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Of course Norway and Sweden are seen as desirable countries to immigrate to as they are high ground, social democracies that take care of their citizens, and in the case of Norway, wealthy. One should not expect their immigration polities to change. They won't become more lenient, as we stated when questioned about the reaction to drowning neighbors after the 7 of 10 tsunami there. This is of course in the hands of man, and could change, but we are giving you our best assessment. all countries will be increasingly strict about immigration. Then the issue becomes what this or that country might do with uninvited guests! Will they intern them in camps, as Australia does? Will they force them to march back across the border at gunpoint? All this and more, depending upon the country's propensities.

There will of course be huge numbers of migrating people from western Russia, Denmark, Finland, and the lowlands of Poland and Germany and other lowland countries. They have few choices. They can push into the highlands of Sweden and Norway and take their chances at being expelled, or migrate south into the Alps and other high ground where they will likewise meet hostility, or in the case of Russia migrate toward the Urals where they will find intense crowding. As we described for Kazakhstan, such drowning migrants will get repeatedly pushed along, by lack of space and lack of food. Our suggestion is to plan for a floating community, as fishing will be abundant in the Aftertime. Build your boats now, in anticipation of this. You may be laughed at, as a modern day Noah, but you will be master of your own country so to speak, and able to travel where you wish.


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