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The countries of the old Yugoslavia will find themselves once again in a bad spot, this time not due to war and strife, the heavy hand of dictators, but natural forces. The population will be blocked from migrating, as these blockades have already been put into place during the wars caused by Serbian aggression. The population already suffers from poor crops, also due to the wastage caused by the Serbs, and will thus suffer doubly under the crop shortages in the years leading into the shift. Where much of the country lies well enough above sea level to remain above water after the polar melt, volcanic gloom, lack of clean water, and the endless aggression from would-be dictators that afflict the region will make this any but a war zone, this time over any supplies or food that a survivor might possess. We would advise all who wish to set up survival settlements to relocate, if possible, well before the shift. If this is not possible, plan a stealthy migration after the shift into the mountains of Europe.


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