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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written October 10, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

In the sky on Moscow [Oct 7] has occurred the unusual phenomena: enormous crater with white edge, look like "cloud-ring". As can Zeta to comment the phenomena? Given event was illuminated in some Russian mass media.

Air updrafts or downdrafts are not uncommon, the most common form the tornado. Here cold air is above warm air, capping the warm air, so that it is only allowed to rise in weak spots in the cold air layer, causing a swirling tube of warm moist air rising through the cold air layer - the tornado. The circle in the sky over Moscow is an incomplete tornado, in fact the remnant of an incomplete tornado. The cloud cover has been broken as rapidly rising air broke through a cold air cap. The reason the cloud cover seems broken, revealing light only at the edges of the circle, is due to the rapid movement of swirling air at the edges. As is known, a tornado has a calm in the center of the swirling tube, the high winds at the edges of the tube. The calm in the center of an incomplete tornado allows the cloud cover to remain in place, where at the edges of the swirl the cloud cover is torn away.

NASA Crashes Rocket, Satellite into Moon in Search for Water [Oct 9] NASA crashed a rocket and a satellite into the moon's surface on Friday morning, a $79 million mission that could determine if there is water on the moon. NASA televised live images of the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, or LCROSS, as it crashed into a crater near the moon's south pole. NASA officials said it appeared to be a "successful impact." Minutes before its impact, the satellite guided a rocket into the Cabeus crater in an effort to kick up enough dust to help the LCROSS find whether there is any water in the moon's soil. The Centaur upper-stage rocket impacted the moon shortly after 7:30 a.m. ET, and the satellite followed it four minutes later. The LCROSS carried spectrometers, near-infrared cameras, a visible camera and a visible radiometer to help NASA scientists analyze the plume of dust -- more than 250 metric tons' worth - for water vapor. [and from another] Regarding the lunar bombing yielding apparently no visible evidence of any kind of impact, was this the work of the council of worlds to sabotage the mission to slap the wrist of the elites seeking escape who have no concern for the common man? [and from another] This video shows the experts talking about it at NASA. They saw no flash. [and from another] In the final minutes of its plunge toward the moon, NASA's LCROSS spacecraft spotted the brief infrared flash of a rocket booster hitting the lunar surface just ahead of it - and it even saw heat from the crater formed by the impact. But scientists remain puzzled about why the event did not seem to generate a visible plume of debris as expected. Because of the angle of the crater, the plume would have needed to rise to 2.5 to 3 km in order to be seen by telescopes on Earth. A 10-km-high plume was expected.

An obvious failure, the Moon plume project is an immense embarrassment for NASA, who hoped to spike public interested in their work and thus additional funding for an agency that is being steadily trimmed of late. No plume whatsoever occurred, though the leading probe did cause a small flash of light. Thus, there will be scant analysis for water possible, as the plume was the desired result that would allow analysis to occur. Mission failure. It is known and admitted that the leading probe did not land where aimed, into dust at the bottom of a crater, and thus something did go wrong with the mission. Why did the leading probe divert, and was this truly an accident? We stated when asked about this mission earlier, that the mission would not go as expected, not be a success for the elite who hope to go to the Moon to avoid the pole shift on Earth, returning after the shift. If we can push the erratic Moon into place so that eclipses seem to be happening as expected, we can certainly nudge a tiny probe to hit rock rather than dust. And this is what was done, with the permission of the Council of Worlds. The elite had hoped to get public funding into NASA to continue the plan to put man back on the Moon in a permanent base, which now is a dashed hope. The elite may have their own funds, but wanted the expertise at NASA to do the work for them, as they do not want to be seen as reacting to all the pole shift warnings. Now they must fund this themselves, and anticipate potential interference from the Council of Worlds. We warned the elite: inform the public about what is coming or suffer the same fate as the common man, stuck on the surface of Earth. The Moon plume failure is just an explanation point on the end of this statement.

The Zetas confirmed Tony Blair was part of the Elite crowd who aligned with the Bushes. Now he is allegedly the front runner for a new EU presidency. Is this presidency a machination of his cabal or is his election merely wishful thinking on their part?

Blair is a professional politician, and very skillful. He knows how to sell himself, sell his ideas. One must consider the alternatives. Seldom does one find a politician with integrity.

Greetings from Amursk! This week on October, 5-11th, I conducted supervision over the companion, registering a magnetic field of the Earth. Improbably, but really something delays magnetic lines to the right! I have noticed that when are delayed both blue (northern) and red (southern) lines together we in Amursk have a solar warm weather. And when only blue lines are delayed so strongly, that the red disappear, at us in Amursk is cold. Also this week I simultaneously watched quantity of earthquakes through service USGS. I really saw as with strengthening of a tension of magnetic lines there was a gradual growth of earthquakes. On September, 10th there was an awful tension and this day there were 22 earthquakes from them four strong earthquakes on Santa Cruz Islands and Vanauatu (on two on everyone). You can see it here But as though it was not sad, this day because of strong fluctuation the companion of tracking a magnetic field has failed. Here its last picture it does not vary till now also picture date same. Whether you can comment on it? It after all simply indisputable proof of that something powerful, namely Planet X; influences us from the Sun. After all anything else, neither Mars, nor Venus, the Sun cannot influence the Earth thus? Also tell how the companion has failed. It has not sustained such fluctuation?

The recent loss of a S Pole during the spate of strong quakes in Samoa/Sumatra shows the relationship between the magnetic clash from Planet X and earthquakes. The Earth wobble becomes more violent when the N Pole of Planet X is hosing in the direction of Earth. This push is present daily, but can be more violent if Planet X happens to be swinging its N Pole in Earth's direction. There is a dithering going on. All this will continue to increase in frequency and intensity, finally resulting in a severe wobble and then the lean to the left. However, a violent push is not necessarily going to record on the magnetometer simulators as the loss of a S Pole. There are many factors at play, simultaneously.

Another dead [Japanese] finance minister. Any connection to the others?

Obviously drinking heavily, as many Japanese do under pressure. This was not an assassination, but a death due to high blood pressure.

"This summer's melt of Arctic sea ice has not been as profound as in the last two years, scientists said as the ice began its annual Autumn recovery." Is this a direct result of the North Pole's push away from the sun or simply normal variations?

Correct. We stated that the northern hemisphere would be cooler up until the last weeks, and this is one result.

How important is someone's intention when orientation (STO/STS) is determined?

Intentions are not as important when actions can and should be taken. Actions put the intentions to the test! However, if someone is paralyzed, or unable to act due to other circumstances beyond their control, then intentions are taken into consideration. A child born with palsy, for instance, and unable to move about unassisted, would not be expected to take action.

Do extraterrestrials use some sort of technology that causes a pulsating beeping sound, that could possibly be heard by an abductee and cause them to somehow regain conciousness, if only for awhile during an abduction?

Such devices are not necessary and thus, not used.

I was thrilled yesterday when I learned that President Obama had won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. I thought what an enlightened move by the peace prize committee. Even today, I'm still riding the high engendered by that announcement. But I must say that my hopes about the prospects for world peace were tempered this morning when I read yet again that the United States and President Obama are getting ever closer to committing tens of thousands more troops to Afghanistan. I do not understand why U.S. involvement in Afghanistan is necessary, but I feel in my heart that if President Obama supports the upsurge in troops and since he is privy to classified strategic information (and since he is a 4th-density being), a deeper commitment in Afghanistan must be the right thing to do. Here is my question for the Zetas: Without divulging President Obama's inner thoughts which the Zetas have pledged not to do, could the Zetas please explain why the U.S. is ramping up in Afghanistan instead of pulling out?

Pakistan has the bomb, and is infiltrated with the Taliban. It was of course a mistake to go into Afghanistan in the first place, but Bush/Cheney having stirred up a hornets nest, it is a mess that needs to be put to rest. At least this is the thinking of many, politicians as well as military advisers. Obama also promised to focus on this war, not the unnecessary one in Iraq, so is pursuing a campaign promise.

Tibet and Shambhala as its legendary part were always the objects of admiration. People think the mental center of the world is located exactly here. Here one can find veiled knowledge and the way to mental purification. Here the unknown nations live, here many snowmen are observed, here there are many monasteries that keep odd secrets and so on. Is this image of Tibet true? Does Shambhala exist?

If it were a physical place, how could it have been kept hidden? Buddha's teachings of course are represented in Tibet, and thus the legend.

Any comment on all these earthquakes lately?

Expect a continuation of the new phase exhibited during September 29-30, when the Earth temporarily lost its magnetic S Pole. We stated at that time that this was a preview to the severe wobble that will lead into the last weeks. Periodically the N Pole of Planet X will be pointed toward the Earth, causing this kind of chaos. A violent wobble will result in plates smashing into each other, and this will be followed by a domino effect in earthquakes as the other plates adjust afterwards. More to come, regularly.

Can the zetas tell us what is with the mysterious roars in the San Diego region that sound like planes about to crash?

We have mentioned that during the week of rotation stoppage, the Earth groans in her agony. Rock under stress is not silent. Earthquake sensitives feel the emanations that come from rock under stress, the changes in electromagnetic flow through the rock, as do animals who try to flee from the area. But humans in general can hear the groaning. Where this has been treated as a hum in the past, it has stepped up to become the sound of a distant roar. San Diego, as we have repeatedly mentioned, is at the center of a bow formed when the Aleutian Islands and the tip of Mexico are pulled toward each other. This is what has been causing all the water main breaks in that region lately. The rock is under stress, which will not be relieved until the New Madrid adjusts.

Where is the Holy Grail now and who owned it last time?

Why would what is assumed to be a pot have importance? The words were a code, which as the Da Vinci Code movies portray to be the body of the wife of Jesus. It in fact is neither of those things, but was a code nonetheless. Irrelevant to your life in this active and challenging time! Have you nothing more important to do with your time and energy?

You mentioned that the old Zetas were transplanted on the planets of Zeta Reticuli, but you didn't say from where. On which planet were Zetas, so to speak, born?

It is irrelevant to your current situation. Are you ready for the pole shift? You are distracting yourself with trivial and insignificant musings!

I have a feeling people around are just dying out. One had heart attack; another - cancer, third - murdered and so on. You may say it was always happening, nothing new. But I mean everything is going on much faster and it has kind a curse nature. What is happening?

As we stated at the start of the ZetaTalk saga, there will be increasing illness due to the stress of the times. Add to this the subconscious decision to avoid the coming physical cataclysms and you have increased death.

When can we expect to see the monster sun on the horizon?

Were we to answer that, we would be arming the establishment, which would arrive at the appointed hour with false explanations for what the public sees. Thus, we decline to explain what might be coming next. Always, whatever it is, it will be a surprise.

Christianity says we should love God more than anything and anybody. But if we agree that God is not somethihg separate but is Everything and has its manifestation in people also, then, loving people we automatically love God! Why is it so that Christianity set love to God apart from love to people or animals ?

Because Christianity is not God's word! Outside of what Jesus relayed, Christianity is the word of men, often ambitious and highly controlling men.

Former President George W. Bush #3 (the STO clone) has been out of the news for months now. Other than remaining quiet about President Obama and his policies, is Bush #3 doing anything to help President Obama? Where are Bush #1 and Bush #2 secreted, and what are they doing?

The job of Bush 3 is to simply live a quiet life and stay out of trouble, which public exposure might entail. Bush 1 and Bush 2 are both dead. Bush 1 was being held in a private prison in case a fresh body were needed, but was killed when Bush 3 took over, no longer needed. Bush 2 was quickly killed when the switch to Bush 3 occurred, to eliminate any chance that he might be reinstated.

Zetas stated there is no such phenomenon as "indigo children". Did you mean that this term was not right or did you mean that just there were no children with such traits as people think? Is it a hoax or what? Maybe, the children who are thought to be "indigo" or astonish those around one with wise argumentations about the world or as if "know" about their mission here are just Star Children?

Many parents wish their children to be special somehow, and imagine that even autistic children are somehow very talented inside. There are an increasing number of Star Children being incarnated on Earth, but they do not exhibit any particular quality such as wisdom. In fact, they are often struggling as children to integrate into human society, so their mission is not even evident to their human bodies until they are well into adulthood. Indigo children is a twisted message, intended by channels to mean Star Children and twisted by parent or individuals who want to think of themselves or their offspring as special. If someone is a claimed indigo child, one should suspect the exact opposite.

This would be the fourth verification from a different source. Is it true that Jesus didn't actually die on the cross, but was in a self brought on comatose state, and was revived in the tomb, hence, apparently rising from the dead? The truth needs to be known.

No. Not true.

The Zetas have made statements in regards to the Bush Administration being irrelevant (Iran Boondoggle) and the potential shut down of the White House due to the visibility of Planet X and devastating Earth changes (Dead on and Deadly). It seems that some clarification is in order. Was the Iran Boondoggle statement a type of White Lie? If not, was the delay in reaching a 6 on the 1-10 scale at the end of 2008 the reason why this statement appears to be inaccurate? And were the Zetas referring to the Bush Administration in the Dead on and Deadly statement about the White House shuttering their windows and refusing questions? If so, was this another type of White Lie? Or were the Zetas speaking of the White House in general?

Of course, were we to write our answers in such a way as to imply that Bush would not be in the White House we would be making statements about the timeline, which we are not allowed to do. During the Bush reign, such strong statements about the White House reaction were appropriate. Beyond that statement, in Iran Boondoggle we stated that Bush would be treated as irrelevant, as he was during his last years in office. Our statement in Dead on and Deadly predicts a shuttered White House when the severe wobble grips the Earth. This is still in the future and in the hands of man, but still a likely outcome during that time. The residents of the White House will likely have vacated, moving to a safer location as DC is flood prone. The populace will either get a formal announcement of the pending pole shift or no comment at all. This is in the hands of man.

The trend (increased ground movement/earthquakes, compass and magnetosphere anomalies, etc.) confirms that the wobble is getting more extreme. Per the Zetas' recent Winter Forecast statement, the northern hemisphere will experience blending of the seasons and snow in the summer. The implication then is that the Pole Shift will not occur until at least the end of the 2010 Summer Trimester.

We did not, in our predictions about snow in summer, describe what hemisphere we were talking about. Thus, you cannot extrapolate a timeline based on this.

If we came from worms originally, would the worms contain an unsparked soul that would be someone's first life experience?

Not anymore than the one-celled organisms that preceded the worms would contain a sparked soul. Dolphins and cats and dogs and horses and pigs and chimps, all of which are relatively intelligent, do not spark souls. They are certainly more advanced than worms. There are worlds where the intelligent species is an intelligent slug, however. These are worlds where the evolution of life cannot progress, so as with worlds where the only life form that can develop are insects, life goes with the flow and increases the intelligence of the life form available. In these cases, slugs and insects do spark souls, and are as intelligent as human life.

Today there were a couple of earthquakes again, in the Pacific. A few days ago there where some large earthquakes also in the Pacific that caused no damage. And last week the Zetas answered a question about the earthquake that hit Indonesia and Samoa. Since the earthquakes are still going on this area can we conclude that the wobble has gotten stronger?

The press of the magnetic N Pole of Planet X is increasingly being turned toward Earth. This is a dither, not a steady linear movement, so will come and go, but with increasing frequency and violence.

Can the Zetas explain please why if planet X causes a geographic pole shift, what then causes the magnetic polar reversals that Earth also experiences?

Magnetic pole shifts are a fiction in the imagination of scientists who are too frightened to put all the facts on the table at once.

If Obama and Pelosi are in the know, why are they so obsessed with Health reform? It would not even take effect until well after the shift (2013). Is there something else behind it because it doesn't make any sense.

Part of their responsibility is to alleviate worry and stress in the citizenry. This was likewise a campaign promise. We have addressed this topic before, and explained that in the halls of power there is endless argument about whether or how to tell the public, such that the topic remains in discussion rather than resolution. There is, thus, no plan at present to tell the public about the presence of a rogue planet in the inner solar system. The only outlet has been to allow the film industry to put forth movies showing disasters. When the last weeks arrive, the establishment will either step up to the plate and inform their citizens or evade contact altogether. Different countries may approach the issue in a different manner. If some countries disclose the truth, others will be pressured to do likewise, due to the Internet's reach. At present, there are no plans anywhere that are firm. All is chaos in the halls of power.

I have been wondering about how the Zetas differentiate each other if names are not important to STO Zetas. For example, say you need to talk with a specific Zeta who is working in a kitchen, but there are several other Zetas also working in the same kitchen. How do you say you need to reach the Zeta you are looking for? I don't understand how there can be no individual Zeta names.

You obviously are not familiar with how telepathy works. Whales contact others in their pods over hundreds and thousands of miles using telepathy, and their pod members get the message. It has a long reach, and is very specific.

What is the exact or approx number of Hybrids that have been created?

Enough bodies are produced to meet the need. Beyond that, you have no reason to know.

Is it possible that the Universal Intelligence/God is so vast and long lived that it wouldn't be any more aware of us individually than we know our own cells in our body?

As we have stated, we do not know what God is anymore than humans do, nor do we know what God's plan is.

When one sees the self in dreams giving people advice about Planet X or showing them Planet X in the sky and pole shift signs even in different countries. . . where does this meeting take place, is this meeting in person?

It is possible you are a contactee and recalling in dreams your interaction with other contactees. When meetings are arranged, distance is not a problem so the meeting can take place on a space ship or in a vacant building or a field in any country. Yes, these meetings are face-to-face, among people interested in the same topic or likely to meet each other during their daily business. In the latter case, they may be guided to meet each other.

Do ghosts and other disincarnate entities perceive time the same way humans do?

No. Humans perceive time because their physical body has rhythms and functions. For instance, a human who requires 8 hours sleep to feel refreshed will register less than 8 hours having passed if they awake and do not feel refreshed. If they breath so many times a minute, they will perceive so many minutes having passed based on their breathing rate. A spirit who has been a human, and who is watching a human consistently, may perceive time passing as the human would, but if flitting about will lose track of time, so to speak.

I heard on the news the other day that there may be an El Nino this winter. Is this another attempt to explain the Earth changes?

Yes. Global Warming has grown stale, as the year has been cold for much of the northern hemisphere. Nevertheless, the Global Warming, or climate change argument, is being used to press the populace into alternative energy. This is because those in charge wish humanity to be able to have electricity after the pole shift, when distribution of oil and refined oil will cease. Windmills, perhaps solar power - these are possible means, and are thus encouraged under the guise of Global Warming.

Saw telescopes tracking Jupiter last weekend, for hours. Where was the figure 8?

Where a scope is anchored on a planet or star, and adjusted either automatically or manually to stay on target, the Earth wobble cannot be sensed. As Jupiter would move during the night, the Earth moving under it so to speak, it must be adjusted, and this is done by computer, keeping the focus on the planet or star selected.

I will like to know, if taking the H1N1 shot, could alterate my DNA Structure, with that nanotechnology we can expect anything.

There are rumor aplenty about the H1N1 flu shot or any other vaccination, but at this time there is no poison or alternative agenda involved. Nevertheless, all vaccines hold dangers, which are well known to mankind. We cannot, thus, make any recommendations. This is your choice to make.

Are ships adjusting the earthquake zones? A lot of activity in the San Diego skies!

UFO sightings in the San Diego area are sending telepathic messages to those sighting these ships. There is a fault line that runs from the San Diego up into the Mammoth Lake area, which will rupture at some point.

I was wondering if there are any other websites like Zetatalk run by other alien groups/contactees who are Service to Other and trying to spread the truth.

There are no other websites by genuine contactees doing the type of work that Nancy does outside of ZetaTalk. As we have explained, Nancy is unique.

And can you tell me which group is watching over Canada?

Whatever alien group is responding to the Call in this or that country, they are all Service-to-Other. If you do not have a hominoid visitor responding to your Call, just consider this an early lesson in all the intelligent life forms that flourish in the Universe.

Is the Zeta's senerio only one of many possible senerios during PS and transition to 4D? I understand what you, Zeta's, want to accomplish with your hybrid program which is very honorable, but what about those that are not a part of, or volunteered for, your program? Are they a part of another possible out come? Can they still be "here" to help in the after-math or are they mostly scheduled to appear to have died? It seems where there is a group consciousness associated with your direction, but what about lone/individual thinkers of free-will? Does not the Creator express itself in many forms and directions for experience? I'm sure there must be STO individuals with differing agendas/paths/? Is your agenda the only agenda available? Trying to understand here and appreciate any clarity on the issue, as I don't think I am a part of your volunteer program as I've never been abducted or had experiences anywhere close to what Nancy and others share.

You are presuming that all Zetas think alike, all Service-to-Other entities think alike, nothing could be further from the truth! The Council of Worlds is a very busy place because there is so much disagreement, even among the good hearted. That said, you, as a soul emerging from incarnations on Earth, do not get to dictate your next incarnation. Do you allow your toddler to drive the car? In addition, your theory that the coming pole shift and transformation of Earth are a whimsy, with alternate realities possible for those objecting to this, is ridiculous. You give yourself too much power. Do you live like this in human society, or is your mommy still changing your diapers and pampering you at home?