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ZetaTalk: Military Shuffle
written Nov 18, 2004

The US Military has lost respect, utterly, for the Commander-in-Chief. The military was reluctant to go into Iraq, its advice ignored and its leadership treated like robots expected to follow orders without question. Rebellion, at the highest levels, is seething just under the surface.
ZetaTalk: Changing Captains, written July 11, 2003
Given the decision and actions taken last August [2003] by the US Military to supplant the White House as Commander-in-Chief with their own internal leadership, how should the meeting of NATO commanders for supposed war games be viewed?
ZetaTalk: Not Politics, written Oct 11, 2003

The US Military has been a sham, publicly, since August, 2003 when the football, the briefcase of nuclear codes, was taken from Bush, deemed a highly unstable megalomaniac as the War in Iraq demonstrated. The Navy, long at the heart of the Planet X cover-up in its position as timekeeper of the world and with tentacles into observatories worldwide, setting Sun and Moon times, and even controlling USGS and quake information before it is disseminated, allied with Bush. It was rumored at that time that prosecution or impeachment of Bush might occur, but this was deemed an impossible path given the Republican Congress and friends on the Supreme Court. Time would fix this wound, or so it was presumed, with the elections around the corner, but now that blatant election fraud has also occurred, the sham has become a burden. Gore, as the legitimate elected President in 2000, will continue as Commander-in-Chief after 2004, being respected for his 8 years as an executive in the Vice Presidential capacity, and also respected for his challenge of the voting irregularities in 2000, firm and determined in the fight. Kerry is viewed as lacking in both those qualities. As with the current CIA purges, the DOD purges after the 2000 coup of the White House were aimed at placing political cooperatives at the helm, so the agency would not be professional as much as political. Hundreds of early retirements occurred before the DOD finally rebelled, in horror at what the War in Iraq had brought. Those caught facing the public, in a sham, had the uncomfortable position of having to pretend that Bush was the Commander-in-Chief, and to pretend that their orders had weight. What now, with more of the same ahead?

The primary quality of those who will surround a crippled Bush in the months ahead, whether replacing Military commanders or Cabinet vacancies, will be the ability to lie with a straight face, repeatedly, with no emotional repercussions - sociopaths. The secondary quality will be loyalty, blind loyalty, the type of loyalty a child has to a parent where the faults simply are not seen and certainly not entertained as then the child feels insecure - cloying, clinging personalities with poor judgment and no real inner strength. The third quality will be blind ambition, the desire to see the self important, in with the winning or controlling crowd, and damn the pain and misery this causes elsewhere - self-serving ambition. The fourth quality will be longevity, a proven track record of such loyalty or ability to live with a lie. Family ties, where those among the palace guard are joined with their family members is deemed an additional safeguard, as any talking up of a course of action around the family table will likely be to continue, not recoil. In this regard, long time family friends are seen as an extended family. The last quality to be considered is competence, and thus the palace guard, whatever their title, becomes increasingly irrelevant. See this as a split in the administration. Memos are ignored, orders simply not heard, an existing track continued despite a demand to change direction, superficial cooperation or silence and stupor when in the presence of the pretender Bush and his cronies. This may not be apparent until a real crisis hits, requiring action, when the barking orders given by the pretender are ignored, but the federal agencies function according to their original mandates, and according to their conscience.

Acting Secretary of the Army Resigns
Acting Secretary of the Army Les Brownlee submitted his resignation today [Oct 17] effective December 3, 2004. Brownlee served as the Under Secretary of the Army from November 2001 to May 2003, at which time he also assumed the duties as the Acting Secretary of the Army.
Secretary of The Air Force James G. Roche Resigns
Secretary James G. Roche today [Nov 16] submitted his resignation as Secretary of the U.S. Air Force. Secretary Roche plans to depart January 20, 2005, or sooner if his successor is confirmed by the Senate before then.
North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command Public Affairs
Navy Admiral Keating assumed command from General Eberhart in ceremonies here November 5th. The former director of the Joint Staff is the first non-Air Force officer to command NORAD since its creation in 1958. General Eberhart had been commander of NORTHCOM since its creation following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, bringing together the four military branches -- including the reserve components -- and the U.S. Coast Guard under one new command.