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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written September 19, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Who was really quetzalcóatl "the feathered serpent"? [and from another] Quetzalcoatl is a Mesoamerican deity whose name comes from the Nahuatl language and has the meaning of "feathered-serpent". In the Maya area he was known as Kukulcan or Ququmatz, names that also translate as "feathered serpent" in different Mayan languages. A feathered Serpent deity has been worshipped by many different ethno-political groups in Mesoamerican history.

Prior to the days of Roswell, contact with aliens was allowed to be recorded in the human conscious. Thus, the book The Vedas is not fiction, but a real account of alien life forms those in India encountered. Humans are familiar with the shapes of dinosaurs, and the fact that birds evolved from flying reptiles. Protecting the neck area with a fluff of fur or raised plates is also something Earth animals exhibit. An intelligent life form from another world visited Earth, and had the shape of a snake but a feathered neck. This creature was not in the Service-to-Other orientation, but responding to the cruelty that was common in mesoamerica following the rein of the Annunaki, who sacrificed humans in order to instill fear among their slave classes. As a creature which could descend from the sky, levitate, and disappear into another dimension, it was of course considered a god.

Greetings from Amursk! On September, 1st at us in a city in 6-30 evenings of a cloud were very low, it is possible to tell that such still nobody saw. Whether you can explain why clouds were so low over the earth?

A very low cloud formation is fog, which rises from the ground. Clouds are water droplets, a fine haze, forming because water laden warm air rises and cools off. When this happens close to the ground, the ground warm but the air close to the ground cool, then a fog forms. So your answer lies in the relative temperature of the air layers. Nothing more mysterious than that. In the Aftertime, after the pole shift, the clouds will seem to be low to the ground everywhere. This is due to a reduced atmosphere, a stripping away of the atmosphere during the lashing of Planet X's tail. The atmosphere rebuilds from the oceans. But in the meantime, the coolness of space affects the upper layer of the atmosphere, which is closer to the ground, thus lower clouds.

Also townsmen of Amursk have noticed that mosquitoes from an early autumn became very angry. They do not allow even to pass easy along the street, bite in a neck, in hands. You go only and you wave away from them. In the summer such there was no. Also I will not remember such aggressive behaviour last years. With what such aggression of mosquitoes is connected?

This is also in human literature and science. No need to ask the Zetas such silly questions when the answer is at hand with a little research. Mosquitoes are aggressive when they think it will rain, as their eggs are laid in water. If your clouds are low, then you have humidity, which is clueing the mosquitoes that thunderstorms may arrive soon.

Tell please, whether you can describe forthcoming winter for northern hemisphere, in a case if it takes place to be (provided that shift of poles will not occur this year). What it will be? Strongly cold or on the contrary? Deposits will be more? It will differ from all last winters? Or there will be a warm winter with variable weather?

We are not allowed to be specific, but can and have been general. We have stated that the northern hemisphere will have cooler weather, winter and summer, until the pole shift due to the push away of the N Pole daily by Planet X, which is nosing its N Pole toward Earth. We have also predicted, for many years now, that snow will come in summer, and that the seasons will seem to blend into one another. This implies a lot of moving about, shifting about. But we cannot be more specific.

If you speak that quarks do not exist, then that devil take it our scientists register on modern accelerators? They confirm that have found out quarks.

They are as confused now as they were in the past. They are looking at phenomena and assume this matches their math, when it does not. In the past man assumed the Earth was flat, as the Sun's behavior seemed to match their assumption. Man has not progressed all that far since that time.

Hello to all of the Kursk! Question: Is there on earth any people except the life forms and how to contact them?

Those who are mediums, whose souls listen to the souls of others and communicate their wishes or thoughts to those who are not so inclined, can act as a conduit for conversations. On your own, if you long to speak to a loved one who has died, then your longing is conveyed to the Spirit Guides who may arrange a meeting, a soul-to-soul conversation.

Three weeks ago, at 2:00 pm, blowing in on a hot breeze from the south-east and extending to all horizons, an ominous haze obscured the mountain tops surrounding Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, as though it were smoke. The sun remained visible but its intensity was greatly dampened. This "fog" was similar to the gray, morning mist that routinely blankets the Washington coasts yet there was no moisture in it. On the contrary, this murk displayed a slight pinkish cast as though it were big city smog and although it carried no discernible dust particles, it initially smelled dry and dirty like dust, though not at all like smoke. The most remarkable quality of the haze, though, was the initial dry and dirty smell quickly gave way to an increasingly odious reek that lasted for half an hour. The smell rapidly moved from one of mild decay to one of intense landfill decay, and finally to one of pure defecation. People were covering their faces and running inside while others were investigating the area for the source of the stench, obviously believing it to be nearby due to its extreme strength. Interestingly, a fellow worker experienced the same haze and a lesser stink at the very same time, but some 25 miles to the south-east. Do the Zetas know what this event was?

This was related to a methane gas release, due to Earth movement. Rotten eggs, rotten cabbage, dirty socks - all these have been terms used to describe the smell of a gas release from rotting vegetation that had been trapped for econs between rock layers and then released. Idaho by its geography shows that rock and roll happens to the area, rock tossed skyward, and shattered. The West Coast from the tip of Mexico to the Aleutian Islands is under a bow stress, which has caused water main failures of late in southern California and methane gas release in San Francisco. This stress is moving inland to points vulnerable to adjustments. Idaho is one such place.

The zetas have said in the past that Clif High's Half-Past Human webbot reports have had a 'proven track record'. Judging from the July webbot report in which it was indicated targeted assassinations of PTB "minions" of finance would start taking place in September with suspicious "cover stories", it appears the webbot predictions were accurate if the news reports collected by Catherine Austin Fitts and posted at Jeff Rense are correct. The new webbot report is claiming that one Andrew Basiago, author of "The Discovery of Life on Mars" and a self-described visitor to Mars as well as a time-traveller, is the first major whistleblower whose whistleblowing will unleash a wave of similarly-styled whistleblowers soon, and that Mr. Basiago's profile will climb to a planetary level over the next 9 months. Curiously, the webbot report doesn't use the word "disinformation" in connection with Mr. Basiago. Can the zetas comment about the authenticity of this webbot prediction?

Webbots, as they state, are collecting what the public is thinking about and compiling this for their subscribers. They, who do the compiling, are not thus making the predictions as much as they are simply reporting what the collective conscious seems to be thinking. Humans have not traveled to Mars, though much has been revealed about Mars lately due to the rover and NASA's reporting. There is water there, though it seems to have disappeared. There obviously has been some kind of habitation there. All this makes fodder for fictional claims by self-styled time travelers. Time travel does not occur as man likes to fantasize. International fame will likely require some kind of proof, which this author will not have.

The guy who killed that Yale student is being kept in solitary for his own protection. This week, I saw a horrific picture of a guy who was murder by his fellow prisoners, for raping a baby. His head gone, as well as his genitals. I read on Zeta Talk that the STS rarely think of anyone but themselves, and quickly correct themselves if they do, and I assume these prisoners who would decapitate someone must be leaning towards the STS. I guess my question is if these types of crimes help encourage certain people who are leaning towards STS to think of others, even if their reaction is to murder someone in a sadistic way.

Such murders are not done by those leaning toward the Service-to-Self, who would not be bothered to make a statement. Those who cause trouble in a prison are punished, and such acts would result in increased prison time or solitary confinement for those responsible. These acts are done by those with some empathy, as it is well known that in prison there is no one more despised than child molesters, and the rape of a baby is so extreme as to invoke revulsion in almost everyone.

Roughly what percentage of the angry anti-government "movement" (as typified by the tea parties, the 9/12 March on Washington, the town-hall protests, etc) is made of citizens who are genuinely disturbed by the sense they are being lied to, and how much of this "movement" is made of of racists and sore losers from the last election?

We have addressed this recently, stating that during times of turmoil and rapid change, the unease affects the populace who then look for any reason, any scapegoat, to blame. Obama is not lying. His pace of change, which requires the cooperation of Congress, is not what might be hoped, but he is attempting to deliver what he promised. There are those who want all the Bush criminals punished, when as we have explained this would divert all the resources and the attention of Congress away from crying needs of the people. Percentagewise, it would be 5% who feel disappointment in Obama, interpreting the slow pace to be a "lie", with 37% angry because they do not know who to blame for their troubles, and the remainder incitement from the GOP who hope to reclaim their former dominance in Washington DC.

Can the Zetas tell us what caused the loss of communication with the Indian lunar orbiter and what has happened to it?

Given our prior statements on the turmoil that will be in the skies as the tail of Planet X increasingly is pointed toward Earth, ala the increasing incidence of fireballs, and with the electromagnetic disturbances we have not only predicted for satellites but which have been manifesting on Earth, ala the crash of Air France 447 and the Sayano-Shushenskaya dam, it is no surprise that an orbiter met with demise. The Moon after all is close to Earth, in the vicinity.

Any truth to the rumors that there was some type of attempt on Obama's life during the Sept 11 ceremony? If so can we assume that such attempts will be punished by MJj12? One assumes that the Puppet Master (house of Rothschild, not Rockefeller) is supportive of the stance by Obama to reign in banking excesses as this stabilizes economies by re introducing good governance?

Where the Rockefellers are implicated in the attempted assassination, due to their manager McDonald being one of the four financiers recently assassinated, this is not a reflection on the Puppet Master, who is in control of the House of Rothchild assets. As we have mentioned, the publicly known Rothchilds are not the official trust keepers, as they are descendants of females, not the male line. The Puppet Master, as we have explained, knows he will come out on top during any turmoil, as even if assets drop in value, or lose value completely, he still has more than others do. Problems develop from the middle men in these matters, who fear being squeezed out.

It seems as if the "collective unconscious" of man is becoming more accepting of the possibility of catastrophic earth changes. One assumes that this has been a part of the plan all along as this is how critical info is made available in a non threatening manner?

Our stance all along has been that the common man is not the problem during any disclosure about aliens or Planet X. It is the establishment, who control what the armies of the world do, who can invoke martial law and send their militaries into the streets to mow down the common man, who are to be feared during any sudden disclosure. Those in power, the very wealthy and the politically powerful, fear losing their perch. They assume they have control now, and cannot imagine being without their wealth and power. When the Earth changes occur, it is increasingly obvious that Global Warming or any activity in the Sun is not the cause. Signs in the sky have already begun, with sightings of the Second Sun or related phenomena. These elite will bunker themselves, go into hiding, and when this occurs they will not have the clout to invoke martial law or try to exterminate large segments of the populace in order to make themselves feel secure. The changeover in the US administration from Bush to Obama is a major step in this direction. But there are other steps to come that will move this scenario forward.

Weeks ago the Zetas confirmed the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing was, in fact, not guilty. Now the Brit's top terror suspect has been released from "virtual house arrest to avoid disclosing secret evidence against him". What does that mean? National security claims have always served to prevent such disclosures in the past. What is their fear?

Gitmo is likewise filled with men who have done no crime. In the false War on Terror, which justified the invasion of Iraq which was in fact an oil snatch, required monsters behind bars. That they were behind bars is no indication of their guilt or that they were ever a threat. Now that different hands are in charge of the War on Terror, some of these matters are being set right.

Zetas stated there would not be any swine flu pandemic proclaimed, but it was proclaimed! Any comments?

When we made the statement, we were assuming that a mild flu, one milder than the normal seasonal flu, would not result in a pandemic proclamation. We underestimated the fear factor, and those in charge at WHO are fearful that another Frankenstein monster will be unleashed, as we noted in prior chats. These matters are in the hands of man, thus cannot be predicted with accuracy, as we have frequently explained.

Good afternoon Nancy and Zeta's. Can the zeta's identify this creature recently found in Panama?

This particular video avoids showing the entire animal, where it is obvious that the creature is a dead sloth. The belly is bloated and the fur still on a portion of the belly. It was awash in water, tossed up on the rocks, so seems to be moving. A silly hoax.

The Zetas stated that the earth existence, was a schoolhouse. However can using material from the Ra group, Cayce,and Gina Cerminara, is that cheating or allowed?

Those who refer to a sunrise are using material first mentioned in print by another repeatedly. Should they avoid mentioning the fact of a sunrise, or the term used to describe the rising Sun, just because another did it first? Generally quoting someone's text requires indicating the source, but using common terms does not require this courtesy. You are attempting to be confrontational and your approach is altogether too obvious.

Is there any truth to the reports by National Guard soldiers, and also the web bot predictions, that states there will be forced vaccinations? The Zetas have said before there is no real threat of the flu, but I haven't seen where they have said whether there are plans by the military or national guard to make sure people take the vaccine.

WHO allows countries to establish their rules during a pandemic. Some European countries are planning to make the vaccinations mandatory, though this is under contest. In the US, states are allowed to set their own rules and very few have decided on a mandatory approach. The US military vaccinates their personnel when they see fit, and always have had this type of rule. All this is still in flux and in the hands of man.

Zetas said that people STO should keep small groups after Pole shift. What should be the maximum size of these groups?

This depends upon many factors. How much attention does the group attract? What is the skill set of the group, and what kind of skills does it take for the group to survive? A group with many aged or young might need to be larger, for instance, in order to have a number of adults or teens who can garden and fish. You must decide, is the bottom line. We cannot hold your hand on every issue you wonder about!

Modern ufologists and also UFO-sceptics state that 90 - 98 % of all UFO observations can be explained as "usual phenomenon", and all the rest (2 - 10 %) are still remain unexplained. Are these calculations right?

Given that the establishment lies, you can assume their statistics to be wrong. Obviously some sightings are not UFO's, ie space ships. But most are true.

What about the water main break that caused extensive flooding in Baltimore? Another example of a stretch zone break?,0,5042003.story

Baltimore has been besieged with water main breaks for several months, showing that the ground is moving in this areas. More can be expected, as there are weak point and strong points in any rock strata, and a weak point can be expected to take the brunt of it in the future too. Baltimore is in the stretch zone, clearly. Nancy has pointed out that there are other areas just as aflicted with water main breaks, in a recent newsletter. Corpus Christi has a worse problem.

I have a question pretaining to individuals with a desire to be transgender. This includes a co-worker of mine who officially underwent a gender transition recognized last year by the Canadian Government. Can the Zeta's explain what really causes gender identity disorder or GID--a condition that causes people who are of a certain gender to behave like the opposite gender? This disorder usually causes people to develop a need to undergo a sex change operation and has also caused some people to commit suicide. Is this to do with a physical brain abnormality or emotional issues and/or is it something to do with a reincarnated spirit in these individuals--one incarnated exclusively in people of a certain gender many times and then, for the first time, the opposite gender? After all, when the pole shift hits, there will certainly be no resources available for sex change operations! Do the Zeta's have any advice for these people?

We have stated that homosexuality can be caused by the soul preferring a certain role, though it is most often caused by the young child being traumatized by a parent. Gender identity confusion is no different. We have stated that in our culture we do not punish an entity, but accept their choices. It is, after all, their life. As to what to do during the coming pole shift, when operations will presumably no longer be available, we would suggest that this will be the least of their problems. Their neighbors will be too distraught and busy to worry about gender identification. Live and let live.

What zetas can tell about Pol Pot and a genocide in Cambodia 1975-1979? What purpose was the of the tyrant?

Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, all were tyrants who were intent upon killing many of their countrymen. At the base of such actions is fear, the tyrant wanting to sculp the population so that they fear revolt less and can sleep easy. Unfortunately, the opposite is the case, as the more killed, the more the tyrant fears revenge, thus yet more are killed - a never ending cycle. This is why such massive numbers are murdered.

I'm in a country where the prediction said it'll utterly drown, caught by the water sloshing between India and New Zealand, but there's a mountain higher than 1000 feet here, isn't that safe enough? I don't know how to convince others to leave till only last weeks when the signs are undeniable but perhaps too late if transport is still possible.

The reason we have given grim predictions for Indonesia and the Philippines and the Carribean is that so many variables will be at play so that any assurance that this or that area might be safe could end up being a death sentence to those so advised. Thus, we err on the side of safety and recommend not being in the region at all. Of course a mountain 1,000 feet high will be above the 600 foot sloshing of the oceans we predict, above the 675 foot rise in sea level within the two years following the pole shift that we have predicted, but what about tidal bore when the waters rush from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean? The water could be highter than 1,000 feet. What about the mountain being an inactive volcano that erupts. What about the plate beneath you sinking rather than rising as the rock strata is compressed. Our recommendation is to boat toward China, the mainland, rather than to Australia which will present a firm stance against immigration.

When humans pray or give the Call, are we contacting incarnate entities such as the Zetas, or are we contacting discarnate entities such as our spirit guides, or does it matter? Do incarnate entities possess different skills or knowledge, or do they serve a different role, than discarnate entities?

The Call can be answered by incarnated visitors, who come in many lifeforms most of whom are not hominoid. The Call can also be answered by disincarnate entities, which can also be the soul of an incarnated visitor going astral for the contact. It matters not what form, as the communication during the contact is the issue.

Are electronic devices such as TV's and computer monitors bad for our bodies when we stay in front of them for a long time? What are some ways to counter any ill effects, if any?

This has been documented by human science. The way to counter this is also known. Avoid exposure, keep a longer distance, or don't use the technology.

Could the Zetas comment on the focus of the U.S. healthcare system on disease management rather than disease prevention? It seems that many of the inherent problems in the current U.S. healthcare system would vanish, or at least signifcantly diminish, if lifestyle choices regarding diet, exercise, stress reduction, and smoking were emphasized, and if humans used healing modalities such as acupuncture and homeopathy that treat the whole person and not just the symptoms. On a related note, what kinds of health issues do the Zetas encounter? How do Zetas resolve their health problems?

Preventive care is a known issue, as Obama and others are constantly stressing. The expense when an uninsured person finally hits the emergency room is far more expensive than preventive care. We Zetas of course have the full range of health problems that humans find they encounter. Zetas can neglect their health, or meet with an accident. Our ability to heal is superior to man's, but convincing a Zeta who prefers to neglect his health is a frustration we experience too. Our philosophy, as with suicide, is to allow the entity to destroy itself if it choses. It is, after all, the entity's life.

Organ donation / transplants. What is the Zetas' opinion about organ donation, doctors taking someone's organs (during coma or when death is inevitable) and transpalnting them in another body? Does the dying man suffer? Is it a STO action?

The human body is not aware of such organ harvesting, but the soul might be aware if it has lingered in the vicinity until death is final. Depending upon the soul's opinion on the matter, the soul might be angry and carry this forward to a future life of resentment against authority, or it might be happy that others could be helped.

After the Earth Transformation to 4D , to be completed in the next 100 years or so, will finally humanity be able to overcome the fear of death that has obsessed men for hundreds of 3D lifetimes?

Fear of death is at base a fear of the critique that will follow, when the Spirit Guides meet with the departing soul to discuss the incarnation and the lessons learned or accomplished. Those who have made little progress, or who have done harm to others, fear the conclusion. If little progess was made then future incarnation that will require the same lesson to be addressed can be expected. If harm was done to others, then the entity may fear they will be put into an incarnation where they might be the victim. Thus, fear of death is not necessarily a 3rd Density experience.