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Low lying lands in Europe that are bordering the Atlantic will not do well during the coming pole shift, as the Atlantic will be pulled wider during the adjustments the continents always make during a severe pole shift, where equalization of the placement of land masses around the world is increasingly the result. More than tidal waves and rising sea levels due to melting poles will be involved in the water that will inundate these low lying lands, as their relative altitude will drop. Thus, those wishing to survive should move to high ground, and add additional height, to a level over 1,000 feet above sea level, to be absolutely sure that tides during the pole shift will not run over them. Survivors should not assume that they can return to their homes, which may be permanently under water, or that travel between mountain peaks will be possible, as they may be finding themselves atop new islands. Beyond this geological change, Europe in general will become a more moderate climate as a result of the shift.


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