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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written March 8, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Now Clinton Hints About Obama "Dream Ticket" [Mar 5] Fresh off her big night of wins in Ohio and Texas, Hillary Clinton spoke on CBS's Early Show and mentioned the words "dream ticket" in relation to the heated Democratic presidential race. After remarking how "incredibly close" the race is, she said pairing up "may be where this is headed, but we have to decide who is on the top of the ticket, and I think that the people of Ohio very clearly said that it should be me." Of course, Barack Obama, who thinks talking about a joint ticket is "premature," told the Early Show, "We still have close to an insurmountable lead in delegates." [and from another] Confirmed: Obama Has 50 New Superdelegates [Mar 7] Rep. Lacy Clay (D-MO), Sen. Barack Obama's Missouri co-chairman and pledged Obama superdelegate, said Obama will gain the support of 50 undecided Democratic superdelegates later this week, according to the Columbia Missourian.

What is the plan? What does Pelosi know that the public does not know? Obama is a fighter and a very cagy politician, and will not let the negative ads and barbs that Clinton has been throwing to continue to affect his campaign. He will return in kind, albeit with more restraint, calling her the most secretive candidate due to her refusal to provide tax returns and White House records. Pelosi knows what the majority of the super delegates are thinking, as so many of them are in the House which she presides over. As the official chair of the coming convention, they are calling her with their hand wringing concerns. Obama is expected to secure most of the forthcoming primary elections and caucuses handily, increasing his delegate lead. Super delegates, who have been holding back for fear of offending the powerful Clintons, are planning en mass endorsements so as to lessen the rage against them coming from the Clintons. Well before the convention, it will be clear that the remaining counts needed by Obama could easily be closed by super delegate endorsements, and this is the plan. Not for Clinton, but for Obama. For Clinton to close the gap would be a leap. But for the gap to be close for Obama is logical and in accordance with his primary wins. Once the magic number of 2025 is reached, there is no point in further talk of a brokered convention. She has lost.

There is a Dutchman named Wim Hof who is apparently able to withstand extreme temperatures of cold without any clothing or protection. He holds a number of world records in this regards such as climbing Mt. Everest wearing only shorts and staying submerged in an ice water bath for 72 minutes. Can the Zeta's explain how he is physiologically able to tolerate the cold without succumbing to frost bite or hypothermia? Response to Cold 'Completely Obliterated' At the hypothermia lab at the University of Minnesota in Duluth, scientists who've studied the cold for years say they've never seen anything like it.

There are warm blooded creatures who hibernate in subzero cold, for months at a time, without frostbite. Look at the whales and polar bears who regularly swim in the artic. If a warm blooded creature is breathing and burning calories and has a good circulation system, this is not magic! Humans carry genetic variations, and can vary greatly from one to another.

George Bush just vetoed the bill banning water boarding. Bill would also ban beating, electrocuting, burning, using dogs. One senator was quoted as "Bush's veto will be one of the most shameful acts of his presidency". With Bush's failing image and collapsing economy how much more stress can he handle until he will be replaced by the standby Zygote multiple? [and from another] I saw "Bush on the economy" on CNN Before even watching it I noticed he looked a lot different, shoulders a lot more broad Also during the speech he licks his thumb to turn the page which Bush never does. His attitude is also different, looks like he was finally replaced? [and from another] He is serious throughout. No 'heh heh heh' with outstretched hands all the time like what he has just said is all a joke or laughable somehow. Face seemed thinner. Did not slur words as the 'Bush2' has been doing lately all the time. [and from another] Bush May Fire CentCom Chief Adm. Fallon, Replace With Commander More 'Pliable' To War With Iran According to a new article by Thomas P.M. Barnett in the April issue of Esquire magazine (on newsstands March 12), Fallon may be prematurely "relieved of his command" as soon as this summer.

The timing of this observation on the public Bush demeanor is relevant. Just days ago it was in the press that Bush was threatening to fire Admiral Fallon, because he was not cooperating on Iran. This was taken as a sign that the Bush in the White House was going to use the bully pulpit, the press, to force his way. Once such a planned move by Bush 2 had been announced, it becomes more difficult to block him, to prevent further steps in that direction. Fallon is a necessary block to the desperate attempts Bush 2 and Cheney have been making to force a confrontation with Iran. The switch was made, though no one in the White House was the wiser, although Laura will suspect. It was done by teleporting personnel in and out, with our assistance. The former public Bush will not seem to change all that much, so the public does not suspect. Thus, Bush 3 will be as seemingly as dumb and incompetent as before.

Russian Military Analysts are reporting in the Kremlin today that China's President Hu has refused the United States request for over $2 Trillion in emergency assistance to bolster the collapsing American Dollar, and asked for in a personal meeting with the former US President Bush, the father of the current President Bush. Yesterday the Labor Department released a report that 63,000 jobs were lost in the month of February, the worst since 2005. The US dollar is falling and oil rising while the housing market is free falling. Is it possible for the market to completely collapse within only a month's time? Or are we going to just see a steady fall this month?

Since money can be printed, it is a slow descent into becoming a banana republic. There is a LONG way to go. We have been predicting since early in the ZetaTalk saga that an economic depression, worldwide, would ensue as the Earth changes picked up, shattering infrastructure and affected the weather so that one disaster after another occurred. We have also outlined that China would eventually refuse to shore up the US debt. This is thus not unexpected but predicted, by ourselves for one.

"Return of the Lizard Man" Could this be a service-to-self lizard/reptilian or just a natural animal? The damage does not look natural!

Such photos of aliens have not yet been placed into mankind's hands, so this is a fraud, as you suspect.

"UFOs buzz by the ISS" Can you confirm that these little orbs buzzing past the International Space Station a few weeks ago are indeed extra terrestrial crafts? The crew is huddled around the window obviously taking pictures of the crafts.

They may look like little orbs but as we have stated distance cannot be determined when looking out into space. Thus, craft at a distance look tiny. That such a photo has been allowed to be released is a sign that the cover-up over the alien presence is weakening, a type of gradual disclosure.

If a true Service-to-Others entity met a dedicated Service-to-Self being, would not the Service-to-Others being be ultimately and totally depleated by the Service-to-Self being?

By the time an entity has arrived at a decision to be Service-to-Other, thinking of others 50% of the time, and has put this into practice for hundreds of lifetimes, they are solid. Spirit Guides tending the prison planets are highly Service-to-Other entities, for example, and do not lose their way. Do parents of young children become immature simple because their youngsters are around them?

Is the cause of these avalanches the melting poles, quakes or something else?

We mentioned early in the ZetaTalk saga that the reason so many planets and moons seemed to be suffering a warming trend was due to the equilibrium of the solar system being disturbed by the approach of Planet X. The best analogy we can come up with is a spider web, where the spider is aware of an insect caught in the web, though at a distance from this insect. There are particle flows that mankind is unaware of, filling the solar system, and these influence the intensity of sunlight and interact with the cores of any planets or moons susceptible to these particle flows and their changes. Mars was one planet where warming was noted, years ago. Earth was another, warming from the core up. Europa, and ice moon of Jupiter, was yet another.

An MSNBC video describes the new wave of ultra rich buying their own personal submarines. "First it was spaceships," it said, "now submarines." "10 teams vie for $30 million in Google Lunar X PRIZE competition" (fascinating choice of names) Is this more elite preparations for escaping Planet X?

Yes. The ultra rich are aware of ZetaTalk to a degree that would astonish the debunking crowd. Underground bunkers are not safe, unless lightly covered by earth and made of strong reinforced concrete, for instance. No one wants to be buried alive. Water acts as a buffer, so the logic is that a small sub would equate to survival. The problem with this approach, as we have explained, is that tides flow in and out for great distances, and the compass will be useless after the shift. If that little sub rises to the surface and does not see land, will it ever arrive at land? Or will be be lost forever?

Will the Zetas allow a nuclear device to go off in America? Rumor has it several port cities are targeted and the time is near.

We have been stating for years that the Council of Worlds granted an exception to the rule of Non-Interference by allowing ourselves and our brothers in the Service-to-Others to interfere with any act which would enhance the Bush administration's ability to invoke martial law in the US. Thus, all false terrorism within the US has been prevented. Attempts to plant nuclear devices in Iraq as WMD were thwarted. This interference includes preventing the Bush administration for setting off a nuclear device in one of the US cities or elsewhere. It also includes preventing any real terrorism attacks on US soil.

There are articles and videos about concentration camps in the U.S., plus some internet talk show hosts/guests have covered the subject. This is fairly frightening--to think that in the future that U.S. citizens might be rounded up and placed in these work camps. Do the Zetas foresee this actually happening, or is this one of the activities that the Zetas and others can stop.

By preventing the Bush administration from being able to invoke martial law, we are in essence preventing such steps. Bear in mind that many of these camps have been prepared not for citizens but in anticipation that many factions in the US military will go rogue and need to be imprisoned. We anticipate that the Earth changes will increase, requiring military as well as emergency management teams to deploy long before any situation requiring martial law presents. Thus, the military will be disbursed. Nevertheless, there is the possibility, albeit small, that rogue units will break off and become gangs. These matters will have to be settled on a local basis, just as gangs within cities will be settled locally. Thus, these prepared camps are likely to be left idle, vacant, and perhaps become homes for survivor groups eventually.

I have had four moving companies figure estimates. Two of the estimators told me about some very recent deregulations that have taken place in the industry and of how 80% of the national business is owned by two corporations. They both said it was just like the banking industry's consolidation and it reminded me of the Ma Bell break up two decades ago. But what I found most interesting was that I had mentioned to one estimator that he may be seeing a lot more moves from the coast cities, to inland cities in the next few years. He responded by saying, "Funny you should say that. It's already happening. The really rich people are moving inland; I guess away from the crowds." I am interested in the Zetas' take on the deregulation and also about the estimator's comment about the rich.

Consolidation of corporations in the same business is something that has always been desired by business, and the Bush administration is practically owned by corporations. This is just business as usual under Bush. But the movement of the wealthy away from the coast is again because so many are aware of our warnings and take them seriously. Others on this chat have noted that the price of land in safe places, relatively safe locations, has risen dramatically. All part of the same pattern.

Who is really behind the NYC times square bombing, Was the GOP behind this as election tactics or preparing for martial law?

The perpetrators are a very amateur group, an antiwar group. They are off the radar as any kind of terrorist cell, as they are frankly just infuriated citizens, local to New York City. So many soldiers come back from Iraq maimed and scared, with brain damage and PTSD - ruined lives. This is not on the news that much, but hardly a community has not been affected by this grief, and no end in sight. Soldiers are sent back while disabled, driven insane, and driven to suicide. As an amateur group, they are likely to be caught.

Can the Zetas comment on the recent agreement between Canada and the United States to allow each other's militaries to cross boarders in an emergency?

There have been many behind the scenes meetings re preparations for the coming passage, the many disasters that will have to be addressed. Imagine a flood crossing the border, with stranded citizens on this or that side of the border. Does it matter who rescues them, moving them to higher ground? These agreements are meant to facilitate disaster recovery in the future.

The price of oil continues to shoot up irrespective of the slowing economies worldwide. Is this another example of the puppet master weakening bush or is this just a result of the US dollar collapse? The availability of survival goods seems to be getting tighter (seeds, hand tools, fencing, etc.). Are people finally starting to take preparation seriously?

The rise in the price of oil is directly related to the dropping dollar. The rising price of food also is based on crop shortages increasing demand over supply, and to allow farmers or producers to recoup their loses. We have warned for years that the public should get their hands on seed and plant these seeds to increase their seed stock, becoming familiar with gardening practices. It is still not too late, even if one is in a city apartment, plants can be grown on a patio and the seeds gathered. A squash for dinner contains over a hundred seeds. Are you thowing those out, or drying and saving them?

Is there enough backbone in the congress yet to consider repealing the Patriot Act yet? I assume that this abhorrent law was only passed and renewed as a result of blackmail on the part of the Neocons?

Congress was always blackmailed by the push to bury civil liberties in the name of safety. To do otherwise makes them seem like they do not care about the safety of the American people, whom they represent. It will all become irrelevant when the Earth changes increase to the point where there are daily disasters, everywhere. Do you care about the contents of of a phone call when the building is collapsing around you?

Is this article evidence of the Bush administration's attempt to create chaos in the Middle East, per Zeta descriptions, and is Vanity Fair a Puppet Master owned company

Israel is frantic to retain dominance in the vicinity, with her neighbors. She sees Bush losing Iraq and the Democrats likely to win the White House, so withdrawal is certain. Iran will not be a prize as they anticipated. Israel knows the US economy is tanking, and they are unlikely to get subsidies as usual. No funding, no US military to protect them, and enraged neighbors all around. What's a tyrant to do? They hope to beat down those they have oppressed to the extent they are literally exterminated. What they are doing, of course, is increasing rage, which they will have to deal with at some point in the future.

Is Ralph Nader compromised? He always seems to come onto the scene at opportune moments to dilute a democratic candidate's votes.

Nader is an opportunist. He gets almost zero attention between elections, but always gets publicity when he enters a race. He has legitimate points, and seeks a larger stage to air them. He does not, frankly, care about whether he ruins an election or not, thinking his issues more important than any other. In this election his impact will be meaningless, negligible.

The US Air Force has decided to award Airbus, over the American Boeing Co., with a $40 billion contract to build aerial refueling tankers. Boeing claims they were not given all of the requirements, which their 777 would have met versus the outdated 707 which they based their proposal on. Considering this is another unprecedented act by the Bush administration, and according to Senator Murray, it removes American jobs during an economic downturn, I am curious of the DOD's motives. Is this simply the DOD choosing a better plane and package or is there foreign placating going on?

The new France PM has been unequivocal in support of Bush policies. This is payment!

Zetas' jurisdiction is the USA. Green men and Nordics assist the Transformation and Awakening in Europe. Who is in charge of Canada?

We have stated that there are over 1,000 life forms visiting Earth. Therefore, there are numerous visitors, most of whom are not hominoids, answering the Call. Names are irrelevant, as we in the Service-to-Other do not use names. Names are not needed because all use telepathy to communicate. Many contactees choose not to be aware of what their visitors look like because it is a shock to be talking to an intelligent toad or snake. The visitor is in the shadows during their telepathic communications. If you are a contactee, get in touch with your memories and find out what your visitor looks like. This is our suggestion.

Do the Zeta's feel that lightworkers on Earth should do mass events sending energy to the Earth grid ~ like they did in the "FireTheGrid" event of July 17, 2007 ~ and which thousands of them again plan to do on March 20, 2008 ("Solar Wave 2008"). Personally, I do not, because you can't send pure light through a lens that is unclean and untrained.

It doesn't hurt. See our previous responses.

I understand from the Zeta's that they don't let human beings, who really have very little of the total cosmic picture, define or demand what their intervention (if any) should be. My sense of the Zeta's (from you) is that they are watchers, observers. Is this right?

We, the Zetas, are not allowed to interfere. Some understand this as the prime directive. When humans give the Call, we can respond and counsel them. We also have been authorized to develop a zeta/human hybrid, which involves collecting DNA material from volunteers. Thus, we don't just observe, no.

Can the Zeta's comment on California's ban on homeschooling. They say parents will go to jail and children be taken away. Is there an agenda here?

Home schooling has become an excuse used by many parents to save money and time. Mom sits at home and watches the television, does not have to worry about washing and dressing the kids, does not have to be concerned about completed homework or tests the child might be failing, does not have to spend money on clothing for the kids or for the kids school activities. This is certainly not to say that most home schooling parents are in this category, but many are. Does the state have the funds to go from house to house and ensure the child is actually being educated? California has found too many children up in years without any education, and is drawing the line.

Many people, my self included live in areas where the wind is not reliable enough for power and the sky is often overcast. Can the Zetas please describe which of the following technologies would be reliable for home energy production after the shift? Couldn't we stock up on the parts now?
1. Water Fuel Cell - uses low power electrolysis to generate HHO gas for cooking,heating, etc.
2. Earth Battery - patented technology over 100 years old that generates energy from buried metals like copper and zinc, utilizing Earth's magnetic currents.
3. Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator - technology that stores and amplifies vibrations.
I'm mainly asking to plan for a power source to grow food indoors.

We decline to get involved in technological discussions that can be resolved by research. Nancy is far too busy and exhausted trying to handle what she has on her plate at present. You can resolve this issue yourself, so do so.

Deep Underground - They are Waiting. Deep underground military bases in America, are they real?

During the years following Roswell, the US military was much influenced by Service-to-Self aliens who advised they should go deep underground. This is one of the famous Alternatives to the coming cataclysms given by those aliens in the Service-to-Self who had the eager ear of the US military and CIA in those years. The US has subsequently come to realize, by trial and error, that these bunkers would become tombs, collapsing upon them. The Service-to-Self lie, and this was a belated realization too.

Oprah Winfrey does so much to help people is she aware of the coming passage and ZetaTalk?

Many are aware of the coming passage and pole shift not through being privy to information from the government but because they are either contactees and receiving this from their visitors or are telepathic individuals and tune in to the collective consciousness. Oprah is not a contactee, but is very aware of what others are thinking, and thus she is in the know. She also allows herself to trust her instincts, something those relying upon telepathic information must do to be effective.

Could you please comment on the disclaimer posted here by Kat, owner and operator of the Katkam, who says that the anomalies that you claim show Planet X are nothing of the sort. Now that she has unequivocally denied this, will you be removing the Katkam photos from your website?

We stated when the CCD imaging team was tracking the inbound Planet X that we would allow the team to grope through the evidence and come to their own conclusions. This is well documented in the Photos pages, on the bottom where links to 2001 though 2003 data are provided. We allowed the team to propose many theories and bat them about among themselves, confirming the conclusion but not offering the answer up front. We stated why we did this, as for the public to observe the struggle allowed them to follow an example, and engage in their own struggle for truth in what they see in the skies. This same mode was in place during the time Nancy was collecting hundreds of photos from almost a hundred contributors around the world. Almost all were sincere, and many were discarded by Nancy, but of course there are some lens flares among the collection. There are also dramatic examples of the Planet X complex, captured on film. The KatKam webcam is behind a glass window, so has a build-in lens flare.

MSNBC was showing when Mc Cain went to the White house for Bush to endorse him his crew were served 'hotdogs'. I've seen better dinners. Why hotdogs for McCain?

They both like hotdogs, and it was a mutual choice.