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Sunrise/Sunset Times
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Feb 25 SunRISE in Cordoba : 18 minutes LATE. I can't understand it, Per printed news Local Rising time is 7:02 AM, acording to the almanac, a year ago, the sun was rising at 6:32 AM. Today the sun rose at 7:20 AM, somebody is very wrong!

I'm starting to see some deviation from sunrise/set time in my 2004 farmers almanac compared to some other sources on the web. A couple weeks ago when the USNO sunrise times page was still operational the almanac was within a minute or so. For Jan 26, 2004 Vancouver

Almanac: sunrise: 7:47 sunset: 5:53 sunrise: 7:51 sunset: 4:57 sunrise: 7:53 sunset: 4:58 sunrise: 7:51 sunset: 5:00

The US Naval Observatory site for sun and moon data has been shut down. I tried to access it today, July 3, and it came back and said:
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If you believe you should be able to view this directory or page, please try to contact the Web site by using any e-mail address or phone number that may be listed on the home page.

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Note that the sunrise/sunset times are calculated and published a year in advance. This site has always been open to the public, as well as the media such as TV stations, and the Navy is the master time keeper controlling the updating of computer networks that check in daily via online connection and clocks and watches that check in periodically via radio waves. The web published sunrise/sunset times produce a page, per city, which holds a years worth of daily data and which can be printed off but if saved off electronically become a jumbled mess, unformatted, and the web site states this. In other words, you can have your printed copy, but electronic information is difficult to share with others.

Lately public webcams, which routinely focus on sunsets, have been turned away from sunsets or frozen until after the sunset, and have been noted to have recently a 4 minute jump in Spain in one day on the stated sunset time. Thus, published sunrise/sunset times should be suspect. Like the reported problems with the SOHO satellite, where images of the Sun and its environs will not be available for weeks, and the problems with the UTC clock where the site is under construction and thus the UTC time requested is delayed by seconds and minutes, and the problems with Earthquake Databases where quakes noted on the live seismographs do not emerge on the earthquake databases, under-reported or missing, the sunrise/sunset times have now become too difficult to manage.