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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Jan 20, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

What is happening to the sun! That is a source of light outside of the sun, something brighter than sun! And if it were a flare, where is the data to support that theory. A flare of this size would be at least an X magnitude and would have all the charts spiking and the charts are not reflecting this. There are no "clouds" in space to reflect the light, whatever is to the left (11 o'clock) is a source of light that is not only brighter than the sun (making it appear dull) but it is bigger than the sun, and casting a shadow over the sun. This is something being reflected by the sun as you can see from the "strip" of pictures in the link, starting on the 15th. No lens flare either, as lens flared are blocked by the keyhole on the NASA satellites.

This capture of a light source, not air brushed out as has been done regularly on SOHO C3 is in the same general location as the air brushed orb on C3. Has NASA slipped up again? Too much work lately, and too much worry, distracting their employees. Just when they think they have their bases covered, it shows up on yet another image regularly delivered to the public. Their choices are to withhold what the public has come to expect, or to pretend that it is nothing, being casual. After temporarily taking this site down, when the light source was noted, they quickly put it back up, noting the uproar on the Internet. In this way, they hope to draw less attention to the issue. Why does the light source appear brighter than the Sun, perhaps larger than the Sun? Because it is so much closer to the Earth than the Sun, and this makes a huge difference. The size of any object approaching Earth does not increase, in view, in a lineal manner, but almost exponentially larger. The light source, which is Planet X, is lighting the cloud drift between the Sun and the satellite taking the image, and it is this that appears huge.

Do the Zetas have any comment on the announcement by Canadian Scientists on finding a successful treatment for Cancer?

Cancer has many causes, but the primary cause is a decision by the afflicted to die. This is a dropped immune system, due to depression. This is the reason that spontaneous remission can occur, the afflicted decide to live, and their immune system clicks in. There is no treatment that can counter this decision by the body, in response to what the mind has determined. At best, cancer treatment in this light is a delaying action, a losing battle. Those who survive have determined to live. Thus, any 'cure' for cancer that the medical community can concoct is just another treatment, and nothing more.

In the past you mentioned that Zetas have been assigned the US territory. What about the Balkans? What is the race that has this region under supervision?

There are 17 life forms attending to this region, due to the conflicts of the past. Very active region, giving the Call, and concerned about the Earth changes and what their life will be like, as this is an area subject to migration and volcanic dust, as well as the religious and racial conflicts it has inherited. Just what these life forms are would not be helpful, as most would not be considered guests in a human home, such is their shape and smell.

How are these life forms are attending the Balkan area and what is the method of contacting them (in similarity to Zetas).

The Call is answered in a similar manner, irregardless of the life form. Where the life form would be repugnant to humans, smell or remind them of a life form on Earth not considered intelligent or even safe to be in the vicinity of a human, the contact may be made behind screens or a fog, with the intense love and telepathy used to relay the message. It is for this reason that most recall of contact where the life form is recalled are hominoid, similar to humans, and thus not a shock. The human is picked up and delivered after contact in a similar manner to hominoid contact, or asked to walk to a remote location where a ship can land. Other than being behind a screen, or out of sight, the contact is no different among the many life forms in attendance around Earth at this time, or which there are over 1,000 life forms in attendance.

Can the Zetas comment on the timeline of Human Technical progress that has been assisted over the centuries with Star People or advanced entities that incarnate in order to further human technical progress according to a specific time line? To me it seems like the timeline was carefully choreographed and balanced (not too advanced, not too backward) to provide computers, electricity, modern society and the Internet exactly with the arrival of Planet X so as to further the awakening in the face of Service-to-Self information suppression that is now occurring with regards to Planet X, Earth Changes, etc. Many things appear to be choreographed to occur simultaneously with the Earth Changes (economic collapse, political awakening) and I am curious if this is a part of the transformation by design.

We have mentioned that humanity is being drawn into a technological age so that those souls who will be progressing to 4th Density after this incarnation will not have culture shock. They will be used to the concept of travel in the air, instant communications everywhere, bio-engineering, and it is hoped the concept of intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe. Thus, it is not by accident that this education has a learning curve that is discernable. There was a reason for the trend.

Per the Zetas, the White Lie was to draw Bush and Co into Iraq prematurely so as to thwart their goals of world domination, oil control, and Martial law. If the Earth changes caused by Planet X will be so severe prior to the pole shift as to require our troops to drop everything else and assist with FEMA back in the US anyway, per the Zetas, was another purpose of the White Lie to make sure that Bush and Co were very pregnant with a giant mistake that will drag them down and prevent any future chance of Martial Law by any would be dictator, Bush or others, when things really get bad? Similar to a Watergate type of backlash?

The White Lie, as we have stated, was to lead Bush out early enough that he fell on his sword. The effect is that he will not be in command of the US military, a state already in place due to the rebellion that has been in place since August of 2003, and will not be in command of the US agencies when the Earth changes increase to the extend that martial law might be called. He is in such disrepute that he will be ignored. Bear in mind that the US Military is equal in size and force to all other militaries in the world, and that the normal situation is for the President to be able to command, at will. Thus, calling martial law would be assumed. Now, this will no longer occur, not in the manner Bush assumes it would, in any case.

Can the Zetas discuss the seemingly ineffective nature of Service-to-Self souls? If there is no cooperation among Service-to-Self groups that is not forced and all look after themselves first, how can they even function effectively in the greater realms? I know this question comes with the taint of Darwinian competition that an evolving world such as Earth is subject too and the answer may just be that this competition is lessened in 4th density and there is no interaction with Service-to-Other entities that would destroy them, but I cannot get over the basic inefficiency of such an orientation, much less its unpleasantness. Is a greater purpose to learn that such an orientation is ineffective as well as unpleasant?

We have not painted a pretty picture of what life on a Service-to-Self world is like, and we are not exaggerating. It is command and control, with brutality. There are human groups who operate in this manner already, on Earth, so the concept is not unfamiliar to humans. They don't work well because they refuse to listen to each other, as this involves empathy. They listen only to their superiors, and as anyone working in the military knows, this is fraught with error. This situation, their life and how they operate with each other, is not designed to force Service-to-Self to become Service-to-Other, it is a factor of their choices, their decision as to spiritual orientation. If you shoot yourself in the foot, you limp, and it's your fault!

Why did the Zeta's all of sudden intervene in the 2006 mid-term elections? Did they just realize the Bush crowd is evil? Why not the 2004 presidential election? Or the 2002 mid-terms or the 2000 election? If Gore is a Star Child why not support/protect him in the gradual release of the existence of aliens and Planet X over a two term presidency? Wouldn't this approach be better to get the message out to the world rather than follow Bush around stopping fake terrorist attacks, or kicking up sand storms in Iraq, protecting Fitzgerald, and claiming victory on a web site seen by a few thousand people and believed by even less?

Many people are confused, seeing us as parents or guardians or the police, when we are neither. The Earth is your schoolhouse, and souls incarnated as humans are here to learn by self study. We are here to consult with humans who give the Call, in this regard, but each human lives their life according to their own choices. The 2006 election was prevented from being stolen because people determined to ensure this, and we assisted them! In 2000, there was no expectation of fraud at this level, so no Call was given.

Some say the Gregorian Calendar (our present day calendar) could be 5-6 years off and the correct date now is close to 2012 . Would the Zeta's please comment on this issue ?

We have stated that the Mayan Calendar, while correct in and of itself, was not lined up with the Gregorian correctly. It is a guess by those who arrived at the popular 2012 date, not a certainty. The Mayans had 3 calendars, one astrological which could be lined up with the Gregorian as there are hook points where, for instance, planets lined up or an eclipse might occur. However, there is no link between this calendar and the other two. One, a 260 day calendar, is a ceremonial calendar, and since some descendants are today practicing according to this calendar, it was assumed it would be linked back through the centuries. Not true, as pole shifts cause disruption in communities, who later try to resume their former ceremonies and strike out at a likely time in doing so. If after the coming pole shift some want to celebrate Christmas, they would likely chose a date close to the Winter soltice, as best they could determine this, for instance. The third calendar is the long calendar, and this is the one ending at the assumed 2012 date. There was a glyph on a wooden arch, carbon dated which in itself is a guess, showing a presumed relationship between the ceremonial and long calendar. This relationship itself is a guess, but based on this guess, and the current 260 day calendar, which was reset by survivors in the past, the assumption of 2012 was made. We have stated that the pole shift will occur prior to this date.

Is there any truth to the rumor that Isralie jets were turned back from an attack on Iran this week?

As we mentioned recently, Israel is concerned about an attack on Iran, fearing that the US will not cover such an attack and allow it to be under retaliation. They are waiting for the US to move, first, and this will not occur for the reasons we gave. The US Millitary is blocking all orders from Bush, dragging their feet, all out of sight of the press. Israel is furious, wanting the US Military as an extension to their military, control of the oil fields a joint US/Israeli asset. Look to the Bush statement when the attack on Lebanon occurred, when Bush stated on live TV that he would be sending 30,000 supposed peace keepers to Lebanon, and this statement subseqently ignored utterly by the military. He attempted at that time to use the press, the media, to force the military to follow his commands, but this did not occur, and was not the only such instance. There likewise was an order from Rumsfeld to transfer toops form Germany to Iraq, which was publically stated and utterly ignored. Now, they hope to use a flood of directives from the White House to create an incident, but this is being closely watched by the military and will not occur, in our opinion. So, what you are hearing in these rumors is plans, that do not play out.

Is the exceptional storm Kiril, which is battering Europe, due to some Earth wobble perhaps? [and from another] Devastating storm leaves 40 dead across Europe [Jan 19] Winds of up to 216 kilometers (133 miles) an hour swept off the Atlantic and cut a swathe across Britain, northern France, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Belgium, the Czech Republic and into Russia. For the first time in its history, Deutsche Bahn railway company suspended all services across Germany. [and from another] Texas, Okla. shiver in grip of winter ice storm [Jan 18] The winter blasts that kept Texas and Oklahoma residents shivering and dusted Malibu with snow spread Thursday to mid-Atlantic states and the Carolinas, with a mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain in the picture.

Both Europe and the US went from unseasonably warm weather to ice storms or hurricanes. We explained recently on the GLP live chat for late December that the figure 8 so well documented when the wobble first established itself in 2004 has continued, with more vehemence. During the wobble, the Earth is suddenly dragged under its mantle of air, but the air mass tries to cling to the land, and follow. This has the effect of pulling cold air to the South, pulling warm air to the North, and all of this creates hurricanes. Hurricanes or cyclones are formed over warm equatorial waters, and the same effect is produced when warm land such as Europe has experienced is pushed under cold air. For the US mainland, which was having Spring in January in many places, the result has not been hurricane force winds but a rush of high pressure cold air into the low pressure that warm air essentially becomes, being lighter because the air molecules are more active and thus farther apart from each other. For Europe, which is tipped to the left, the north-west, during the wobble, and then back again to the right, to the north-east, the wobble acts like a pump, first pushing air down toward the Equator and then sucking it back up. Combined with the Coriolis effect, this creates swirls, drawing the cold air from the Arctic down into the center, thus the hurricane formation. Will this type of extreme weather continue? Certainly, but other forms of extremes will show up too. We have warmed that the seasons will blend into one another, that hurricanes and tornadoes will appear where unexpected, and that swings from drought to deluge will continue, all in an unpredictable manner. We have warned of this since 1995, from the start of ZetaTalk, when it came under much ridicule. Are the debunker claims, that the weather is normal, still being made now?

Warm winter wreaks havoc [Jan 5] This winter's curiously warm weather across the Northeast and much of the Midwest has played havoc with more than seasonal businesses. In Washington, D.C., springlike temperatures have faked out flora, causing dogwoods and daffodils to bloom. New York City is expecting 70 degree weather tomorrow (an all-time high). [and from another] Spring in January: Frogs, trees and bees are deceived by winter's unseasonal warmth [Jan 14] St Hilary's day, New Year's Eve on the Julian calendar and, traditionally, the coldest day of the year, passed yesterday as one of the warmest on record. More record-breaking warmth is expected this month, confusing plants and animals that should now be dormant. Daffodils, normally in bloom in March, are already out in St Mawes in Cornwall. [and from another] I was in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates last week and they have been having the coldest winter in 20 years. Night time temperatures (in celcius) were getting into single digits and daytime highs were only 21/22 while I was there. [and from another] This has been the coldest weather on Maui I can remember in 15 years! [and from another] Cold Snap Destroys Most Calif. Citrus [Jan 16] Three nights of freezing temperatures have destroyed up to three-quarters of California's $1 billion citrus crop, according to an estimate issued Monday as forecasters warned the weather could continue. Other crops, including avocados and strawberries, also have suffered damage in the cold snap. The latest freeze will likely surpass the damage done by a three-day cold snap in December 1998 that destroyed 85 percent of California's citrus crop, a loss valued at $700 million, Kawamura said.

Our warning, in 1995, that extreme temperatures would be experienced, unusually warm winters, unusually cold summers, was because we were aware an Earth wobble would develop. Why else would such extremes develop? The wobble is an element outside of the usual atmospheric dynamics that weathermen use for their predictions. The gentle prevailing Westerlies, high pressure areas moving to low pressure toughs, rising warm air encountering cold upper layers - these factors will no longer be the dominant factors. The wobble pulls land under warm or cold air, changing the temperature of both land and the air above it. Air is pulled along with the land, during the wobble, mixing with air in its new location, temporarily. And the sudden nature of the wobble, which is not steady but lurches suddenly when the N Pole is pushed away or allowed to bounce back in a rebound manner, creates violent interaction in the atmosphere. The not only creates storms, it creates pockets of warmth or cold, which then adjust in the manner of air seeking equalization, moving fronts, storms, extreme high pressure areas invading extreme low pressure areas. And all of this will only continue, as the wobble accentuates.

My memory does not seem to be as good as it used to be and I have noticed others who seem distracted and unable to remember well. Is this a result of stress related to the upcoming changes? What exactly is occurring in the background of our minds or our subconscious minds or at the soul level? What is happening or being planned or discussed that we are not aware of?

We have stated that humans are distracted, making mistakes in their work, because they sense that something is wrong and they are being lied to. The point where any individual human senses this differs, depending upon their circumstance. One may be a farmer, used to seeing the Sun in a certain location, the Moon is a certain location, and very familiar with the cycles. Noting the Moon out of position by 20 or more degrees, shining in a window never previously seeing the Moon, a flag goes up. Another notes that the city they live in has high unemployment, many out on the streets, bankrupt and living in their cars, the soup kitchens not able to keep up, and talking to friends and relatives elsewhere hears the same story. Yet the media chirps on about employment and how well the economy is doing. Red flags everywhere. They are being lied to. Unable to do more than complain to friends, who often do not want to hear of it, do not want to face the reality of that their government is lying to them, they must simply bury this worry, and it leads to distraction and mistakes.

A few days ago appeared an odd story in the Icelandic media from a small town in the west of the country. The town is named after the fjord it sits by, Grundarfjordur. For a number of years a local company has managed a cod fishfarm situated in the fjord. A few days ago they were stunned to find 20 tons of their fish were dead. [and from another] 200 More Dead Birds in South-West Australia Another 200 dead birds have been found in West Australia, taking the total number to die in mysterious circumstances in the state to 4000. Department of Environment and Conservation had received a new report of at least 200 dead swallows in Narembeen, about 240km east of Perth and 380km from Esperance. Investigations into the mysterious death of thousands of birds in have been widened, with toxins now considered a possible cause. Autopsies have ruled out viral and bacteriological causes.

As we mentioned when we addressed the Earth Farts on January 8th, birds are highly sensitive to methane gas, the reason for the canary in the coal mine to warn minors when the air is going bad. Fish are likewise highly sensitive to such gasses, and leave an area where they will be killed, quickly. The Cod in Iceland, it should be noted, were unable to escape, as they were trapped in the fjord. As the Earth's plates have just begun the roiling around they will do leading into the shift, such reports will increase, always with only speculation as to the reasons for the deaths. More than earthquakes stand as clues that the plates are slipping and sliding and pulling apart. The stretch zone and its adjustments are a silent adjustment, sudden train derailing and mankind's infrastructure snapping.

Kentucky train crash releases chemicals [Jan 15] Four runaway rail cars struck two parked locomotives Monday in east-central Kentucky, causing a fire and spilling a chemical that prompted a limited evacuation and orders that others stay indoors. The crash released butyl acetate, a flammable liquid, from a burning tanker car, authorities said. The fire produced a huge column of black smoke, and a section of the Kentucky River where fuel or chemicals had spilled caught fire. Four CSX rail cars left their track shortly before noon and went onto a main rail line. [and from another] [Jan 16] Several train cars derailed and were on fire Tuesday south of Louisville, prompting authorities to shut down a busy interstate. Flames from the derailed cars produced a huge column of smoke. Authorities had shut down an 18-mile stretch of Interstate 65. It was the second fiery train crash in Kentucky in the last two days. On Monday, four runaway rail cars struck two parked locomotives in central Kentucky, causing a fire and spilling a chemical that prompted a limited evacuation.

It is no accident that the New Madrid fault lies under the Mississippi River near Memphis, as rivers form in lowlands created when land pulls apart, separating the rock fingers and weakening support for the land. Thus, the Ohio River bed also is an indication of where rock fingers will pull apart. Two adjustments in Kentucky, a day apart, are not an accident, but an indication of the speed at which the stretch zone is starting to adjust. Rail lines are frequently an early harbinger of such adjustments, as they run long distances, whereas structures within cities, such as tall buildings, take up relatively little space and have a small footprint. Our warning that imploding cities will be experienced, before the hour of the shift, are in this regard. Be warmed, it will not just be your rail lines and gas and water mains that will shatter and be pulled apart during the stretch. The foundations of your tall buildings will likewise be vulnerable.

Are these UFO's warning people about the New Madrid? Chicago O'Hare airport would be affected by a New Madrid adjustment, I think. [and from another] Air Force colonel reports lights 'not of this world' [Jan 17] Col. Brian Fields, 61, was cooking chicken at his Van Buren, Ark., home Jan. 9 when just before 7 pm he observed two intensely bright lights as he looked to the southeast close to the horizon. The retired colonel spent close to 32 years in the military, flying F-16s as a member of the 188th Fighter Wing of the Arkansas Air National Guard. Fields grabbed his Canon digital camera with 6 megapixel resolution to document what he and his wife were seeing, and snapped numerous images of the mysterious lights, which appeared white, yellow and orange. He says the phenomenon lasted an hour and 15 minutes, and local news agencies have not published or broadcast any reports of what the couple witnessed.

UFO's are often noted hovering over fuming volcanoes, or in countries in the Middle East under unrest likely to escalate. Thus in some minds, they are appearing to warn, or reassure, the public in those areas. Where there are many reasons for sightings, mass sightings or well documented sightings, such as this one in Arkansas, delivering a message of reassurance just ahead of an anticipated disaster is certainly among them. Sightings can be to further the Awakening of an individual or small group, or for the broader Awakening of a nation or even the world, when well documented and publicized. Sightings have been used to prod the establishment on occasion, causing blackouts or buzzing the White House in decades past. But as the Earth changes heat up and move to result in large quakes and tsunamis and exploding volcanoes, they will increasingly be seen in those areas that will be affected, as a warning and reassurance. We are saying to the people of those regions, be aware we exist, that you are not alone. Often telepathic messages are delivered to the people in the region, in step with these sightings, relaying this type of message.

If Zeta's indeed are communicating with you, hopefully they can answer this one. How is it they or the known races are able to dematerialize the properties of a wall to take you through it? How is it they can interact in public with desired people without a single witness being aware? How is it that they themselves can cloak themselves, appear as humans if they wish, change back to the basic container if you will and even remove themselves from their physical form to light energy in non-physical form?

We use several means to control the awareness of the public that contact is occuring. Due to the Element of Doubt, we are required to record our visitations only in the subconscious of the contact. Often we are required to manipulate others in the vicinity, as when making contact on a busy street or in the middle of a crowded room. We do this in several ways. First, we can freeze all about in the room while we conduct the visit. For the contactee, time has passed but for others, it has stood still. In fact, time has passed but for the others they have paused their biological functions. How we accomplish this is not important for you to know, and we decline to describe the technique. Another technique is to remove the contact by shifting slightly into 4th Density so molecules slide past each other. This allows us to remove the contact through walls or windows, often recalled by the contact. Yet other means are to teleport the contact out of the vicinity, so the contactee suddenly disappears and appears in our ship, and later is returned by a similar means. We can also bend light rays to mask our motherships inthe sky, and insert hypnotic suggestion in the minds of others in the vicinity so they think they are seeing people, when in fact they are seeing Zetas.

Would the lifting of the Prohibition on Hemp be harmful to humans? Is there any point in ordinary citizens trying to change the laws in the US?

Many substances are outlawed not because they are harmful to humans, certainly not more harmful than the foods they eat or the medicines they are prescribed, but because the substances allow them to escape from the grip of the establishment. You are supposed to be a worker, attentive, regular, and any escape is forbidden. Thus, abortion is forbidden, because it implies the woman, not the state or church, owns her body. Thus alcohol was forbidden in the past until it was encouraging the formation of outlaw groups to proliferate, and was repealed. Smoking is not forbidden where it causes grave illness, absolutely documented, because it does not affect the control the state and church have over the person. All these laws will become a thing of the past, soon enough, when the pole shift disrupts the grip the establishment has over communities.

Would the Zetas at this time have any comments on the character and spiritual orientation of Barack Obama, who intends to run for the American presidency? I feel that having a black president with a Muslim connection would be a healing and unitive force for the USA, helping us regain some of our lost credibility in this world.

Obama will have a catalyst effect on the race, but will not, obviously, win. He is black. He has Muslim roots. The Democratic party will not allow itself to risk losing in this manner. But as a catalyst, which he understands to be his role, he will drive the discussions in certain directions, force issues to be on the table, and demand an open face from other candidates. We wish him well on his ambitious plan!

Do healing methods such as Reiki, which work with the energy system of the body, actually do any good? Any relationship with acupressure? What methods would the Zetas recommend for healing and feeling better?

There are many means of relaxing and forgetting one's troubles. A slap in the face will distract one. Exercise of any kind likewise distracts the body from tension and is relaxing. A massage, a hot tub, a nap, sex, screaming loudly and without restraint. Acupressure, as we have stated, works not as claimed but because the heat and needle sensations distract the person, who then becomes relaxed and ascribes this to other factors. Whatever works! All thus have value, as the participants attest!

This past week I observed on MSNBC a lot of talk zeroing in on Cheney possibly being the one that Libby is protecting. Is there any updated info in this direction?

The defense team is concerned that Libby will be damned because of his association with Cheney, who is hated. Libby is a relatively unknown character. This is the reason for the focus on questions about Bush or Cheney.

One part of me want contact with ETs and at the same time I'm dead scared. How may I contact some ETs that are loving? I can sometime sense the presence of ETs and/or entities here that are really creepy and sometimes like now they're nicer, but I guess I've chosen to attract them.

Trepidation is common among those giving the Call and aware consciously of their intent. It is not uncommon for those intensely desiring contact to back out! They repeatedly Call, and then suddenly decline when the moment is upon them. They are often aware of this duality, and distressed by it. We can only advise they plunge ahead, as no harm will come to them. Even if calling those in the Service-to-Self, the games are all psychological. Have courage! This is your learning experience, your school house, and you are hiding in the closet!

Do the Zetas have any comment on events surrounding the execution of Saddam Hussein's co-accused, Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti and Awad Hamed al-Bandar? Were these men party to the deception re: Saddam's identity and were the executions carried out as reported?

Where Saddam's cousin, a double, did not get hanged as reported, his associates did not receive the same honor. Saddam's double was promised a life away from Iraq if he cooperated, but as we surmised would happen, this promise was not kept and he was later quietly killed in his quarters. His associates were never replaced with a double, only required in Saddam's case as he escaped to territory controlled by Russia. Thus, the hanging of the associates is as reported, even the beheading of a heavy set man.

Would the Zetas like to comment on the recent Chinese missile strike on one of its own satellites? Did this serve any purpose beyond testing the missile's capabilities?

China is only proceeding on its technological quest, the logical steps that the US proceeded upon in the past, in the 1980's. The uproar over this is due to the fear the US and its allies have of losing dominance. This fear is real, as the US is only solvent due to China investments. China has no aggressive intent, but the US fears losing its clout.

What's the best method of achieving spiritual growth? How important is meditation?

Action is the best measure of spiritual growth. Obviously, if someone is incapable of action, being paralyzed, for instance, this does not apply. Many supposed assists to spiritual growth are not that, as they rely on intellectual processes, which are an avoidance. Take action, and this proves your spiritual intent!