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ZetaTalk: Solar Opportunists
written Oct 30, 2003

MSNBC's third report in three days about solar flares is interesting. Another flare, from the same region in the sun, is apparently heading our way. Let us assume, for the sake of argument, that the MSNBC reports are absolutely true, factual and accurate. If that is the case it raises a few important questions:
1. Why the extensive and ongoing news coverage of a somewhat routine Sun event?
2. What is causing the reported unusual frequency and high magnitude of flares at the present time?
3. To what extent could a new planetary body near the Sun contribute to the frequency and size of such events?

Planet X, and its presence between the Earth and the Sun, is not causing additional solar activity. The only additional activity is in reporting, and this is by design. The public should be aware of how complete control over news of solar related events is maintained. Outside of what can be viewed by the naked eye, sunspots which are cool dark areas that appear from time to time and are almost always present to some degree, or the minor radio static or magnetic flux that can result from the Sun, there is no data in the hands of the public not released from the central control of NASA. They control the SOHO satellite, have archives of past images to reach into when doctoring is required, can shut down the satellite for days at a time giving whatever excuse they chose, and the public cannot call them to account on any of it. In alliance with the Navy, which maintains the master clocks worldwide, and indirectly the magnetosphere monitors and earthquake monitors and reporting, they have all bases covered. They can manufacture an event, or fail to report a real event.

For best results, to cover problems with the need to switch over to new satellites or an anticipated Planet X impact on earth, they would of course align their announcements of solar events with real solar events. The problem here is that Planet X may not cooperate, fail to cause power outages or quakes or whatever had been predicted, on schedule. Then the establishment is left with egg on their face, a poor track record, and matters are worse than before.