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Issue 340, Sunday April 7, 2013
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America Bow Booms

On Saturday March 9, 2013 a remarkable thread on the GodlikeProduction message board recorded first hand reports from around the N American continent of booms – rattling windows and awakening slumbering people.  These booms occurred on March 9 or the days prior, a close proximity in time. Where the establishment likes to dismiss these boom as sonic booms or fireworks or mining explosions, no such excuses covered this rash of booms across the center of the continental US. Such booms, from snapping rock, have historically been associated with large earthquakes, occurring prior to the quakes.

Big Booms Still Startling Collier County
March 4, 2013
Did you feel the earth move this weekend? If you're living in Collier County, the answer is probably yes. NBC2 got loads of viewer comments from those who heard "sonic boom" like noises—and the Collier County Sheriff's Office was flooded with emergency calls. NBC2 reached out to representatives at the Air Station in Key West—they said they had no training on Sunday. Many thought it could've been "blasting" from a nearby developer. Minto Communities—a company developing the new Isles of Collier Preserve in East Naples has a permit—but officials there say they only blast during the week.
Brontides: Natural Explosive Noises
April 27, 1979
Historical and scientific records from various parts of the world contain many accounts of episodes of mysterious booming or explosive noises, usually described as resembling thunder or the firing of distant artillery and sometimes, but by no means always, occurring in association with perceptible seismic activity.

The locations of this rash of booms were likewise remarkable. Where GodlikeProduction is an international message board, the reports came almost entirely from the locations forming a swath across the center of the continental US. Not Mexico. Not Canada. Just the center where the bowing of the N American continent would place the greatest stress. 

[Grand Rapids, Michigan] today I heard a Boom when I was making a sandwich in my kitchen. Two other people heard it with me.  It shook the house a little and the windows rattled.  Clearly not a gunshot but more like a Sonic Boom.  It happened 2:40 PM EST.
[Troy, Ohio]  We heard a huge BOOM around 6:30 pm last week. It shook the house here. Never found out what it was
[Indianapolis, Indiana] We hear them at night too. Have no idea what it is, and we've never heard them during the day.
[St. Louis, Missouri] Back on Thursday midday about three times heard large booms out in the distance.
[Central Iowa] Heard 2 between midnight and 2 this morning.

[Western Kentucky] I heard a boom last evening and then again this morning around 7 am. The one this morning vibrated the house.
[Southern Pennsylvania] Again last night at around 6:10 pm I heard a huge explosion then a rumbling sound which lasted for about 2 seconds and vibrated the floors in my home. My neighbor, who lives about 3,000 feet from me, called me and said her windows and her whole house shook.
[West Virginia] We had two suspicious explosions, and one boom within a week, last week in WV. Of course every time it happens here they blame it on the mines but those people in southern and mid WV know what mine explosions sound like and these were not from mines. There were also no EQ's and NORAD confirmed there were no jets in the area.

[Prattville, Alabama] We have heard them on and off for the last few months.
[Dallas, Texas] There were four of five of these booms in North Texas yesterday. We just heard another one around 1:15 PM today. Mystery! In Denton County - about 35 miles north of Dallas
[Central Texas] yesterday mid-morning in central Texas, huge boom while at work. The compression shook the drop ceiling like something landed on the roof but the sound was directionless. Everyone in the surrounding stores went outside to see what happened. Couldn't tell where it came from.
[Boulder, Colorado] Approximately 4 am today. Right before snow moved in. Woke up everyone in the house.
[Elko, Nevada] 3 days ago for me, I was outside on my back deck with my best friend when we heard in the distance a loud dull boom and within seconds a sudden and powerful gust of wind I associated to the boom. A few people at work have brought it up and another friend who I have helped see what's going on came to me and told me he same thing, his mom and him heard it and ran outside.
[Spokane, Washington] Wednesday night a boom that sent everyone in our neighborhood outside.

Are the New Madrid adjustments close? That would be the logical conclusion.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/10/2006: The notable area of catastrophe during this is the eastern half of the continental US. From Houston to Chicago to New England, the diagonal pull will tear the underpinning of cities and create a catastrophe for the US that will make the New Orleans disaster appear trivial. A widening Seaway also does not affect just those land masses bordering the Seaway, as buckling occurs inland and afar.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/26/2008: We have described a temporary bowing along the West Coast as the stress on the N American continent builds. Rather than tear along the New Madrid and related fault lines, Mexico at first is pulled toward the west, creating a bow that forms around California and stresses the rock along the West Coast all the way from the tip of Mexico to Alaska.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/7/2012: We have described the N American bow as one where the tip of Mexico moves west while the top of the continent at Alaska and Canada remains in place. This pulls the entire continent into a bow shape which can only be relieved by the New Madrid adjustment. In the meantime, the stress of the bow is pulling the St. Lawrence Seaway apart where resistance is slight.

GodlikeProduction Crises

Trinity, the owner of the popular GodlikeProduction message board, has periodically claimed he was about to sell the site. Based on Internet traffic, it is estimated to be valued at $558,386 and Trinity charges membership posting fees at $10 per month for those wanting to post more than mere text.

The website's Alexa rank is 3087, and it's Google Page Rank is 5. The server links to the network IP address The website's daily ad revenue is about $1,010.69. Having analyzed various data about the website, we estimate its value at approximately $558,386.5. That doesn't take into consideration all the people paying $10 a month for an upgraded account. $786,050 USD

Trinity’s problems seem to rise and fall with Obama’s success. In January, 2009 when Obama was taking the oath of office for his first term, Trinity announced he had attracted a stalker named “Stevie” who was threatening to come to his home and do him in. Might have to sell the GodlikeProduction site to shake the guy. That was the patter. Then Stevie got arrested by the FBI, for threatening Obama online! Per the Zetas, Trinity feared he would be forced to change the focus of GodlikeProduction, due to the change in administration, and was posturing for this possibility. GodlikeProduction after all was a spyware and disinformation site, run by the CIA and their ilk.

Man is Arrested for Threatening to Assassinate Obama on the Internet
January 19, 2009
Authorities arrested a US man on suspicion of threatening to kill President-elect Barack Obama based on statements he posted on a website about UFOs and aliens. Steven Joseph Christopher, in three postings to  As it turns out the threat is not the only thing this man posted on the web. He calls himself "Stevie the Playboy", "Trinity" and in some cases "god."
Who Really Runs "GLP"
September, 2009
The rumor is that Jason Lucas a spam/mal ware programmer who owned LOP, bought godlikeproductions which is a popular "conspiracy" bulletin board to spy on people. The person known as "^Trinity^" on GLP owns the site but nobody seems to know the man personally but for a few mods.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/9/2013: Warned that they would have to change or die, Trinity adopted a stalker, known as Stevie. That this man was then arrested by the FBI on January 19, 2009 for statements against Obama is not surprising, as Trinity learned via his CIA contacts that the FBI was seeking Stevie and simply made claims that Stevie was also stalking Trinity. All this would have allowed Trinity to sell GodLikeProduction at that time, if it proved necessary. But the Obama administration was busy trying to keep the nation from flushing down the toilet after the Bush Wall Street crash and tarp bailout in the fall of 2008. Trinity went back to business as usual.

The issue of selling GodlikeProduction emerged again after Obama won the election on November 6, 2012. Trinity now claimed he was under a DDOS attack that he could not shake. Someone hated him, and the only outcome was to give GodlikeProduction new management. Per the Zetas, this was again a manufactured crisis due to the pending announcement on Planet X. Trinity’s handlers at the CIA had been told that the intense ZetaTalk bashing at the GodlikeProduction site would have to stop.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/8/2012: The popular GodLikeProduction message board owner is finding himself under siege. This was the site where Nancy conducted weekly Q&A sessions from November 12, 2005 through May 15, 2010, and was ostensibly open to both ZetaTalk fans and debunkers alike. But the vilification of Nancy and ZetaTalk, supported by moderators who would ban ZetaTalk fans and delete their comments, showed that Trinity was taking his orders from the cover-up. Was the incident recently where Trinity’s servers were down for hours, and the ban list deleted, a message? Is the announcement by Trinity that his troubles are due to a stalker whom he cannot eliminate, being forced thus to sell the site, related? Trinity has been told that the changes to be made to his site are draconian, and has decided the public would never accept these changes at his hand. These maneuvers would be too obvious, and would in essence be an admission that he had been taking orders all along to allow ZetaTalk and Nancy to be bashed.

The behind-the-scenes struggle between the cover-up crowd and those pushing for the announcement on Planet X, aka Nibiru to proceed were palpable, especially during Obama’s golf weekend which culminated in the sudden resignation of General Allen on February 19, 2013. The existing GodlikeProduction management had remained in business, bashing the ZetaTalk message, but after that weekend Trinity again brought up the issue of being potentially forced to sell.

GLP Has Been Under A Sustained Sophisticated DDOS Attack All Day Long!
February 28, 2013
Just got up and tracked this bullshit down. It's been mitigated and the packet captures sent to the FBI. Rory I know it was you.  The other guy was Ivan. Ivan is Rory's drunken Russian side kick. Ivan has been arrested and made 5k bail. Rory is next.

Asked about this latest DDOS attack, the Zetas suggested on March 9, 2013 that one should watch the progress of Trinity’s need to sell as a type of barometer on the pending announcement. Back to business as usual = announcement stalled. Need for new management = announcement full steam ahead. And sure enough, not three days later on March 12, 2013 Trinity put GodlikeProduction on the block! As usual, the caveat was in there. Might sell, or might not! And who is to know for sure if an actual sale takes place. GodlikeProduction has always been a smoke screen.

Will Someone Please Buy This Damn Website From Me?
March 12, 2013
I'm sick of managing it. Problem is it makes pretty good money so I can't just throw it away. I'm willing to let it go at 3.5 X yearly earnings which would put the purchase price around the $800,000 range. I honestly started this site as a hobby / side project many years ago and it's become an increasing pain in my ass as it's grown over the years. If no buyer comes forward I guess you'll be stuck with me for awhile longer.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/9/2013: The establishment, who has utilized the CIA and other intel arms for decades to serve the ultra-wealthy or corporate interests, wants these sites at its disposal for various reasons. They wish to test disinformation campaigns on the gullible public. What flies, and what meets ridicule, is determined. They wish to counter the truth with their disinformation. The truth, and its messengers, are ridiculed by paid individuals who cloak themselves in many different internet personas, so it seems the ridicule is coming from a broad base. Extensive ridicule of the ZetaTalk message was allowed. Meanwhile, those who were identified as fans of ZetaTalk were banned from posting. Intense DDOS attacks that brought GodLikeProduction to its knees were invented as the excuse for why Trinity would have to sell and move on. Someone hated him, or so it seemed, but the attacks were perpetrated by Trinity himself. Watch the progress of these ongoing attacks to see which way the announcement barometer sways.

Plague of Locusts

In early March, Israel and Egypt were under a plague of locusts, as noted on this Pole Shift ning blog. The swams were referred as approaching “Biblical proportions”, a reference to the 10 plagues affecting the Pharaoh before he agreed to let Moses lead his people out of Egypt.

Locust Swarm of Biblical Proportions Plagues Egypt
March 9, 2013
Locusts swarm Egypt every year, but typically in manageable numbers. The size of this year's swarm came as a complete surprise, and is reportedly causing enormous damage. News of the swarm comes just weeks before the biblical festival of Passover, when Jews and many Christians commemorate the divinely-guided exodus of the Children of Israel from Egypt. A major component of the Exodus story is God's afflicting of Egypt with 10 plagues, one of which was a locust swarm of exaggerated size.
A Locust Plague, Shy of Biblical Proportions, in Israel
March 6, 2013
The Jewish holiday of Passover commemorates the biblical story of the Israelites’ liberation from slavery in Egypt. Divine punishment in the form of 10 plagues afflicted the Egyptians as the Pharaoh refused the entreaties of Moses and Aaron to let their people go. An east wind brought the locusts that devoured what was left of Egypt’s crops. Locusts also appear in the Koranic version of the tale.

The Jewish Exodus was of course during the time of the last Pole Shift, and the 10 plagues were a result of tension in the rock, causing panic in life of all types, and the droughts afflicting the area. Have the time of the plagues returned to Israel and Egypt? A plague of frogs, which was one of the 10 plagues, occurred in China in 2008, so these plagues are a worldwide phenomena, and have been happening since Planet X returned to the inner solar system in 2003. Nevertheless, the press saw fit to reference the times of the Jewish Exodus during this latest locust swarm.

ZetaTalk on Jewish Exodus 11/15/1996: The Jewish exodus did not occur because this large group just decided to take a stroll one day, anticipating nothing worse than a whipping as the comeuppance should they be discovered. The exodus occurred because their masters were devastated and distracted by problems so severe as to take their minds entirely off their slaves. Would this have been a flooded Nile or a plague of locusts or even celebration where all got drunk? Nothing in the normal course of Egyptian society would have created a situation where the Jews could have left, en mass, or even a situation where they all would have had the courage to leave. They left because the passage of the Planet X imposed first a long night and then horrendous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in nearby volcanoes.

Israeli Locust Plague is a Blessing for Adventurous Palates
March 7, 2013
They taste something between sunflower seeds and baby shrimps. First throw your live locusts into boiling vegetable stock. When they have turned pink, remove from the stock with a slotted spoon. Take off the heads like you might do with a prawn. Remove the black thread from along its spine, its wings and the smaller legs. You can leave on the two long hind legs. Season flour or chickpea flour with garlic, a bit of chilli powder, salt and some sweet paprika. Add coriander seeds. They usually need a lot of salt. Dip each locust in beaten egg, then dip them in the flour mixture deep fry them until they become golden brown and crispy. Remove and set aside. Fry some chopped garlic, and add to that chopped tomato and thyme. You can also add pesto from roasted bell peppers. Sautée the deep-fried locusts in this ragu for a few minutes until combined. Serve with pasta.

Pope Francis

What does the choice of Pope Francis mean for the Catholic Church?  Per the Zetas, the choice of Pope Benedict in 2005 pointed to concerns that the pedophile scandal was threatening to empty the coffers of the Catholic Church, so they elected the man who had been the enforcer, insisting that victims be silenced.

ZetaTalk Comment 4/22/2005: Pope selection is at its base a political process, and thus its secrecy. What were the politics during this last selection, where an ex-NAZI, a Hitler youth, a member of Hitler’s armed forces, was elevated? Known as an ultra-conservative, known as the enforcer of papal edicts on disclosure of pedophilia abuse, his signature on memos reminding Bishops of their duty in this matter.  The first reaction of those losing control is to tighten their grip.

Now the focus has shifted to worry over the pending announcement. The Zetas stated that Pope Benedict resigned because Obama’s announcement on Nibiru, aka Planet X, was imminent. See Issue 334 published on February 24, 2013. The choice of Pope Francis shows the church is now worried about backlash and desertion. 

ZetaTalk Comment 3/16/2013: If the concerns of the Vatican when Pope Benedict was chosen were the pedophile scandal and the rising costs of paying off the victims, the concerns when Pope Francis was chosen are the pending announcement admitting the near presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru. Wishing to maintain their influence with the flock, to assure what they hope will be a continuation of the Catholic Church, it is logical they choose someone with a kindly and humble image, thus the Saint Malachy prediction. If Pope Benedict’s past was management of the Office of Inquisition, in charge of suppressing the testimony of pedophile victims, Pope Francis has pastoral work in his past, reaching out to and comforting the common man.

It is no surprise that he was chosen and is rumored to have been the runner up when Pope Benedict was chosen. At a time when the flock will be suffering, due to the Earth changes, arrogant demands that funds continue to flow to support the opulent lifestyles of the hierarchy of the Church would be resented. This will now be hidden behind the humble demeanor and habits of Pope Francis, who will be used like a shield.  That Pope Francis is among the Jesuit Order was part of the selection process, as this order is noted for their dedication. There will be no essential changes in the Catholic Church, which we predict will sink and essentially disappear in the Aftertime primarily for two reasons – it will be clear to the faithful that the Church lied about the Third Fatima vision, and the promised rapture of the faithful will not occur.

How close was Saint Malachy’s prophecy on the last pope? The prophecy described the last pope as being “Petrus Romanus” and Saint Francis of Assisi had Peter within his name -  born Francesco di Pietro di Bernardone.  Pietro is Peter. Pope Francis is also of Italian descent, so the Romanus applies too. The last pope is also described as being the Black Pope. Pope Francis is of the Jesuit order. Petrus means rock or stone, and the "stone of Rome" means black rock. The head of the Jesuits is called the Black Pope, black tied to the Jesuits.

Francis of Assisi
Francesco di Pietro di Bernardone; 1181/1182 – October 3, 1226) was an Italian Catholic friar and preacher. Francis' father was Pietro Bernardone dei Moriconi, son of Count Domenico Morosini.