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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written May 31, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Will they never stop? Every few days another massive tornado almost a mile wide snorts across the plains. Or a swarm of tornadoes hop across several states. Are their any buildings left standing? Where the records for the number of tornado in a year are yet to be broken, or the record for the number of fierce powerful storms in a year is yet to be broken, the year is young and the season has just started. The Zetas have predicted an increased wobble, and a wobble that increases in its violence, as the date of the pole shift approaches. How does this result in increased tornadoes for the N American continent?

The more violent wobble is inciting tornadoes over the N American continent in several ways. First, it drives the Earth under her blanket of air twice daily. During the Figure 8 the N Pole of Earth forms daily, the Earth first leans her magnetic N Pole away from the Sun when it rises up over the horizon at dawn, and then leans her magnetic N Pole away from the Sun toward the other direction ahead of sunset. Since the magnetic N Pole is in the Arctic between Canada and Siberia, this lurching about affects the N American continent primarily. What happens when the N American continent is pushed into the north Pacific at dawn, and again into the north Atlantic at dusk? Cold air is driven over the warm air found overland - precisely what tornadoes need in order to form. A tornado is a pool of cold air atop a pool of warm air. The cold air drops, and spirals as it does so. As the N American continent has warmed inland due to the change of seasons, the contrast between air over the northern oceans and the air inland has increased. Thus the increase in tornadoes during May. What will happen as the continent warms during summer, increasing the contrast? The cold air driven atop the now hot air will find a greater contrast, and tornadoes will increase!

Deaths from shark attacks have suddenly surged. Such deaths average 4.1 per year, though in 2007 only one such death occurred. Shark attacks, however, have been gradually increasing during 2006 through 2007. Several deaths occurred in already in 2008. If February an Austrian tourist died from shark bite while chumming for shark. The waters off the coast of Florida are shark infested. Not surprising then that a shark attack was suspected in the death of at least one member of the crew on an overturned boat in the Bahamas in May. On April 26, 2008 a Great White attack was responsible for the death of a veteran swimmer off the coast of San Diego. This was a rare attack for southern California as the waters are considered too warm for Great Whites. This attack off the coast of southern California was followed by several attacks off the coast of Mexico in May, 2008. Two of these attacks were fatal. What is causing the sudden uptick in attacks? Per Wikipedia, shark attacks are due to the shark mistaking humans for its normal prey.

There are many aspects of the slow magnetic dance between the Earth and Planet X since it arrived in the vicinity in 2003. One, mentioned early in the body of ZetaTalk, was the increased roiling of the core of the Earth, such that swirling magma heats up the crust of the Earth and presses into volcanic outlets. There are more active volcanoes now than in the memory of man. When this volcanic activity is below the waves, it warms the oceans, creating more storms. Beyond the heat that comes up from the core of the Earth, there are other particle flows that disrupt and confuse life on the surface. The White Buffalo and other albinos showing up in increasing numbers in the past few years are due to such emanations from the core of the Earth. All this does more than trigger albinism. It also depresses immune systems.

Then there is the wobble, which forces the Earth under her blankets of air and water with increasing force, daily. This roils the air masses and creates temperature extremes, all of which result in weather extremes. This also roils the oceans and creates unusual currents. Then there is the effect of the tail of Planet X, turning increasingly toward the Earth as the date of the pole shift approaches. Oily substances in this tail do more than create halos around the Sun and Moon and provide rainbow clouds. They also affects human health and surely affect wildlife. Nausea, dizziness, and disturbed menstral periods are but a few of the effects. Magnetic pulse accompanies the push that is encountered when the globe turns to face the magnetic presence of Planet X daily. Those affected by this pulse are finding themselves to be insomniac at 3-4:00 am because their spot on Earth is rising over the horizon to face Planet X at dawn.

These are just some of the signals that humans and animals alike are getting from the presence of Planet X. For the shark, this is primarily a warmer ocean habitat, with their normal prey shifting locations due to these changes. A shark's normal prey can be depleted or decimated due to illness, or a depressed immune system, so the shark needs to hunt other prey. It is not just a trapped animal or an animal protecting its young that gets more aggressive. A hungry animal is also more aggressive. The assumption is made that the shark is the problem, so that the focus in on the shark. Have studies been made as to the effect of warming waters on the shark's normal prey? Where is the global seal count in all of this? Nonexistent!

A video of a purported alien was presented to the media in Denver on May 30, 2008. The video was closely guarded because it is destined to be part of a documentary, but a still shot was provided to the public. The video was taken in 2003, in Nebraska, by a father who suspected a Peeping Tom was looking in the window at his teenage daughters. The father installed an infrared camera and when inspecting the video later discovered that an alien was the Peeping Tom. The video has not been doctored, but could the whole thing be a hoax, some kind of plastic puppet manufactured by the teen-age daughters to spoof their dad? [and from another] Phone Home: Purported UFO Vvideo to be Shown Friday [May 28] A video that purportedly shows a living, breathing space alien will be shown to the news media in Denver. Jeff Peckman, who is pushing a ballot initiative to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver to prepare the city for close encounters of the alien kind, said the video is authentic and convinced him that aliens exist. When Peckman went before city officials this month to discuss his proposed ET initiative, he promised to show the video. An instructor at the Colorado Film School in Denver scrutinized the video very carefully and determined it was authentic. Peckman, 54, said the video was among the reasons he was "compelled" to launch the proposed ballot initiative, which has generated news as far as South Africa. "It shows an extraterrestrial's head popping up outside of a window at night, looking in the window, that's visible through an infrared camera," he said. The alien is about 4 feet tall and can be seen blinking, Peckman said earlier this month.

We stated in the past, years ago, that photos and videos of aliens would begin to emerge, and that they would be genuine. The Awakening process is predictable and steady, starting with individual UFO sightings by those who are psychologically ready for this and ending with undeniable sightings of alien bodies. UFO sightings have been on the increase, and have transitioned to regular mass sightings, often captured on video. Crop circles are no longer ridiculed by the media. During an occurrence called the "Brazilian Roswell" several children glimpsed the survivors of the crash before they were hauled away by the Brazilian military. And periodically there have been reports of humans glimpsing alien bodies, always hominoid, but without photographic evidence.

Why would photos of alien bodies be necessary at this time? The anxiety over the alien presence has moved from fearing any visitors to curiosity. Although most alien life forms are not hominoid, the presentation to mankind would of course start with hominoids from elsewhere, to reduce anxiety. "Ah," the public would say, "they kind of look like US." Once that threshold has been crossed, glimpses and photos of aliens who are not hominoid will begin. It this Nebraska video real? Yes. Why is an alien popping up and down peeking in a window? Being telepathic, we of course were aware this father was planning installation of an infrared camera to catch a suspected Peeping Tom outside the window of his teenage daughters' bedroom. We knew the video would be carefully screened by this father and that the family would not suffer undue anxiety when an alien was discovered. We also knew the family would contact paranormal groups and that the video would eventually arrive where it has today, in the news!

Rupert Murdoch seems to have changed his tune lately on several issues including Obama. Is this a case of him seeing which way the wind is blowing and getting ahead of it or is there another reason for him to be getting with the program now?

The Puppet Master has selected Obama as his choice. But beyond this, many cool heads see that another Clinton presidency would be having an unpredictable person at the helm, lying and changing position depending upon who leans on her. A McCain presidency would be a disaster on many fronts, as the man is clearly having senior moments and is also subject to being leaned on and manipulated as is Clinton. Obama is his own man, says what he believes, is open minded, and would compromise with reality. Thus, many are leaning to Obama as the obvious choice.

The zetas have mentioned that only highly STO individuals will live with them in high tech settings. I am somewhat confused by this. Why would any highly STO individual not live with the average survivor in the mud and cold and offer direct support to them?

Most have opted to do so. Most have refused our offer of a lift during the hour of the pole shift for these reasons. There are many reasons why a highly Service-to-Other person would move in with us. One is to adapt other humans we would be bringing in, especially orphaned children who would not survive on their own. Another is that their health is such that they would not survive in the Aftertime unless given regular care. Yet another is to be handy for visits to survival groups to communicate with them, an introductory phalange, so to speak.

There seems to be an increased push to scapegoat the Bush persona lately. Is his public image being destroyed to such an extent that there will be widespread relief once he is "gone" via one means or another? Will the US based "Puppet Masters" who put Bush into power ever be held to account?

The rats are leaving the sinking ship, and trying to save themselves. Where this is natural to some degree, at the end of an 8 year occupation in the White House, this administration has been a horror - lying to the public, breaking laws, torturing, ignoring corruption, and tearing down the economy. There is, frankly, nothing good that can be said about the administration. There may be crimes that an Obama presidency will pursue and prosecute, but in the main Obama will have his hands full simply keeping the ship afloat and trying to straighten out the mess. Earth changes will be increasing, and this will be his focus.

Did a UFO really crash in Vietnam or Cambodia on 5-29-08? Someone there was displaying metallic parts claiming those are pieces of the UFO's wreck. If one indeed crashed would you care to explain what happened or why?

There have been no UFO wrecks in recent years.

Would the Zetas care to comment on the fate of the quake lake's damn in China, which has people fleeing from the area as it is rising in level.

This is a problem already resolved by the Chinese, who see the problem and the solution. They will clear the debris and the river will return to its normal course. Obviously, they are evacuating those who would be affected by the rush of water released from the blocked river.

How bad are forclosures going to get, cause gas keeps rising over $4 dollars a gallon, and that will just jack up the food prices and everything? Raising wages isn't going to help because there's just not enuff money to fund these jobs, somethings gota give. Is this a planned collapse/controlled collapse purposely done for others agenda's to store food underground and supply their bunkers and take all the money theyre stealing from the common man and invest in their safe areas?

This collapse is not done purposely, as some suspect, to bring down the US. The Bush administration has done that through incompetence. We have addressed the failing economy several times, but will repeat the prognosis briefly here again. Matters will continue to get worse, on all fronts, but will not get to the point where the dollar is worthless before the last weeks arrive.

A few chats ago the Zeta's said we would be a number 6 during summer months. Have we reached that point yet or things need to heat up a bit more?

The statement we made was that by the end of the year, on a scale of 1-10, that matters would reach a 6 if at the start of the year it could be considered a 2 or 3. We included in this economic and social factors, not merely Earth changes. We have also stated that the Summer magnetic trimester relates to more serious Earth changes, as an interpretation of a crop circle laid in Tennessee this year. Obviously, things will continue to heat up, as we have only started.

So your Zetas say they can move planets and stars anytime they want to. Then why are they going to letting Planet X do all this damage to the Earth you say its doing, So what your really saying is that the Zetas are mass murders right. If they can do all this shit you say they can way not just leave our planet alone or do the get there kicks on killing all of us off.

Do we, today, rescue people from approaching tornadoes? Or feed the starving stick children in Africa? Or cure cancer and straighten teeth? This is not the way things work, as we have endlessly explained to those who expect that benign space brothers will rescue them. Earth is your school house. You are supposed to rescue and assist your fellow humans. Are you doing this for the starving children? Are you expending yourself in any manner for others, or just making demands? We are frankly not allowed to rescue humans, as the rules in force in your Universe is that you should be allowed a setting in which you can grown, spiritually. To that end, you are failing your course.

Just a note to let you know I like your show at The Micro Effect. The information yesterday regarding reincarnation/ghosts/poltergeist activity was very interesting. When a person "sees" spirits or entities, are they seeing them with their physical eyes, or is it the soul that "sees" and tells the mind what is going on?

Spirits can influence their environment to a slight degree, especially influencing the flow of heat particles. They can thus create a fog or a moist impression, temporarily. But if a soul has returned to say goodby to a loved one, and the loved one "sees" them as they remember them, then a soul-to-soul conversation has taken place.

Earlier I was re-reading the ZetaTalk section about the different aliens working here. Can you elaborate on what sort of things brown Octupus Man helps people with?

The amphibious octopus is a hard working visitor and this group has many contactees. Often, it takes some getting used to for the contactee to actually face their visitor, but they communicate very well and are adept at social situations.

Scott McClellan released a new "tell all book" and has created quite a firestorm." What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception". The White House and his "close" Republican friends were obviously completely blindside by this book. Bob Dole called him a "miserable creature". In a interview with Anderson Cooper, after reading the book, said "now I have to double or triple think everything that comes out of the White House" and "should we be taking everything the White House says with a grain of salt?" Anderson Cooper seemed very upset in his interview that they were lied to and in turn sold the propaganda nightly to American viewers, and that now it is exposed. What is the motive behind Scott's new "tell all" book? He got a 6 figure advance before writing the book. He says he didn't quit on principal because he was "disillusioned" while in the "White House bubble". Scott said " I've never seen things more clearly in life more than now". He has at least has some amount of courage to release this book, whether it is motivated by money or legitimate concern I'm not sure, he does seem somewhat sincere. For what it's worth at least some people will realize that what's coming out of the White House is a bunch of lies and spin, but on the other hand if they haven't already realized this they are probably to thick headed to ever realize it. It seems everything is unraveling for the White House and all it's rats, time to jump ship!

Scott is sincere, as those watching his interviews can discern. While the White House press secretary, he was stiff, under orders on how to direct the interest of the reporters and given impossible goals. He sensed for a long time that he was being sent out to lie, and resented that he would be blamed as a liar if this was discovered. During the Plame affair this was discovered, and he was not only deeply embarrassed, he was furious. Here was a man who was a loyal Bushie for decades, came from Texas with Bush, and did not expect to be used in this fashion. Like a child treated in this manner by his parents, there is first a shock, a denial, an attempt to forgive and explain the parent's behavior, and then finally anger. Often, if a child experiences such treatment, the anger does not erupt until adulthood, years later. Scott will not be the only such loyal Bushie to get in touch with their anger. There are more!

Why did the Council of Worlds allow the humanoids from Planet X to come to earth? Sure they are 3rd density as well but surely the council knew the horrors the giants would inflict on the little humans. Making them their slaves and controlling them by fear, making an example out of anyone who rebelled. Acting as gods. Does the council regret this decision or were the giants allowed to come to Earth because they are 3rd density and have the free will to act as Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other? Perhaps the council did not expect them to be as brutal and cause as much havoc as they did?? How are they currently feeling as their planet will soon kill 90% of the Earth's population, business as usual?

The Council intervened to quarantine the Annunaki from Earth, but make no specific steps to allow them access to Earth in the first place. The Annunaki are considered peers of mankind, not unlike another race of man on Earth. When it was clear that they, as a larger hominoid, were creating a negative environment for the spiritual development of man, (one that was too heavily influenced toward the Service-to-Self for mankind because of their hopeless slavery state), the Annunaki were driven from Earth to continue their mining operations elsewhere, on Mars and a moon of Mars.

I have been having very vivid dreams for the last week that seem to go on for hours, none of them making any sense what so ever. Then waking up with a mild headache. 3 nights in a row dreaming of attempting to dial 911 but never being able to correctly dial the number, each time under a different circumstance. Multiple circumstance of being attacked by a house cat, feeling the pain from the bite and scratch never been attacked by a cat in life so not a traumatic memory replaying. I was on Yahoo and I usually glance at the 'top searches of the day' to see what's on the public's mind, number 4 was 'dream dictionary'. That was a shocker! So I'm obviously not the only one recently having vivid dreams and wondering what is going on, so what is going on? More vivid dreams as the transformation grows stronger? I have already read the section on dreams - in case others haven't

Dreams fall into two categories. One is sorting our the human's day, parsing the memories into chemical pathways that constitute a memory. During the day, the memory is a temporary pathway, but during the night, in dreams, the memory is transferred to a permanent home. Meanwhile, the human brain is seeing the images and concepts fly by, and compiles these images into dreams. To equate this to a computer, the memory pathways are data on the hard drive, while the temporary images are in the computer memory. During the transfer, other parts of the computer memory see the data fly by, and these computer memory areas are allowed to engage in any type of activity as the empty computer memory is not being used by the sleeping human. The second type of dream is recall in the subconscious, informing the conscious to some degree about a visitation or long burried memory that the human has repressed from consciousness. The two types of dreams can mix, presenting a very chaotic dream state. That vivid dreams are on the increase is because of two circumstances. One, the world is rapidly changing and many sense this but don't deal with it on the conscious level so force the brain to deal with this at night. The second it that the number of contactees are on the increase, at a very rapid rate.

I was pondering the current situation with the "elite" and their selfish decision not to tell the public of the massive planet heading towards Earth. I was thinking and I came to the conclusion that this shouldn't of been surprising to anyone. I was thinking what exactly are the "elite"? The extremely wealthy and powerful obviously. But who becomes an "elite"? and it hit me, only the people who are greedy enough and power hungry enough become a so called "elite". I would never have the drive to desire such massive wealth (way more than one would need) and I would never have the drive to control people in the way they do. So my question is aren't the "elite" here on Earth mostly Service-to-Self souls? and this decision by the "elite" not to inform the public was certainly foreseen by the Zetas?? Spiritually they are the complete opposite of elite, they are at the bottom not the top?? Of course with the few exceptions such as Bill Gates (Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Fund), although I doubt he would even consider or call himself and "elite", unlike for example the rat Karl Rove.

You have identified a common characteristic of the elite - that they are self absorbed. Some wealth is inherited and thus not all elite are of this nature. Likewise, not all accomplished businessmen and woman are self focused, but in the main to rise to the top one must stab others in the back, steal the work of others and not give credit, and bribe and intimidate others in order to be promoted and rise to the top. We have explained that the reason the cover-up over Planet X is tight is because the elite do not want the messy panic of the public to inconvenience them! When the time comes to rush to their enclaves, they want the roads clear, the airports uncluttered, and no one stopping them on their way to their enclaves with messy questions or demands. For this simple reason, they are putting all others into ignorance with all that entails. Much suffering will be their personal karma, and many of the elite will deal with that during this lifetime. We have stated that their bunkers and enclaves will not be safe, as the very militia they hire will become their masters and cruel masters at that. In addition, should they not have militia but merely hide out, all their supplies will be expended and they will not be welcome in survival communities who will recognize these elite when they emerge and remember what they have done.

Are service to other humans here on earth more susceptible
to developing social anxiety disorers/peronsality disorders because of their experiences of being burned by so many others in their past?? I essentially gave everyone my trust expecting them to be trust worthy, obviously that isn't the case, and I have learned my lesson.It's like a negative energy throughout your body just being around strangers, making it hard to even string a sentence together. Ad hyperhyrdosis [excessive sweating] to the equation = every day of living being pure torture. Unfortunately suicide is not an option when your sto because it would kill your family. But I guess spiritually there is no gain without pain?

There is no relationship to being Service-to-Other and having a hard time adapting to working with others. By the time an entity has evolved in their early lifetimes to understand their orientation, they are accustomed to dealing with the Service-to-Self. This is one reason that many families today are a mix of Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self, so both orientations can have a clear idea of what to expect in the future. This goes both ways, the Service-to-Other being aware of what the prison planets they may encounter on engagements in the future are like, and the Service-to-Self being aware of how the Service-to-Other will not be tricked in the future. Polarized families teach these lessons. If you find yourself too trusting, it is likely that you are a young soul, not yet familiar with the Service-to-Self.

In the Animal Planet programs humans are told not to help various animals in distress by giving food or water that would help them survive. The power of life and death or Service-to-Other seems not to apply. Please explain.

These are not our instructions on how to treat animals with compassion.

It looks like Hilary will be (hopefully) off the soap-box by Tuesday. What's holding the superdelegates like Gore from voting for Obama now? Can we expect Hilary to gracefully bow out or are fireworks in store?

Hillary is expected to bow out. This is not our prediction, but the predictions of many who talk to her staff and supporters. She in fact is still adamant that somehow she can convince the supers to flock to her, that somehow even the pledged delegates will more toward her. Until the convention, all this is possible. Because the Clintons absolutely consider this nomination their right, they may not resign but press forward to challenge the Michigan vote of the Rules and Bylaws Committee. If this is the case, then it is possible that the Credentials Committee will have to meet on this issue in late June and their decision confirmed by the convention at large in August. If the Clintons take this tack, they will be shunned by the Democratic party. In any case, Obama will proceed as the nominee, even hinting at his VP choice and future cabinet, and the media will attempt to keep the Clintons at bay and not give them free media time. Since this is in the hands of man, we cannot predict with any accuracy.

The fact that Hillary has managed to keep her 'dirt' in the closet truly seems to escalate her power trip when she sees the power she has in keeping people quiet about it?

Hillary has not been the subject of scrutiny for several reasons. The Republicans wanted her as the Democratic nominee, as they knew they could unload all manner of dirt on her once this occurred and kill the Democratic chances. Obama was being very careful not to run a negative campaign, as he ran the risk of failing to show himself as the "new politics" persona he truly is if he did so. Thus his associations with Rezco, though minor at a $23,000 contribution in the past, were talked about in debates, even though Rezco was not a felon at the time. But no one mentioned Hillary's contributions of $890,000 from a known felon, Hsu, even though he was a felon at the time and contributed to her presidential campaign! This is likewise the case with former associations with the Weathermen and the like, where she actually was the associate and for Obama, he has merely been the neighbor of a former associate.

Earlier ZetaTalk mentioned that the new Bush is fostering a better relationship with Putin. Can we assume that the Russian Missile Defense system is going to be scrapped? Also, if Putin is leaning toward Service-to-Other then why does he not allow Chechnya to become liberated from Russia? There are numerous allegation of Putin's administration violating human rights - torturing, killing, and politically suppressing Chechnyans. I would assume the reasons are economics and fear of the disintegration of other Russian states. But if Putin is leaning toward Service-to-Other, then why would he be complicit in such violent oppression?

In Russia, there are many parts of the power structure. As with the US, where elements in the CIA might proceed and do what they wish in secret, or the US military which might revolt from orders from the Commander in Chief and foot drag or lose those orders so the orders simply do not carry forward - there are many parts to a government. We have stated that the assassinations in recent years ascribed to Putin were not ordered by him, but done by others in his government. In that Bush 3 is more reasonable, much of the alarm Putin and the Russians had over actions such as the missile defense system setup in Poland and pointed toward Russia will ease. This is in play, at the present time, not yet a settled issue.