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Issue 216, Sunday, December 12, 2010
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Magnetic Twists

Over this past year the magnetic simulator operating out of Japan has shown the Earth in the throes of a magnetic grip. The twisting and turning that the Earth does to comply with the magnetic dictates of Planet X nearby are reflected in the weather. When the Earth points its N Pole away from the Sun and the approaching Planet X, the Northern Hemisphere has less sunlight and thus, cooler weather as has been the case recently in the fall and winter of 2010. When the Earth attempts to turn into opposition, facing its N Pole toward the Sun and the approaching Planet X, then the Northern Hemisphere has warmer weather, as we did this past summer of 2010. And the Earth may also try to lean to the side, to the left, temporarily, which puts the Sun higher in the sky in the northern latitudes. Just recently the Earth began magnetically twisting and turning in rapid succession, a type of jerking around from one magnetic alignment to another. Per the Zetas it is this type of jerking around that will lead to the 7 of 10 scenarios. Confused? Here's some diagrams and examples.

This is a normal field. The part of the Earth's field facing the Sun is called the bowshock. The magnetic field of Earth fans out in wings out toward space, blown there by the solar wind, basically. Note this was the situation on December 13, 2010 at 2:04 UTC.

This is a shared field. The flow of magnetons from and to the Earth are pulled into the wider field coming and going from Planet X. Note this was the situation on December 12, 2010 at 19:25 UTC.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/29/2009: What would explain the magnetic twist, where Earth's field appears to be heading in the wrong direction entirely, the emissions from the N Pole going directly south, the intake at the S Pole coming directly from the north? Planet X is slightly to the right in a line drawn from the Sun to the Earth, and thus until it has swung its N Pole some 195°, as it has done in a dither at times recently, it will not be pointing directly at the Earth. Most of the time, as it continues to close the gap between itself and the Earth, Planet X will be influencing the Earth's magnetosphere from a point slightly to the side.

During a shared field, the Earth can either tilt its N Pole toward the Sun, into opposition, or away. When it points in opposition it is essentially lying along one of the magnetic flow lines of Planet X, so the magnetons flowing from the N Pole of Planet X are returning to Planet X by flowing into the S Pole of Earth. During such times, where a shared field is shown on the magnetic simulator, there is little evidence that the Earth is undergoing a blast. Such a shared field in opposition was in evidence in early November when unusual warm spells were experienced in the northern hemisphere. As reflected in this magnetic simulation from November 11, 2010 and this weather report from November 13, 2010.

Sunny and Unusually Warm Weather in the East
November 13, 2010
Meanwhile, the eastern continent, the unusually warm weather in Moscow to prevent hedgehogs and badgers hibernate, according to environmentalists, while red squirrels have not changed yet in white fur, and hares were only half dressed "Clothes" winter. Moscow saw record temperatures this month, 12 degrees Celsius, according to RIA Novosti.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/17/2010: The Earth will be making more desperate moves in her attempts to comply with the magnetic holocaust caused by the near presence of Planet X. One of these attempts is to actually point her magnetic N Pole toward Planet X, in an attempt to go into opposition. This type of maneuver does not last for a long time but is marked in several ways. A sudden opposition means that more sunlight falls on the higher latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere, but residual cold will balance the temperature changes for awhile.

But why did the weather suddenly turn so cold in the Northern Hemisphere? By late November, on November 29, 2010 extreme variability was being reported.

Spoke to a friend that lives in the northeastern part of Alaska and their ice is not firm yet, in fact it is moving. Very strange! Very warm temps and rain up there as well

We are cold here today in Colorado and will be near 60 degrees by the weekend. We, too, are shifting back and forth.

Then gripping cold for both Europe and the US.

Jet Stream Causes Persistent Cold Weather
November 24, 2010
The jet stream is contributing to the prolonged cold weather.

When a shared field with a blast is showing on the magnetic simulator, the Earth is no longer tilting into opposition, but rather tilting away to protect its N Pole. As is well known, the N Poles of magnets do not like to point at one another, and Planet X, being the larger and stronger magnet by far, is the bully magnet.

During late November, a magnetic eddy even appeared, evidence of the strength of the blast. Here the wings are folded, the Earth trying to withstand the effects of the blast not by moving away or into opposition. But switching around occurred during this time, which showed up in earthquakes around the brake point, the eastern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate, where many quakes appeared during that time.

ZetaTalk Explanation 11/24/2010: We have often referred to the Earth as being caught in an eddy flow in front of Planet X as it moves outbound from the Sun and toward the Earth. Particles, flowing from the Sun and coming around behind Planet X, tumble into the void in front of Planet X and roil. This tumbling action keeps the Earth and the other planets caught in the eddy flow from leaving this trap. Something similar has happened this day to the Earth's magnetic field, where an eddy flow has developed behind the Earth due to the strong flow of magnetons coming from the direction of Planet X. That an eddy flow of magnetons has formed behind the Earth, for the first time, shows that the blast coming from Planet X is stronger, covering a vast area around the Earth, so these magnetons have no escape! What will the wider blast of magnetons coming from the N Pole of Planet X mean? Earth might have leaned into temporary opposition or a temporary lean to the left, but this was slight. Now, these positions will be more violent, and more extreme, and this is what will cause increasing plate movement, the 7 of 10 scenarios. It is no coincidence that the entire eastern side of the Indo-Australia Plate was outlined in quakes during this first eddy flow blast.

The greatest earthquakes accompanying a change in the magnetic alignment have occurred during a loss of the Earth S Pole on the magnetic simulator. This happened on September 29, 2009 when the loss of the S Pole was first in evidence.

ZetaTalk Explanation 9/30/2009: It is as though the magnetons are diverted away from returning to the Earth's S Pole, and this is what is occurring. What relationship, if any, does this have to the strong series of quakes in Samoa? We have described this part of the globe, the Indo-Australian plate that is being pushed under the Himalayas, as the brake point, holding back larger plate adjustment worldwide. Thus, this is where global adjustments start. This plate moves, then other adjustment that were waiting to happen can proceed. The relationship between the magnetic simulation charts showing the S Pole temporarily disappearing and the quakes is that a stronger and more violent wobble occurred when the N Pole of Planet X temporarily pointed its N Pole at Earth, forcing an end-to-end alignment of their magnetospheres.

Recently, the Earth's magnetic field has shown great confusion, rapidly switching about. It is in the shared field position, but the magnetic wings almost look like the Earth's magnetic field cannot make up its mind! It looks like a spaghetti mess, even hinting at the sudden loss of the S Pole. This during only a two day period from December 12-13, 2010. This shows up on the IRIS charts too, as the Indo-Australian Plate is again fringed with quakes on its eastern edge. The Zetas have implied that rapid switching around, a jerking around under the magnetic tugs and pushes, may occur, causing a more violent wobble, and all this is what will bring about the 7 of 10 scenarios.

As an example of what rapid switching around can do, causing earthquakes and plate movement, is a period from October 8-9, 2010. Note the Earth's magnetosphere moves from a wings-back posture, to a shared-field-leaning-away posture as it receives a blast, to the start of a S Pole-loss posture which relieves the blast as the Earth moves into opposition. During this time, there were strong quakes, and the Seaway cracked open on the Michigan Penninsula. Now we are approaching the end of the December trimester, when the Earth is more vulnerable, with this switching about again manifesting.

Finland Wobble

Properly done, measuring the Earth wobble requires:

  1. determining where the sunrise and sunset should be, for your location,
  2. determining exactly where N/S/E/W is for your location,
  3. taking careful note of just where the Sun rises and sets.

These steps were taken by a member of the Pole Shift ning for both the Moon's position and rotation and for a sunset in Finland. To determine the Earth wobble, we use the position of the Sun. The documentarian states:

My observation was: Summer time in southern Finland Sun should be setting in west and winter time in south-west. Instead 12.12.2010 Sun was setting in south or south-east. I'm not sure of exact degrees, but as you can see when I'm turning it's quiet a lot.


Lets step through this documentation. First, determining where the sunrise and sunset should be, for his location. Skymap states that sunset for December 12, 2010 should be at Azimuth 210°, a full 30° north of due south. Sunset for July 22, 2010 should be at Azimuth 315°, a full 45° north of due west. This is a difference of 105° between the seasons.

Second, determining where N/S/E/W is for the location. The compass cannot be used as it is too erratic these days. The individual making this video states and shows he was using the compass. But we have no other way of verifying his N/S/E/W position. He also states in another video that he is using Polaris, the North Star. Using the NOAA calculator and asssuming Helsinki to be his location (southern Finland), Google Earth provides the Lat/Long to find the deviation from true north. We find a deviation of 7° 37' E is expected. So when he finds his compass pointing directly south or even SE at the setting Sun, it is actually setting slightly to the SW at 187° or so or pointing due south at 180°. This is a 23° to 30° variance from what is expected!.

But the key is his memory of where his sunsets are located in winter and summer, and his Sun is currently setting further south than he recalls for winter. Note the angle of sunlight on the house edge where he states he is filming due west. The light is coming directly from the left, due south.

Many people note their Sun is not rising or setting in the correct position, but have difficulty trying to document this. This video from Finland is an example of the right approach, with the exception of establishing exact N/S/E/W directions. Often surveys have due north noted on them, or city streets are laid out on a grid. These can be used as a determinator or at least as a guide.

NASA's Deception

How to hide a blaze of light from the vast tail of Planet X, when it shows up on either the SOHO or Stereo satellites images? We have noted NASA deception previous, in Issue 204 where NASA is using an eraser, and in Issue 202 where NASA claims that captures of the Winged Globe or the Moon Swirls are exploding asteroids, and in Issue 170 where NASA allows its archives to be altered with cut-and-paste so it appears the Winged Globe has been around well before 2003, and in Issue 197 where NASA claims the Sun is causing Earth changes, while taking the SOHO images offline so the public cannot make their own determination.

Now they have been caught again, using old images from 2007 to explain a flash of light on the Stereo Ahead images in 2010. In 2010 the Stereo Ahead satellite moved along in Earth's orbit to be able to capture the vast dust cloud of Planet X with more certainty, as the angle by which sunlight can glint off the cloud and thence back to the cameras is optimum.

In 2007 there was a minor CME, captured on the right hand side of the image, that explains a flash of light. But in 2010 there was no CME and the flash of light was distinctly separated from any association with the Sun. Yet, as pointed out by astute members of the Pole Shift ning by using this 2007 image NASA is seeking to confuse the public.

And this flash of light, this glint off the vast tail of Planet X, is moving!

Per the Zetas, this is just another desperate attempt by NASA to hide evidence of Planet X

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/11/2010: This link is deceptive as the title shows 2010 but the images displayed as examples are from May 16, 2007 at 4:50 UTC. However, the Stereo Ahead image for 12/7/2010 at 13:29 UTC does indeed show a similar blaze of light on the right hand side of the Stereo Ahead image. Why would NASA make such a switch? In 2007 there was a CME visible from the Stereo Ahead satellite, which would account for the blaze of light on the right. In 2010 such a CME was missing. Thus, by substituting the 2007 images in the center of this 2010 page, as examples, they would have a ready response to any member of the public noticing that there is no CME to account for this in 2010. The answer would be "oh, that was an image from 2007". This is deliberate deception on the part of NASA, once again.

So given that a blaze of light to the right on the Stereo Ahead image would not be accounted for by a CME, what is it? Only recently on November 28, 2010 Planet X was caught on the Stereo Ahead being to the left in the image. Could the Stereo Ahead satellites moved along in the Earth's orbit that far, in only a week, to be appearing on the right? In examining the images provided for December 7, 2010 from the Stereo Ahead satellite, this blaze is moving rapidly from right to left. Consider where the Earth and Planet X are in relation to the Stereo satellites, as shown in the recent depiction done by Nancy. The great tail of Planet X can waft many miles, and if Planet X itself can catch a glinter of Sunlight and reflect this back to the Stereo Ahead satellite, so can a great clump of matter within the vast tail of Planet X. This is what has been captured, and what NASA is attempting to hide.

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