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Peru rides high in the Andes, and will ride higher after the shift due to increasing subduction of plates under the current mountain building ridge. The elevation causes thin air, which many of its residents must already deal with, and as during the hour of the shift some of the Earth's atmosphere gets stripped away temporarily, this may be may be increased to the point of suffocation in the high elevations. Along the coastland, there is also danger of tidal bore, as water under pressure will climb up if it has nowhere else to go. Thus, inland valleys hold the best chance of survival during the shift itself. After the shift, Peru will find itself continuing with a temperate climate, stretched out along the new Equator, and proximity to ocean fishing which will be productive during the years after the shift due to the increased carbon dioxide in the air and resulting kelp growth. The hardy natives of Peru, left alone in the past by those who would plunder as the land is spare and the living hard, will be survivors.


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