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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written July 21, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

Pope John Paul I appeared to be a highly STO human and it is widely believed he was assassinated only 33 days into his papacy. It is reported he intended to clean up the corruption within the Catholic church, and in particular, the Vatican Bank and the purging of P2 Lodge members from the church. The Zetas have said the elites of the Catholic church are aware of Planet X and have made preparations for their own survival. They have also said the undisclosed elements of the Third Secret of Fatima were about the arrival of the comet and the impending global destruction. When asked about the third secret in 1980, John Paul II's comment about the oceans spilling out of their basins would certainly help validate the Zeta position. Years ago I read an article that claimed most large intelligence agencies have at least one spy in the Vatican. In 1972 the B.C.C.I. was founded and that same year Archbishop Paul Marcinkus became president of the Vatican Bank. The Vatican Bank was linked to the B.C.C.I. through Roberto Calvi's Banco Ambrosia. The highly secretive and neo-fascist P2 Lodge was reportedly used as part of Operation Gladio where false flag terrorist attacks and assassinations were used to combat communist political advances in Italy after WWII. Operation Gladio was part of a larger operation instituted by, Allen Dulles, to stem communism in Europe. Lodge members are reported to have infiltrated the Italian judiciary, military, parliament, and press, including the Vatican. P2 Lodge had often been referred to as a shadow government and former right wing Italian prime minister and Bush hugger, Silvio Berlusconi, is reported to have been a member. I have multiple questions I hope the Zetas will answer.

The answer to all of your questions is yes, even when multiple choice. The world of those in the Service-to-Self is not a simple matter, as those in a position of power are always being blackmailed by others of like ilk. The Service-to-Self in the Skull and Bones organization, for instance, ritualize this by having the initiates confess to blackmailable deeds in their past. Pedophilia is rift in the Catholic Church because it is such an effective tool for controlling the others who are partners in crime. Once enmeshed into this sordid mess, a group which is functioning in this manner is given more responsibilities, as they are assumed to be firmly in hand! You have listed only some of the crimes. The truth is so convoluted and extensive your mind would boggle. It gets into parties trying to outscheme each other, even while partners.

I just finished a very interesting book by Whitley Strieber titled "The Greys". This book, while a work of fiction, includes similarities to many elements found in ZetaTalk such as: Service-to-Other vs Service-to-Self interaction from government and CIA types with aliens he terms "Greys", end of the world scenarios culminating in 2012, genetic engineering, blending of human and alien forms, self sacrifice from the Greys for the good of humanity, evil cabals that run the world behind the scenes, and many other parallels to Zetatalk material. His book diverges from ZetaTalk material in many ways but it is very interesting to read. The Zetas have mentioned that Whitley has been in contact with both Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other groups including themselves in the past. Can the Zetas comment on this book?

Whitley, as we have stated, is in contact with visitors from both orientations, and this confusion exists today. Thus, being in contact with visitors from the Service-to-Self, he is getting disinformation, as this orientation lies. The Service-to-Self would like humanity to believe the pole shift will not happen until 2012, when it will without doubt come earlier. This places those hoping to live their current life until the last minute at a disadvantage, increasing despair and regret, all emotional states which lead one to think of self rather than of others. If one is looking for the truth, read ZetaTalk, but we will not detail where his book has gone wrong beyond the statement regarding 2012.

The Obvious question regarding the Earthquakes in Japan, and steam pipe break in NY this week seem to demonstrate the return of the lurch. In addition, the Sun seems too far North, still for July. Can the Zetas comment? [and from another] World's Largest Nuclear Plant Leaks Radioactive Water [Jul 15] Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant -- the world's largest -- leaked water containing radioactive materials from a reactor after a strong quake struck northwest Japan [and from another] Japan Nuke Plant Leak Worse Than Thought [Jul 18] An earthquake-wracked nuclear power plant was ordered closed indefinitely Wednesday amid growing anger over revelations that damage was much worse than initially announced and mounting international concern about Japan's nuclear stewardship. Damage was widely visible on the site, from cracked roads and buckled sidewalks to the charred outside wall of an electrical transformer building that caught fire. [and from another] Japan Nuclear Power Plant Leak First In A Series [Jul 20] Several years ago I warned members that I saw images of nuclear power plants leaking radiation due to earth changes. I also stated that when this occurred power plant owners would say the leaks were no risk and minor, only to report later that it was worst. The recent Japan nuclear leak appears to fulfill this warning, at least for the first in a series of events yet to occur. While I still have not received specifics of where such leaks would occur or when, as a result of the current Japanese nuclear plant leak, I would say we are getting closer to such accidents occurring more frequently as earth changes continue to heat up.

We stated in a prediction years ago that by the time the last weeks arrived, the world's emergency management teams would be so busy and exhausted trying to rescue their citizenry that they would turn a deaf ear on cries of terrorism from such sources as the Bush White House. This past week has seen, within a few days of each other, a steam pipe explosion in busy Manhattan and a nuclear reactor leak in Japan due to a moderate earthquake. This is but a tiny preview of what is to come, and we are not talking about the hour of the pole shift here. We are not even talking about the weeks leading up to the pole shift when the globe will be put under stress because of the severe tilting and leaning it will be forced to assume - the lean to the left, 3 days of darkness, and 6 days of sunrise West. We are speaking of the time before these severe Earth postures, when the wobble returns and jerks the Earth around on a daily basis. We have stated that the plates of the Earth are loose, rock "fingers" holding the fault lines tight which have broken off, such that the plates are slippery and move readily, with disasters then occurring everywhere at once. The Earth stands at the threshold of these times.

Do the Zeta's or hybrids have to endure the temptation of Satan as the humans do?

Please read the Orientation section of ZetaTalk, wherein we talk about the first lesson all emerging souls must learn, that being whether they wish to operate in the Service-to-Other orientation or Service-to-Self orientation. Service-to-Self is basically an immaturity, as we have explained, an inability to let go of the self focus of infancy, as a soul. Service-to-Other is basically empathy for others, which grows as souls experience hardship during their incarnations and thus can empathize with others in like situations later. In that serving the self may seem easier, this might be called a temptation. There is no single entity called Satan.

Are MJ12 members in any way controlled by ET's without them being aware of it?

We have explained that visitors from other worlds do not dictate to humans during visitation. They consult. The human gives The Call, seeking guidance, and the Call is answered depending upon the nature of the Call. If good hearted, the visitors are in the Service-to-Other. If self focused, the response is from the Service-to-Self. This rule also applies to humans in government service. In all cases, it is the human who directs his/her own life.

Was the NYC steam pipe explosion an aborted false flag terrorist operation? [and from another] Steam Explosion Terrifies Grand Central Area [Jul 18] A steam pipe burst and blew a gaping hole into 41st Street near Lexington Avenue at the height of Wednesday's evening rush hour, sending a geyser of steam and debris into the air and terrifying midtown office workers. One person died, apparently of a heart attack, and up to 20 people were injured. [and from another] Was The Steam Explosion Caused By Human Error? [Jul 20] A number of theories have been proposed about exactly what caused the steam pipe explosion in Midtown Manhattan. Mayor Michael Bloomberg held a news conference where he said that the pipe bursting was likely caused by cold water that may have come from rainfall, or perhaps from a broken water main. Officials later said there were no breaks in any of the mains, leaving the rainfall hypothesis as the leading cause. Steam engineer Steve Mosto doesn't buy it, however. On June 10th, Con Edison was doing work at the very corner of 41st Street and Lexington Avenue where the explosion occurred. Crews were called to replace an eight-inch section of steam pipe that had sprung a leak. Con Ed will investigate whether human error in the replacing of that pipe a month ago played a role in the explosion. Con Ed says that it intends to remove the section of the 83-year-old pipe that exploded and take it to a lab for analysis.

What is fracturing the steam pipes under the streets of Manhattan? This is not a case of rusting out as these pipes are cast to avoid that, nor is this a flawed pipe giving way. This pipe was 83 years old! What is occurring in Manhattan that has not been present before? The island of Manhattan is placed virtually on solid rock. Is the rock shifting? Indeed it is, as New York and its environs lay in the stretch zone, where rock layers are being pulled apart. Such adjustments are never unilateral, leaving a level surface as before. Thus we predicted imploding cities, and this prediction has only started to manifest. The infrastructure under cities often runs several levels deep, housing water mains, gas mains, steam mains, sewage mains, subway systems, and parking garages. What happens when this substrata drops in places? Instability, breaks, and explosions! We have pointed out that when the substrata under a building drops, such that the plumbing system in a building no longer has the underlying support it had previously, that the entire building can implode. Imagine the plumbing system in a high rise being pulled down, while the rest of the building remains supported. The building is disemboweled. Thus shattered from the inside, it drops into its infrastructure, taking those hapless humans inside the building at the time with it! Soon, it won't be merely broken mains, it will be disemboweled buildings occurring.

Through the years I have noticed a very curious and common behavior in most long term relationships, particularly among married couples, and I believe most of the people I have observed have been very good hearted souls. The phenomenon is that of one partner's subtle, yet chronic tearing down of the other's self-esteem through demeaning looks, sounds, questioning of intelligence, blaming, etc. In other words, one partner seems to be able to do little right in the eyes of the other partner and a psychological pecking order seems to develop. There often appears to be resentment involved, but I do not believe these to be malicious acts as often times the person doesn't seem to realize they are acting in a domineering way, rather, the actions seem to be more habitual reflexes and in truth, when push comes to shove, the souls seem to clearly love one another. It is boggling and I am curious what the Zeta's belief is on this phenomenon and I am also curious if this occurs in 4th density relationships?

In most relationships, there is an imbalance in strengths. One partner is more courageous, the other more timid. One partner steps up to hard work without complaint, the other drops into self pity and seeks to be rescued more readily. The inequities are endless. Often couples choose each other because they balance each other out. The strong one may give a façade of weakness, wanting to bolster the weak one, out of concern that they be encouraged to try. The weak one may deal with their sense of inadequacy by blaming others, but in another moment feel the need to apologize for this. When there is deep love in the relationship, this surface verbiage is considered trivial, whereas bystanders may be alarmed and think the whole relationship to be based on this. In determining the nature of a relationship, one should look to the vibes between the partners, rather than words exchanged. And yes, such inequities and support/dependence occurs in the higher densities.

Never discussing the subject of a pole shift before, two separate friends of mine - one residing near Great Lakes, the other by California coastline - told me they had a dream about water rushing at them with great force. My question is: are telepathic warnings from Service-to-Other aliens on the increase?

Known as flood dreams, these are common among contactees living where they can be affected by the sloshing water during the hour of the shift. Often these individuals are unaware they are contactees. These dreams abate when the contactee moves, thus demonstrating that when they resolve the problem, the nudging goes away!

I have noticed more red dust lately. Is more red dust to be expected with this coming trimester?

Red dust will increasingly come into the Earth's atmosphere as the tail of Planet X turns toward Earth. In the recent crop circle analysis we have explained that at a certain point there will be more distance between Planet X and the Earth when Planet X is at the distance detailed in the ZetaTalk Triangle. Though this will put the tail at a distance again, it is how much the tail points toward Earth, rather than out into space, that matters. Thus, we predict that red dust will steadily increase, from now until the hour of the pole shift.

It has been many weeks and things have been somewhat quiet until Japan's earthquakes and others over 6+. It appears that the cover-up will continue until a time when some thing or things happen that are totally out of the normal. Floods, heatwaves, downpours, etc can be explained away. If we are getting closer, wouldn't there be many people "in the know" that might band together to break the silence? Are they be supressed so much that this can not happen?

The nature of the coverup is that a small handful of people, a few thousand, knew of the pending approach of Planet X. Most of these were sworn to silence by the nature of their jobs in government service or in the intel organizations. Membership in MJ12 required even more stringent safeguards, signed statements that they acknowledged that they could be put to death for talking about secret matters or even giving evidence of this by trying to profit from what they learned within MJ12. As Planet X was sighted in 1983, it briefly hit the news but was just as quickly suppressed. Astronomers work at universities funded by the government and observatories require huge funds to even build, much less operate, and all this allows the US government to insist on national security oaths before astronomers can work with this equipment. How else do you think the government ensures that UFOs sighted by observatories are not in the news? Same coverup mechanism! Lately, the media and such individuals as weather forecasters have suspected the truth, and have been told this is a national security issue. We have stated that it will in all likelihood not be until it is evident that the impending Earth changes will be horrific that the coverup will crack. The reason for this is that most of these individuals are told that the real danger is panic by the public! When they realize the populace is going to be allowed to die, drown, or whatever, due to not being alerted, conscience will click in, and the truth may be blurted out.

The Zeta's were here many years ago and engineered humans and plan now to have hybrids. Was there a higher-up group that produced the Zetas? Do the Zetas have a mentor group above them like they are to humans? Is that the way it works - every group has someone above watching over them and assisting?

We, the Zetas, were genetically engineered. Souls spark naturally, and the evolution of life on worlds also happens naturally, so the whole process does not require genetic engineering or seeding of planets. This is done now to expedite the process of sparking and growing souls, and to give them a learning environment.

The Zetas have said that there will be video evidence of ET's popping up before the pole shift. I was wondering if this video is going to come from a group that's associated with UFO's and the paranormal or more of a spontaneous capture on home video?

Most UFO groups have been infiltrated to some extent by the government. Steve Greer's group is a case in point, SETI, etc. Thus, the truth can be withheld and suppressed. There are claims of contact that are frankly untrue from such groups, as part of the disinformation that the government tries to foist on citizens. The government wants control, and this has always been the problem. Thus, such compelling videos or photos of visitors will almost invariably come from individuals, and be without question authentic. The Internet is a marvelous mechanism for getting the truth out!

Can the Zeta's comment about the Firing of the Grid? Was there any positive effects from that group meditation?

It worked as expected, as evidenced by the many reports! The evidence of this lies in the feelings of those who participated. It is not something solid that one can take a photo of, for instance. Nor was it expected that any measurable goal would be achieved.

Mega-rich Paying Top Price for Luxury Submarines [Jul 11] The ocean floor is the final spending frontier for the world's richest people. Journeying to see what's on the bottom aboard a personal submersible is a wretched excess guaranteed to trump the average mogul's stable of vintage Bugattis or a $38 million round-trip ticket to the international space station aboard a Russian rocket. Luxury-sub makers and salesmen from the Pacific Ocean to the Persian Gulf say fantasy and secrecy are the foundations of this nautical niche industry built on madcap multibillionaires. It isn't cheap to run silent and sleep deep. Jaubert's 10-passenger sub costs $15 million. A gymnasium is optional. U.S. Submarines' midsize model is the $25 million Seattle 1000, a three-story-tall vessel with five staterooms, five bathrooms, two kitchens, a gym, a wine cellar and a 30-foot-long by 15-foot-wide observation portal. It has a range of 3,000 nautical miles. [and from another] Are the super rich trying to ride out the pole shift underwater?

When the ZetaTalk saga first emerged in 1995, there was often talk of riding out the shift underwater in submarines, or on the water in a boat. Since earthquakes do not jolt the water but instead create waves, and boats ride the waves, why not? Being out of the wind avoids the problem of hurricane force winds doing damage to one's land based structure. This route avoids the problem of bunkers in caves or underground collapsing, where the shifting ground can trap one in a tomb. Indeed, those in submarines far out to sea are likely to find they do survive the jolts of the pole shift, along with the hurricane force winds and occasional fire storm. Humans on land near volcanoes must worry about being located within 100 miles from the eruptions and avoiding the ash that will blow downwind afterwards. A sub can avoid this if the location is carefully chosen so as not to be positioned over underwater volcanoes or vents where they could be cooked in the hot water.

Have the super rich then figured out a way to avoid being hurt during the pole shift? The problem comes afterwards, as none can avoid the Aftertime! Such subs will certainly be swept a long way from their starting point, and in unanticipated directions. In the low-lying cloud cover, volcanic gloom and constant drizzle, there will be no visible stars to guide, and compasses will be useless in the magnetic turmoil. Any anticipation that GPS satellites will be operational is fantasy as the satellites have already failed and crashed to Earth. So unless the sub just happens to find itself close to a familiar shoreline, where it is unlikely to survive the flood tides and sloshing of the shift, they will be lost. They may head out toward the center of the ocean, or wander in circles for years, never finding land. But say they do find land, and are anxious to replenish their supplies. How do you suppose they will be welcomed by the starving survivors they find on land? And how would such submarine occupants parlay with these survivors? By offering worthless paper money, or perhaps empty wine bottles?

There seems to be more frequent reports of fresh water lakes with toxic algae blooms resulting from unknown causes. Would the primary cause of the poisoning of surface water during the passage be the result of the toxic algae blooms stimulated by the falling red dust? Is it a sign that iron oxide dust levels are increasing as these are unexplained as some of these lakes have no source of man made contaminants comparable to those reported flowing from the Mississippi into the Gulf of Mexico creating one of the largest ocean dead zones. Why are toxic algae blooms becoming more frequent? [and from another] Lake Toxins Bloom Early [Jul 21] Even before today's official start of summer, blue-green algae have appeared in lakes and rivers across the province - the earliest arrival of the dreaded toxic growth. [and from another] Algae Bloom Closes Vancouver Lake [Jul 17] Vancouver Lake has been closed to swimming, windsurfing and sailboarding because of elevated levels of toxic blue-green algae. Some toxins can damage the nervous system and lead to muscle tremors, paralysis and respiratory distress. A blue-green algae bloom is a rapid and massive buildup that gives the water a scummy texture and a green, blue, brown or red color. Algae blooms can be caused by warm, sunny weather and nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen, which are found in fertilizer and human and animal waste. [and from another] Dead Zone in Gulf of Mexico Set to Swell [Jul 18] A massive area of water off the Louisiana coast that is almost devoid of oxygen and unable to sustain marine life is set to get even bigger. The scientific word for "dead zone" is hypoxia or low oxygen, caused by pollution from many sources such as fertilizer, soil erosion and discharge from sewage treatment plants. Nutrients flowing down a river into a larger body of water can spur the growth and death of algae, which absorbs available oxygen faster than it is created. In turn, that can cause sea life such as fish, shrimp and crabs to move elsewhere or die.

We have stated that as rock layers pull apart or shift during plate movement that methane gas is released. A dramatic example of this occurred on Jan 8, 2007 when Earth Farts occurred across the globe, notably in New York City where a gas leak was suspected, in Texas where birds died by the dozens, and at a mall in Perth, Australia, where shoppers had to be evacuated to the hospital due to the gas. Gas leaks were suspected but not located in all cases. What is the composition of methane, and how does this differ from the byproducts of human and animal waste, and fertilizer? Methane is very similar, and thus this is the cause of algae blooms in fresh water lakes. The Earth is farting, underwater, even in pristine fresh water lakes.

Haileywood, July 16, 2007

This beautiful design is in the formation of a butterfly as all of humankind is familiar with their fluttering wings, which point skyward together when at rest, or out to the side, while sunning and airing. Yet regardless of position, the wings always touch at the top of the butterfly's body, the pivot point. We have stated that Planet X is coming toward the Earth in a retrograde orbit, now slightly to the right of the Sun as the Earth scuttles back in her orbit to avoid the pressure of magnetic particles coming from Planet X, which is increasingly pointing its N Pole toward Earth. We have mentioned that as Planet X turns in place and the Earth is forced into an extreme wobble by the repulsion of their respective N Poles, that Planet X will seem to move to the right of the Sun, into the ZetaTalk Triangle position, becoming more visible in the skies as it does, so as it can now reflect sunlight at a proper angle for Earth viewing. Does this changed position mean less stress on the Earth, as the N Pole of Planet X will be temporarily pushed away? No, as with the butterfly wings, there is some point where the magnetic fields will touch, and this clash point cannot be evaded.

Hintondowns, July 16, 2007

This crop circle bubbles out of a spot in the field where cultivation is not possible, due to rocks in the ground or some other such problem. The cultivated food crop surrounds this problem spot. Is the problem spot then part of the design? Yes, as the message this crop circle at Hintondowns is relaying is chaos during a rapid adjustment. Volcanic activity will occur worldwide, along the edges of plates and in stretch zones such as the African Rift Valley. The roiling magma will be pressed in all directions during the hour of the shift, when the crust breaks loose and slides over the magma. What will occur on the plate boundaries? Some may find the magma with less pressure, as we have stated will occur in New Zealand when the Indo-Australian plate lifts. Some may find the pressure greatly increased, which is likely to be the case in the Philippines, for instance. But in general, one cannot predict with certainty which volcanoes will bear the brunt and which will have light eruptions. The magma, like the bubbles emerging from the problem spot in the field, will seek the path of least resistance during the chaotic hour of the shift.

If the ones who are in the survialist racist militias are to be the only ones who survive in the Aftertime won't the US become a one race country at odds with all other?

Humans interpret survival of the pole shift, and life afterwards, in terms of today's standards and expectations. It is supposed that if the military has big tanks and fighter planes, then an arm of the government will be able to suppress the survivors and establish a police state! The public discounts what is required. Food and supplies are required but the broken link will prevail, and internal fights among those wanting to control a militia will be evident. Large military operations will not survive nor be reassembled! Likewise, people discount the survival aspect of spiritual orientation. Service-to-Other groups cooperate closely with each other, support each other, sacrifice for each other, and thus survive in situations where the self focused militaristic units do not. There is a Transformation going on, with a separation of the orientations, so those who are Service-to-Self do not find the virtual slaves they are used to commandeering. They must rely upon themselves, and fume about this, eating themselves up with anger. And finally, those in the Service-to-Other will be assisted by good hearted aliens, who will cloak them from view, so those in the Service-to-Self do not find them. These and other factors mean militias will not be among the survivors during the coming times.

What is the reason for Bush's surgery, and wasn't he worried they would kill him when sedated?

Bush is aware that he could be assassinated at any time, by almost anyone around him including Laura. How would he defend against that? He has taken the approach of toughing it out, not worrying about it. Why did he go in for colon polyp removal? He talks daily to Tony Snow who is miserable and in pain while dying. Bush is more afraid of pain than assassination.

With all the scandals, political posturing, Iraq front and center, executive orders, and on and on, the turmoil keeps expanding exponentially. Is there any danger the Bush mercenaries, like Blackwater and that ilk, will be used in an attempt to install Marshall Law during some major event? With emergencies popping up all over will contractors/mercenaries, like the contractors used during Katrina in the past, put us in danger from those who work for money and disregard moral values? Will our military be able to handle them and suppress them since their allegiance is to Bush, Cheney, and company?

Rumsfeld of course was secretly attempting to build a private army during the Iraq war, with the claim that they were avoiding calling a draft so they had to spend money on private mercenaries instead. This is a partial truth, but the real motivation was the creation of a private army. The formal US military has ethics and rules, whereas a private army is motivated for the cash first, and thus has an entirely different basis. Will this allow the power hungry to run the nation, with Blackwater and the like? One only need to look into the power plays happening in smoke filled rooms to see the back stabbing that goes on. Highly Service-to-Self individuals such as Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush do not hesitate to stab partners when the opportunity arises, and this is true of the management of Blackwater and down through the ranks within Blackwater. Everyone wants to be top dog, and tries to arrange this! In today's world, the top dogs are held in place by the structure and expectations of society. Rumsfeld and Cheney held the purse strings. The Blackwater managers could fire and punish financially any underlings trying to gain a foothold up. But after the pole shift, such ability to punish financially is removed, and each underling looks around and sees an opportunity for themselves to take over. Thus infighting develops, and the whole time is spend on these battles. We have described this as leveling wars, among the Service-to-Self in 4th Density. This is an example of what these human groups on Earth will become. They will wipe each other out.

What caused the Great Lakes to form?

The Seaway is splitting open, this split ending at the Black Hills of S Dakota. Wisconsin is splitting apart, as the peninsula clearly shows. When rock is torn in this way, there are low spots in the tear, and if at a high elevation, this fills with rain water, which is fresh water. This is what formed the Great Lakes.

Is the puppet master constantly trying to portray the Earth as a service to self planet via TV, media and movies and even how to get ahead in a career? You have stated that this is a Service-to-Other planet, but it seems as if someone is trying to make us all cut each others throats just to survive.

The Puppet Master does not control what appears in the news via the media. This is not his job, though he does make requests from time to time. We have stated that Earth voted to be a Service-to-Other planet in the future, with the majority of souls having determined to be Service-to-Other. Approximately a third of Earth's now reincarnating souls are Service-to-Other, approximately 7% are Service-to-Self, with the remainder being undecided. Why then does it seem that the Service-to-Self goals of pleasure, control, wealth, and self promotion are emphasized in the media? Because those who are highly Service-to-Self stop at nothing to gain the upper hand during their lives, self promoting themselves, stealing the work of others and taking credit, back stabbing, and using blackmail or bribery to get ahead. They climb to the top of organizations. Since this is what they value, they assume this is what others value, and make it the center of their entertainment. Many Star Children, souls who have returned to 3rd Density for service, make an effort to equalize this balance. They are strong enough to know how to navigate in the Service-to-Self oriented societies that run the media or entertainment industries. Movies such as ET and Close Encounters are examples of Service-to-Other driven entertainment.

Will the next president shut down the Federal Reserve?

Assuming there will be another president, and we're not saying yea or nay re that, shutting down the Federal Reserve would not occur. This is intrinsic to the banking empires, which the Puppet Master controls. The entire banking empire along with stock markets will be artificially maintained, as we have explained. The price of stock will be high, but eventually you will be unable to sell it to anyone. The bank may have your savings and thus post a profit and viability, but you may not be able to withdraw your funds due to restricted hours and rules about amounts that can be withdrawn. The dollar will appear to have value, right up until the pole shift, when it will prove worthless.