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ZetaTalk: Time Travel
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

Time travel is not at all as it seems to Earthlings, who watch the movies or read books on fictional situations involving time travel. Here it is presented as though time travel were a goodie just waiting to be discovered. Once a human had discovered the trick, he was off and away. Nothing could be further from the truth. Time is a natural function, and inserts itself into the workings of Nature just as sub-atomic particle flow does. Time is a function, and can be modified in what you might term equations such that what has occurred can be unraveled or raveled forward, predictably. Where time is a factor we can manipulate, occurrences that a given entity has experienced are linear. This is why time seems linear to you, as to you, your experiences occur in this manner and you have no basis to assume that time is otherwise.

Time travel, into the far future, or into the past such that changes are made, is a fiction. Traveling back does not allow one to affect all manner of things that might be tenuously related to an occurrence. There are so many other threads that weave forward, in other directions, and all these bind, like a web. Time travel is not given to 4th Density entities to manipulate at will. Time travel is governed by rules set by the Council of Worlds. These rules affect all 4th to 6th Density entities in your galaxy. Specific requests must be made to the Council of Worlds in all cases. Approval is given in only the most stringent of cases, where need has been demonstrated and alternatives are poor or non-existent. Time travel is never used to manipulate the outcome of events, as your media would have you believe. This would cause never ending chaos, as one could imagine.

A case in point is the genetic engineering we are tasked to do. If we need to weave genetic material from a certain family line, and this line has died out, we request and are granted the right to return in time to collect this material from an ancestor. When we return in time to collect genetic material from an ancestor, we must take special care not to add an occurrence into the consciousness of the entity, whether incarnate or disincarnate portions of the entity. To do this, we remove the entity from its physical container, freeze the physical container so that the mind is not operating at all, essentially a body stoppage, and take our sample. During this time the disincarnate entity is elsewhere, unaware of what we are doing. The disincarnate entity is in the same time frame, but essentially taking a walk, observing the weather or whatever. The disincarnate entity is not aware of our actions against its physical container.

Moving forward is basically a prediction, speeding up the time factor so that predictable events happen early. This creates a record in the physical matter that participated in this exercise, nothing more. Future travel must then be unwoven, undone, so the record is not in the physical anymore, just recorded in the soul. Thus, you might be moved forward to a meeting, to experience what would likely happen, but then be returned so that your body does not remember, but your soul does. This has been done, for instance, with Nancy, where she was expected to be at a meeting with MJ12 but also at work. She attended the meeting, recorded in her soul as did those members of MJ12 who were pertinent. At the meeting, this memory sufficed as a pre-meeting, so to speak, her physical attendance not required. All such incidences require specific permission by the Council of Worlds, and are rare.

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