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Sect, Religion, or Cult?

None of the above. People clinging to a religion or a cult are seeking a sense of belonging, a sense of identity, a voice of authority, and answer to questions, and the hope of rescue. Religions ask of their followers to belive without questioning. They are told what to believe, and often punished or threatened if they question the message. Cults seek to make their followers emotionally dependent, removing them from their families so they cannot escape. ZetaTalk and Troubled Times empower, rather than restrict, independent thought and living. See:

ZetaTalk: Independent Thinking
Most adult humans, grownup on the outside only, are still children on the inside, clinging to whomever acts like a self-proclaimed god by either claiming to take care of the adult child or claiming to have the answers.
ZetaTalk: Next 3 1/2 Years, written Sep 15, 1999
Look at what is actually happening - the food, the weather, the safety, the honesty in the messages that are being put forth. The populace should start exploring the site that our emissary, Nancy, and so very many of her friends have put together to help every man help themselves.

Troubled Times is devoted to helping the common man to self help. In The Word section of Troubled Times, both sides of arguments or alternate views are frequently presented. See:

Sitchin & Velikovsky TOPIC vs Cambridge Conference TOPIC
Geo Change TOPIC vs Global Warming TOPIC

In addition, all of the people associated with Zetatalk and Troubled Times are volunteers, donating their time and energy to this cause. Everything you see on the websites, from the ongoing translations of Zetatalk into other languages, to the numerous contributions of information are all done voluntarily. Even the nonprofit organization, Troubled Times, Inc., it’s members, Board of Directors, and Officers are volunteers. None receive monetary compensation for their duties.