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Venezuelan cities such as Caracas will find themselves suddenly, during the hour of the shift, in a nightmare of rushing water from which they will not be able to escape. When the Atlantic Rift widens dramatically, and the Pacific is put into compression and shortens, water will roar though Central America to fill the gap in the Atlantic. This water will not be a benign tide, a flood tide steadily rising such that those in its path can scramble into boats or seek floatation. It will not even be waves, approaching and crashing down upon them such that they can measure the height and run for the highlands. The force that fury and speed that water can move is measured by today’s memory, of flood waters emptying into the sea or water from fire hoses put under great pressure so as to reach great distances. This is not the limit of what water can be subjected to. The speed and force of water is dependent upon the weight of water behind it, which seeks its level. In the case of the great differences between the Pacific and Atlantic, during the hour of the shift, this weight is immense. Thus, coastlines that border this rush of water will find it scouring as it passes, suddenly shooting up into ravines with a tidal bore that will horrify those who thought they had clamored high enough. Those who would survive along the coastlines of Venezuela will not find survival there possible under any means. Cities will be scoured clean, torn from their foundations and carried into the cold waters of the Atlantic, and deposited there. Death by drowning in the roiling waters inevitable.


Note S American Roll commentary.