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Issue 186, Sunday, May 23, 2010
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Moon Watching

Moon watching can give a lot of clues that the orbit of the Earth and Venus and our Moon are not normal. This has been noted in the past, in 2005, when the Moon took on a distinct tilt in its orbit. At Full and New Moon, the Moon is usually found where expected, but in between it was too far north or too far south.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/11/2005: The Moon, as a bead on the edge of the hat rim traveling around the hat, is seen in the extreme North during one part of the month, and at the extreme South two weeks later. Why? A turmoil, mostly present at the Ecliptic, which the Moon normally rides. The easy out for the Moon is to avoid the crowded lane, which it does by being too high, and then too low, for the majority of its orbit.

Little old ladies who had lived in their home since girlhood would comment that "the Moon never shown in that window", and those savvy to the skies certainly noticed. The Moon's orbit should tilt no more the 5 degrees from the Earth's middle but was found, and photographed, at extremes. Another indication of this tilted orbit is the rotation of the face of the Man in the Moon. This too should only rotate 7 degrees or so when viewed from any given latitude, but was found to be rotating up to 90 degrees over hours as it drifted from a higher latitude to a lower latitude, or vice versa. This extreme orbit and rotation of the face are with us still, per a recent blog on the Pole Shift ning.

The angle of the Earth's shadow on the Moon is another potential indication of an erratic Moon orbit. I have an old copy of Skymap, which can compute the placement of the Sun and Moon and planets from any view on Earth for centuries into the future or the past, with accuracy. This is all based on man's knowledge of where the heavens have been, in the past. Recent Moon shots, date and time stamped, show that the shadow is not always where expected either - the Moon moving too far into the Sun's light in this or that direction.

Just when Moon watching had come back into fashion, a timely and much watched conjunction of the crescent Moon and Venus arrived. Even with an aberrant orbit of the Moon, this conjunction should take place, as prior conjunctions had, because at the New Moon, which is the crescent Moon, the Moon is where it is expected to be. Once again, the conjunction was broadly announced to the public. On May 15, 2010, the Smiley Face would appear.

Moon-Venus Alignment Forms 'Smiley Face'
May 17, 2010
Stargazers were treated to a rare celestial show on Sunday evening as the planet Venus aligned with a crescent moon, forming what online users described as a smiley face. however, the occurrence seen on May 16 (Sunday) is said to be rare because these events are only visible in the evening sky half the time and then only for a short period after sunset.

The public was capturing photos a day or so ahead, however, taken on Saturday evening of May 15, that showed that the position of Venus was not where expected. In fact, it was radically too far below the crescent Moon and too close to the Sun, implying a constricted orbit of Venus. Note that for Laos, because of the International Date Line, Saturday evening of May 15 in the US and Europe was in fact May 16 in Laos. A second photo taken in Texas the following night, Sunday May 16 in the USA, again showed Venus too far south.

Venus, per the Zetas, is trapped in front of Planet X, as is the Earth, and is only being moved back and forth in this trap to simulate its orbit from the view of Earth. But the Zetas had promised that benign interference by aliens to effect a semblance of normalcy for mankind was going to be lessened, so man would see that the heavens were not normal. This is certainly a start! These conjunctions are well watched by the public, especially when appearing just after sunset and broadly announced in the media.

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/29/2010: It is now the view of the Council of Worlds that some evidence that matters are not normal be allowed into the public view. Much drama can be anticipated. Venus is currently being pushed back and forth, within the eddy flow cup in front of Planet X. But as Planet X approaches, tightening the distance between itself and the Earth, the three planets caught in the cup will be squeezed closer together. Depending upon the opinion of the Council, man may find Venus outside its orbit and looming close to the Earth.

Of course, the Space Weather site posted photos that showed the conjunction exactly as Skymap or other planetarium programs would have it. Venus was supposed to be appearing well above the Moon on Saturday night, May 15 in the US and Europe. Photos displayed by the Space Weather site on Sunday morning May 16 showed this distance and position but the photos were clearly doctored! For example, in the photos there are large smeary squares around Venus and the Moon. This does not show up in the dark photos, but when color reversed or color enhanced, the smeary squares of a pasting job clearly show up. If this is what the public is expected to see, then this is what they will be told they are seeing. If their eyes tell them otherwise, the answer is that they don't know what they are doing, and should simply listen to the experts. The Emperor does have new clothes, and how dare you suggest otherwise!

Double Whammy

The Earth wobble is caused by Planet X pushing away the N Pole of Earth rather violently once a day, and the bounce back when the Earth finds its magnetic N Pole shielded by the horizon once again. A daily affair, away and back. The Earth wobble is not silent, as at times it leaves its mark on what mankind records - like seismographs and earthquake data. The push and return happen at approximately 12 hour intervals, and at times this shows up on the live seismographs and earthquakes that accompany a violent push and bounce back so precisely as to not be denied. Take, for instance, last May 5-6, when the live seismographs shuddered, worldwide at approximately 17:00 UTC May 5 and the following morning at 3:00 UTC May 6, approximately 10 hours apart.

Did we have quakes, in synch, during those times? We did indeed, essentially matching those times. As the globe turned to face the magnetic N Pole of Earth to the sun, Peru had a 6.2 quake. Hours later, when the magnetic N Pole was escaping over the horizon, the bounce back gave Sumatra a matching 6.5 quake.

06-MAY-2010 05:40:32 2.05 96.66 4.6 10.1 NORTHERN SUMATERA, INDONESIA
06-MAY-2010 02:42:44 -18.00 -70.49
05-MAY-2010 17:49:03 -56.80 147.72 5.3 10.0 WEST OF MACQUARIE ISLAND
05-MAY-2010 17:09:08 -6.26 154.82 5.6 58.6 SOLOMON ISLANDS
05-MAY-2010 16:29:02 -4.08 101.07
05-MAY-2010 15:24:10 -35.51 -72.84 4.9 30.1 NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE

When the wobble push occurs, electronics can be discombobulated too, as the Earth's magnetosphere is being slammed. This was noted by many during that May 5-6 double whammy. The magnetosphere simulator, normally pale blue, showed the Earth was getting hosed by magnetons too, on May 5.

Sometime around 6 to 6:30 pm [May 5] Mike's iphone [in DC] erased memory of phone numbers. Mike said 6 to 6:30 pm, therefore, at 22 or 22:30:00 UTC. At 8:55 pm [in Venezuela on May 5] I noticed my cell phone clock stopped at 5:00:00 pm and I had to take the phone battery out to get it to work again. I had to reset it, but the memory of phone numbers was ok. I said 5 PM, therefore, at 21:30:00 UTC. Where is Planet X? Where was the Sun at 21 and 22 pm UTC? Was that Planet X grabbing?

My husband and daughter both had cell phone problems. Both of their phones kept muting. They were 90 miles away from each other. It happened for a few hours in the afternoon [May 5] through 6:45 pm here in Ca. It happened on every call they tried to make.

Several times yesterday [May 5], both my cell phone and my son's phone would not receive voices, as if the phone had died. I would say this was a normal glitch except for the fact that it happened repeatedly yesterday.

ZetaSquawk Demise

A site dedicated to refuting ZetaTalk claims has suddenly gone out of business. "ZetaSquawk - debunking the zetatalk myth" the website claimed as its mission, but who was behind this effort? A Whois search showed the domain had been created on January 22, 1010 and was registered for the forthcoming year. However, the website took great pains to maintain anonymity. Yes, they had had some setbacks in debates, but did someone die, that the plug was so quickly pulled? According to the reason posted by the webmaster, they lost their government funding!

Right on the heels of this admission is an admission from a Google senior VP that Google has been collecting email data. It is true confession time?

Google Says It Mistakenly Collected Data on Web Usage
May 14, 2010
Google Inc. said an internal investigation has discovered that the roving vans the company uses to create its online mapping services were mistakenly collecting data about websites people were visiting over wireless networks. Alan Eustace, senior vice president of engineering and research for Google, wrote in a blog post that the company uncovered the mistake while responding to a German data-protection agency's request for it to audit the Wi-Fi data, amid mounting concerns that Google's practices violated users' privacy. Google had previously said it was collecting the location of Wi-Fi hot spots from its StreetView vehicles, but not the information being transmitted over those networks by users.

Per the Zetas, these two instances are related!

ZetaTalk Comment 5/15/2010: ZetaSquawk was not government funded, but was funded by those who would suppress the ZetaTalk message. We have frequently mentioned that those who fear the ZetaTalk message include the wealthy and those in corporate power, as well as those in political power. During the Bush administration, there were many black ops funded targeting ZetaTalk and Nancy, but Obama has put a halt to that. What remains is privately funded enterprises, which are poorly managed. Government ops do not pinch pennies when it comes to completing the mission, and are noted for overruns. Privately funded ops are funded by those who are greedy by nature - the wealthy and their corporate minions - and thus penny pinching is predominant. Disgruntled employees, who are hired from the ranks of the unemployed and were likely employed during the housing bubble boom as money shufflers in the first place, do not have dedication to the goal. Irritable, and underpaid, they cast the only parting shot they could get away with as they left. Read between the lines. ZetaTalk debunking is a campaign, as has always been stated by ourselves and Nancy. Is there a relationship between this demise and the Google admission that they had been collecting WiFi data? The ranks of those who would control the Internet is crumbling too, the grip of power loosening, and thus honesty can prevail. The cover-up over the alien presence is shattering, disclosure on the rise, and the cover-up over the presence of Planet X nearby is likewise losing on every front. NASA images show this magnetic monster and its entourage of moons. The Earth wobble has the public pondering the position of the Sun and Moon, and feeling the ground trembling under their feet. The war is lost, but some soldiers still are in the trenches, albeit a bit underpaid and mismanaged! And increasingly disgruntled.

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