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Signs of the Times #426
Polar Winds Speeding Up [Oct 30] ‘The polar vortex above the North Pole is speeding up and scientists can´t figure out why. The increased wind velocity may help explain the extraordinarily warm weather in the Arctic over the past decade, which is disrupting fishing, animal behavior, and the way of life of the natives who live in the area. As the vortex has gained speed and strength in the past decade, there have been increases in average Arctic temperatures, as well as changes in plankton, jellyfish and vegetation, as well as in the Arctic ocean´s balance of fresh and salt water—and it´s not just the North Pole that’s being affected.’
Signs of the Times #425 ‘An underground explosion in Clearwater knocks out power for blocks. Progress Energy says a problem with an underground feeder line under Cleveland Street and Osceola Avenue took out electricity to about 100 customers at around 4 a.m. this morning. Bay News 9´s Pinellas County Reporter Chris O´Connell says the explosion blew out windows and threw manhole covers into the air. Rescue crews reported hearing a rumbling before the explosion and people up to three miles away reported hearing a loud boom.’ [and from another source] Black Water Appears Agian In Florida? ‘Whitezell, who has fished around the Marquesas consistently for the past 10 years and off and on for the past 30 years ... said he also came across water between the Marquesas and the Dry Tortugas that looked "Army drab green" and another area that looked the color of dark yellow mustard. ... In the black water, Whitezell´s chum line was not bringing fish to the surface, and what he did catch seemed lethargic and were pale white ... Whitezell´s tackle was disappearing into the blackness 20 feet below the surface, he said.’ [Note: Florida is in the stretch zone and ripping releases dirt trapped in rock.]
Signs of the Times #424 (ZetaTalk)
To keep the wheels of society running in those areas where the establishment lives, so they can have comfort up until the last moment, requires something else, however. It requires more honesty, and a plan, so the public will not panic. The establishment has neither of these. Honesty requires they admit they have been lying, an impossible step. In addition, credibility will not lie with liars. The establishment also does not have a plan, outside of saving themselves and continuing their comforts at all costs. They cannot offer a plan, nor even conceive of one, as their minds do not work in that way. Thus, they will increasingly give into what will be considered the lesser evil to them, allowing the truth to come out, and survival plans to be discussed in the media. This will be closely monitored for its effect. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Lesser Evil.]
Signs of the Times #423 (via email to Nancy)
I took photos of the moon about 30-40 degrees above the SW horizon around 6:00 PM the past couple of evenings. I noticed that on Oct 28 the light was reflecting off of the right 1/3 of the moon's surface, but on the following night [Oct 29] the light had shifted to cover the left 1/3 of the moon's surface, with an enormous red halo surrounding it. Interesting how the moon can change its appearance over a 24-hour period. I don't think this can occur unless the earth's orbit is being affected in some way. [Note: Moon Orbit and Moon Phase aberations have been noted by many.]
Signs of the Times #422 (via email to Nancy)
Last night [Oct 30] for the first time here in Moscow I have seen a red Moon with my own eyes. While high in the sky, it had a pinkish hue but, approaching the horizon, the Moon turned blood-red. This made me feel very uneasy, to say at least. [and from another email] I live in upstate NY. Tonight at approx. 7:30 PM my son noticed a bright red cloud in the clear, dark sky in the North. Over the next hour it appeared to drift and dissipate to the East and then South. [Note: Red Dust reports began on last June, 2003, and Photos from around the world continue on a daily basis.]
Signs of the Times #421 (via email to Nancy)
MSNBC's third report in three days about solar flares is interesting. Another flare, from the same region in the sun, is apparently heading our way. Let us assume, for the sake of argument, that the MSNBC reports are absolutely true, factual and accurate. If that is the case it raises a few important questions: 1. Why the extensive and ongoing news coverage of a somewhat routine Sun event? 2. What is causing the reported unusual frequency and high magnitude of flares at the present time? 3. To what extent could a new planetary body near the Sun contribute to the frequency and size of such events? [Note: see ZetaTalk: Solar Opportunists re this]
Signs of the Times #420 (via email to Nancy)
Below is the message I received [Oct 29] from my satellite ISP today. ‘Scientists are predicting that a large solar burst may affect satellite communications beginning around 12:00 PM ET on Wednesday 10/29/03. Its effects could last for about 24 hours, according to space weather forecasters. Satellites are sometimes affected by solar activity and therefore services provided via satellite (cell phones, satellite TV, internet uplink, etc.) may receive intermittent or no service during this time.’ [Note: see ZetaTalk: Solar Cover re this.]
Signs of the Times #419 (via email to Nancy)
The sun here in Miami [Oct 30] is definitely too low in the sky for this time of year and the sunrise and sunset times are extremely eratic. Last night, it seemed as though it set 45 minutes early. [and from another email] A couple of days ago here in Australia I noticed the sun is coming in my back area about 10 to 15 degrees further south. Usually in the middle of summer it comes straight in the middle of my back area (due West). This is about an hour before sunset when I noticed it. [and from another source] My students and I conducted a sun-dial experiment one week prior to the 'official' time zone change and we are nearing the end of the first week after the time change. Last week we discovered that at high noon the sun was at 80 degrees and did not reach 90 degrees until 1:00 PM. Since the time change the high noon readings were at 110 degrees and the 11:00 AM readings were at 90 degrees. [Note: Earth Tilt and Orbit aberations are noted as links from the Slowing page. Reports from both hemispheres indicates the Earth has risen in its Ecliptic plane.]
Signs of the Times #418
Parking Garage Collapses In Atlantic City [Oct 30] ‘A five-story section of a parking garage under construction at the Tropicana Casino and Resort collapsed Thursday. Robert Levy, director of emergency management for the city, said officials were sending search cameras and dogs into the rubble to look for any dead or injured workers.’
Signs of the Times #417 (ZetaTalk)
The dust cloud, composed primarily of red oxidized iron particles, is charged, and the particles thus more interested in a magnetic dance, particle to particle, than in any gravity attraction that the weighty corpus of Planet X might present. The cloud bristles, resisting gravity as electrified hair brushed on a dry winters day does, standing out from the head and crackling. What happens when this charged dust approaches the Earth and enters Earth’s atmosphere? [Note: new ZetaTalk: Charged Dust Cloud]
Signs of the Times #416 (via email to Nancy)
I live in Guyana, on the edge of South America, next to Brazil/Venezuela. I started checking the time of the Sun at high noon here in the city in April and my first reading was 11:32 AM for high noon. On your site you explained to me that high noon was then 17 minutes late for my location. Yesterday, October 26th, my marker reached high noon at 12:17 PM, and today, Oct 27, at 12:19 PM, late by a further 2 minutes. High noon is now therefore late by 64 minutes here. [and from another timekeeper] Oct 27 Reading: 1:20 Chart, 11:52 actual, 88 minutes late here in Seattle. [and from another timekeeper] I checked with the Navy site to see when Noon transit was expected for today, Oct. 28. Their site stated it as being 11:43 local time (mountain) for my location in Colorado. Using a compass and a nail, transit did not occur until 12:11. A full 28 minutes late. [Note, those recording for months via a set marker and with manual clocks, not atomic, clocks have a true measure of Earth Slowing. Those just starting are forming their baseline from Navy published times which can be doctored, and an atomic clock time. Thus, the difference. Also, rotational surging causes increased lateness to the west.]
Signs of the Times #415 (via email to Nancy)
Was looking at the Sun yesterday [27 Oct] at 3 PM through several sunglasses here in Russia and saw a distinct black spot on the surface of the Sun at 7 o’clock near the edge. Today I went to see the sunrise, and there were two spots – one at 5 o’clock, and another right in the centre. It looks like something between Sun and Earth. I wonder what is that. [and from another email] I live in Guyana, on the edge of South America, next to Brazil/Venezuela. Today, October 28, at 6:45 AM I looked at the rising sun using the film from a floppy diskette and was amazed to see two objects or dots in front of the sun. They were about the size of a dime and quite visible. I have since asked four persons to look and they can still see the same objects. It is now 2:15 PM and the objects are still there. The inner dot is stationary in the cente of the sun while the outer object is moving in a clockwise direction as the sun rises further. If this is Planet X why 2 objects are visible? The outer dot is larger than the inner. I viewed the sun using the same method about 5 months ago and no dots were present, just the round disk of the sun. [Note: sun spots are cool spots on the Sun, visible as dark ares. Planet X is bright, and its dust cloud reflects light. Bombardment of the SOHO by protons also occurs during solar events, and are normal, occuring last on July 14, 2000.]
Signs of the Times #414 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Report from South Central Florida: Yesterday [Oct 27] driving back home late in the afternoon, 3 of us in the car saw a large bright round object off to the side and above the Sun as Sun was setting. 2 of us began talking about what we had seen, the third party was in complete denial of the observation. [and from another poster] I saw it a few days ago, but it was when the Sun was rising here on the East Coast. Anyone can see the spots now with 2 floppy disks with the metal removed, looking through the 2 layers of plastic film. A few days ago at sunrise there was only the one smaller spot that was a definate orb, backlit by the sun, and in front of the sun. This new gigantic blobby dark spot is of gigantic proportions. That wasn’t there the other day. [Note: due to red light bending tendencies, more than one persona appear both in Photos and by naked eye viewing.]
Signs of the Times #413 (via email to Nancy)
I’m in Los Angeles. I believe that I could of had my first actual sighting [Oct 26] of Planet X. Yesterday evening, Oct. 26th, at about sunset the sun was quite visible to the naked eye. Sunlight was screened back due to the immense dust and ash in the sky because of the So. Cal. fires. I have been looking at the sky and sun numerous times but have had no success at seeing any types of personas until yesterday. There within the sun were two very distinct black spots or orbs. It wasn't on either side outside of the sun, but right in it. It looked like the sun had a pair of tiny black eyes! [and from another email] You can easily look at the sun through the smoke and the sun is setting right now and it is dark red. I saw two circular spots, one towards the bottom left and one towards the middle. I am starting to maybe believe this Planet X stuff now. [Note an AP Photo taken during this time shows what this person is reporting.]
Signs of the Times #412 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Gas line broken in Ft. Worth. [Oct 28] I saw a part of it on Fox News at 5. All I saw was Fire at Harris Hospital. They said it was in Dallas though. How many broken gas and water mains is that now? All normal of course.
Signs of the Times #411 (via email to Nancy)
The media makes no big deal out of the weather, like we are suppose to have 70-80 degree days at the end of October, wonder what they will say in mid November when it is still 70-80 degrees. I have to mow my lawn today it's Oct 27! Not a cloud in the sky except for the mass chemtrails the goverment or UN or whoever is spraying the skies, it gets pretty thick here at times. Also Mt.Ranier and Mt. St. Helens are both starting to have daily quakes that are registering 2.0 or larger, can get no info on Three Sisters here in Oregon but the ground is swelling.