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Czechoslovakia is a landbound country which will find itself criss-crossed by frantic survivors who are seeking a better life elsewhere after the shift. Those in the lowlands in what is now the north will travel south to the mountains as the poles melt and the oceans steadily inundate. Boats will wash up on what will become the shores of Czechoslovakia. Those to what is now the south will likewise migrate, seeking escape from the gloom that volcanic ash imposes on the landscape. They will all be looking for a better spot, and none will be available. Meeting in Czechoslovakia, and learning that all other directions are just as hopeless as the one they came from, there is likely to be despondency and a sense of hopelessness. Survivors are advised to prepare for this emotional climate with clear-cut instructions to newcomers on how life in survivor settlements proceeds. Thus led like children, the newcomers may adjust and become good neighbors.


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