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ZetaTalk: Changing Captains
written July 11, 2003

July 9, 2003 ABC News Poll, 16,781 polled:
- think war was good idea: NO 48% YES 41% (n/a 11%)
- think there should be consequences for lying about WMD: YES 69% NO 28% (n/a 13%)
- is it worthwhile for US to stay in IRAQ? YES 18% NO 79% (n/a 3%)
July 10, 2003 CNN Poll, 21.269 polled:
- Did Bush make an honest mistake, or deliberately mislead the American public about Iraq?

What might the public expect as the cover-up over Planet X unravels? How will the elite react? In simple conspiracies, when there is danger in being discovered, scapegoats are targeted, evidence is destroyed in great haste, and those in the know eliminated so there is no chance they will talk. This is the mode when there will be another, and another, chance to gain what the conspiracy was all about. Given that Planet X is looming literally at Earth’s doorstep, there is no time to retool and regroup and start over. They must make the grab for world power, the kingship of Earth, and protection of the elite during the coming times work, now.

The Fist
The original plan assumed control of the worlds major military powers, which were secured when the White House was taken by political appointment, not popular vote, in the 2000 Presidential Election. Thus, losing control of the good ship USS United States is not in any reworked plan. They want continuing control of the White House because the US Military has been built up to be a power greater than the combined power of all other countries.
The Counter
Because the pole shift has been delayed long past our staunchly predicted date of May 15 or shortly thereafter, the US Military has lost respect, utterly, for the Commander in Chief. The military was reluctant to go into Iraq, its advice ignored and its leadership treated like robots expected to follow orders without question. Rebellion, at the highest levels, is seething just under the surface.
The Energy
The original plan assumed that enemies could be eliminated, resistance intimidated, the weak bribed, and the media controlled. This has proved to be the case, with resistance under reported, Congress in the US and Parliament in the UK becoming sheep barely bleating a complaint and rubber stamping Iraq invasion despite the warning signs. The power grab for Middle East oil was considered a success.
The Counter
The original plan assumed an ability to plant evidence, and here they have hit a snag. Imagine a world where Weapons of Mass Destruction had been found in Iraq as predicted? Imagine a world where repeated terrorist attacks on the US had occurred. Instead the raw hand of greed reaching for the major oil fields of the Middle East, Iraq and the Saudi fields, stands exposed.
The Economy
The original plan assumed that in any economic hardship, corporations could be propped up and would hold, so that leading in to the cataclysms the elite would still be comfortably perched on the top of the pile, and workers in general tied to their jobs and not interested in an early escape to safe locations. This original plan assumed respect for the worlds financial institutions, which the elite are so closely allied with. Had the Bush Plan to pour workers Social Security funds into Wall Street succeeded, this might be today a reality.
The Counter
Enron corruption, Wall Street collusion, a buried GAO report on the US being bankrupt, and once again the emerging evidence, the truth, preventing success. How could Congress approve a plan to pour diminishing Social Security funds into such an obvious cesspool? Thus the plan to hold the economy steady has been gutted by the reality of the depth of the economic depression that has gripped the world, sending all but a frantically propped DOW to depths not seen since the Great Depression.
The Respect
The original plan was to have the traditional leadership in the world, elected politicians, the church, and corporate leadership, lead the common man, in blinders, to remain calm and complacent up until the last days before the coming cataclysms. The early polls showed high approval ratings for Bush and Blair after the Iraq war. Where false, a lie, they were considered by the elite to be close to where they could push it when planted evidence emerged.
The Counter
A runaway expose on pedophilia in the Catholic Church, Enron and Wall Street corruption and the close ties of the Bush Administration to Enron and Haliburton and Harken Energy corruption and you have a tangle of lies bringing down respect in all quarters. Clearly the peoples of the world have lost respect for leadership that insists on invading other countries at will, continuing to lay land mines and build nuclear arms, adding to Global Warming pollution, exempting itself from the World Courts, and treating the UN as irrelevant. Thus, a leadership vacuum exists.

On the eve of the Pole Shift, when global devastation of such proportions will occur going into rotation stoppage that even a cohesive and focused leadership would be hard pressed to deal with it, the elite are in the process of changing captains. They are about to lose the US Military to its internal leadership, so that it could not be counted upon to guard the elite, first and foremost, shooting down civilian populations that threaten the enclaves of the elite. They are about to lose the stronghold they thought they had secured in the Middle East, in Iraq, from whence they planned to grab the Saudi fields, as the Iraqi people as a whole are about to rise up and depose the US occupation trapped in the center of their country. They are about to see the frantically propped up DOW take a steep plunge, the bottom nowhere in sight, when matters reach the point where each financial institution or investor starts going for themselves and no longer following the plan, as when the ship is obviously sinking, every rat leaving the sinking ship wants to be first. They are casting about for leadership within the White House that would impress the US Military, which would then recover a demoralized Iraq, which would then reinstate public confidence so the markets continue to cling to the cliff. Does such leadership exist?