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Ohio will have a relatively uneventful pole shift, due to its sheltered location nestled against the inland side of the Appalachian Mountains. Problems will ensue in the following months, however, as the rising sea will push inland up from the Mississippi Valley and along the Ohio River. Ohio's peoples will find themselves repeatedly moving to escape the rising water, pushed into neighboring lands that might not welcome newcomers. With a broad lake before them, and the Appalachian Mountains behind them, they will have but one direction to move - into the mountains. Where these mountains will do well during and after the pole shift, they will soon become crowded with newcomers moving inland from the rising coast and moving inland to escape the rising waters in the Mississippi Valley. Thus, those who wish to settle there should establish a place early in the resettlement process and not wait until they are forced to move.


Implied in our previous ZetaTalk but not explicitly stated, is that southwestern Ohio will lose elevation during the New Madrid adjustment. We implied that Columbus, Cincinnati, and Toledo will find their toes in the muck in the Aftertimes. Certainly an elevation map of a 675 foot flood shows Toledo under water, but Columbus appears high and dry. We also stated that Ohio will find themselves looking into an expanse of water as the Ohio river floods in the Aftertime, yet a map of a 675 foot flood shows the Ohio River and tributaries broadened a bit, but certainly not an inland bay as we described.

We also stated that where the New Madrid fault line runs up through Ohio and under the Great Lakes can be seen in rock strata maps. The New Madrid adjustment will shatter rock there, ungluing the rock strata just to the south so that older rock in central Ohio will separate from the rock east of Cleveland and Columbus. The line of separation can be seen on rock strata maps as a thin triangle, pointing sharply to the south. Eastern Indiana and most of western Ohio has a different rock strata, so will not participate in this drop. This loss of elevation will not be apparent until the rising flood waters in the Aftertime push up the Mississippi.

ZetaTalk ™ July 30, 2011

Note New Madrid commentary.