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Signs of the Times #1163
Global Quakes in sweep sets continued with an Oct 5 Big accompanied by Colorado fireballs and Volcanoes restlessness and Virginia sinkhole and followed by an Oct 7 Big. [and from another source] The following link is maintained by the School of Mines in southwestern Montana which monitors 56 seismos and provides them to the public. As of last night [10/5], it stopped updating. One of the Seismos it was monitoring was for Yellowstone Lake. In May of last year that seismo was no longer available for public viewing. The historical data, however, remained on the page. About a week ago, Indian Meadows Wyoming which was situated just above Yellowstone Lake showed a steady, marked increase in activity that was becoming quite loud. It did not abate when Mount St. Helens sneezed last Friday. Two days ago I went to check and the Indian Meadows as well as two other Seismos in Idaho had not only been disconnected but their historical data erased! [and from another source] Temblors increase at Mexico's Volcano of Fire as lava eruptions continue [Oct 6] Western Mexico's Volcano of Fire showed increased seismic activity Wednesday, as swarms of small temblors accompanied continued eruptions of thick, block-like lava, vapour and ash.
Signs of the Times #1162
Early-morning fireball streaks across Colorado sky [Oct 5] ‘Several 9News viewers e-mailed us with accounts of what appeared to be a low-flying meteor. One witness says he was walking through Bow Mar around 6:00 a.m. Tuesday and saw a shooting star, comet or something traveling from north to south at about 15 degrees off the horizon. It was travelling horizontal and according to witnesses was much larger than any shooting star they'd ever seen. Another witness in Fort Collins saw a similar event around 5:50 a.m. It was described as a flying object which was believed to be a meteor. It was moving fast and straight from east to west and had a huge trail of fire behind it. We contacted the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and workers there also received calls about the flash in the sky.’ [and from another source] The sunrise was beautiful sunday morning [10/3]. As I drove to walk my dog along the Columbia River, heading east in the direction of Mt. Hood I could clearly see a lighted object on the horizon which was large and unlike anything I had ever seen before.
Signs of the Times #1161
I-81 Sinkhole Forms in Collector Lanes [Oct 5] ‘A collector lane of Interstate 81 in Montgomery County was closed Monday because of a sinkhole. A sinkhole formed beneath the right southbound lane just north of the Exit 118C ramp, the Virginia Department of Transportation said. Crews will repair the sinkhole by excavating it, filling it with rock, capping it with concrete and paving over it.’ [and from another source] I wonder how many sinkholes there are out there in the boonies for every one that affects the community, such as this one underneath an Interstate. There must be a lot! [and from another source] Seismic Study of Ancient Cataclysm Begins [Sep 30] ‘What happens when a comet or asteroid more than a mile wide slams into the Earth at supersonic speed? U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) scientists, with help from students and professors from Virginia Tech University, are about to find out as they begin a seismic survey of the 35-million-year old Chesapeake Bay impact crater. During the first few days of Oct., the USGS will set off low-level underground blasts. These surveys will tell us more about the impact processes. As energy waves from the blasts travel through the ground they will be recorded by portable seismometers placed throughout the area.’ [Note: why the sudden need to learn how safe the bunkers of the powerful and eilte will be?]
Signs of the Times #1160
Black Rapids is the same latitude as Anchorage, and indeed the cam page states that 'Image Times in UTC. Current UTC Time: (ADT = UTC - 8) (AST = UTC - 9)'. Thus, these images captured on Oct 4 are equivalent to noon, ADT in Anchorage. Skymap expects the Sun to be SSE at Azi 150° and only Alt 20° at this time, thus visible or overhead from the SOUTH view. The NORTH view cam is pointing at a window that obviously reflects light from a South facing window, as can be seen by an image taken approximately 2 hours later at 2:14 PM Alaska time, where the reflection has moved to the East. The scope of the cams can be seen from this movement, which Skymap expects to move 42° from Azi 150° to Azi 192°. Thus a Sun 30° from due South and 20° overhead would be directly in the South cam, but is missing! This demonstrates a high arc far NORTH in Alaska. This is a tilt to the extreme NORTH, appropriate for the Earth wobble which places the Earth tilted so the Sun is North over the central Pacific, as was noted earlier for Scammon Bay on Sep 19.
Signs of the Times #1159
Why is GLP Down? [Oct 1] I am posting updates here: about trying to get back up. My server company crapped out on me, and I'm trying to get the archives and stuff, but that looks iffy. [and from another] GLP was the premiere conspiracy message board, but was refused hosting because the host technicians received threatening phone calls. Is there a relationship? Note the GLP forum is trying to get back online with an owned server, co-located, and could use some Paypal Support! [and from another] U.S. Cybersecurity Chief Abruptly Resigns [Oct 1] The government's cybersecurity chief has abruptly resigned after one year with the Department of Homeland Security, confiding to industry colleagues his frustration over what he considers a lack of attention paid to computer security issues within the agency. Giving a single's day notice of his intentions to leave, Yoran has privately described frustrations in recent months to colleagues in the technology industry. Yoran effectively replaced a position once held by Richard Clarke, a special adviser to President Bush, and Howard Schmidt, who succeeded Clarke but left government during the formation of the Department of Homeland Security. [Note: what’s amiss with Homeland Security? Tom Ridge has also announced he will be leaving.]
Signs of the Times #1158
Visitors to site in barley field report headaches, dizziness [Sep 28] ‘There's something angry about the crop circle in Francis Burton's barley field. But this one is mean. After standing in the middle, so dizzy she could hardly stand up. A unique feature of this circle is that the crop is pressed down in a counter-clockwise pattern. When she was at the site Friday, an elderly lady showed up and told Berkom she'd been bothered with strange feelings coming from the field for the past few days, before the circle was discovered.’ [and from another source] ‘There was quite a violent feeling about this formation. It seemed that it had been 'pulled' into shape rather than flowing gently as in other formations. Almost as if a giant comb had back-combed it a little. I felt elated after being at the formation and then seemed to get a headache a few hours afterward. There was a very strong energy at this formation.’ [Note: this crop circle may be relaying more than planetary positions. It may be relaying human reactions to the rotation clash between Planet X and the Earth soon to come.]
Signs of the Times #1157
Train service restored after derailment [Oct 2] ‘Full service was restored on the Hempstead branch of the Long Island Railroad about five hours after a passenger train in a yard at the Hempstead station derailed and crimped service westward. Officials were still investigating the cause of the derailment.’ [and from another] Railroad cars derail near Dougherty, OK [Oct 1] ‘A 20-railroad car derailment near Dougherty Wednesday night halted train traffic. 19 of the cars that tumbled about 9:30 p.m. while passing through the Healey Ranch 2.5 miles north of Dougherty carried grain. The cause of the derailment remains officially under investigation.’
Signs of the Times #1156
Federal agencies looking into East St. Louis tanker fire [Sep 21] ‘The Federal Railroad Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board will look into the four-car derailment and explosion that rocked East St. Louis on September 21st. One of the tankers spilled 30-thousand gallons of a highly flammable liquid called vinyl acetate.’ [and from another source] Train derailment spills 5,000 tons of wheat [Sep 28] ‘Forty-two cars of a 109-car grain train derailed Monday about six miles south of here, spilling tons of wheat along the tracks but injuring no one. Burlington Northern Santa Fe spokesman Gus Melonas said the derailment just north of the Marias River may have spilled as much as 5,000 tons of grain. He said each car was loaded with 120 tons of wheat. He said railroad investigators have not determined cause.’ [and from another source] Preventing Another Derailment [Sep 29] ‘San Antonio saw its fourth train derailment this year on Friday. The bigger issue of finding another route for hazardous materials.’
Signs of the Times #1155
Work Looms after Flood [Oct 1] ‘Two days after the remnants of Hurricane Jeanne passed over Bucks, signs of destruction remained. Mailboxes, trees, trash and lawn furniture speckled streets pocked with sinkholes. Rain was also blamed for the sinkhole that was at least 10 feet deep and 25 feet wide. A storm water pipe burst under the street, causing the road to cave in and forcing detours.’ [and from another source] Silver Spring Water Main Break Delays Traffic [Oct 1] ‘The WSSC reported a 16-inch water main break at about 9 a.m. Friday on Piney Branch Road near Sunnyside Drive in Silver Spring. WSSC officials say water to the broken main was shut down at 12:30 p.m. They said workers were in the process of repairing the main and would be on location into the evening. News4 reported that part of the roadway buckled.’
Signs of the Times #1154
Mount St. Helens blows smoke, ash [Oct 1] ‘Mount St. Helens began blowing a large cloud of smoke and steam Friday afternoon following a week of close monitoring by scientists. Officials placed the region around the mountain on a volcanic advisory on Wednesday. The advisory that was issued is the third of four levels -- with the fourth being eruption. The volcanic dome within the crater of the mountain has moved about three inches since Monday. Friday's event was described as a small explosion.’ [and from another source] ‘Western Mexico's "Volcano of Fire" unleashed a towering column of smoke and ash Friday, after ropes of burning, orange lava poured from its peak overnight.’ [and from another source] Either these volcanos are connected or they are responding to the same outside influence.
Signs of the Times #1153
Typhoon Meari Hits South Japan, Triggers Floods [Sep 29] ‘A record eighth typhoon swept through southern Japan on Wednesday, killing at least two people, triggering floods and strong winds that forced the evacuation of tens of thousands. The typhoon forced the cancellation of 353 domestic flights to and from airports in Kyushu and Shikoku on Wednesday, affecting about 20,000 travelers.’ [and from another source] The 2004 Brazilian Hurricane Anomaly [Sep 26] ‘On March 28, 2004 something very odd happened. For the first time in recorded history a hurricane, or something similar to a hurricane, hit Brazil. The first hurricane on record in the South Atlantic. The U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami estimated the storm was a full-fledged, Category I hurricane with central winds of 75-80 mph. Some gusts reportedly hit 94 mph.’ [Note: record hurricanes for the US, record number of typhoons for Asia, and a first time hurricane for Argentina. And the weather is normal?]
Signs of the Times #1152
What then causes the shift, that hour when the crust of the Earth is pulled in one direction, and the core in another? Rising past the Ecliptic into the magnetic flow lines above the Ecliptic, Planet X aligns itself with the flow of magnetic particles coming from the Sun, just as it pointed its N. Pole toward the Sun's S. Pole while rounding that. It has escaped the crowded particle flow that its presence created under the Ecliptic, and is picking up speed, and coming ever closer to the Earth. Moving from a position of being side-by-side to one aligning with the magnetic flow lines, Planet X is again doing a roll, pointing its N. Pole directly at the Earth, forcing the crust, particularly the magnetized Atlantic Rift which it has a firm grip on, to go along. The crust wants to stay glued to Planet X as a magnet, and strains to return to that position. The core, now more directly in line with the Sun's dominant voice, wants to stay side-by-side with the Sun. The point where this argument is settled is when the crust tears from the core, and they move independently. This is the hour of the shift. [Note: new ZetaTalk: 3 Days of Darkness.]
Signs of the Times #1151
I have it figured for a total rotation during a nightly transit of 95 degrees. That's a LOT of rotation! By the way, Venus seems as bright as ever, eh? I thought it was supposed to start dimming after July 14? [and from another] If the pictures are correct, and I have no reason to doubt them, then it went one way and then the other. That's not steady rotation like you are talking about. That's a wobble. [and from another] Scrutiny shows the moon has ´twisted´ on it´s axis. [and from another] Photos were taken at 2000, 2100 on the 24th September and the third at 0010 on 25th September. The moon appears to have rotated clockwise through 45 degrees between 2000 on 24th and 0010 on 25th. [and from another] It is the earth that is wobbling; that presents the impression of movement by the moon. [Note this type of Rotation is not normal, as noted last July it should be 7° 7" maximum for the night, and this indicates the Earth tilting and wobbling.]