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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written November 1, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Coastal Maine Tide Change a Mystery [Oct 30] Meteorologists are baffled by rapid tidal changes along the Maine coast, which damaged some boats and piers. Witnesses say low tide turned and became high within a matter of minutes on Tuesday afternoon [Oct 28]. The changes occurred six or seven times. The National Weather Service says reports from several locations indicated that water levels fell and rose from 4 feet to as much as 12 feet during the event. In a public information statement, the weather service says the cause "remains a mystery and may never be known." It said significant rapid rises and falls in tide levels were observed around 3 p.m. in Boothbay Harbor, Southport and Bristol. The statement said rapid surges can be caused by the underwater movement of land, most often due to an earthquake, or due to slumping of sediments along a steep canyon or shelf, but no earthquakes were reported in the area Tuesday. A similar event occurred on Jan. 9, 1926, in Bass Harbor, the statement said.

The wobble has worsened, and this is one symptom of this worsening wobble. What happens during a wobble? The Earth is pulled or pushed under her blanket of air or water, suddenly and over a short period of time. Nancy has been collecting observations from trusted sources and has confirmed a more aggressive wobble, especially in the hours between the afternoon and early evening along the East Coast. This is precisely when this high tide occurred.

Are there any technological innovations in the Zetan societies? Or have they reached a technological limit? I just assume that 4th density technology has been out there for tens of millions of years, past down from older 4th density groups to new ones. (Maybe not so in STS groups, who probably have to reinvent the space ship on occasions.)

Man is aware of only a tiny portion of alien technology, seeing space ships zip off suddenly or disappear entirely from view, going into another dimension. High IQ and high tech societies do not find themselves at the limit of knowledge, ever, any more than mankind has found itself at a limit. Even after millions of years.

Obviously the Zetas cannot speak to the exact methods that will or are currently being used to suppress voter fraud. In general are the Neocons still confident that they can pull it off? Have they not learned their lesson yet? Are the recent attacks on Syria and Pakistan attempts to stir up things to benefit McCain?

We have in fact detailed the steps we took in 2006 though as expected the fraud machine will try to invent new methods to evade our scrutiny. None of this of course will work as we know of their methods as soon as they plot them. We know who will be involved, what computer systems will be involved, and the timing of any steps they plan to take. Since we can teleport our human assistants anywhere, can freeze other humans in the vicinity so they are unaware of our efforts, and have other tools in our “war chest” not even imagined by the fraud perpetrators, they will fail. The efforts to provide McCain with an international incident that would allow him to showcase his supposed foreign policy skills have likewise failed, as in the recent Syrian attack. All that is required is for the country being goaded to fail to respond, as Syria did in this case. Had Syria created an uproar, engaged in counterattack or elicited help from neighboring countries, the incident may have succeeded as planned. But Syria, like Iran, is wise to these techniques and the fact that the Bush administration has failed in Iraq. They know it is only a matter of time before matters change, and fail to take the bait.

Any comment on the new earth wobble?

We stated that the wobble would get more severe, more violent, and that earthquakes and other Earth changes would increase apace. We have long predicted this. As the N Pole of Planet X turns toward the Earth the N Pole of Earth is pushed more violently away, and the bounce back is similarly violent. As usual, we will not reveal any timeline.

A new equatorial bulge will form at the new equator, and land will rise. Likewise, land at the old equator, will fall. In fact it could fall miles - literally to the bottom of the ocean as the fabled destruction of Atlantis has portrayed. Was any of this a factor in the destruction of Atlantis, and is this indeed one of the "mechanisms" for the rising and falling of land during and following a pole shift? I know there is 3 days of rotation stoppage before the actual shift - does the bulge hold up for those three days, or does it start to recede? Is it gradual, or catastrophic or "partly" catastrophic when combined with other factors such as the topography of the crust at the location placed under stress? Does the Earth become "round" near the end of the rotation stoppage? How long does it take the "new" bulge to form and become stable?

We have described some tidal movement prior to and following the pole shift. When rotation slows and stops, water flows to the poles, as rotation is no longer pulling the water outward due to centrifugal force. During this time, a lot of land along the equatorial and temperate coastlines will appear, and we have warned people not to feel confident about this, remaining on the shoreline. This is temporary, and when the pole shift itself happens, the sloshing will rush the water back inland as we have stated - up to 100 miles or more inland and up to 200 feet above sea level even at that point. After the pole shift, when rotation returns, of course a new equator finds water pooling there due to centrifugal force, but since the coastlines have been denuded and drowned from the sloshing, this is not a worry to any inhabitants there. Atlantis was drowned for other reasons. This city was, as we have stated, off the western coastline of Europe, which is dragged down during every pole shift.

It looks like McConnell, the nation's top spymaster and alleged former MJ-12 member, is now echoing the same kind of 'warning' about possible attacks on the US to 'test' the new president. Is there more to this than meets the eye? What's the real motive behind him coming out now, following Colin Powell's and Joe Biden's warning to the same effect? Is he trying to get on Obama's bandwagon or sending a subtle signal that maybe the cabal headed by his good friend Dick Cheney might 'try something'?

There have been many examples of such testing of new presidents, so this concept is not new. Biden made the statement because this type of thing has come under discussion between he and Obama and the many people in his transition team, a case of Biden's infamous diarrhea of the mouth. When McCain and McConnell hammer at this point, they are trying to frighten the public into voting for McCain, who they assert has more foreign policy experience and whom the world would theoretically fear to challenge. The public is not buying this.

McCain keeps insisting that he's going to win, despite how slim his chances seem from all the reports. He keeps saying that his polls shows him narrowing the lead. It really does look like he's expecting voter fraud, his confidence seem sincere, and seems to be setting his talk up for a surprise win by him.

We mentioned this last week also, that the talk on Drudge Report and by Republican surrogates about tightening poles is supposed to prepare the public for a surprise McCain win. McCain has been told he will succeed, with his handlers pointing to the win in 2000 and 2004 as examples of the power of the fraud machine. Those who want him to be in power, so as to continue their control, want McCain confident, and thus they allow no talk of any other outcome. Thus, it will be a sudden reality that will hit him hard, and we have predicted his health will suffer due to this.

Iraq expects U.S. reply on troop pact within days [Nov 1] Iraq expects a reply from the United States within days to its proposal for changes to a pact requiring U.S. troops to leave by the end of 2011. [and from another] Could the Zetas comment further on if this is the real deal, and as well for them picking 2011 as a date? Will the new president change this and once agreed on will this be the mass exodus of our troops coming home? I am thinking that it would happen before the end of 2011.

It is unlikely Iraq will come to an agreement with the Bush administration. The agreement hammered out in committee has not been placed before the full parliament because it will meet endless objections. The reasons for the inability of the parties to come to an agreement is due to the almost delusional expectations of those in the Bush administration. They expected US oil companies to be given control of Iraqi oil, and this did not occur. They expected that US bases in Iraq would continue, and this is not in the agreement. They expected that US raids into neighboring countries be allowed at will, and this is specifically ruled out by the Iraqi changes to the agreement. They expected a continuation of protection from prosecution for contractors such as Blackwater or soldiers gone rogue (as has happened in the past).

The Iraqis want their country returned to their control, in short, and for the US to leave. Just how this plays out between now and the end of the year is in the hands of man. Many outcomes are possible. The Bush administration may involve the new Obama administration even before the January inaugural date. The Bush administration may try to return to the UN for a short mandate, which they will not receive. They may find troops trapped in their bases after the end of the year, waiting for some kind of rescue by the Obama administration. We shall see! The date of 2011 is arbitrary, as the Bush administration was pushing for as late a date as possible, and wanted no timeline whatsoever.

In the new book about Dick Cheney, "Angler", which is very well researched, it shows Cheney literally obsessed with possible scenarios of terrorists stealing and setting off so-called "suitcase nukes" in the US. Cheney is also shown outright lying, even to stalwart allies as former GOP House leader Dick Armey, about these kinds of threats. Was that all a cover used to monitor his own plans for "false-flag" terror operations, or is it true that he had nothing to do with any of those "false-flag" operations? Has he accepted that the plans he and George Herbert Walker Bush had to be "on top of the world" for the poleshift will come to nothing, or is he still confident that somehow something will happen to allow him to win in the end?

Cheney and George Herbert Bush are of course at the center of the neocon plans to dominate the oil fields and declare martial law within the US at the time of the pole shift. Since we, the Zetas, were stating that 2003 was the date, they ensured that George Walker Bush was in the White House at that time. In addition to the failure in Iraq and an exhausted US military, wherein they have failed to retain control of the Middle East oil fields, they have also failed to retain control of the US government due to a disgusted US populace and a broken US economy. Our White Lie worked well. The only thing this group is in control of is their personal lives, and this matter will not work out well for them either.

I saw an Obama interview recently on tv. He was asked what would be at the top of his todo list if he won the White House. He said first on the list would be taking care of the current economic situation. I was wondering if it were possible that he could have his hands so full with dealing with the affects of the Earth changes to the US that this will be most important by the time he enters the White House?

Fortunately, Obama has a terrific team, and has been planning his transition for months. He is known for choosing the very best, and the execution of his campaign is proof of that. Delegation is the key, and he is adept at that. Regardless of the emergencies, they will be attended to, as his team will have the resources and good judgment. Key decisions are already being made, data being combed over, so no time will be lost. With Congress in close agreement, there should be no delays.

If the Earth's rotation will slow down, is there a detectable slowdown now? If so, is the Navy resetting their clocks to match celestial alignment as best as possible? Would these adjustments trickle down to cellphones, digital TV boxes, TV stations, the weather channel, etc? I have noticed that quartz based watches are gaining time around 1-2 minutes per month relative to clocks "synchronized to the establishment clock" sources (such as those mentioned above). I do not have enough data to show a deceleration, just enough to know a slowdown is occurring but also assuming the establishment clock is being readjusted. Would the Zetas like to comment on these data?

Any detectable slowing occurred in the months when Planet X was approaching the inner solar system and causing confusion in the Earth. The Earth clicks or synchs with points in the Sun on a daily basis, and thus the reliable 24 hour day. Planet X caused confusion, pulling at the Earth points that wanted to click with the Sun's points. But since Planet X is now close to the Sun, from the Earth's viewpoint, this confusion no longer exists. Until the weeks before rotation stoppage, there will be no measurable slowing.

Is the overwhelming acceptance and now an advertising campaign of Joe the Plumber's lies and racism too much? And won't Obama lose? Also the intense sleaziness and cry baby attitude of Conservatives - won't that create a civil war - as some conservatives such as Lush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and Bobo the clown O'Reilly are in essence calling for? A civil war that is.

The Republican Party is already grieving and pointing fingers. There are those who love Palin versus those who point to the polls and show that she diminished McCain's chances. Then there are those who held back from backing McCain due to disgust with his philosophies versus those who said anything to try to get him elected. The talk shows will have meat to chew on for years.

How come the Hubble space satellite fixed itself? NASA said its mission is put off to next year, but suddenly it is taking beautiful pictures again. What is up with that?

The excuse for the shuttle trip was a broken Hubble, so the Hubble needed to be broken to explain the trip up there. When the decision was made not to send the space shuttle due to the danger of meteor strikes, they went back to working with the Hubble as best they could. Some explanation involving tweaking the equipment via remote control has been given to the scientifically ignorant public.

Was Bhutto martyring herself an example of a highly STO backsliding? Is her soul going to go incarnate to reestablish her STO commitment before taking a leadership role again? And the Zetas mentioned that Obama had to use hunting for Bin Laden in Afghanistan as an excuse to get out of Iraq. But are there additional reasons that OBama wants to send troops over there? It is a volatile situation over there in Pakistan with Bhuto dead and Musharaff no longer in power, and with Al Quaeda being so close to nukes. Is safeguarding the unstable region another reason that Obama is sending troops to Afghanistan - other than the reason the Zetas gave about him using it politically to help him get elected? And my other question is this: Will Obama at least order the military in Afghanistan to stop the air raids that so often miss 'terrorists' and hit schools or hospitals?

You are asking questions that are in the hands of man and may go in many directions, and not simply because an Obama administration may be in possession of new data when they take office. Pakistan and Afghanistan may change by that time too. Thus, we decline to discuss this. Of course the fact that Pakistan has nukes is a consideration.

The last full moon came on time, but lingered longer at full - is that the same as when it came early - same cause I mean?

The orbit of the Moon is aberrant, and has been since Planet X came into the inner solar system. Because it swings wide between full and new moons, it can catch more or less sunlight than expected.

I know that tonight begins daylight savings time, but before the clocks adjust, I've got a question. Has "time" lately begun to somehow adjust? I keep my alarm clock, car clock, and stove clock ahead of time by 5-6 minutes so I get to work on time. (Silly, but it works).
For the past 3 -4 weeks those clocks have become "behind the time" instead of "ahead of time". How can this be? I can see one clock malfunctioning, but not all of them. Now that we are about to "adjust" for daylight saving time, was mine a legitimate concern?

No notable slowing will occur until the week of rotation slowing, but this does not mean that the Navy team controlling the master clocks are not nervous. They tweak, and then tweak back, and fret.

Is Ted Kennedy's brain tumor a normal occurance or was it planted in him?

Kennedy is aware of why his brother was killed and why his nephew was killed. We explained at the time that John John had been told the truth by Ted, and was angry and planning to reveal the truth to the public. Thus, he was assassinated. This type of shock and sense of guilt weighs heavily, and can create the type of depression that causes cancer. Thus, Ted Kenney's cancer is what would be considered a "natural" occurrence.

I posted a thread earlier about this. The North Star was too far north last night. Someone else said it was too far south, but it's the North Star. It doesn't go south. It goes north. And it was too far north last night. Did anyone else notice this unbelievable phenomenon?

Nancy has noted, in her Orbits page, that Polaris is frequently too high or too low in the dome, in altitude. This is perhaps what the poster is trying to explain. Yes, the wobble creates this situation.

Can the Zetas tell us anything about the treaties both they and their STS adversaries have signed with MJ-12? Do either or both prohibit outright disclosure of their terms to the public of Earth? What kind of conditions do they put on the human authorities? Do they make an issue about abductions? Are the abductions over? Finally, are the treaties still in effect even if the STS aliens that signed have gone on to "better things", as the Zetas claimed months ago?

As we have explained in ZetaTalk, abductions are never done by aliens, as this is against the rules. The human is always in control, gives the Call, and is visited as a result. Contact is made, not an abduction. MJ12, composed of humans, of course kidnapped humans and delivered them to the Service-to-Self aliens -- often homeless humans or children too young to resist. If the soul within those humans was intimidated enough to acquiesce, then the Service-to-Self aliens could conduct atrocities, and did. As we have explained in ZetaTalk, when Bush/Cheney stole the 2000 election, the MJ12 governing boards closed MJ12 down to prevent misuse of the agency by the incoming administration. Service-to-Self aliens only remain when they see a return on investment, so to speak, and no longer consider the Department of Defense (DOD) intel organizations or those among the wealthy class who were members of the old MJ12 amenable to their demands. DOD learned that they too could "just say no" and did so, ending any benefit to a continuing arrangement for the Service-to-Self aliens.

Since Obama was nominated, I've noticed an increase in the threads mentioning dire consequences if he is elected. As the election nears it seems that many posters predict riots, violence, etc. What's behind this almost frantic need to spread fear? Are these people trying to sway votes to McCain? Are these posters really afraid of the unknown or is this wishful thinking on the part of white supremicists? Would the Zetas care to give some insight?

People who are insecure prefer a black and white situation, no pun intended. They prefer strong statements like "country first" and "victory in Iraq", regardless of what the underlying policy produces. They fear the unknown, and Obama appears to bring that - a lot of change. They fear change, and thus want to prevent it.

As we climb towards a 6 by the end of the year on the Earth changes scale, is it likely the US will soon have it's wake-up call in the form of a geophysical change affecting many and from that point on the Earth changes will be at the forefront of everyone's attention?

Certainly we have had sociological/economic changes because of the Wall Street crash. Many are expecting that a 6 cannot be reached without significant Earth changes such as earthquakes or a serious wobble or perhaps some type of atmospheric changes that point to the presence of another planetary body in the solar system. Just what will occur, we cannot say. It may be one or many of these instances, or something totally unexpected.

Global Warming Is Killing Frogs And Salamanders In Yellowstone Park [Oct 31] Frogs and salamanders, those amphibious bellwethers of environmental danger, are being killed in Yellowstone National Park. The predator, Stanford researchers say, is global warming. Biology graduate student Sarah McMenamin spent three summers in a remote area of the park searching for frogs and salamanders in ponds that had been surveyed 15 years ago. Almost everywhere she looked, she found a catastrophic decrease in the population. The amphibians need the ponds for their young to hatch, but high temperatures and drought are drying up the water. [and from another] Can the Zetas comment on if this is the start of the decline for these species, will this happen in more areas soon, other then in Yellowstone?

Frogs are very sensitive to emanations from the Earth, as their deformed bodies and diminishing numbers attest. The rock under Yellowstone is showing the stress of the torque the N American continent is under. This is true of many places on the continent, and will result in the New Madrid adjustment, as we have predicted.

Does Laura Bush and do the children know that triplet 3 is now in the white house? I cannot imagine not being able to figure out if my wife was changed for her twin. Did the perpetrators offer the family something to keep quiet, and what happens to that coverup next year?

The twins do not know, as they are not close to their father and his physical appearance is similar to the other clones. Laura is aware, due to the amount of time she must spend with the Bush persona. The cover-up over the clones won't unravel just because their time in the White House is over. Why should it?

Are the Zetas doing anything and everything to bring about a one world government, or with Planet X and the pole shift none of that will matter?

We have explained that governments will if anything become more local. All cultures will experience a devastation to their infrastructure. Oil and gas exploration, pumping, refining and delivery will essentially end. Roads or landing strips to support travel will be torn up. Starvation and insanity will be rampant. Electric grids will be down, the phones won't work, and except for some short wave communications all communications will be very local. Meanwhile, the Transformation of human society to a Service-to-Other world will continue apace. Service-to-Other societies do not need to be governed, as they operate by cooperation, guided by love.