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Issue 173, Sunday, February 21, 2010
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CEO Resignations

Since the first of the year there has been a palpable pattern of exodus, from corporations! CEO's and CFO's and other noteworthy officers are suddenly giving their resignation, whether they have someplace else to go or not. Many give extremely vague reasons for leaving, or leave in such a rush that no replacement has been located, leaving the board or senior management to step in to fill the void. This pattern was first noticed by someone who works in the markets, and recognized the pattern as unusual.

Over 50 unexpected CEO and DFO Resignations in the Last 3 Weeks!
These are almost all in the last 3 weeks, with about 15 in the last week. I follow the stock market closely, just anecdotally I have never seen this many in a year, let alone a month. This is all around the world, the part that really caught my attention was telecom. Zain Telecom, France Telecom and Syntel were all within the last 2 days, telecom would be heavily affected by solar flares and would likely know what was coming. I stopped at 50 just to get it posted, but there are more, including lots of board members and other executives.

Of course the economy is lousy, but it has been lousy for over a year since the housing bubble burst and the Wall Street crash. This tread is new, and follows another noted trend - Police Chief's resigning in record numbers. Also, perhaps related, over 120 members of parliament in the UK are retiring. The first 50 CEO and CFO resignations noted on the GodlikeProduction thread are listed below.

1. Sun Microsystems, 2. Royal Bank of Scotland, 3. Bank Leumi of Israel, 4. Leeward Capital CEO & CFO, 5. Wellpoint (Chairmember), 6. Ingersoll-Rand, 7. Gasco, 8. Syntel, 9. Motion Picture, Television Fund, 10. GrainCorp, 11. Connaught Plc, 12. Netplay TV, 13. AgResearch, 14. Zain Telecom, 15. Ethan Allen Institute, 16. Fahrney-Keedy Home & Village, 17. Nordzucker, 18. France Telecom, 19. TransWorld Entertainment (President/COO), 20. Parlux, 21. Cadbury (3 People), 22. PBR (on March 1), 23. Aeropostale, 24. Cook Islands Tourism, 25. Uranium International Corp, 26. San Francisco AIDS Foundation, 27. Borders Books, 28. YTB International, 29. Real Networks, 30. Citi's North American Retail Banking (Head), 31. Phumelela, 32. Bartow Regional Medical Center, 33. NV Energy (CFO), 34. Shanda Interactive, 35. NB Power, 36. Empire Aero, 37. Argentina Central Bank, 38. Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing (CFO), 39. Arbitron, 40. Lihir Gold Ltd, 41. Meredith Corp, 42. Red Bull North America (CEO), 43. Golden Harp, 44. Endo Pharma (COO), 45. Farmer's Capital, 46. CLICO, 47. Mirada (Chairman), 48. Remedial Offshore, 49. Abercrombie & Fitch Co, 50. Commerce Resources (CFO)

The Zetas were asked for their insights, and stated that these CEOs and CFOs via their connections had heard the rumors about Planet X and the pending passage and wanted the freedom to move to their safe locations on short notice.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/6/2010: As with the sudden and unwarranted resignations of Police Chiefs recently noted, there is more to this than meets the eye. Whereas CEO resignations are common, particularly during tough economic times when the stockholders are restless and boards determined to show some type of action on the leadership front, this recent spate of resignations is unusual because of the size and industry leadership of the companies involved. Someone watching the financial pages, where a certain weight must be attached to a corporation before warranting a mention, would notice the spate of resignations as unusual. These are corporations that translate to public policy or international influence or the state of the economy overall. These are not the corner grocery store, or the local bar. Thus, the comment by the poster, who stated he is "following the stock market closely" is pertinent. Many resignations are sudden, without a replacement in hand, or give vague reasons for the resignation. What is going on?

Where Police Chiefs are getting lectures on what steps may be required to quell riots in the near future, heads of corporations get a different message. Many have indeed heard the rumors about coming global catastrophes, and given the contacts most of these individuals have, have verified the rumors are being based on facts, not theory and speculation. Such verification can be nothing more than a raised eyebrow or a moment of silence where silence speaks volumes, but the message has been delivered. Many view the requirement that they stand in place, pretending that all is well, to be unbearable. Most of these individuals have climbed to the seat of power by being ruthless, putting themselves first, and would not operate out of a sense of duty while the ship goes down under any circumstances. They foresee being asked to maintain a façade that all is well when more than the economy crashes. They see what is coming and want to pull their wealth from stock and put it into things more substantial, to move inland from the coast and not be required to maintain a residence in any area that might become unsafe. They want their freedom to move, in short.

Compass Confusion

Compasses have become increasingly erratic and unreliable since Planet X came into the inner solar system in 2003. But extreme variance was noted recently in a set of compasses in a Romanian household.

This morning (8 am CET + 2), my son (who is 13 years old and very aware) told me that the compass was suddenly changed, the north with the south. I am still looking at the compass at 9:35 am and it's the same. Geographical south is shown by all three compasses we have in the house as North! Would you please give me a feed back from your area, to visualise if it is a local phenomen or it is global? I have the compass in the front of my eyes since I noticed the shift. It shows north to geographical south. I have even made some pictures with the compass in front of the window, and it is cleary showing north in the direction of the Sun! It is now 10:00 in the morning. We do not have volcanoes (active or not), in the 2000 miles proximity - the whole Carpatians Mountain Chain is entirely non-volcanic. I did not check GPS, but the mobile phones are OK, also the cable TV, which is relies on satelites.

Others responded from Utah, India, the Urals, and Finland, reporting that their compasses seemed relatively normal. Is there something about Romania that would cause the household compasses to almost reverse? The Zetas were quick to explain.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/13/2010: During a time of great confusion for the Earth, when the Earth's magnetosphere is twisted to flow in opposite directions at times, and is losing its S Pole at times so that radar circles appear in Australia due to the particle flow disruption, it is no surprise that confusion would exist in the magma of the Earth. The magma connection to the crust is not even, as the crust has pockets where solid rock goes down into the magma just as the crust has mountain ranges thrusting rock skyward. The magma flows, in and out of these pockets, and for some pockets the flow is slow. Just as solid magnets respond to magnets nearby, and adjust accordingly, semi-liquid magnets such as a pool of magma can find itself in that situation. The flow of magnetons in the magma normally flows in the direction of the Earth's magnetic field, N up, S down, but what would occur in a pool of magma, trapped, under the direct influence of Planet X which is overhead near the position of the Sun. Planet X is twisting the Earth's magnetosphere, absconding with its S Pole on occasion, or blasting the Earth with a hose of magnetons. Under this influence, a lowly pool of magma would adjust more readily than the Earth's magnetosphere as a whole, doing a flip to present its S Pole to the flow of magnetons returning from the N Pole of Planet X. Such instances, where there are pools of magma, will be on the increase.

Wobble Worsening

The Earth wobble, which has been present since early 2004 due to the nearby presence of Planet X, has steadily become more violent. The N Pole of Earth is shoved away when the Earth rotates, daily, to present it to the Sun and the nearby Planet X which rides near the Sun. Then, after dusk, the globe is allowed to bounce back. The wobble is primarily a back and forth motion for the globe, but takes the form of a Figure 8, well documented since 2003. The wobble is primarily documented by verbal reports, such as this one received via email this past week.

I've noticed the evenings are getting longer quickly, at this time of year they should be dark at 7:00 pm but they aren't. There's plenty of light to see things by, yet in the am it has stayed the same as in previous years. The Big Dippper too, has changed positions. Last night it was over the NE more to the East than the North. The Moon as well, seems to change position sometimes coming in from the SE then suddenly from the NE. I've been using my compass to see where the tilt of the earth is. It seems to me the wobble is becoming more pronounced, a bit like the toy weeble wobble. Is this the case, are my observations correct? I'm presuming lots of other people have noticed the pronounced wobble as well in their observations.

A remarkable animated graphic, put together by someone who has been watching the Australian weather satellite, actually shows the wobble. This Australian satellite came to the public's attention recently because radar circles were showing up, which the Zetas explained were due to the odd return of magneton particles to the S Pole of Earth. The satellite capture clearly jerks around during this animation, which covers the time from 5:30 am to 11:30 am, using hourly satellite images taken from this archive. The time was UTC, Greenwich time, so for Australia was approximately some 9 hours later. The keen eye'd observer notes that the map of Australia is likely to be superimposed as a background, since the images are recorded in infrared, and thus Australia as a land mass seems the same, and brightly lit, even at 8:30 pm Australia time. Clearly, the clouds would not move like that, over Australia.

I noticed an anomaly on the Australian meteorology site in the infrared satellite images. Taking a look at these images, the entire atmosphere does a vertical shift in the middle. The map looks like an overlay, not an image, so is this the satelite moving then being corrected? Is it the earth moving under the atmosphere? If so it seems a very violent push.

ZetaTalk Explanation 11/14/2009: The magnetic N Pole of Earth is pushed away, forcefully, and then allowed to bounce back into position later, forcefully. The Earth meanwhile is trying to maintain its normal position, align with the Sun's magnetic posture. It is the force of the push that is steadily changing.

Regular stress on the Earth plates is noticed in many ways. For instance, by periodic regular shuddering in the wee hours in Minnesota.

Newport Neighbors Can't Figure Out Shaking Houses
October 11, 2009
Homeowner Crystal Oswald tells KARE-TV that almost every day she and six of her neighbors feel tremors at their home at dinner-time, and then overnight at 1:30, 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30 a.m. Doors rattle, drawers shake, bed frames vibrate, and the homeowners hear a beating noise.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/17/2009: We have explained how the Earth wobble was initially caused by Planet X grabbing at the Atlantic Rift, which is a surface magnet. It then developed into a polar wobble, with the N Pole being pushed away. Both these causes are still in effect. When the Atlantic Rift is tugged, it holds the rotation of the Earth back temporarily, in a jerking fashion. Newport is sensing this jerking.

The Earth wobble is projected to become worse, increasingly, progressing into the days when we have a severe wobble.

ZetaTalk Prediction 11/21/2009: Preceding the 3 days of darkness there is a lean to the left, and preceding that, a severe wobble. How do you suppose that the Earth comes to lie on its side, pointing to the left? Just a slow flop to the side? In a severe wobble, there is momentum, first to one side, then the other. Particularly when there is a strong push, as when the N Pole of Earth being pushed away violently, there is momentum. During the lean to the left, this is a stasis position, holding there for a period of time. But the wobble is constantly on the move, as legend has described it, like a top wobbling from side to side.

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