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ZetaTalk: Vote Count
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

As stated in the Oahspe, a channeled book we can vouch for, the Constitution of the United States was assisted in its birth by ourselves and others in the Service-to-Others. This was not an easy birth. The reason for the support was not idle. The Constitution is a forerunner of what you can expect from the Council of Worlds. The individual counts.

In practical matters, how does this work? Where is the ballot box? In a physical world, as humans are used to thinking the world is, one expects a physical ballot box. In human society, the verbal promise is often forgotten or skewered, so important promises and agreements are put into writing, and the verbiage precise. Words can trap, and words can assure. How does this work without words? Within the Service-to-Others entities, the equivalent of verbal communications is not something to be used against the individual. The essence of the vote is not skewered, either due to ignorance or deceit. The essence of the question under vote is faithfully relayed to the individual who has a right to vote, and the true intent of the voter is relayed to the ballot box, which in this case is not a box at all but a type of mental computer. In the Service-to-Self orientation, where a small minority of human souls are headed, voting does not occur. Decisions are made based on the pecking order. This is a familiar enough concept to humans reading this dialog for us to skip further explanation.

When do humans get to vote in the Council of Worlds? And are there intermediate representatives, such as the Constitution allows for? The answer to the latter question is no. Where under human affairs the physical impossibility of having millions and even billions of humans at any given representation requires a supra level of representation, in densities above 3rd, we in fact can manage the large crowd. And when do you become eligible to vote? In matters of the Earth, as residents of Earth, you already have a vote. It is one-to-one. Your vote is polled frequently, as amazing as that may seem. Your soul was polled, but as the soul considers the physical body not on a level with itself, the soul no more updates the body on all it experiences than it does on past lives. It considers the curiosity of the body, which is a temporary home, an annoyance. Unless the soul considers the body in a need-to-know position, it does not bother. Thus, your soul has been polled, and voted, whether you are aware of this or not.

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