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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written December 1, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

What's going on with China denying access for the US Navy? If it's retaliation for recalling manufactured goods then what is likely to be their next move?

China does not trust the US, for obvious reasons. The Bush White House invaded Iraq for the oil, has designs on Venezuela and other countries in S America, and the Bush cronies consider themselves above the law. None of this is news. The US has bases all over the Pacific - in Guam, Japan, Taiwan, S Korea - so why did they need Hong Kong as a port to take shelter in? Because they were surprised by the weather? China does not believe this, and as it was clear these boats had other options in order to reach safety, in that they did indeed get refueled and on their way, it is clear that this was some kind of a ruse. The question should not be why China refused, but why the US played this ploy in the first place. They are testing the gullibility of the Chinese, with intentions to invade Hong Kong at some future point, to use as a base in order to invade the mainland during the turmoil of the pole shift, and to take over any assets that Hong Kong might have at that time. Their attitude is that people are disposable, and those of no use would be taken out by boat to be drowned, but slave labor by those in good health would be handy. Such is the mindset of those who lay these plans.

Do the Zetas recommend cellars and bunkers for the common man during the hour of the pole shift? Are they safe during the earthquakes? Some seers recommend this. Or should we be in the open? And why does the elite think they are safe in their bunkers?

We have recommended not being in an underground shelter that could collapse. This includes buildings, caves and manmade holes in rock. Some caves and rock will remain solid, some won't, and you are taking your chances to be in one. One should be out of the wind, as windborne missiles can maim and kill. One should have protection from firestorms even though rare yet when they do occur they are devastating. We have recommended a low trench, 2 feet deep and 3 or so feet wide, covered by sod covered boards or a metal roof well secured on the edges. Leave the ends of the trench open for escape, and perhaps allow an alternate escape. Being able to push the roof off is a good plan, so there is no entrapment due to debris landing on the roof. The elite have long planned to be well underground, having been reassured by Service-to-Self aliens who, as we have repeatedly mentioned, lie. Many have no alternate plans, except perhaps to be out to sea in a type of submarine. We have addressed this issue also, the inability of the sub to know where it is afterwards, as GPS will not work nor will any compass. They could putt about in the Pacific forever, never finding land, and will be washed well out to sea by the sloshing tides. The elite have yet to connect with the fact that they and the common man will be on the same footing in this regard!

Can the Zetas tell us if more substantiate conversation occurred between Bush and Gore than the topic of global warming?

Bush and Gore talked about matters that hardly anyone would suspect. Both being aware of the vote fraud that put Bush in office, and both being aware that the US military considers Gore their true commander-in-chief and is ignoring Bush, and both being aware of the pending passage of Planet X, there were few topics they could not discuss. Bush asked for Gore's protection during the coming times. Bush is aware that many hate him, and that assassination attempts and threats against him seem endless. He thinks of the future time when the Earth changes will be distracting everyone, and the White House will be not only ignored but under siege. Just as the Queen came to the US to visit Bush, asking for protection for her royal family, Bush is appealing the Gore for protection when the time comes. He was denied.

The recent oil pipeline rupture coming from Canada seems to highlight the zetas statement that prior to the shift transportation will become very problematic. Is this a precursor to the "broken link" effect that will come into play? Pipeline breaks, no fuel, trucking shuts down, goods do not get delivered, etc.? This seems to lend urgency to the admonition to complete preparation and planning soon. [and from another] Fire at Major US Oil Pipeline Kills 2 [Nov 29] A deadly fire at a pipeline from Canada that feeds oil to the United States sent oil prices soaring. Two workers fixing the underground pipeline were killed when fumes apparently escaped and ignited the blaze. No other injuries were reported. The fire along the Enbridge Energy pipeline in northern Minnesota was reported shortly before 4 pm [Wednesday, November 28]. The 34-inch pipeline carries crude oil from Saskatchewan to the Chicago area. The pipe had leaked a few weeks ago and was being repaired. It appears as though one of those fittings may have failed and caused fumes to leak, and it caught fire. Clearbrook is about 215 miles northwest of Minneapolis.

This break was indeed due to the St. Lawrence Seaway stretch, which affects all the Great Lakes with their many fault lines and reaches all the way to the Black Hills of South Dakota. This pipeline began leaking. Then it was repaired. Repairs, or welds, are usually stronger than the original pipe, so it was very unexpected when it ruptured again. What is causing this pipeline to rupture and pull apart? As with the Minneapolis bridge, which pulled apart in the state of Minnesota not months ago, this is a sign that Minnesota will also be affected by the seaway rip!

The Puppet Master seems to have taken quite a risk by sponsoring 911 in that millions of people are now looking beyond the standard "reality matrix" these days in their search for 911 truth, despite hit pieces on 911 truth by his media assets like the History Channel. Is this evidence of the law of unintended consequences at work?

He of course does not fear any investigation nor the ire of millions of people, as his personal existence cannot even be proven. The issue with any move the Puppet Master makes is the pro and con. He weighs the outcome if he does not take the action, against taking the action. Bush/Cheney at that time were 100 times more arrogant in their plans than they are today. Even though they invaded Iraq on the excuse that Iraq had something to do with 9.1.1, this was their plan in any case. They planned to do much more than simply invade Iraq, as their current plans to invade Iran and attempts to create a coup in Venezuela show. They were set back by 9.1.1, as they realized during that time that they were not as much in control as they assumed.

Can individuals opt out of the requirement that all contact with alien groups be recorded in their subconscious? If the conscious ego acknowledges the reality of aliens and interaction with them, is it then allowable to bring this into the open now that we are in the home stretch so to speak?

We will give you a quick answer to this question. Nancy asked for conscious contact some years back, after ZetaTalk had begun. She was spending a great deal of time gaining recall on all that was happening in her life, and found this burdensome. She was given a hearing and denied by the Council of Worlds. If she cannot opt to have conscious contact, then you who surely have less reason for the request will surely be denied. This is a routine ruling of the Council on all worlds undergoing a transformation. On those worlds where there is no possibility of such a thing as a subconscious, contact is often only allowed to proceed soul to soul, without actual physical contact.

If the magnetic field of ZetaTalk's alleged Planet-X is so strong that it can physically flip the approximately 5,973,600,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg Earth 90° around, (from a great distance mind you), then why does the magnetically responsive rust cloud immediately surrounding ZetaTalk's alleged Planet-X not get pulled straight out of space by this immense magnetic field, (like the auroras on Earth)?

The charged dust cloud of Planet X does, of course, align with magnetic fields in its vicinity. It trails after Planet X due to its magnetic attraction, and blows out from the N Pole of Planet X for the same reason. You assume the weight of Earth is somehow involved, when a planet is weightless in space! What kind of science is this? There is no weight in space, nor friction in space, so for a planet to turn in place is not all that surprising.

My question has to do with the new speaker of the House. It is so clear that she lies. Has she been told about Planet X and the reserved bunker space?

Pelosi is aware of the pending passage, or at least has been briefed by many and has heard the rumors. She does not have the information that NASA holds close and to which the White House is privy. She has not been offered safety in a bunker outside of what her position would normally command, nor is she considered by the liars in the White House to be a friend. They wish her dead, and have tried to put her there repeatedly, but she is under protection. If she has not announced to the public that the passage is pending it is because she knows few leaders would align with her and such a move, without proof, would get her removed from her position. Her replacement would likely have fewer ethics.

There have been some political "pushes" lately. One is the Special Council in charge of Karl Rove's investigation having the Geek Squad do a 7-level wipe of his computers and now refusing to provide the backup thumb drive. Another is Leahy now saying that since "Bush didn't have anything to do with firing of US Attorneys" then there isn't any executive privilege for anyone else in the Executive Branch. Will we see movement by Congress to NOW or SOON bring this cabal to justice? Are there plans, now that Cheney's heart condition is being reported as worse, to make changes to the vice-president's office such that someone like Jeb Bush can take over Cheney's position?
[and from another] It's been quieting down lately concerning White House can you give us a behind the scenes update as to what is going on?

From the public's view, the noose is tightening, but this is in fact only a more open investigation of all the crimes this White House has committed. The investigations are slowly being eased into the open so that the public is not surprised if and when an arrest is made. We have repeatedly stated that the options are that the status quo is maintained, that being that the White House top echelon is ignored while the federal system runs on automatic according to statute, or the White House leaders are arrested putting Pelosi in charge, or such chaos ensues that Gore steps forward and is proclaimed the de facto President due to voter fraud in 2000. Cheney is dying of heart failure, but will not resign even if Bush asks him to do so. For this reason we don't posture the possibility of another VP in his place, as even if under an oxygen tent in a hospital bed, he won't let goof his position and power.

Will anything happen this Christmas season? Will there be a disaster of some kind? A disaster that will affect the whole world.

Yes, but just what it will be, we cannot say. We are not being specific to date or time, nor what such a disaster might be. Be mindful that sloshing tides have inundated Indonesia and the UK simultaneously recently, and this is something we consider a whole world disaster. Earthquakes are increasing in magnitude, and ricochet all over the world, also becoming a global disaster if strong enough.

Are the Chinese preparing an attack on Israel, or any other country? Are Russia and the USA secretly aligned?

China has no designs on Israel, and will do naught but protect itself and its neighbors. This it is quite capable of doing. By neighbors we include Russia and Iran. Russia speaks openly to the US in talks, but does not have an alignment or secret arrangement with US government leaders at present. Bush has attempted to take over Russian oil, and make inroads into oil fields in Russian satellite countries. This hardly makes for friends.

The Zetas have stated that there was a wide variety of Zeta types dispersal all over in the cosmos. I concluded from it that all group have developed an appreciably different civilization. My question is: have they always contact the ones with the others ?

Each world seeded in the Zeta Reticuli constellation develops at its own rate. Those in 3rd Density are similar to the Earth in its present state, without the capacity for space travel and relatively ignorant. Those who have undergone a Transformation to 4th Density are aware of each other.

More port closings of recent, what's the true story behind this?

The US military makes plans based on what the public assumes is the current state of affairs, and also based on their knowledge of what is coming during the passage. Only those at the top level are truly aware of what is pending with the pole shift. Rumors abound, of course. They plan to send ships out to sea when the pole shift happens, and hope for the best. Bases along the coastline are expected to be devastated, washed away, and those inland are in the long range plans. Ports are of course along the coastlines. Closing some of these ports early allows for fewer last minute changes and transfers.

When those of us saw Planet X it was by Orion's belt in 2003. Is the same now? Or truly only when the Sun himself rises or sets? [and from another] It was early morning [Nov 22] and Planet X was just above and to the right of the (not quite) rising sun - is this the correct position? If not it was something else and I don't know what, but it was awesome! I saw Saturn last summer when it was so close to the earth, breathtaking it was! What we saw in the minutes just before the sun rise looked similar to the Saturn we saw last summer, but without the rings, and it had a little tail that ended in red like it was trailing fire. I'll never forget it. [and from another] Similar to the photo that was on C2C, taken just seconds before dawn on a Delaware beach. ../index/sign1667.jpg

Planet X has the Earth trapped in its headlights, as it leaves the Sun and heads outbound. This means that for the Earth, Planet X is virtually in the line of sight. It is of course slightly to the right of the Sun in the view from Earth, due to the fact that the Earth is trying to escape the hose of magnetic particles coming from the N Pole of Planet X, but nevertheless at the current time, very close to the Sun. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to catch a view of Planet X.

Will you please look this? Can Zeta say what are these objects, the orange and the black, clearly artificial, that are rising from the ice? And who made them and when?

Images captured via Google Earth are not perfect, as the satellites are tasked with relaying images from various angles. At times, they are a composite because of this. People wish to zoom down and see their backyard barbeque and whether or not someone is parked in front of their girlfriend's house, and expect perfection. When a satellite takes an image of an area on the perimeter of its view, it encounters parts of the satellite itself in the view. These parts, being metal, and being up in space where sunlight can reflect off the metal, are at times caught in the image. Normally, such perimeter images are of areas of little interest, such as the vast interior of Greenland. Snow, and no one living there. No backyard barbeque or girlfriend's home. That the black rods and glowing pencil parts are part of the satellite itself can be seen in how they move about, appearing large in one view and smaller in others. Or is a mythical object on the surface of Greenland shrinking and growing?

Essex on Flood Alert After High Tide [Nov 26] The Essex coast was on flood alert last night after a freak tide engulfed a popular waterfront, completely swamping a number of cars. The surge happened at Brightlingsea at around noon when a spring tide led to the sea rising over the town's hard and as far up as the Waterside fish and chip restaurant. In Suffolk and Norfolk the tide breached sea walls and coastguards were warning last night that a further tidal surge was expected at about midnight.

It was the east coast of Britain that experienced the high tide, this tide coming from the North Sea. What happens when the Earth wobble, the figure 8 so well documented on the ZetaTalk website, affects Britain? When the noon Sun is over India, the Earth has assumed a more normal stance vis-à-vis Planet X. But when the noon Sun is positioned over Europe and Britain, the N Pole of Earth is pushed up, suddenly, with a tilt in the direction of the Americas. This lurch forced Britain into the North Sea, increasing the press of water coming from the North Sea. Britain in essence was pushed into the oncoming tide!

High Tides Flood Indonesian Capital with Sea Water [Nov 1] High tides in Indonesian capital forced thousands of people to abandon their flooded homes and cut off the road leading to international airport. Authorities installed pumps to bring down water levels, which were 1.7-meters (yards) high in several subdistricts and reached up to two kilometers (more than a mile) inland, but said they expected tides to continue to wreak havoc through the end of the month. Residents in north Jakarta have grown used to flooding during the monthly high-tide cycle, but Monday's was the worst in memory. [and from another] Tides Erode Dykes, 300 houses Flooded15:59' [Nov 27] Many houses in Thu Duc District's Hiep Binh Phuoc ward are now under one metre of water, with house-hold appliances damaged and dozens of families having to move to safer areas along National Highway 13. Equipment kept outdoors by various companies was also damaged by the water. High tides on the rivers of Tuy An Song Cau in the south central province of Phu Yen caused 50 houses to collapse and sank 11 fishing vessels.

What happens to southeast Asia, on the other side of the world, when the Sun is at high noon over Britain? When the N Pole of Earth is pushed suddenly up, toward the north and with a tilt toward the Americas, Vietnam is likewise pushed up and tilted into the South China Sea, and Indonesia is likewise pushed up and sideways into the Flores Sea, the Banda Sea, and the waters trapped between Borneo and Jakarta. Why did such flooding during the high tide not affect the east coasts of Japan or the Philippines or the Americas? These coastlines are open to vast waters, which can absorb the increase in pressure. The North Sea off coast from Britain, the South China Sea off coast from Vietnam, and the seas off coast from the north coast of Indonesia are bounded by land masses and thus pressure can build up when the land is shifted under these waters. We have warned of a time when high tides would be experienced, unrelated to tsunami from earthquakes and unrelated to storms. We warned likewise that the wobble would produce such high tides. This time is now upon the Earth.

Salt Tide Reaches Mouth of Yangtze River [Nov 30] A salt tide hit Shanghai on Wednesday, two months later than usual. Water sample tests at Chenhang Reservoir near the Yangtze River estuary at 11am on November 28 found more than 250 milligrams of chloride in every liter of water, indicating the tide has moved into the mouth of the Yangtze River. Water flow from the Yangtze dropped to 13,000 cubic meters per second on Wednesday. The density of chloride kept rising on Wednesday morning, eventually surpassing 300 milligrams a liter. [and from another] It is said there was a reverse tide on November 28 on the Yellow River where it enters the Yellow Sea and the frequency increased during November, the phenomena is such that it happened not in the tidal period when these reverse tides happen. The flow rate increased from 400 cubic meter per second to 1400 cubic meters per second. Usually this happens in October but this year it happened in November and with the frequency increasing. The experts are quite uncertain as to cause. They only indicated that it may related to the river bed or something astronomical. My question: is this evidence of the wobble?

The normal global position vis-à-vis the Sun is such that after the September equinox China experiences a less direct overhead gravity pull from the Sun, as the Yellow River is tipping away from the Sun. This temporarily adjusts the water pressure in the vast Yellow River and the Yellow Sea, causing what the Chinese call false tides to occur during this equalization period. Even though the Earth is stopped in her orbit at present, benign aliens are tilting and tipping the globe to simulate the seasons so this same effect of less gravity pull on the waters of the Yellow River and Yellow Sea are in effect during their normal season. What happens to these bodies of water during the Earth wobble? When the Sun is centered over New Zealand and the Aleutian Islands, the Earth has no particular skew but the magnetic N Pole is pushed away. When the Earth rotates and the Sun is centered over India, the Earth bounces back into a more normal position as the N Pole is hidden. The Yellow River is affected by this push away and bounce back, such that sloshing occurs.

What are John Edwards' chances of being elected President? Is he "in the know" about the poleshift? Is it worth even working at having a genuine election next year?

For us to answer a date related question about the 2008 elections would be against the rules, which we are obliged to honor. We cannot nor will we reveal the date of the pole shift or the date when the last months and weeks might commence. Edwards is very much in the know about the coming pole shift, considered an insider and one the establishment would back were he to become the nominee.

Nancy can you speak of the contactees that are starting to remember so much? And that it is sooo important to? Why we know and ARE the end times? Do we have a special place in the coming times? No matter what?

Everyone who has a sparked soul or a reincarnating soul has a role in the forthcoming times. These are self assigned roles, determined by you. Many contactees are timed release in their remembering, not allowing themselves to recall their experiences or sense their roles until the time is right, else they would be distracted from their everyday lives if recall occurs too early. These contactees watch for signs, and when the time is right, remember!

Is Ted Turner in the know about Planet X and preparing? Earlier in the decade he was certainly a vocal proponent of the wealthy donating to charities. The Zetas said some of the wealthy are trying to buy their way into heaven, though I do not suggest that was Turner's motivation for his philanthropy. Now it appears he is gobbling up wilderness lands and restoring them. Is he just a good guy?

How can preserving wilderness and allowing the buffalo to return en masse be a bad thing? After the pole shift, it is the wilderness areas that will allow vegetation and woodlands to return. Commercial development of land only destroys this capability. Actions speak louder than words, and Ted is a man of action!

Can the Zs comment on why we can't prove that Planet X is out there. And is there one person in the "establishment" that will come forward? I know, I'm sorry I have asked this for almost 4 years now, but will one step forward, or are more extensive measures needed?

What will occur, as it becomes obvious that the Earth is in the grip of a terrible cataclysm, is in the hands of man in this regard. We have mentioned that many who have been cognizant of the cover-up have been told that the worst worry is public panic, and that the passage will occur with little geologic upset. When they see this is not the case, pangs of conscience will occur, and blurting out the truth may happen on the airwaves. There are others who have been bought off, promised a place in bunkers and the like. When push comes to shove they will panic and want to enter these bunkers early, to be safe, and find no such safe place exists for them. In this case, loud protests may be made public, if such loudmouths are not assassinated first.

Have the Zetas or other benign alien groups saved us (by manipulating events) from a WorldWar III scenario in the past?

We are often asked why we don't just save mankind, divert Planet X from its path, feed the hungry, cure all diseases and while we're at it make everyone beautiful or handsome! This is not the purpose of life. You are to experience spiritual growth and learn by the results of your actions. This is your schoolhouse! It is true that interference in the affairs of man occurs on occasion. The Annunaki living on Planet X were quarantined from Earth because they were intimidating mankind by their size and advanced technology. This was to allow emerging man to have a more balanced environment in order to determine their spiritual orientation - Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self. Interference was also allowed recently to prevent the Bush administration from planting WMD in Iraq and from creating false terrorism in the US. This interference likewise was to create a more balanced world for the development of spiritual orientation choices. These are only a few examples of interference allowed by the Council of Worlds.

The History Channel a few weeks back had a program on their "underground" series. Here, they explored the Turkish underground complexes so big they could house thousands and thousands. One, why were they built? Two - if to escape the effects of a past shift, were they successful? Three, if they were, why will todays-elite's more than 120 such underground complexes NOT be safe this time around, when in the past such underground havens were adequate? Four, what about the Men in Black? They will presumably remain underground, why will they survive but the elite will not? And finally five, why is the History Channel showing off these caverns NOW - when they were presumably known of by the elite for millenium - but kept secret from the common population? [and from another] Cities Of The Underworld : 12 - Secret Pagan Underground Cappadocia is where East meets West, setting the stage for bloody battles and ruthless land wars. This landscape in modern day Turkey is unlike any other in the world--with an underground to match. 4000 years ago, a mysterious pagan society called the Hittites dug deep into the soft volcanic rock to carve out an intricate underworld. But after almost 800 years of rule, the Hittite Empire vanished without a trace. Where did their people go and what clues have they left behind in their complex subterranean world? Once the Hittites disappeared, everyone from the Romans to the Persians and the Byzantines to the Ottomans fought to control this land, contributing their own subterranean structures to the layers of fortified castles, sacred sanctuaries, and dungeons hidden beneath the sandy lunar landscape. It was a bloody battlefield, and host Don Wildman explores the subterranean world of defense where entire civilizations hid for thousands of years.

Geographically, Turkey is a crossroads area, at the nexus between Europe and Asia Minor, at the dividing line between Europe and Africa, and consequently in the middle of numerous culture clashes. Conquerors found they had to conquer this crossroads at Turkey, as both Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great discovered. Where the concept of a fort is most often that of a castle or tall walls, underground passageways and bunkers were in fact more often used. They were, first off, unseen. One could hide an army in them, so that the army could emerge suddenly, unexpectedly, during battle. One could escape, to fight another day. One could supply an army in a fort by such tunnels, outlasting a siege.

The Men-in-Black have complexes more astonishing than the Turkey complexes. The Men-in-Black have exquisite methods to determine the solidity of the rock they are housed within, so we anticipate their homes will not be destroyed during the coming pole shift. Their technology is superior to that known to man.

Lots going on with the space station with the adding of several labs very soon - good chance for a Zeta prediction. How about it?

Of course the ISS will not survive what is coming. Just when it will be destroyed by the debris in the tail of Planet X, we will not say. But this is inevitable.

You/they said that our planet had halted in its orbit a few years ago and had some retrogade movement of a months worth since. The thing is, the view of the night sky is determined by the relative position of the of earth/sun alone, that is, the night view of the sky changes to its opposite every half a year (modulo the tilt of the earth axis of course). Now, if the earth holds its position relative to the sun (which is what you all have been saying), then the supposed simulation of the seasonal changes of the night sky cannot be explained by mere tilting of the planet axis or its lifting up/down along the ecliptic plane, you'd literally have to swap the full nightime view of the sky with its daytime one. Frankly speaking, this is looks like another (white?) lie. Any comments? On a sidenote, one wonders why none of your supposed debunkers has ever pointed out this logical fallacy. [and from another] I'm wondering why Orion is visible in the western sky when it should be in the south/southeast at this time of year? Due to the wobble? Really weird!!! We are in the northeast corner of New Mexico, Lat 36N, Long 104 W approximately. And I've been seeing Orion in this position just after full dark in the evening when I do my evening barn chores [Nov 26]. We're on a ranch 50 miles from Raton, NM.

Those who say that constellations on the perifery of the nighttime view are in place, proving that the Earth is not halted in her orbit, are lying. They make these statements aggressively on this message board, but are lying. Mankind looks into the dome, and sees known constellations overhead, and is reassured. But those who check the location of these familiar constellations are aware their locations are not normal.

Can the Zetas comment on the Bush administration cutting back on the so called anti-terrorist funds in half, why now?

There was an attempt by the Bush administration to create a false terrorism alarm in New York City some months back, based on a publicized threat that a dirty nuke was in the city. Life went on as usual, as teams with radiation checking equipment prowled around and found nothing. The Bush administration had hoped at a minimum for panic, and for this panic to allow them to declare martial law. Thus, they desire to pare back the funds so that such anti-terrorism teams do not exist. They are getting extreme resistance in this regard, so are not succeeding, but this is their logic. They want their falsified alarms to stand, unchallenged, in the future.

One more question, on this new theory by just looking at our own universe we may be changed it by observing dark energy bringing closer to its death. Any truth to this?

Man should not presume his importance to be such that by viewing the Universe he can change it! This rule may apply in looking through a microscope, where the light for viewing may alter what is viewed, but this does not apply to the Universe.

Could the zetas talk about when the serious food shortages and water be effecting most of the planet? More so than now.

We have stated that food shortages would afflict the Earth prior to the pole shift, and this time is already upon the Earth. Drought, deluge and the polluting of water systems because of industrial wastes of course are on the increase from the Earth changes, due to the quakes and the affects of weather. These are also impacting the Earth.