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Issue 80, Sunday June 1, 2008
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Tornado Record

Will they never stop? Every few days another massive tornado almost a mile wide sweeps across the plains. Or a swarm of tornadoes hop across several states. Are there any buildings left standing? Whereas the records for the number of tornadoes in a year have yet to be broken, or the record for the number of fierce powerful storms in a year is yet to be broken, the year is young and the season has just started.

US on Track to Break Record for Tornadoes
May 27, 2008
With the year not even half done, 2008 is already the deadliest tornado year in the United States since 1998 and seems on track to break the U.S. record for the number of twisters in a year, according to the National Weather Service. Also, this year's storms seem to be unusually powerful. But like someone who has lost all his worldly possessions to a whirlwind, meteorologists cannot explain exactly why this is happening. The nagging question is why. Global warming cannot really explain what is happening. While higher temperatures could increase the number of thunderstorms, which are needed to trigger tornadoes, they also would tend to push the storm systems too far north to form some twisters. La Nina, the cooling of parts of the Central Pacific that is the flip side El Nino, was a factor in the increased activity earlier this year _ especially in February, a record month for tornado activity _ but it can't explain what is happening now. Cooler air at high altitudes and warmer moist air coming from the Gulf of Mexico are combining and settling over the region.

In the span of a week, tornadoes have torn through Colorado on May 22, Kansas and Oklahoma on May 23, Iowa and Minnesota on May 25, and two rare California tornadoes whipped up damage on May 22.

Powerful Storms Kill 8 in Iowa and Minnesota
May 25, 2008
Severe thunderstorms packing large hail and tornadoes rumbled across the nation's midsection on Sunday, killing at least eight people and damaging dozens of homes. About 100 people have died in U.S. twisters so far this year, the worst toll in a decade, according to the weather service, and the danger has not passed yet. Tornado season typically peaks in the spring and early summer, then again in the late fall.

Tornadoes Rake Parts of Kansas, Oklahoma
May 24, 2008
Authorities checking on a car stranded in a field Saturday morning found two people killed by a powerful storm that raked the state a day earlier with at least 17 tornadoes. The car was blown 150 yards off the highway into a field. National Weather Service survey teams toured the area Saturday to determine the size of the twisters. Many of the twisters appear to have been significant in size.

Tornadoes Rip Through Colorado, Kansas
May 22, 2008
A large tornado skipped through several northern Colorado towns on Thursday, destroying dozens of homes, flipping tractor-trailers and freight rail cars, and killing at least one person. The National Weather Service said the tornado touched down just before noon near Platteville, about 50 miles north of Denver. Over the next hour, it moved northward past several towns along 35-mile-long track toward Wyoming. A frightened camper who tried to outrun the storm in an RV was killed. Video footage of the large tornado showed a dark gray funnel perhaps a quarter-mile wide accompanied by heavy hail and rain. The National Weather Service in Cheyenne, Wyo., was trying to verify whether a tornado touched down in Laramie, where a storm packing strong winds damaged several buildings and overturned vehicles Thursday afternoon.

California Tornadoes 2008
May 22, 2008
Rare tornadoes touched down in Riverside County, California on May 22, 2008. The storm system, which included rain, hail and snow, pounded Southern California turning over a tractor-trailer, derailing a freight train and causing a major interstate to be clogged for some eight miles.

The Zetas have stated that the uptick in tornadoes within the continental US is due to the Earth wobble, and have predicted this will only get worse!

Question: It seems the tremendous increase in tornadoes in the past week must be due to the approach of Planet X. Is this in response to the wobble, and will it settle down soon or should we expect even more and worse after the "traditional" end of the tornado season

ZetaTalk Response 5/3/2008: Yes, this is due to the wobble. And no, it will not settle down. And yes, it will get worse.

The Zetas have predicted an increased wobble, and a wobble that increases in its violence, as the date of the pole shift approaches. How does this result in increased tornadoes for the N American continent?

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/31/2008: The more violent wobble is inciting tornadoes over the N American continent in several ways. First, it drives the Earth under her blanket of air twice daily. During the Figure 8 the N Pole of Earth forms daily, the Earth first leans her magnetic N Pole away from the Sun when it rises up over the horizon at dawn, and then leans her magnetic N Pole away from the Sun toward the other direction ahead of sunset. Since the magnetic N Pole is in the Arctic between Canada and Siberia, this lurching about affects the N American continent primarily. What happens when the N American continent is pushed into the north Pacific at dawn, and again into the north Atlantic at dusk? Cold air is driven over the warm air found overland - precisely what tornadoes need in order to form. A tornado is a pool of cold air atop a pool of warm air. The cold air drops, and spirals as it does so. As the N American continent has warmed inland due to the change of seasons, the contrast between air over the northern oceans and the air inland has increased. Thus the increase in tornadoes during May. What will happen as the continent warms during summer, increasing the contrast? The cold air driven atop the now hot air will find a greater contrast, and tornadoes will increase!

Shark Attack Increase

Deaths from shark attacks have suddenly surged. Such deaths average 4.1 per year, though in 2007 only one such death occurred. Shark attacks, however, have been gradually increasing during 2006 through 2007.

Human Deaths from Shark Attacks Hit 20-Year low Last Year
February 12, 2008
Fatal shark attacks worldwide dipped to their lowest levels in two decades in 2007 with the sole casualty involving a swimmer vacationing in the South Pacific, according to the latest statistics from the University of Florida. By comparison, there were four deaths each in 2005 and 2006, and seven in 2004. The number of shark attacks overall increased from 63 in 2006 to 71 in 2007, continuing a gradual upswing during the past four years. Traditionally, about half of the world's attacks occur in United States mainland and Hawaiian waters.

Several deaths have already occurred in 2008. In February an Austrian tourist died from shark bite while chumming for shark.

Man Dies After Shark Attack Off Florida Coast
February 25, 2008
An Austrian tourist died after being bitten by a shark while diving near the Bahamas in waters that had been baited with bloody fish parts to attract the predators. Markus Groh, 49, a Vienna lawyer and diving enthusiast, was on a commercial dive trip Sunday when he was bitten about 50 miles off the coast of Fort Lauderdale. It was unclear what type of shark was involved in the attack. The shark got away before anyone could identify the species.

The waters off the coast of Florida are shark infested. Not surprising then that a shark attack was suspected in the death of at least one member of the crew on an overturned boat in the Bahamas in May.

Riviera Beach Dive Boat finds Bodies in Overturned Vessel in Bahamas
May 27, 2008,0,4272785.story
After jumping into the ocean to look for life on an overturned fishing boat, Riviera Beach dive boat captain Jonathan Rose realized the sharks got there first. Rose said that when he got into the water, he thought he saw two life jackets tangled in fishing line floating by the boat. As one drifted away, his crew realized they were bodies and that at least one had been attacked by sharks. Once Rose was back onboard, he and his crew tied the overturned vessel to their own and dropped anchor. They were able to pull only one of the floating bodies from the water and decided to search for any others. Rose swam beneath the boat and found two more bodies in a forward cabin. He said he pulled them onto his boat as one of his crew mates swam nearby with a spear to ward off two 12-foot tiger sharks swimming around them.

On April 26, 2008 a Great White attack was responsible for the death of a a veteran swimmer off the coast of San Diego. This was a rare attack for southern California as the waters are considered too warm for Great Whites.

San Diego Beaches Shut Down after Fatal Shark Attack
April 26, 2008
Beaches along the San Diego, California, coast will be closed Saturday after a 66-year-old man was fatally attacked by what authorities suspect was a great white shark. Swimmers were ordered out of the water, and a 72-hour swimming advisory was posted for an 8-mile stretch of beach. The beaches remain closed and will be patrolled throughout the weekend. Great white sharks are protected by law in California. Fatal shark attacks in the area are rare. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the last time someone was killed by a shark off San Diego was in 1994, when a 25-year-old woman died after being attacked by a great white shark in Ocean Beach.
California Beach Closed after Deadly Shark Attack
April 26 2008
Sharks are rare in the water off Southern California, though female great white sharks sometimes come south from their usual territory in the cooler waters of the central and northern coast to pup. Few make the mistake of attacking humans instead of seals or sea lions, their usual prey. The bite pattern on Martin's legs indicated the shark was almost certainly a great white that may have been 12 feet to 17 feet long. The sharks, the largest ocean predators, can weigh up to 5,000 pounds.

This attack off the coast of southern California was followed by several attacks off the coast of Mexico in May, 2008. Two of these attacks were fatal.

3 Shark Attacks have Mexico Resort Area in Panic
May 29, 2008
No one could even remember a shark attack along this resort-studded stretch of Mexican coast popular with surfers and Hollywood's elite. Many of the large predators had been pulled from the ocean by fishermen. So when sharks attacked three surfers in less than a month, two fatally, it was unthinkable. A local surfer had been killed by a shark at a neighboring beach the previous day. Less than a month before that, a visitor from San Francisco was killed while surfing another nearby beach. Before that, shark attacks were unheard of here. University of Florida expert George Burgess was in the area Wednesday interviewing witnesses, going over autopsy reports and checking out beaches to find out why the sharks had suddenly become so aggressive.

What is causing the sudden uptick in attacks? Per Wikipedia, shark attacks are due to the shark mistaking humans for its normal prey.

Shark Attack
There are many theories about why sharks sometimes attack people. Some species, such as the great white shark, may sometimes confuse humans for seal or other prey animal; this would be typical when a shark attacks a surfer. The shape of a surfer lying on a board closely resembles a seal from beneath the surface. Also, sharks have sensory organs on their nose to pick up electrical signals, such as those generated by muscles when moving. Often a shark attacking a human bites once and swims away. This behavior has many possible explanations, such as the possibility that humans do not taste good or are lacking the necessary fat. Another theory is that sharks normally make one swift attack and then retreat to wait for the victim to die or exhaust itself before returning to feed. This protects the shark from injury from a wounded and aggressive target; however, it also allows humans time to get out of the water and survive. Another theory is that the electrical receptors, which pick up movement, do not pick up the same signals from a wounded human as they do a wounded seal, and so they are more cautious. In fact, it has recently been shown that surfers do not give off the same electrical signals as seals, and it is thought that if they did, there would be far more attacks.

Per the Zetas, it is a reduction in the normal prey that is the cause of increased attacks.

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/31/2008: There are many aspects of the slow magnetic dance between the Earth and Planet X since it arrived in the vicinity in 2003. One, mentioned early in the body of ZetaTalk, was the increased roiling of the core of the Earth, such that swirling magma heats up the crust of the Earth and presses into volcanic outlets. There are more active volcanoes now than in the memory of man. When this volcanic activity is below the waves, it warms the oceans, creating more storms. Beyond the heat that comes up from the core of the Earth, there are other particle flows that disrupt and confuse life on the surface. The White Buffalo and other albinos showing up in increasing numbers in the past few years are due to such emanations from the core of the Earth. All this does more than trigger albinism. It also depresses immune systems.

Then there is the wobble, which forces the Earth under her blankets of air and water with increasing force, daily. This roils the air masses and creates temperature extremes, all of which result in weather extremes. This also roils the oceans and creates unusual currents. Then there is the effect of the tail of Planet X, turning increasingly toward the Earth as the date of the pole shift approaches. Oily substances in this tail do more than create halos around the Sun and Moon and provide rainbow clouds. They also affects human health and surely affect wildlife. Nausea, dizziness, and disturbed menstral periods are but a few of the effects. Magnetic pulse accompanies the push that is encountered when the globe turns to face the magnetic presence of Planet X daily. Those affected by this pulse are finding themselves to be insomniac at 3-4:00 am because their spot on Earth is rising over the horizon to face Planet X at dawn.

These are just some of the signals that humans and animals alike are getting from the presence of Planet X. For the shark, this is primarily a warmer ocean habitat, with their normal prey shifting locations due to these changes. A shark's normal prey can be depleted or decimated due to illness, or a depressed immune system, so the shark needs to hunt other prey. It is not just a trapped animal or an animal protecting its young that gets more aggressive. A hungry animal is also more aggressive. The assumption is made that the shark is the problem, so that the focus in on the shark. Have studies been made as to the effect of warming waters on the shark's normal prey? Where is the global seal count in all of this? Nonexistent!

Alien Video

A video of a purported alien was presented to the media in Denver on May 30, 2008. The video was closely guarded because it is destined to be part of a documentary, but a still shot was provided to the public.

Phone Home: Purported UFO Video to be Shown Friday
May 28, 2008
A video that purportedly shows a living, breathing space alien will be shown to the news media in Denver. Jeff Peckman, who is pushing a ballot initiative to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver to prepare the city for close encounters of the alien kind, said the video is authentic and convinced him that aliens exist. When Peckman went before city officials this month to discuss his proposed ET initiative, he promised to show the video. An instructor at the Colorado Film School in Denver scrutinized the video very carefully and determined it was authentic. Peckman, 54, said the video was among the reasons he was "compelled" to launch the proposed ballot initiative, which has generated news as far as South Africa. "It shows an extraterrestrial's head popping up outside of a window at night, looking in the window, that's visible through an infrared camera," he said. The alien is about 4 feet tall and can be seen blinking, Peckman said earlier this month.

The video was taken in 2003 in Nebraska by a father who suspected a Peeping Tom was looking in the window at his teenage daughters. The father installed an infrared camera and when inspecting the video later discovered that an alien was the Peeping Tom. The video has not been doctored, but could the whole thing be a hoax, some kind of a plastic puppet manufactured by the teenage daughters to spoof their dad?

Space Alien Video Lands in Denver: Was it Real or Fake?
May 30, 2008
The eyes of the world were on Denver today for the showing of a video that purports to show a space alien. Live transmissions and recordings of the video were not allowed. The Rocky's Bill Scanlon blogged live.

11:59 a.m. The film showed a window, reportedly 8 feet off the ground in a rural Nebraska town in 2003. It was shot by the homeowner, who had earlier reported seeing UFOs hovering above his house. This time, he said he set up a camera because he feared a peeping tom was spying on his two teenage daughters. In the enhanced version of the video, a creature pops up in the window, looks around, and pops back down, again and again.

12:24 p.m. The presenters of the video said it's been reviewed by experts who say there are no post-production add-ons, but Scheiber says that misses the point. The key is to find out whether the original video was a hoax.

2:13 p.m. A Denver man Thursday night spent five hours and $90 creating a hoax video of a space-alien-looking creature peering through a window (click here to watch). It looks eerily like the space alien video shown to the media today by a man who wants the city of Denver to create an extraterrestrial commission to welcome visitors from distant galaxies. Believers in the Nebraska space alien video said the creature moved its eyes and muscles - and you can't just fake that unless you're a Hollywood special-effects expert and have thousands of dollars, they say. Yes you can, said Bryan Bonner, a member of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society, which normally investigates claims of haunted houses.

The Zetas predicted some years ago that photos and videos of alien bodies would start being captured, as part of the Awakening process.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/15/1998: The Awakening is not on a linear climb to some point in the future when it becomes obvious to the vast mass of the populace that the alien presence is real, and among them. It is on a curve, akin to the rapid buildup that a parabola represents. In the past, encounters were few and far between, and reduced to what was taken to be tales and myths. When the Awakening was put upon a path that was to build exponentially until the Transformation was complete, the rules changed to allow few sightings and encounters only recorded in the subconscious. This allowed a reservoir of acceptance to build in the general populace, an acceptance those in authority in human society could not locate or control, though they tried. Each level of acceptance, within a culture or country, or worldwide, allows another level of exposure in the general populace to ensue. Where the first sightings were deniable, passing quickly and seen by few and most often a single individual, this moved in late 1997 into a phase where sightings are seen by many, are vivid and undeniable, and even recorded on video or film. Still, they are being underreported by the media, and denied by many in authority. Those in authority that realize the inevitable are seeking ways to give in gracefully, while those who are rigid in resisting what they deem a takeover by outsiders are still shrill and becoming increasingly ridiculous in their denials. The next stage will be glimpses of alien bodies, fleeting at first, and then increasingly solid views.

Certainly during the Brazilian Roswell children glimpsed alien survivors of the crash. Reportedly, they stank. The US government presented a fraudulent tape of a purported Roswell autopsy, in the past, which per the Zetas was an autopsy of a dead hydrocephalic human child. The Nebraska video certainly seems like it could be a hoax, but per the Zetas, this is a real capture!

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/31/2008: We stated in the past, years ago, that photos and videos of aliens would begin to emerge, and that they would be genuine. The Awakening process is predictable and steady, starting with individual UFO sightings by those who are psychologically ready for this and ending with undeniable sightings of alien bodies. UFO sightings have been on the increase, and have transitioned to regular mass sightings, often captured on video. Crop circles are no longer ridiculed by the media. During an occurrence called the "Brazilian Roswell" several children glimpsed the survivors of the crash before they were hauled away by the Brazilian military. And periodically there have been reports of humans glimpsing alien bodies, always hominoid, but without photographic evidence.

Why would photos of alien bodies be necessary at this time? The anxiety over the alien presence has moved from fearing any visitors to curiosity. Although most alien life forms are not hominoid, the presentation to mankind would of course start with hominoids from elsewhere, to reduce anxiety. "Ah," the public would say, "they kind of look like US." Once that threshold has been crossed, glimpses and photos of aliens who are not hominoid will begin. It this Nebraska video real? Yes. Why is an alien popping up and down peeking in a window? Being telepathic, we of course were aware this father was planning installation of an infrared camera to catch a suspected Peeping Tom outside the window of his teenage daughters' bedroom. We knew the video would be carefully screened by this father and that the family would not suffer undue anxiety when an alien was discovered. We also knew the family would contact paranormal groups and that the video would eventually arrive where it has today, in the news!

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