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Though there have been a lot of precursor signs that S American is getting ready to roll- an 8.8 quake along the Andes in Chile and exploding oil and gas rigs in Bonaire and Trinidad-Tobago - these signs are but the lightest touch compared to the actual event. We have described tsunami that will occur in the Caribbean, and a ripping open of the Rio Parana river mouth at Buenos Aires. The primary effect of the S American roll will be on the small islands in the Caribbean which ride just north of the S America Plate border, as these will lose elevation suddenly, and in some cases sink entirely. Will there be earthquakes? Such movement of a plate does not occur silently. The entire region, from the tip of S America to the islands on the north border of the Carribean Plate will be jolted, and repeatedly, during the roll. Along the Andes, these quakes will be in the range of a magnitude 8-9, but lesser elsewhere. In that the Andes will rise, riding over the Nazca Plate to the west, no significant tsunami will be produced along the west coast of S America. All major cities in the mountain building areas will experience these great quakes - Santiago, La Paz, Lima, Quito, and Bogota.

Those living along the border of S America and the hapless Caribbean Plate will experience a great moaning and grinding while the S American Plate glides over the Caribbean Plate, pushing it down with its weight as it does so. Such a gliding action does have catch points where the plates are not smooth, and hesitation and jerking with a sudden release occurs, a type of earthquake that seems to last for most of an hour. Caracas as all of Venezuela will experience this seemingly continuous quake, which will approach a magnitude 8 in strength at times. As we have mentioned, the east coast of S America just goes along for the ride. There will be sympathetic jolts from the great quakes elsewhere on the plate, but these will be relatively minor, at most a magnitude 7. When the seaway at Buenos Aires rips open, this is a silent adjustment, as most stretch zone adjustments are. The residents will recover from any earthquakes to see the far shore of the seaway at a greater distance, and the mouth of the Rio Parana widened.

ZetaTalk October, 2010