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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Dec 2, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

Hi nancy can the zetas give an update on Cheney? Where is he? Is he running scared?

Cheney is in constant fear of being assassinated, as can be seen by his frequent absenses. He tries to reduce the opportunities. What is not broadly known is the degree to which he suffers from poor health, with a heart about to give out. On occasion, it is reported he must stop off at a hospital, but this is as much as makes the news. He could have a heart transplant, but fears being unconscious on the table for what might be done to him. All it would take is oxygen deprivation, and brain death would occur. So easily arranged. So he struggles on with a heart that will give out suddenly one of these days.

Some people are stating that a mass awareness of the ET presence will happen from Dec '06 - April '07. Do the Zetas have any comment on this?

As we have stated at the start of ZetaTalk, awareness of the alien presence will increase steadily, as the populace is comfortable with the idea. Sightings have indeed been on the increase, mass sightings where large groups or large areas simultaneously view displays of UFO's, ships and lights in the sky. There is nothing that will acclerate this process beyond the readiness of mankind. Even after the pole shift, there will be areas of the world where contact is essentialy on a personal basis, individual. Other areas will have aliens as neighbors, and have conscious contact with them. It all depends on the humans, who control this process. The rules is no anxiety, no raising of the fear level.

Nancy not to sound harsh but how can you dismiss the hollow earth theory with a trivial remark like "They say it is bogus." And ask how "anyone can think this so when what we have are riding of rafts over molten lava, the magma." when no drilling has shown magma down there as of yet and the only accurate data we have is from above ground eruptions. Could you ask them to scientificaly elaborate?

The heat of the molten lava melts all that it contacts, melts rock, certainly melts metal, so just how would those in a hollow Earth manage to maintain pathways to the surface? In addition, your own scientists tell you that imaging or sending rays through the Earth sense a solid core, which is true of almost all planets except some that are gaseous. The theory is simply rediculous, on its face.

What is the Zeta's take on the coming Martial Law and National Animal and People ID, set for Jan and May respectfully of 2008. Will they be successful? Will this be accomnplished or will there be court intervention on behalf of the people.

It was of course part of the original plan laid many decades ago to tag people, all the easier to sort them out into work camps or to eliminate them as useless eaters. As with the plans to poison migrating peoples with chemtrails, and to set off dirty nukes in US cities as an excuse to impose Martial Law, or to invade the oil fields of the Middle East with the US Military and succeed at this, these plans have fallen on disaster. The original plans also included escape to Mars, manned missions for the elite, to ride out the Earth changes until after the pole shift. Lately, they do well to even get up to the ISS. Thus, where we have advised people to avoid vacinations when the last weeks are upon the populace, as chance of being poisoned or sickened is there, we are also advising people not to be tagged in any way. This is hardly necessary, as it is not law nor likely to become law. All attempts to entice the populace to get tagged, after 911, failed, with only a few pets and children being so tagged.

Were these recent trips to arrange the fine details of civil war in Lebanon and Iraq?

As with the rush to huddle with elected officials in Iraq and the Middle East ahead of the elections, the post election huddles are trying to figure out a way for Bush to stay in Iraq, stay on top of the oil fields there, with the hope that someday he can renew his plan to push into Iran and Saudi Arabia and be King of all the oil fields in the world. This fool has not seen the hand writing on the wall, with the Democrats taking Congress and the bulk of the American people disgusted with his stance and stubborness. The Iraq Study Group is trying to dance between his stance and reality. They will have no luck, as Bush will be at loggerheads with reality and at loggerheads with the new Congress. Bush and Cheney will continue to try to incite civil war, not dampen it, as it was their efforts, and the efforts of the Brits, which started this in the first place. Chaos is his excuse to remain there, so chaos he wants. Where will this end? When the US gets kicked out, by an essential holocaust on the ground, and evacuates. This is in process already, though is termed something else.

The Venezuelan elections are coming up. Chavez is considered to win. Are there any alien activities needed in this election?

Chavez is under protection, as are many people assisting in the Transformation. He advocates democracy, providing assistance to the poor, and against essential enslavement of people by the rich. Thus, as with the recent elections in the US, we are assisting to prevent fraud and assassination, so the true voice of the people will be heard.

The moon, makes every 18.61 year a far rise from the Sun's normal Eliptic and all the Moon risings that leading up to the 18.61 year. Can the Moon dance be explained and references made to distinguish between the two Moons? Not a NASA link. Is this bogus maybe?

The Moon basically hugs the Earth, but reacts to particle flows and perturbations from other objects in the solar system while doing so. Earth does not have a steady orbit, but veres periodically. This is also true of most of the other planets, for their own reasons. What tugs and pushes on the solar system is mostly unseen, though man has his theories. Thus, it is not surprising that the Moon has an unusual orbit at times. If you are asking if there is a Moon twin, there is not. It would have been discovered long ago, and by more than perturbations.

Would the Zeta's comment on the works of Phillip Taylor Kramer and his work in fractal mathematics and hyperparticles and his claim to be able to send data across the universe instantaneously by using the magnetic waves of the universe. He claimed the universe generated and regenerated itself fractally and never got the chance to prove his claims as he was murdered in 1995 just days after his breakthrough.

And how was he to prove his ability to send something 'across the Universe'? Magnetics are powerful, but do not affect matter at a great distance. It is a CIA tactic, as we recently explained, to murder very public theorists so as to create an essential cult regarding their theories. This ties up the energy of those trying to sort it all out, as they run down paths that will not bring them fruit. Thus, this man's theories are incorrect, and his death utterly unnecessary.

Here IT Comes ! NASA is using pixel averaging software to "airbrush" Planet X out of LASCO C3. If you zoom into the "More LASCO C3" link: you'll see the artifact left by this process. You'll see the artifact just outside the occulter disk at about the 10 O'clock position. [and from another] Some people here contend it's a shadow of Venus. Venus has a right side CCD spike of only 141 pixels, whereas this mystery object has a right hand CCD spike of 173 pixels. [and from another] The shadowy area does not move relative to Venus so this is not an artifact from Venus, no shadow. [and from another] I downloaded 500 gif files and animated a sequence. Playing 12 frmes a sec, its clear that the blob stays where it is for days. [and from another] Most of the images you are seeing are being downlinked from SOHO, reformatted into readable data, processed, and sent to the web for the public at about the quickest time frame of any mission from NASA. We call this type data 'quicklook' data. Quicklook doesnt get the full processing and calibration as the science data to save much time in making 'real-time' data sets. The background noise/signals must be subtracted out of the lasco images to bring up the corona/features you see in the images. We build these background/subtraction models in quicktime as well. One subtraction takes 7 full days worth of averaged C3 images. Since this orbit of the year has the bright planets traveling in and out of the field of view from both angles at these different speeds, the quicktime subtraction model program has a difficult time eliminating the overexposure of the planets (pixel bleeding) and for that you see it as a shadow...those dark pixels you spoke of. The C3 detector is fine, I assure you. When all the final image processing and calibrated models are made, we will have the backgrounds flat. Those shadows will be filled with actual signal and will be used for science analysis. When the planets are out of the field and we get 7 days of images the quicklook program will build a better subtraction and those pixels will dissapear. Remember, SOHO will be rolling to -180 degrees on Dec 5th, 2006. This will also confuse the subtraction for the first 7 days. We are already aware of this roll and have made adjustments to make it as un-noticable as we can....but it will show. Thanks for your question. Kevin Schenk, SOHO Mission, EIT and Lasco Operations, NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center, USA [and from another] If ccd memory is the problem, why wouldn't the image of Venus as it moved across the screen be a blur of successive white or dark images rather than the discrete image which this dark object and associated line bleed is. Noise on a moving object would create a blurred line, not what we see. [and from another] Note: by Dec 2, the dark shadow of a planet was removed from the C3 images. It had been there since 10/27 until 11/26, when noted, and was there until 12/1, quite clearly, in C3. It did not show up in C2, but then neither Venus nor Jupiter did either. C2 captures a different emission than C3.

We have detailed, on the GLP weekly live chats, that Earth is scuttling back in her orbit to try to avoid the oncoming Planet X. She is currently in the October position, and dropping back into the September position. Earth will back up no more than the August position, as the oncoming Planet X has her in pincers that prevent her from moving forward in her orbit, and increasingly will prevent her from moving backward. The pincer, caused by a flood of particles outbound from the Sun flowing around Planet X, rush around the sides of Planet X and create an eddy flow in front of Planet X, which traps Earth. So what occurs as Earth finds herself in an increasingly tight pinch? She cannot scuttle back and thus is subject to more intense battering from Planet X, as her N Pole presents to the magnetic push of Planet X, and is pushed away in a violent daily wobble.

The residents of Earth also see something different, a bright orb much closer to the Sun than has been the case for some months. No longer far to the right, as the Earth scuttles back in a clockwise manner, a reverse orbit, but more directly in front of the Sun. As Planet X is coming closer to Earth, heading toward it, it become larger in view. In earlier days, this was a small object to remove from any SOHO picture it was captured in. Then it was out of view, too far to the right. Now, and increasingly during the coming months as Earth cannot move back in her orbit as freely as before, it will be an object seen in SOHO, unless removed. We predict that NASA will become more conscientious about removing Planet X from any images it releases, but as with former slips, their initial carelessness has gone on record!