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ZetaTalk: Just Say No

Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

As spiritual entities allowed to have contact with humans are either Service-to-Self or Service-to-Others, their orientation is acute and easily discernible. One has but to pay attention. Even the spiritually immature can decipher the difference. Your human archetypes suffice. The Service-to-Self entities that respond to The Call of humans are not in need, and any bid for sympathy or rescue is just a ploy. They are physically mature, and among cohorts. They are on the hunt, looking for prey, and the humans vulnerable to their domination and control are the hunted. You should not allow yourself to be overpowered, as you can decline, or to be engaged with bids for sympathy.

The human too often does not understand that non-humans are not allowed to overpower humans except by permission. Where with humans the unreasonable demand is often supplanted with amelioration, this is not the case with non-human demands from the Service-to-Self. Their demands are insatiable. And to give in to these demands only leads one to join their ranks. A firm line should be drawn. If one has determined not to join the Service-to-Self orientation, and is leaning toward cooperation and empathy with other entities, then the line should be drawn, absolutely.

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