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Signs of the Times #1517 [Nov 27] Sunrise and set of moon ad varying planets tells me that the positional alignment is of whack, hence the earth is a wobbling. [and from another] I´m seeing a slight wobble myself. I have Polaris marked against a large tree in my back yard and it is wobbling to and fro. Some days it´s worse than others. [and from another] Don't know if this ties in, but where I work we monitor the conditions of a very large lake; for some time now I have observed what I believe to be the lake sloshing (we have observed the moon's tidal effect here but this is different) and it appears to be growing more pronounced (water level swings are getting progressively wider). [and from another] Have evidence from Plane trip from LA-NY. 2 suns much in evidence on flight AM630. Pilot said later-not allowed to comment, or loose job. [and from another] It is just incredible that the Astronomical community remains either clueless or deliberately quiet. One would have to be blind to not notice the movement that is taking place with Polaris each night [Nov 28], as well as the longer cycle that is also manifesting itself. Polaris is continuing to creep farther and farther west by northwest with each passing week. It is now nearly 3 degrees away from where it was located each night at the same "reading" time just a scant 6 months ago. My guess is that planet Earth is in serious trouble.
Signs of the Times #1516
Maitreya is supposed to be the coming new World Teacher, head of the Hierarchy of Masters to lead mankind into the new age. Is he for real or is this misinformation. Please ask the Zetas. If he is who he says, the Zetas should know of him. [and from another] Many now expect the return of their awaited Teacher, whether they call him the Christ, Messiah, the fifth Buddha, Krishna, or the Imam Mahdi. Millions now know that the Teacher who fulfills all these expectations is already living among us. Maitreya, the World Teacher, has not come alone, but with a group of wise Teachers who have long guided humanity from behind the scenes. They are returning to the everyday world to help us solve our most critical global problems. [and from another] Maitreya, in Buddhism, the future Buddha, a Buddha who will be reborn in a period of decline to renew the doctrine of the founder of Buddhism, the Buddha. [and from another] The Holy Prophet Muhammad has prophesied about several events that will occur just before the advent of the day of judgment. Al Mahdi will materialize when the believers are severely oppressed in every corner of the world. He will fight the oppressors, unite the Muslims, bring peace and justice to the world, rule over the Arabs, and lead a prayer in Mekkah at which Jesus will be present. [and from another] We have mentioned that the anticipated return of Christ should not be interpreted to be this particular SOUL, who is busy elsewhere at all times on missions similar to the one he had on Earth. What he meant was that many in the Service-to-Other, his obvious orientation, would be coming to Earth at this time. Likewise with the Buddha, the Maitreya, which is understood to be many, not one, persona. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Maitreya.]
Signs of the Times #1515
Do you have any comments on the TV movie that aired recently called Category 7: The End of the World? Isn't the oil energy cabal one of the key members of the establishment and the established order of power? As silly and nonsensical as their propaganda always is, why wouldn't they decide to dream up some explanation that at least doesn't vilify themselves? [and from another source] Disaster movies depicting PART of the pole shift phenomena are nothing new. Over the past decade, they have been on the increase, switching to a presentation on TV for better impact on the American public. Increasingly, these disaster movies, in particular the ones recently made for TV, show the government as part of the problem, a clear pattern and message. Another trend is that earlier movies show the problem fixed by the government, with later films showing the government primarily reactive. And a third trend, showing the all powerful and otherwise arrogant US government brought to its knees and begging such countries as Mexico to them in. Another trend is to show the government less as saviors than individuals within the government, who take matters into their own hands and rebel, informing the public. Is the public being educated on what to expect during the coming disasters that the passage of Planet X will wreak on Earth? Absolutely. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Disaster Movies.]
Signs of the Times #1514
Resident Becomes Aid 'Boss' in New Orleans [Nov 13] Associated Press 'Within days after Hurricane Katrina hit, Duke managed to do what other relief agencies couldn't: get food and water to her neighbors. Since then she's expanded her network, distributing medicine, packaged lunches and bags of ice to as many as 20,000 people a day. How the woman they call Miss Lily managed to create her own relief group has inspired soldiers and workers from the Federal Emergency Management Agency who now are assigned to her. The soldiers defer to her as their first-in-command. Duke, 43, has been living in a tent because the storm ripped apart her apartment's roof and she isn't paid for any of her work.' [and from another source] We have stated since the start of ZetaTalk that as the cataclysms approached there would be crop shortages due to erratic weather and a worldwide economic depression. This is in place today, though denied in the media. The wealthy elite shore up the markets, the media parrots whatever statistics they are given, and the world is told that all is well. The common man, of course, knows otherwise. They lose their jobs, are faced with inflation eating into their buying power, find the issues imperative to their survival such as health insurance or housing or the ability to go to bed without a gnawing hunger night after night ignored by those in power. Instead, there is news of increasing desire on the part of those in power to take away freedoms, to consider any protest an excuse to impose martial law. So the pot is not only about to boil because of frustration, the lid is capped tight due to the heavy hand, and all this leads to explosions. [Note: new ZetaTalk: France Riots, but highly Service-to-Other folk like Ms Lilly find other ways of dealing with crises.]
Signs of the Times #1513
Chemtrails Are Over Las Vegas 'Where is the mainstream media's reporting of this mass phenomenon? Indications of a concerted cover-up came in February 2003, when a retired Southern Baptist preacher named Everett Burton finally succeeded in reaching C-span. This former minister told Americans to get a copy of the Constitution and read it to realize what they have lost. Rev. Burton then advised viewers not to take his word for what was happening in the US, "just look up in the skies as the planes regularly spray contrails across the skies, spraying people and making them ill." At that point, Rev. Burton was cut off. The screen flipped from C-span to the Tennessee state seal, remained silent for several minutes.' [and from another source] During the Summer of 2003, it was noted by many that an odd fatigue would descend during the day only, from the Sun. We explained at that time that since Planet X was arriving from that direction, the disturbances in particle flows coming from the Sun was at fault. At that time the Earth likewise had power outages galore, for similar reasons. The Earth is now coming into a similar period, when the N Pole of Planet X is swinging, slowing, around to point away from the Sun for the 3 days of darkness time those in the northern hemisphere of Earth will inevitably experience. All of this will make people feel out of sorts. [and from another source] How can the psychology of the Alzheimers patient create lesions in the brain? We point to the known documentation on brain health and function in oldsters, that the active brain stays healthy and does not lose brain cells as an inactive brain does. What is this process? Just what triggers the brain of an oldster, not actively solving puzzles or enthusiastically engaged in life, to wash away? If this can happen in a limited way, could it not happen in a major way, and why would it not? [Note: New ZetaTalk: Emanation Illness re particle flows caused by Planet X, and new ZetaTalk: Alzheimers re the desire to die, and Chemtrails causing illness on purpose by the elite in the US.]
Signs of the Times #1512
Airing twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays on the Blog radio, and in the Archives thereafter for free listening, The Connection featuring Nancy has broadcast or recorded the following information packed shows for the month of November. For those unable to listen to audio on their PC's, the scripts for the various shows become available as links from the ZetaTalk Media page as soon as the show airs. Currently available for the shows for Nov 2, Nov 7, Nov 9, Nov 14, Nov 16, Nov 21, Nov 23, Nov 28, Nov 30.
Nov 2 - Light Options, when the Light Bulbs are Gone The gloom and drizzle expected after the pole shift, where this will be intense and where light, and how long it will last. Reports of this in folklore during the prior shift from China, Polynesia, Finland, Mexico, Japan, and Egypt. A tt-forum expert talks about what survivors can expect to run on electricity, what will have to go, and the most efficient lighting use. What wears out the fastest, what lasts, and how to maximize the lifespan of lighting fixtures. Apples to apples comparison of various lighting fixtures, and what hope there is of manufacturing or rebuilding them in the aftertime. What lighting fixtures contain poisons. History of carbon arc lamps, a sunlight equivalent, and successful experiments by a tt-forum expert on building one using pencil leads. What full spectrum lighting means, the humans needs for such, and how the various lighting fixtures line up. The risks of storing explosive fuels for lamps, and alternatives in nature such as wax or oil or wood. And finally, Zeta advice on how to deal with it when the grid goes down.
Nov 7 - The Spirit World - Ghosts, Possession, and Being OOB The stuff of souls, the composition of spirits. How are souls born, what requirements exist for the womb of the soul. Why souls incarnate, and what occurs when no soul incarnates a human, or several want to do so. Old souls and young, and how to tell the difference. Why souls cannot die, but can stagnate. What the spirits of the dead do between lives. Relationship between NDE and OOB and what the Shaman experiences. Why ghosts haunt, and what limits are placed upon them. Poltergeist explained. The difference between possession and a walk-in, and what truly takes place during an exorcism. What the human caught in a possession is experiencing. How the soul or possessing spirit can control the body, and the physical limitations on this. Levitation and writings on the body, and how this is possible. Why past lives are only vaguely remembered. How the soul sees, hears, and is aware of its environment, whether incarnated or not.
Nov 9 - The Survival Home, Practical and Possible Discussion with a hands on survival homestead developer, with personal experience and success in many of the techniques he describes. How to secure heat and methane gas from manure and human sewage. Using the fully rotted material periodically as fertilizer, and how to allow this to age in a compost pile. Nothing is wasted. Cooking with methane, and how to rig your gas stove to do this. Compressing methane into tanks, and methane powered engines. Sewage settlement ponds. Algae and fish culture, using sewage effluent in ponds. Difficulty in keeping blue-green algae strains pure. Bermed or underground housing. Importance of water percolation tests and adequate drainage away from site. Landslides, liquefaction, and earthquake proofing a home. Electricity from hot springs. Homemade windmills. Wood gasifiers and how to scrub the gas. Lawn mowers as arc welders. Necessity the mother of invention. Mistakes precede success. Mistake examples. Survivor group dynamics. Home schooling. Likely survivor group combos.
Nov 14 - Earth's Twirling Wobble, Rock and Roll before the Shift Earth's response as Planet X approached from Orion and arrived in 2003, with red dust, power outages, and global shuddering and wobbling twice a day evident on USGS live seismographs. Halted Earth orbit in 2003 and why there is apparent precision. Evidence of halted Earth orbit
1. in Venus transit in June 2004 and the close flyby of Earth;
2. in comets T7 and Q4 come early in February 2003 as Earth was now in their path;
3. in dark Earth twin sharing her orbit bringing up the rear in April 2004,
4. in high Sun arch during Summer of 2004;
5. in constellations offset as observed by precision instruments.
Earth wobble developing in 2004, figure 8 of N Pole, and cause. Documented evidence of wobble from worldwide reports. Dramatic reports of observations at the wobble point. Earth torque causing Dec 26, 2004 tsunami quake, evidence of torque on IRIS charts. Why the West Coast has had fewer quakes lately than the rest of the Ring of Fire. Prophecy on what is next, increased wobble to the point of a drunken Earth reeling to and fro.
Nov 16 - Woodworking Techniques using Hand Tools Hand planes, scrub and finishing and pattern maker and leveling and low profile planes, how they work and how to use and sharpen them. Blades of the plane, what the angle across the plane, angle against the wood, and depth of the blade can accomplish. Chisels, how to cut depth guides, carve out hinge and lock points, using a drill to establish a precision depth as a guide, and cross or along grain approach. Fine and coarse saws, the set of the teeth and number per inch, how this relates to their uses. Tools for putting in the set and sharpening the teeth. Sawing techniques, and the use of a wedge. Fret saws and creating a perfect circle cut. Furniture design. Hide glue, what animal hides work best, and how to render this. Dove tail and other joints. Chair bracing with stretcher bars. Linseed oil as finish, the recipe. Natural stains, fixing color with vinegar. Different woods characteristics. Canning. Nails vs screws. Clamps. Tool maintenance and sharpening. Where to buy or find hand tools. Books to buy.
Nov 21 - Myths, True or False? Vampires, werewolves, dragons, Mothman, Bigfoot, Nessie - are they real? Voodoo, Tarot Cards, the Ouija Board - do they work as claimed? Reverse speech, speaking in tongues, and stigmata - what is their source? Atlantis, Lemuria, and the Bermuda Triangle - are the legends true? Do crystals and the pyramid shape have magic properties? The truth about Antarctica and Admiral Byrd. Stonehenge. Who was Jack the Ripper? Does the Devil really exist, and will the Antichrist emerge? Did UFO's have a hand in Chernobyl? The truth about the War of the Worlds radio broadcast. And will Tesla's inventions finally pan out?
Nov 23 - The Earth's Transformation, the Many Aspects Spiritual transformation to Service-to-Other world, ongoing now. Service-to-Self as opportunists and resentful of this change. How to deal with mixed spiritual orientation settings, and come out on top. Nice guys don't finish last, they win. Polarization of good vs evil, countries, corporations, political parties, religions, and identifying characteristics. Physical transformation of the Earth to a higher dimension, to occur in the future. What will be left behind and what will be included. Earth renewal and cleanup of pollution, including radioactive material, and how accomplished. Role of individual contactees, and contactee groups. Contactee meetings assisted by aliens, as team mates, and the results. Timed release contactees, and their symptoms. Contactee conflicts, life changes, and what they can anticipate in the future.
Nov 28 - Zeta-Human Hybrids, Mankind's Next Leap Forward Experiences of genetic contributors, from the woman's viewpoint, and the mans. Why women report their experiences, and men fall silent. Relationship to the hybrid program and the coming die-off from the pole shift. The time frame, and the pace. Whether humans are to become extinct, like Neanderthal man. Genetic engineering techniques. Genetic diseases, what it being kept and what discarded, and how recessive genes factor in. Valued human characteristics, valued Zeta characteristics, and the resulting hybrid model. Difference between Zeta and human emotions and sex drive and what the hybrids will experience. How negative aspects in humans such as blind rage and obesity are being handled. Prebirth agreements to ensure cooperation with the hybrid program. Hostile humans who resent someone else in charge for the next leap forward. Introductions of hybrid children to their human parents. Physiological differences in lungs, liver, kidneys, and sleep cycles and whether the Zetas or human characteristics prevailed. Early hybrids, the mistakes.
Nov 30 - Gardening, for Dumbies In depth discussion with highly experienced gardener and seed saver Roger, President of the Troubled Times nonprofit. Soil composition and types and the various ways to enrich soil. Acid soil and the Ph factors, and how to adjust this or take advantage of it. Tilling techniques, how to avoid erosion and your workload. Plants that compliment each other and enhance growth. Low light and light intensive gardening, and plant requirements. Shading or covering gardens, wind breaks. When to harvest and how to store the produce. Root cellars, their temperature and humidity requirements, and how to construct them. Pollination concerns, if bees are absent. Wind pollinated plants and hand pollinating techniques. Seeds that need to be fermented, and why. Germination statistics, and how to store seeds. Keeping the critters out of the garden.
Signs of the Times #1511
What The Hell, Twin Comets? [Nov 6] I can tell you for sure they aren´t planets. There are no planets in transit now and won´t be until Jan 9 when Venus enters. Stars I could possibly buy, but do stars show in C2? I´ve only seen them in C3. If you compare the first link I posted to this C3 video, the stars move notably slower in C3 than the objects in C2. [and from another source] Earth is Orbiting Through a Swarm of Space Debris That May be Producing an Unusual Number of Fireballs. [Nov 4] 'Before the night was over, reports of meteors brighter than a full moon were streaming in from coast to coast. The display has been going on for days. Germany, Maine, Alberta, Netherlands. What´s happening? Every year in late October and early November, Earth passes through a river of space dust associated with Comet Encke. Tiny grains hit our atmosphere at 65,000 mph. But occasionally, the Taurids put on quite a show. Fireballs streak across the sky, ruining night vision and interrupting fishing trips.' [Note: it is not meteors showing up on SOHO and assumed to be an asteroid swarm by astronomers in Australia. The tail of Planet X is once again starting to point toward Earth!]
Signs of the Times #1510 Alberto in Italy has captured the Second Sun, the shrouded corpus of Planet X, on video [Nov 3]. Not a lens flare as it can be the focus when the Sun is out side the view. Not a lens flare as it stands behind the clouds. [and from another source] I was at work reading either the Daily Express at work, and on one of the pages [Nov 4] was a big article on the freak weather that is hitting the UK, but in the corner is a picture sent in by someone which shows the double sun. They dismissed it as an effect caused by certain particles in the air or something. [Note: second sun again coming visible, showing up on SOHO, on Katkam in Sign #1502, and the public is supposed to suspect particles in the atmosphere. Yeah sure.]