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TOPIC: Geo Change

The Slowing Rotation of the Earth is linked to the rotation of the Core of the Earth, which drives the rotation, by 2003, obvious as Lost Minutes. Concurrently, the core of the Earth is exhibiting Magnetic Dispersion, and Magnetic Decay, the reason for GPS Satellites and detectable by Fluxgate, creating fears of a magnetic Field Failure, by late 2002, Dramatic. This Magnetic Confusion is reflected in Bee Hive behavior, Confused Pigeons, and Satellite Malfunctions. The swirling core is causing wandering hotspots, Hot Rocks and Ocean Warming, from the Bottom Up, not admitted until Early 2002. This has resulted in Antartic Melt with Rapid Disintegration, loss of Arctic Ice to the point of a Melting Pole, a melting Greenland, altogether a Record Loss of ice, and in increased Ocean Conveyor activity and Tsunamis, Walls of Water sinking tankers, Coral Kills, and Seaweed Invasions. Rising Seas cause Vanishing Islands and Coastlines, and an Out of Balance Pacific. Land masses are also heating from the bottom up, resulting in Melting Glaciers and Permafrost, Baked Alaska, sunburned Canadians, Thinning Glaciers, Artic Vegetation, receding Great Lakes and Disappearing Lakes. The Worldwatch Institute points to a Global Melt. Weather Forcasts are a challege, US Wildfires and in Russia and the Balkans a worry, falling Iceballs a surprise, Dying Trees a puzzle and the incidence of Catastrophes on the increase. Booms in Europe, Ohio, California, Delaware, and Nebraska result, which the Zetas say are caused by Heaving Seas and land. An Earth Hum is detectable. Earth Alert keeps a pulse on the changes. Meteor Impacts causing Explosions, Meteor Showers, Fireballs and Green Fireballs have begun and are on the Increase, with DoD Confirmation. In 1999, a satellite boosted by a Titan Rocket went into the wrong orbit, another boosted by an Athena 2 disappeared, putting Launches on Hold pending an investigation. Solar Flares are nothing new, and those looking for Connections are still confused. In 2002, the Earth's Gravity Field mysteriously developed a fat middle, and since 1998, the Core-Mantle boundary changing.