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July 1 SunRISE in Oklahoma : 17 minutes LATE
Today the sunrise was stated to occur at 6:11AM and actual sunrise was 6:28AM.
July 1 SunRISE in Ontario : 17 minutes EARLY
From 8a.m to 10 a.m, its 3 minutes early
July 1 NOON in Ontario : 0 minutes
Date July 1, 2003 Canada Day; from 11a.m to 2p.m, reading is zero. During the last few days I couldn't get any good readings due to cloudy condition.
July 1 NOON in Virginia : 8 minutes LATE
Is it possible that I have measured correctly and that the Sun reached its Noon position 8 minutes LATER than yesterday?At 1PM 6/30, I used a ruler to draw on white paper lines of the lamp post shadow. I cut a hole in the paper so that it fits around the post and gives an accurate reading of the shadows. I used the same battery clock. The Sun's shadow did not fit into the 6/30 shadow lines until 1:08PM on 7/1. 8 minutes LATER in one day sounds like things are speeding up - if I am doing this correctly.
July 1 SunSET in Ontario : 5 minutes LATE
Date July 1, 2003 Canada Day; from 3 to 6 pm reading is 3 to 5 minutes late. During the last few days I could'nt get any good readings due to cloudy condition.
July 1 SunSET in Spain : 5 minutes LATE
The [webcam] time frame from yesterday said sunset at 21:20 and today it says 21:24. Did any of you see the double sun image and 2 sunsets. I have one sun going down at 20:48 and the other one at 21:25. Also they have changed the sunset time since yesterday from 21:20 to 21:24= 4 minutes. Something strange going on in Ibiza!
July 1 SunSET in Unknown : 9 minutes LATE
I have been charting the stars now for a few weeks to watch for possible rotation slow down. I do this using technical surveying equipment, a transit to be exact. This particular device is accurate to a few seconds degrees of angle on June 25. I charted that the Earth’s rotation was right on target spinning at correct velocity, 4 minutes slower than in the 1990’s. Right now I am just comparing data from June 25-July 1. The Earth has slowed nine minutes. This is no joke. It may have been a gradual slowdown between the two dates, or the slowdown could have occurred over just one day. I am charting the star Algieba when it is in the northwest at 19degrees. Then I look at the computer and see what degree that the program says it is at that very second. Tonight it said 17degrees and 19.45 minutes. That calculates out to be 100.55 minutes of angle off. Then I chart how long it takes for the star to move that distance. Which calculates out to be 9 minutes.
July 1 SunSET in Missouri : 12 minutes EARLY
About 3 nights ago, the Sunsets stopped appearing to set so early! The earliest they ever got was 28 minutes. Tonight, June 30th, it was only 9 to 11 minutes early!