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Indonesia fares poorly during the coming pole shift, but most of the residents will already be dealing with disasters by the time the shift arrives. As low-lying land, in the main, the steadily softening polar ice will create inundation that the country is poorly prepared to deal with. Now and then a hurricane ravages a coastline and dumps rain inland; now and then a volcano goes into an active burping stage; but overall, most of Indonesia during these times - functions. With low-lying land consistently flooded throughout Indonesia, there will be an impact on the industries in the country, and migrations of displaced citizens to the cities remaining above water. Indonesia is run by the wealthy elite, who rape the poor and the land without government oversight. With industries shut down, the wealthy will attempt to escape to Australia or any other country that will have them. They will be running from what they will view to be a sinking ship, leaving the poor behind them with scarcely a backward glance. The government will become even less responsive to the poor, who will be allowed to crowd into the cities but be kept in camps where disease will run rampant and starvation be the norm.

Increasing activity in the many volcanoes that dot the region will only increase these migrations to the death camps. Thus, by the time the shift hits, most citizens of Indonesia will already be in a desperate life-and-death struggle. Those living on high ground away from volcanoes will be washed over by the large floodtides that will move from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean, and back again, during the shortening of the Pacific and subducting of the Indio-Australian plate under the Himalayas. Survival will occur for a small percentage, but only because the islands are many and cover a vast area. Survival will be by accident, in these cases, not by design.


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