Channel depicts their rogue planet as being smaller then Jupiter, but larger than the Earth. ZetaTalk states it is four times the diameter of Earth.

ZetaTalk Description 7/15/1995: Why does Planet X swing so far away from your Solar System, and why bother to return, having done so? There is a balance between the attraction of your Sun and another, unseen by you but nevertheless present and in force. Planet X travels interminably between these two forces, not able to settle on an orbit around just one because of the momentum and path it originally took. It is caught. The path of the Planet X is such that it spends most of its life out in dark space, slowly moving from one giant tug to another.

Question Over 'Planet' Discovery
May 29, 1998
The new object, in the constellation of Taurus, was found by the Hubble space telescope. Nasa believes it may be a planet two or three times the mass of Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system.  alternatively it could be a brown dwarf star, one that was too small to sustain the nuclear reactions in its core that normal stars need to shine.
Free-Floating Planets and Stellar Clusters
Mar-Apr, 2002
For centuries a planet has been defined as an object that orbits a star. This notion was recently upended when several groups of astronomers reported the discovery of planet-sized objects wandering through space on their own, with no parent star in sight. The discovery of these objects within dense stellar clusters has unsettled the astronomical community and raised questions about the nature of planets and how they might form.

A second synch point between the Weather Channel scenarios and past ZetaTalk is the assertion that planetary perturbation can exist. The Zetas long ago described the orbits of planets being stable, though on occasion perturbed, but returning to their orbits because of many factors that man does not understand.  The Weather Channel depicts a perturbation of Earth’s orbit as becoming a permanent feature.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/15/2000: We have stated that Planet X is disrupting the Earth's equilibrium, and the equilibrium of other planets and their moons, from afar. We have stated in explanation of this that mankind little realizes what an equilibrium in a solar system means, understanding little of the factors involved. We have stated that mankind assumes the planets are staying where they are due to centrifugal force and motion established a long time ago, and has no explanation for the ecliptic or the steady and undegrading orbits of the planets.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2001: To understand why planets in orbit around a sun hold the positions they do, humans must imagine factors they are not yet aware of, but can infer from the behavior of these planets - for instance, the orbital plane. The orbital plane has planets slinging out from the middle of a rotating sun. The planets in the orbital plane slung out from the middle of the sun are thus held away by this sling. Planets move, in concert, in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction around a sun due to sweeping arms that reach out from the core of the rotating sun, brushing the planets before them. These sweeping arms can be envisioned as the spokes of a wheel. Planets find their niche in all this based on more than gravity or magnetism factors, as there are thousands of forces that affect the placement of bodies free to move about in space.

Ideas and Trends; Clues Get Warm in the Search for Planet X
January 30, 1983
Something out there beyond the farthest reaches of the known solar system seems to be tugging at Uranus and Neptune. Some gravitational force keeps perturbing the two giant planets, causing irregularities in their orbits. The force suggests a presence far away and unseen, a large object that may be the long-sought Planet X. Evidence assembled in recent years has led several groups of astronomers to renew the search for the 10th planet. They are devoting more time to visual observations with the 200-inch telescope at Mount Palomar in California. They are tracking two Pioneer spacecraft, now approaching the orbit of distant Pluto, to see if variations in their trajectories provide clues to the source of the mysterious force. And they are hoping that a satellite-borne telescope launched last week will detect heat ''signatures'' from the planet, or whatever it is out there.

In describing what they define as a permanently disturbed orbit, the Weather Channel special stated that the Earth could swing as close to the Sun as Venus. This is another synch point with ZetaTalk because the Zetas have described a scene during the Last Weeks, during the week of Rotation Stoppage as being one where the Earth is drawn 30 million miles closer to Planet X, and then returned to its old orbit after the passage is complete. They likewise synch up with ZetaTalk in defining all coastal cities being under potentially 200 feet of rising seas. Not the 675 eventual rise that ZetaTalk predicts, but enough to get the point across – coastal living will require one to move to higher ground.

ZetaTalk Critique 3/23/2013: The Weather  channels series is in remarkable coordination with Obama’s planned announcement on the presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru, in the inner solar system. The descriptions of a wandering, rogue planet are close to what ZetaTalk has detailed from the start of the ZetaTalk saga, though wandering planets were denied by NASA at the time. Zetas right again! The Weather Channel correctly infers that all the planets in the solar system can be expected to be perturbed, as ZetaTalk has stated from the start. They have been perturbed for eons, leaning into the direction of the Constellation Orion, due to the presence of the Sun’s dark unlit binary sun and the presence of Planet X which rides between these two foci.

The path, which is depicted as a potential by the Weather channel, swings within Jupiter’s orbit, and is described as potentially perturbing the Earth to be as close to the Sun as Venus. Is this not detailed within ZetaTalk for the Last Weeks, when the Earth will be pulled closer to Planet X in that direction by some 30 million miles? Here the Weather Channel digresses from ZetaTalk as their hypothesis is based on the rogue planet not coming closer than Jupiter, where it is currently riding within the orbit of Venus, close to the Sun. The establishment, in approving and even encouraging this Weather Channel series, did not want to address the concept of a crustal shift before Obama’s announcement. They chose to address only half the horror.

The Weather Channel, of course, can also be expected to emphasize climate disruption, which they ascribe to a perturbed orbit of Earth due to the presence of Planet X. ZetaTalk has explained orbit not as something static where planets can be pushed about and then will stay where pushed, but as dynamic, affected by many factors. The planets are perturbed all the time, but return to their orbits!  It is in fact not a perturbed orbit of Earth that is causing weather extremes lately, it is the Earth wobble, which the Weather Channel did not address as this would lead to Planet X as a rogue planet being nearby. The Weather Channel chose not to address the very palpable Earth wobble, thus.

Using the disturbed orbit of Earth as an excuse, the Weather Channel then describes rising seas and tidal waves, both correct predictions and likewise predicted by ZetaTalk from the start for the hour of the Pole Shift, during the increasingly severe Earth wobble, and within two year after the Pole Shift. ZetaTalk has predicted tidal waves 200-300 feet high during severe wobbles and a rise in sea level to 675 feet, worldwide, after the Pole Shift. The Weather Channel chose to stick to the 200 foot rise mankind has predicted if and when the poles and Greenland ice all melt. The point is made – coastal cities will be uninhabitable. 

Why doesn’t the Weather Channel credit ZetaTalk for presenting all these concepts over a decade ago? To do so would be to espouse and embrace the alien presence, and at present there is a cover-up over this issue. To do so would likewise come close to breaking the cover-up over the presence of Planet X, by espousing the single source that has been correct on this issue since 1995 – ZetaTalk. What is the relationship, timewise, of this Weather Channel special and Obama’s pending announcement? The series was planned in late January, 2013, after Obama had been sworn in for his second term, and it was clear the cover-up crowd was losing the battle. Since the series is generic, covering many possibilities, it was deemed that it could be aired before or after Obama’s admissions on the cover-up.   

Cyprus Cash Grab

Bank failure is a boogy to be avoided, and thus the attention of regulators to the solvency of banks. During the Great Depression, banks failed, causing all the savings invested in them to disappear overnight. Then safeguards were imposed, and today weak banks are absorbed by stronger, larger banks to avoid outright failure. Plus, individual accounts under $100,000 in the US are insured by the FDIC. But that’s the US. What about the rest of the world? What about stressed banks in the EU? Cyprus is a case in point which seems to be somewhat unique. Money laundering is charged, where Russian depositors are using Cyprus banks for various nefarious reasons. The banking sector is huge, in comparison to any other economic activity on Cyprus.

Two Biggest Cyprus Banks Limit ATM Withdrawals to Reduce Bank Runs
March 24, 2013
The two main banks at the centre of Cyprus’s financial crisis further slashed the daily cash withdrawal limits from ATM machines. With queues growing outside cash machines across the island, Laiki Bank cut maximum withdrawals at ATMs to 100 euros a day and the Bank of Cyprus reduced its limit to 120 euros a day.
Cyprus Bailout Tax Worries Fuel Sharp Drop In Global Stocks
March 18, 2013
Cyprus' banking sector is about eight times the size of the economy and has been accused of being a hub for money-laundering, particularly from Russia. That's why many European officials wanted to have the banks' depositors involved in the cost of the bailout.

What is startling in the Cyprus crisis is the plan to confiscate a percentage of savings accounts, a first. Limitations on the amount that can be withdrawn, daily, and reduced banking hours have been imposed. Exactly what the Zetas predicted would occur as bank failures loomed due to the worldwide economic depression currently in process. This is a great fear of the power elite, who want the common man to continue to be enslaved by debt. Should the world switch to a barter economy too quickly, the banking empires will take the hit.

ZetaTalk Prediction 5/4/2002: Struggling companies, worldwide, will find they must shrink or die and this activity affects the economy worldwide, with teetering economies collapsing in stages, as we have predicted. Once this process starts, there will be domino effects, with a rapid collapse of the markets and banks.

ZetaTalk Prediction 9/7/2004: We have mentioned that the establishment fears losing their perch on top of the pile, and being reduced to the stature of the common man. Stock markets collapsing under sudden sell orders in an effort to liquidate cash, and banks unable to meet the demands that bonds and savings accounts be liquidated, so the financial system is no longer considered functional. Access to stock markets and banking would be controlled, so that the system never reaches collapse due to liquidation demands it cannot meet and the populace feels they must continue to honor their bills and obligations, as the monster lives and has not died.

ZetaTalk Prediction 8/22/2007: If banks frankly shut their doors, the panic would set in, in earnest. Where heavy withdrawals are noted, the banks are using various "braking" mechanisms such as delayed payments, all the while making claims of computer or system problems. Various other techniques will be tested on the public to see which ones meet with the most cooperation among the public. The point at which restricted banking hours and restricted withdrawals is reached is a long road, with many twists and turns.

Per the Zetas, the Euro and the European Union are in danger, and operating like a dysfunctional family.

Savers will be Raided to Save Euro in Future Crises, says Eurozone Chief
March 25, 2013
Savings accounts in Spain, Italy and other European countries will be raided if needed to preserve Europe's single currency by propping up failing banks, a senior eurozone official has announced.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/30/2013:  Is the Euro in trouble, along with the European Union? Where most of the member states are stable, what might be called reckless behavior of some member states have threatened the whole. This is a currency where no one country holds the reins. It is like a dysfunctional family where a cousin gambles, using the family fortunes as collateral, and another cousin has dozens of illegitimate children with no sense of responsibility or thought to whom might be required to raise them, and yet another cousin falls on hard times because they failed to seek employment elsewhere when the mill closed and left town. All of this with no control, so that all of this is a demand on the family fortunes. In such a case, the family must disown the errant members or press back, demanding a change in behavior. The European Union went about adopting children to make a large extended family, and now has regrets.


That the Planet X is and has been next to the Sun for years is undeniable. As with all videos, differentiating the lens flares (which move) from the static objects is possible. In this German video, the light orbs below the Sun at the 7 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions do not move! A filter was used to reduce the glare of the Sun in this video from Germany, captured June 5, 2012. When the Second Sun makes an appearance, most often at sunrise or sunset, it is dramatic, the light reflected from the vast dust cloud shrouding Planet X, aka Nibiru, seemingly as bright as the Sun. In this photo capture on August 28, 2012 the Sun is on the left, casting a reflection on the water. But what is that to the right of the Sun, like a setting sun and likewise casting a reflection on the water?  This photo was taken from an unknown location, but is clearly in the Northern Hemisphere as the Ecliptic slants from upper left to lower right, causing the Second Sun, aka Planet X, to set just before the real Sun. The Moon Swirls of Planet X are bright orbs rivaling the Planet X body itself. They can appear on all sides of the Sun. A Lakeland, Florida photo taken on March 14, 2013 after sundown shows that they are light bodies independent of the Sun, as in this case where they cannot be a lens flare from the bright light of the Sun, which has set. And almost every day Alberto in Italy captures these Moon Swirls as focused light orbs or long tubes, as in this March 20, 2013 example. Undeniable!

Urban Farms

Credits to Will Allen, the founder of Growing Power in Milwaukee, for starting a trend! Hard work, genius, determination, and a very big heart created urban farms in the heart of Milwaukee, an industrial city in the rust belt. Now Chicago is following this example.


An Urban Farmer Is Rewarded for His Dream
September 25, 2008
Growing Power organization has six greenhouses and eight hoophouses for greens, herbs and vegetables; pens for goats, ducks and turkeys; a chicken coop and beehives; and a system for raising tilapia and perch. There’s an advanced composting operation — a virtual worm farm — and a lab that is working on ways to turn food waste into fertilizer and methane gas for energy. With a staff of about three dozen full-time workers and 2,000 residents pitching in as volunteers, his operation raises about $500,000 worth of affordable produce, meat and fish. Using millions of pounds of food waste, the farm produces endless compost piles, which are then enriched by thousands of pounds of worms, essential to producing the highest quality fertilizer in the world.
Emanuel Urban Farm Network: Mayor Launches New Agriculture Plan To Transform Vacant Lots
March 17, 2013
Training a new crop of farmers is key if Chicago is to become an urban agri-business hub. It takes the work of one farmer to care for just a quarter-acre of land among the 15,000 vacant lots the city owns. Additionally, with requirements like new soil, compost, fencing, and adding a water supply, Grist says it costs the city $250,000 to get a half-acre of vacant land suitable for farming. The city program will be a partnership with Growing Power, a Milwaukee-based urban farming organization.

Why is this important? After the Pole Shift, or even well before due to crop shortages and disrupted distribution of food stuffs, cities will suffer from food shortages – unnecessarily so! Michelle Obama was encouraging suburban gardens, turning lawns into vegies in 2009, as noted in Issue 125 of this newsletter. Family gardens have been on the rise since 2008 due to the rise in food prices, as noted in Issue 82, as have chickens in the suburbs, featured in Issue 109. Saving seed is of prime importance in these matters, as outlined this past Fall in Issue 309.This cannot be stressed enough. If you don’t learn how to save seed, and put this into practice, you will not have a garden in the Aftertime. Starvation and even cannibalism are the alternatives, as described in this chapter of the Finegan Fine story called Zombies which describes city dwellers who wait to be rescued from starvation - a rescue that never comes.

Some stick thin, very pale people begin to emerge from the rooftop stairwells, shuffling toward the edges of the buildings. They stare silently at the approaching houseboat, not waving or calling out. Victorian houses, tumbled down with some completely collapsed, are lining the street. All the yards and flowers and bushes are overgrown, fences broken and any painted surface looking very weathered. Most of the windows are broken, and most doors are hanging open. The zombies are following them, staggering along wordlessly, too malnourished to break into a run but clearly intending to follow. The zombies are approaching the shore, still following them. The traveler says, “Lord! No wonder my mother left. Were we supposed to be supper?” Finegan replies, “Not sure, but I think they were just curious. I think they eat rats, stuff like that. Mostly, they've just been starving. Waiting to be rescued. Probably near brain dead too, from starvation.”